Liberty Bike Insurance Claim

Liberty General Insurance Company provides various bike insurance plans, including comprehensive bike insurance, zero-depreciation add-on cover, and third-party bike insurance. Furthermore, all the processes associated with the Liberty bike insurance claims are online. Therefore, the claim procedure is simple, hassle-free, and does not involve much paperwork.

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List of Documents Required For Filing a Claim

The documents required for filing Liberty Bike Insurance Claims are as follows:

  • Fully completed and signed claim form
  • The registration copy of the bike
  • A copy of the driving license of the owner
  • A copy of the policy must accompany the submission, showing relevant details like policy number and date
  • The original estimate for repairs, the final invoice, and the payment receipt are required for reimbursement. For cashless transactions, only the final invoice will suffice

How to File Liberty Cashless Two-Wheeler Insurance Claim?

You can follow these steps to file a cashless bike insurance claim:

Contact the Insurance Provider: You should inform the insurer at the earliest that there has been a mishap and you would like to initiate the claim process. This can be done over the phone or by visiting physically the branch office. However, the most seamless method is online:

  • Go to the official website of the Insurer/ or Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited
  • Go to the 'Claims Assistance' section
  • Go to the 'Bike Claims' under 'Two-wheeler Claims' under 'Motor Claims'
  • Click on the claim registration form
  • Fill the required details on the form and submit online

Bike Insurance Claim Registration: A person from the company will contact you to register the claim. They will verify the following details:

  • Policy number
  • Policy date
  • Location of mishap

Once the verification is complete, they will provide the policyholder with a claim registration number. Save this number because it will be required throughout the claim process.

Damage Survey: The company will send a surveyor to examine the damages. They will make a report of the damages and submit it to the company.

Damage Repair: Take your two-wheeler to a network garage and get your vehicle repaired.

Claim Settlement: The insurer will verify all the documents, and after deducting the deductibles, they will settle the claim by paying the costs of repair to the network garage directly.

How to File Liberty Reimbursement Two-Wheeler Insurance Claim?

You can also file claim reimbursement instead of going to a network garage. The procedure is given below:

  • Contact the Insurer:Immediately inform the Insurer
    • Go to the Insurer/Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited website
    • Go to the 'Claim Assistance' section under the insurer
    • Go to bike insurance claim section
    • Click on the claim registration form
    • Fill the required details on the form and submit online
  • Claim Registration:A person from the company will contact you to register the claim. They will verify the following details:
    • Policy number
    • Policy date
    • Location of mishap

Once the verification is complete, they will provide you with a claim registration number. This number will be required throughout the process.

  • Damage Survey:The company will send a surveyor to examine the extent of the damage.
  • Reimbursement: Once the surveyor gives approval, you can take your vehicle to any garage of your choice for repair. The garage expert will give an estimate of the repair costs. You have to submit this estimate along with the other documents. The insurer will verify all the information submitted to them and then reimburse the claim amount to you after deducting the voluntary deductibles.

Common Liberty Bike Insurance Claim Rejection Reasons

Sometimes the insurer may reject the claim because of the following reasons:

  • The insurer may reject a fraudulent claim and take any additional appropriate measures
  • Any misrepresentation of the facts of the case can lead to rejection
  • If the person did not have a license present during the accident, no claims would be entertained
  • If the accident happens because of any substance abuse, it does not fall under admissible provisions
  • If anything happens due to gross negligence, the insurer may reject it
  • The insurer may also reject the claim if there is sufficient delay in informing the provider to increase repair and salvage value

Liberty Bike Insurance No Claim Bonus

The Insurer gives a no-claim bonus that rewards good behavior on the roads. For every claim-free year, you receive a bonus. This adds up to 50% of the total value in five years. However, even a single claim can disable the entire accumulated bonus.


