Care Heart Health Insurance Plan

Care (Formerly known as Religare) Health Insurance is designed to the cater to the insurance needs of the individuals in terms of cardiac ailments. The policy offers a financial safety net for medical emergencies and the freedom to avail of quality healthcare in more than 11000 cashless hospitals. The Care Heart Health Insurance offers the facility of annual health check-up for monitoring the medical condition. One of the alluring benefits of the policy is there is no entry age restriction to avail the policy.

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Care Heart Health Insurance Plan

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    Care (Formerly known as Religare) Heart Health Insurance Policy: Key Benefits

    Policy Type

    Cardiac Policy for heart patients

    Cashless benefits

    1100+ network hospitals

    Claim Settlement Ratio


    Annual Check-up


    SI options

    3 lakh, 5 lakh, 7 lakh, 10 lakh

    Lifelong Renewability


    Coverage Offered

    The policy provides coverage for a 1/2/ 3 years tenure. Heart ailments require long term healthcare and monitoring. The Care (Formerly known as Religare) Heart Health Insurance provides a wide range of benefits to the insured.

    • In-patient Care: Cashless reimbursement is provided for all incurred expenses for hospital treatment longer than 24 hours.
    • Day Care Treatment: Provides for cashless reimbursement of expenses for treatment and listed procedures if the hospital stay is lesser than 24 hours.
    • Pre and Post Hospitalization: The insured is paid for all Pre and Post Hospitalization medical expenses incurred for 30 days and 60 days, respectively.
    • Domiciliary Treatment: The cover is for medical treatment expenses at home, which under normal circumstances would need hospitalization.

    Care (Formerly known as Religare) Heart Health Insurance Policy: Inclusions

    In addition to the primary coverage described above, the Care (Formerly known as Religare) Heart Health Insurance Policy provides the following benefits:

    • Alternative Treatment: The insured can avail of AYUSH Treatment up to 25% of the Sum Insured.
    • Ambulance Cover: Expenses are paid with an individual limit per hospitalization depending on the choice of plan option.
    • Co-payment: For the insured with entry age equal or less than 70 years, it is 20%, while if the entry age is greater than 70 years, it is 30% for the total incurred expenses.
    • AYUSH Treatment: Non-allopathic treatments are also covered under this policy.

    Care (Formerly known as Religare) Heart Health Insurance Policy: Exclusions

    The insured should be aware of the applicable exclusion once the decision to buy Care (Formerly known as Religare) Heart Health Insurance is made:

    • The Initial Waiting Period for claiming Care (Formerly known as Religare) Health Insurance is 30 days.
    • The Waiting Period for claiming the policy for listed specific ailments is 24 months.
    • The applicable Waiting Period for all Pre-Existing Diseases is 24 months.
    • Any injury or disease originating due to perils of war, terrorism, nuclear contamination, among others, is also excluded from the list of coverage.
    • All types of cosmetic treatment and surgery are also excluded.
    • Diseases caused by substance abuse or intoxicants are excluded from the cover.

    Care (Formerly known as Religare) Heart Health Insurance: Features & Benefits

    The Care (Formerly known as Religare) Heart Health Insurance is specifically designed for the insured who has been diagnosed with a cardiac disorder and undergone a Cardiac Procedure in the past.  Anyone who intends to buy Care (Formerly known as Religare) Health Insurance can find these features and benefits available with the policy.

    • The insured can choose Sum Insured in a range from Rs 3 lakh, Rs 5 lakh, Rs 7 lakh, and Rs 10 lakh.
    • In-patient treatment covers all expenses, including rents based on chosen Sum Insured.
    • Cover for Day Care Treatment for the listed procedures.
    • Domiciliary Treatment up to 100% of the Sum Insured, in case of such treatment exceeding 3 continuous days.
    • Sub-Limits are defined for specific procedures.
    • Automatic recharge is done up to 100% of the Sum Insured on exhaustion.
    • No Claim Bonus at 10% of the Sum Insured every claim-free year up to a maximum of 50%.
    • Offers add-on benefit of ‘Home Care’ to cover the basic needs of the insured.
    • Annual cardiac health check-up for the insured is offered.
    • The offered Optional Benefits are:
    • Free Active Health Check-Up thrice a year.
    • OPD Care
    • Home care
    • International 2nd
    • Tax exemption is allowed as per extant laws for the premium paid under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

    Eligibility Criteria

    The minimum eligibility condition to buy this policy are:


    Individual and Family Floater


    Minimum Entry Age

    18 years

    Maximum Entry Age

    No limit

    Lifelong policy renewability

    Number of people covered

    · Individual Basis for a maximum of 6 persons

    · Floater with two adults comprising Self and Spouse

    Residential Status

    Residents of India, including citizens, & Permanent Residents

    Information on Cancellation of the Policy

    The rule for cancelling the Care (Formerly known as Religare) Health Insurance policy is defined in the Free Look clause, where the insured is free to cancel the policy and seek a refund within the specified period. The usual period is 15 days, while for the online Care (Formerly known as Religare) Heart Health Insurance purchase, it is 30 days.


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