Oriental Bike Insurance Claim

Oriental General Insurance offers seamless services and helps you register bike insurance claims both offline and online. While raising a bike insurance claim, ensure to follow the required procedure and keep all the required documents handy. However, for both reimbursement and cashless claims make sure that the insurer is informed immediately in case of theft or accident involving the insured bike.

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List of Documents Required During Claim Settlement

The following is a list of documents that are generally necessary for raising an Oriental Bike Insurance claim -

  • Accurately filled form of the claim
  • Copy of the policy document and premium receipt
  • First Information Report (FIR) / Police Panchanama
  • Investigation report from the police (if and when necessary)
  • Photocopies or video proof of the damage
  • Original copy of the individual’s driving license, along with a Xerox copy
  • Original copy of the vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC), along with a Xerox copy
  • Cost estimation slip from a vehicle repairer (for when there are damages to the vehicle)
  • Authentic bill copies related to the repairs of the vehicle
  • Road tax verification (if and when necessary)
  • Proof of age
  • Death certificate (if and when required)
  • Postmortem report (if and when needed)

The following is a list of documents that are required for raising a claim in the case of the involvement of a third party-

  • Xerox copy of the policy along with the receipt of the premium(s)
  • FIR copy
  • Driving license copy
  • Statement regarding the accident (from the driver)
  • Personal details of the injured/killed person in the accident
  • Address details of the police station where the accident was reported
  • Address details of the hospital that admitted the injured/killed person
  • Injury certification/ Postmortem report copy
  • Vakalatnama (should be signed by both the driver and owner of the vehicle)
  • Third party's details of the damage and loses

How to Make Cashless Oriental Bike Insurance Claims?

The insurance provider should be made aware of the incident within twenty-four hours of its occurrence. You can also file claims on the Policybazaar’s website. You can go to the Two-wheeler Insurer>> Claims Section and fill in the required information. Further, there are four steps to complete the process of claim-making; they are listed as below-

  • Connect with the Insurance Company- You need to inform the Insurer at their helpline numbers, official website, or by visiting a branch near to them. You can also get in touch with the claim experts at Policybazaar.com or write to them at care@policybazaar.com
  • Claim Registration- Once the Insurer is informed; a representative will get in touch with you. You will need to provide details regarding your policy, like the policy number and where and when the incident occurred. The company employee will then inform the customer of their claim registration numeric code.
  • Damage Survey- After a successful claim registration, a surveyor from the insurance company would analyze the damages. The employee would then make a cost estimation of the repairs and replacements required. Customers are asked for the necessary documents and proof regarding the incident.
  • Settlement of the claim- Once the survey is completed and the documentation is completed; the Insurer will settle the claim amount.

How to File Oriental Bike Insurance Reimbursement Claims? 

Similar to a cashless bike insurance claim, there are four steps for a reimbursement claim, they are briefly discussed below-

  • Connect with the insurance company- The Company officials can be contacted via the official website, helpline numbers, or by visiting the nearest branch office. Youcan file the claim through Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited and speak to their insurance experts for the same.
  • Claim registration- One of the Insurer’s representatives would get in touch with you. This employee would collect details regarding the policy and incident. Once done, the representative will provide the customers with a claim registration numeric code.
  • Damage Survey- Before the vehicle is taken for repairs, one of their representatives will survey the damages incurred. You would need to submit the necessary documents to the employee, who will provide a cost estimation slip. Documents include appropriate claim papers, witness details, etc.
  • Reimbursement of Expenses- The policyholder can now get the two-wheeler repaired in a garage of their choice; the policyholder themselves should bear the repair cost. After the vehicle is restored, the required documents like receipts and bill slips should be submitted to the insurance company.

Common Claim Rejection Reasons

Some specific reasons and conditions result in the rejection of a claim. Few such reasons that can potentially lead to rejection of Oriental bike insurance claims are given below-

  • Incidents that occur due to negligence on the part of the policyholder
  • Incidents that occur when the policyholder does not possess a driving license on them
  • Misapprehension of statements
  • Raising a bogus claim
  • Incidents that occur when the driver is under substance influence (DUI)
  • Inability to report the incident to the insurance company in the set period of twenty-four hours

Oriental Bike Insurance No Claim Bonus

The Oriental Bike Insurance Claim Policy also provides for a No Claim Bonus. The no-claim bonus is cumulative in nature and is accrued over every year with zero claims raised by the customer. NCB can go up to 50% for not filing a claim for 5-consecutive policy years. If the policy is not renewed timely NCB becomes null and void.


