ICICI Term Insurance for Coronavirus

The second wave of COVID-19 is adversely affecting the people nationwide. In this time of uncertainties,  it is imperative to have the right financial protection for your family. To ensure that your family has the right financial security in case of any eventuality, it is a must to have a term insurance policy.  As nowadays, most life insurance providers offer coverage against covid-19, further in this article we have discussed in detail ICICI Term Insurance for  COVID-19.

What is COVID-19 Term Insurance?

The ICICI Term Insurance for COVID-19 is essentially a traditional insurance policy, which provides additional financial coverage against death due to COVID-19. Generally, the term insurance policy provides death benefit due to illness if the life assured dies due to any critical disease like stroke, cancer, heart disease, etc. However, with the skyrocketing cases of covid-19, most of the life insurance providers offer coverage for death due to covid-19.  The ICICI term insurance for Coronavirus i.e. ICICI Pru iProtect Smart covers deaths related to covid-19.

Why do You Need a COVID-19 Term Insurance Plan?

In an unprecedented time like this, havings the right financial security for the family and loved ones should be of utmost importance.  With ICICI Term Insurance for Coronavirus, you can provide the right financial security to the family in the long term even in your absence.  In case, the life assured dies due to COVID-19, then the beneficiary of the policy will be paid an additional financial coverage as covid protection by the insurer. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has even directed the insurance company to prioritize and expedite insurance claim related to covid-19.  Thus term insurance plan with covid-19 life cover is the most pocket-friendly way to prepare for any eventualities and secure the financial future of the family during a pandemic. 

How to Buy ICICI Term Insurance COVID-19 Life Cover?

The process of purchasing the ICICI Term insurance for coronavirus is very simple. One just needs to follow the below mentioned simple steps to do so.

  • Visit the official website of ICICI Prudential life insurance and choose the plan you are interested in.
  • Besides, covid-19 coverage, check the other features and benefits offered by the plan. If you find a relevant policy, you can use the term insurance premium calculator and evaluate the premium amount of the policy.
  • Fill in the personal information and other required details.
  • Lastly, make the final and you will successfully purchase a term insurance policy for COVID-19.

The process to Make Claim for COVID-19 Term Insurance

The claim settlement process of COVID-19 can be completed by following 3 simple steps.

Step1- Claim Reporting

In case of the unfortunate demise of the life assured due to COVID-19, the claimant will have to file a claim to the insurance company. The claim can be filed online, via SMS or by visiting the branch office of the particular insurance company.

To file the claim, the claimant will have to submit a thoroughly filled claim form along with the required documents and death certificate of the life assured.

Step2- Claim Processing

Upon receiving the claim form along with the required documents, the insurance company assess all details and verify the documents. The beneficiary will be asked to submit additional document like covid-19 diagnosis test result of the life assured.

Step3 – Claim Settlement

Once all the relevant documents are verified by the insurance company, the insurer processes the claim. Many insurance providers including ICICI Prudential Life Insurance settle claims in just one day. 

Wrapping it Up!

The second wave of covid -19 has left many people helpless.  However, with ICICI Term Insurance for COVID-19, you can ensure to provide the right financial protection to your family in case of any eventuality.  While the first line of defence to fight this disease is social distancing and sanitization guidelines, the COVID-19 term plan should serve as a financial backup.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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ICICI Term Insurance for Coronavirus
ICICI Pru iProtect
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ICICI Term Insurance for Coronavirus Reviews & Ratings