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Liberty Bike Insurance Claim Reviews & Ratings

4.7 / 5 (Based on 33 Reviews)
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Vadodara, August 18, 2021
Instant updates
I bought Liberty Two wheeler insurance policy from policy bazaar.i liked this policy for their features and giving the cashless claim at more than 600 network garages and hassle free documentation. they keep on giving prompt update to their customers that is why i chose it.
Partapgarh, June 04, 2021
Bought plan of my choice
I had bought the liberty two wheeler insurance plan of my choice and I really love it. I had checked various plans into the website of policybazaar and found the suitable one. Thank you team.
Pune, June 04, 2021
Discounts available
It is one of the easiest way to buy a liberty two wheeler insurance plan online. I had bought the plan online from policybazaar and even got a huge discount. It was quick and hassle free.
Rajendra Nagar, June 04, 2021
Easy to renew
I recently renewed my two wheeler insurance policy from the website of the policybazaar. It was the plan of liberty two wheeler insurance and I really like it and thats why I want to renew and continue with it.
Jabalpur, February 10, 2021
Multiple Plans
I have been using Policybazaar for a couple of years to insurance my Bajaj Pulsar bike. They offer multiple policies with lower premiums. I have been renewing my Liberty two wheeler insurance policy every year at Policybazaar and I am satisfied with their services. I will again renew my policy with them and advise you too.
Idar, February 10, 2021
Low Premiums
I purchased a new Honda Splendor bike last month and was looking to buy insurance policy for my bike. I decide to check Policybazaar on my friend’s idea. They had so many affordable insurance plans with a variety of coverage. I bought my Liberty two wheeler insurance policy for an affordable premium online. I recommend it to everybody.
Padampur, February 10, 2021
Best Buy
I recently purchased my Liberty two wheeler insurance policy for my Honda Activa scooty from Policybazaar. They had a lot of insurance options and I chose this plan because it was affordable and had my choice of coverage. I bought the policy within a few minutes. The website is great to buy the best insurance policy.
K.singpur, July 06, 2020
I got great number of benefits from policybazaar after getting my bike insurance done. It was really an awesome thing.
Vadali, July 03, 2020
Customer service
The customer service team is very nice and generous. They understood the need of my type of insurance and shared the same with me.
S.c. Pur, July 02, 2020
Great comparison
Before buying the insurance I compared it with different sites. I searched a lot and I found that I can get the best premium policy from policybazaar only.
Faizabad, July 01, 2020
Unique plans
The plans which are available in the website of policybazaar is very nice and it helped me to choose the best one for my bike.
Aruppukkottai, June 30, 2020
Low premium
I got my insurance from policybazaar and before buying it I checked a lot. The premium rate was quote low and reasonable.
Limdi, June 29, 2020
Cashless claim
I got the cashless claim from policybazaar. I am happy with the services of policybazaar. It was quick and hassle free.
Ahmednagar, June 29, 2020
Premium services
Recently, I purchased the two wheeler policy from policybazaar. They provided with the premium services.
Faridabad, June 21, 2020
Low premium good returns
I got a good plan for two wheeler. It is with less premium and better facilities.
Abohar, June 21, 2020
Value for money
It is a great plan with value for money. Easy policy and everything is done in smoother way.
Captainganj, June 21, 2020
Good policy
It is good policy with great plans, great discounts and less premium rates.
Chabhal, June 21, 2020
Social media available
The social media services of the company is quite nice and they are actively available for us. Whenever I feel need of them I just Tweet and all is done. They helped me a lot.
Vaduj, June 20, 2020
Hassle free services
I would like to recommend this policybazaarto everyone who are planning to buy a insurance. A great place to get yourself insured.
Vadnagar, June 20, 2020
Online renewal
The renewal process of policybazaar is very easy. You just have to go to the my account and select your policy and just renew it.
Vadnagar, June 20, 2020
Easy renewal
Being an old customer of policybazaar and getting a good services from them. I decided to renew my policy with them only. Thanks team.
Limdi, June 20, 2020
The insurance company is very much trustworthy and I can rely on them. It has a good market reach.
Rabkhavi, June 20, 2020
While getting my two wheeler policy done. I am happy with one thing was transparency. They kept all things open and nothing was hidden.
Campierganj, June 20, 2020
Brand name
Both the companies are good as per there name : Policybazaar as well as Liberty Insurance. I can rely on them.
Bablabona, June 20, 2020
The level of services which policybazaar and liberty insurance company are offering are super best. They gave me great discounts.