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Oriental Bike Insurance Claim Reviews & Ratings

4.8 / 5 (Based on 46 Reviews)
(Showing Newest 25 reviews)
Srinagar, October 09, 2021
Faster claim settlement
I had an accident last month thankfully I had taken the two wheeler insurance from Policybazaar. i applied for the claim settlement and i got cashless repairing as well as cashless treatment of myself. i did not have to pay any charges whether it is repair expenses or medical expenses.
Aurangabad, October 09, 2021
Best service
I have taken oriental two wheeler insurance after comparing the benefits on the website of Policybazaar. i had few questions regarding payment processing and I got satisfactory answers to all my questions. i would like to buy more plans from here.
Dhanbad, October 09, 2021
Impressive service
When I was taking oriental two wheeler insurance from policybazaar, I was facing some problem in document process. Policybazaar solved my problem within a minute and I bought my plan very easily. i am really impressed with the service provided by the Policybazaar.
Amritsar, October 09, 2021
Great customer service
Whenever I needed help from Policybazaar, they were always available for me. I am glad that I have taken oriental two wheeler insurance from Policybazaar as their customer service is very good They will be available to their customer if customer contact them at midnight.
Navi Mumbai, October 09, 2021
Road side assistance
Last week i got road side assistance as my bike broke down in the middle of the road. it was twelve at night when i contacted the Policybazaar for assistance. my reliance general two wheeler insurance policy provided me help at midnight.
Allahabad, October 09, 2021
Round the clock assistance
I have got all the facilities from Policybazaar that were promised. I had taken Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance in which the company assured me of round the clock assistance in any difficult situation. a week ago my bike got damaged on the road. I contacted Policybazaar and they provided assistance to me at midnight.
Howrah, October 09, 2021
No claim bonus
Last week I renewed my Oriental two wheeler insurance policy which i took from Policybazaar and I am happy as I have got a slight discount on the premium rate. i have got no claim bonus for not raising claim request during the policy term.
Rajkot, August 18, 2021
Fair rate
i had taken Oriental two wheeler policy from policy bazaar website. i got it at a fair price. i am happy with coverage given under the policy recently i contacted policy bazaar for renewal and that was my first experience of renewal.i would say i had a great and hassle free experience with policy bazaar.
Patana, June 04, 2021
Additional benefits
My Oriental two wheeler insurance plan is really good and I found it comprehensive. I have taken some additional benefits to protect me and my bike better. Policybazaar helped me through all of it very smoothly.
Hamirpur, June 04, 2021
Easy to buy
It is very easy to buy Oriental two wheeler insurance online. Since I purchased it through policybazaar, I also got extra discounts. It is a good deal.
Prayagraj, June 04, 2021
Tax benefits
I bought Oriental two wheeler insurance from policybazaar two years ago and I am able to get tax rebates every year for the premium amount. Overall buying experience was quick and easy.
G.mahisani, February 15, 2021
Best Services
I was searching for Oriental bike insurance renewal online. I found Policybazaar on top result and simply entered some details and immediately got an assistance call from them. I am happy with the entire procedure. It was so easy to renew my policy from their site. It’s so damn convenient.
K.c. Pur, February 15, 2021
Free Insurance Quotes
I was looking for a vehicle insurance policy online. Policybazaar helped me solve my confusion and sent me some of the best quotations. I got my vehicle insurance quotes for free. I compared and then made the purchase without any pressure.
Ichoda, February 15, 2021
Many bike plans
You can find so many two wheeler plans on their site. It is so easy especially during the pandemic; I used my phone and bought insurance online. I found Policybazaar, entered my details, IDV, paid the premium and was policy was done in just few minutes.
Udagamandalam, January 22, 2021
Such easy online renewal
I went to their online renewal page to renew my Oriental two-wheeler policy. All I needed to do was enter my IDV, scooter’s age, Geographical zone, model, add-ons etc. And I paid the premium online. It was done. So simple, it is such an effortless thing for customers.
Udagamandalam, January 22, 2021
Can purchase online
I was able to buy the policy online. Once it oriental 2-wheeler policy was issued, I was able to download it from Policybazaar’s site and they emailed me a copy on my registered email id.
R.udayagiri, January 22, 2021
Direct cashless settlement
I was able to settle my bills directly at a network garage. I called them that I need to file a claim for cashless repair. They told me that I can settle it directly. I am so happy with the overall experience. Thank you Policybazaar!
Dabugam, October 13, 2020
Social media assistance
I am very much impressed with the social media team of the policybazaar as I faced little bit issue into my oriental insurance two wheeler plan. But the whole team of policybazaar assisted me so well. Thank you policybazaar.
N.paravur, September 28, 2020
Safe and sound
I took the oriental insurance two wheeler insurance policy from the policybazaar and I have safeguard my life and my car. Thank you policybazaar.
Lahul And Spiti, September 24, 2020
Better coverage
I have recently took the oriental two wheeler insurance policy from the policybazaar and it has given the better coverage to my two wheeler and hence with the safety and the security. Thank you team policybazaar.
G.k. Bhatar, July 06, 2020
Get quotes
I visited the website of policybazaar and check the quotes by simply putting the details and got the unique plans.
S.c. Pur, July 03, 2020
Choose the best
I am happy that I chose this brand and secured my two wheeler policy under them. I got various deals.
G.k. Bhatar, July 02, 2020
Great services
I found that policybazaar provides with the great services and I have read a lot of good and positive reviews about them.
Aallapalli, July 01, 2020
Soft copy
I got my policy soft copy within 5 minutes of payment and that was quite quick and better.
Ichalkaranji, June 30, 2020
Claim settle
If you want that your claim to be settled in less time then you should prefer policybazaar for the same. I prefer the same.