4.2 / 5 (Based on 44 Reviews)
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Barabanki, March 02, 2021
Check premium online
I checked the premium online when I bought the term insurance policy. I visited to policybazaar website for the same. And I got the icici prudential plan very affordable as per my budget. It has benefits and I really like them.
Ahmednagar, February 19, 2021
Claim is fast
I choose policybazaar to buy my term insurance policy. They suggested me to buy a term plan of icici prudential. It is a nice plan which I have come through. I am thankful to whole team and would love to recommend this to everyone.
Chandigarh, January 23, 2019
One of my close friends had been using ICICI term insurance since last 8 years. He has married 2 years ago and due to unfortunate circumstances involved, he was severely injured in an accident. Thankfully, ICICI team was really considerate and helpful while helping his wife settling the claim. The claim settlement was fast and timely. Following his steps, I have recently bought ICICI Pru iProtect Smart. It is safe to say that investing in ICICI term insurance is definitely worth every penny experience. It has worked as a great deal for me. The staff was really good and was prompt with their service.
Garu, September 22, 2016
My term insurance policy is good one which i bought from icici prudential life insurance. The premium is low and paybacks are high. Coverage is about 85% and the claiming is very simple by the help of executives which working 24X7.
Jammu, July 20, 2016
Coverage Is High
ICICI term insurance plan of mine is very beneficial for me and my family. The service of your staff is so quick and claiming become due due to that. The updates of the policy plan is mailed to me regularly on my email address.
Haridwar, July 20, 2016
Term plan
The icici term insurance is on of the best policy among all. Premium of the plan is low and returns are high. Service is fast and behaviour of the staff is very well. Good investment which reduces taxes too. Payments and premiums are done on online portal website of the company.
Gurgaon, February 14, 2016
superb plan...
My life insurance term plan is with prudential. The premium amount is Rs.4700 and return is Rs.25 lakh. Policy coverage is also nice. Service is really good provided by executives and agents. Nice policy.
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BPW00250
Ghaziabad, February 14, 2016
above average
I have purchase my life insurance from prudential. The services are average. I do not get any kind of alerts for the payments or the policy thought mail or text. The payment options are convenient as I can pay the payment thourgh my ATM cards. The payment is on a yearly basis.
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BPW01888
Delhi, February 14, 2016
"Bad service"
I do have a life insurance with icici. The policy has good claiming amount and policy coverage is also high but the service is very slow. The work takes days or weeks to complete. Please speed up your services.
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BPW00250
Jaipur, February 14, 2016
Life insurance plan
I buy life insurance policy with icici, basically i took this plan for the savings purposes. Premium payment is made by cheque and the executive agent is coming to my place to collect this amount. As this policy is endowment policy, I need to pay on yearly basis for 7 years. And the policy holder will get good returns after 13 years.
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BPW00130
Hyderabad, February 14, 2016
Nice term plan.
I found this policy plan on internet and see the benefits of it. So i purchase one for my father. Good claims, policy coverage is high. No worry to wait in queue because service is provided to the door steps. Thanks.
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BBE05865
Chandigarh, February 14, 2016
"perfect policy"
Recently i'm searching for life insurance policy but couldn't find one. An agent from policy bazaar contact me and shown me the policy. I buy it, really good one with Rs.28 lakh amount of claim and 90% of policy coverage. The best service you provided. Thank you...
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BPW01901
Kadi, February 14, 2016
My wife purchase your policy and she did the right thing. First i was little confused but after viewing your terms and conditions i agree with her. The coverage, claims, services, all are great and properly working and the main part is that the premium is in our budget.
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BPW01888
Bengaluru, February 14, 2016
Nice term plan
I have life insurance term plan. I really appreciate your work and services you provide. Claims are high and investment is low. Policy coverage is high around 90%. Best policy than others. Happy with it.
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BPW01293
Surendranagar, February 14, 2016
Perfect Policy Plan.
ICICI life insurance is the best with great benefits. I have one with low premiums.Policy coverage and claim is very high and really easy to get without taking any tension or long line waiting. I secure life with this policy.
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BPW00250
Ghaziabad, February 14, 2016
okay plan
i have policy plan through prudential life insurance. Coverage is 80% and claim is Rs.27 lakh. Investment is less returns is high. Service provides is high but one thing should be added that is online updates and mailing.
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BPW01888
Gurgaon, February 14, 2016
Good Plan.
My friend advice me to buy life insurance from icici prudential. So first i search about it then i really know that the plan is good. Policy coverage is 80-90%, Claims are high, services are nice with low premiums. I'm happy
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BPW01888
Lucknow, February 14, 2016
Good Policy
I found best policy for life insurance on internet through icici prudential. The policy contain good coverage ~80%. Claim is approx. Rs.25 lakh. Service providers are good in there work. Overall nice policy.
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BBE05845
Margao, February 14, 2016
I purchase life insurance through prudential and i'm happy to buy it. The plan is good and the returns is amazing. Coverage is high with low premiums. Claiming process is simple because of good services.
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BBE05752
Mumbai, February 14, 2016
I bought life insurance plan from icici. The claim is as low as premiums. Policy coverage is okay but the services provided by you is slow, please improve it. Otherwise, the number of customers will decrease including me.
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BPW01293
Pune, February 14, 2016
Good Insurance Policy.
My life insurance plan consist many advantages and benefits too. Like claims are very easy to get and the coverage is high about 91%. The return amount is 24 lakhs. The best part is service which is fast and done in all the working hours.
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BPW01888
Thane, February 14, 2016
Bad claiming experience.
Prudential life provides all the facilities but the claims are not satisfactory. Very long time take to sanction the money and the procedure is very long and slow. Minimum 4 weeks for the claiming.
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BBE05845
Mumbai, February 14, 2016
service is bit slow
I have term insurance plan, All the things is great just service is bit slow. Claim is Rs.27 lakh with low premiums. Policy coverage is 89%. Even the daily update about policy plan is mailed. Please improve your customer services.
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BBE05865
Delhi, February 14, 2016
Bad service
My policy is with icici prudential. All is good but the service provided is really very slow. Claim is nice around 18 lakh, policy coverage is also huge but my experience with services is not good at all. Please do something.
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BPW01260
Nagpur, February 14, 2016
Nice term plan
I have a insurance plan with prudential life. Policy is great with nice benefits. Claim is of ~Rs.29 lakh and the policy coverage is 85%. Hospitality is the usp of the plan. Nice work guys.
Plan Name: iProtect Smart
Agent Code: BBE05865
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