National Car Insurance

National car insurance can cover your car from legal liabilities and own damages that may arise due to an unwanted incident on the road. The policy is offered by National Insurance Company, which is the oldest general insurance company offering economical car insurance solutions in India.

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About National Insurance Company

Being India's oldest general insurance company, National Insurance Company Limited was incorporated in Kolkata in 1906. It is among one of the four subsidiaries of the General Insurance Corporation of India, which is fully owned by the Indian Government.

National Insurance Company aims at building relationships with its customers by offering a wide range of insurance products for motor insurance and other insurance sectors. The company has been serving car owners for years with its car insurance plans. Moreover, they are also known for their quick settlement of claims.

Key Features of National Car Insurance

Features Coverage and Benefits
Third-Party Coverage Yes
Incurred claim ratio 78.55%
Personal Accident Insurance Up to 15 Lakhs
Network Garages 268
No Claim Bonus Yes

Benefits of National Car Insurance

National car insurance offers multiple benefits to its policyholders. Some of these are:

  • National car insurance offers a faster claim settlement with its 24*7 customer support service.
  • The company provides cashless claim settlement services in over 268 authorized network garages across India.
  • National vehicle insurance also covers towing charges as part of their package car policy.
  • To enhance the coverage of your car insurance plan, the company also offers several add-ons covers on an additional premium.
  • The company also offers No Claim Bonus discounts on motor insurance renewal.
  • National Insurance Company provides personal accident cover to the policyholders as well.
  • National motor insurance enjoys an Incurred Claim Ratio (ICR) of 78.55% for the year 2020-21.

Types of National Car Insurance Policy

National motor insurance offers two types of private car insurance plans. They are:

1. Annual Liability Only Policy

National Car Insurance Annual Liability Only policy covers a policyholder against any legal liabilities arising out of third party claims. It provides coverage for the car owner’s liabilities arising due to bodily injuries or the death of a third party person. It also covers the liabilities of the car owner for causing property damage to a third party.

While liability coverage for causing property damage is limited to Rs. 7.5 lakh, there is no set coverage limit for liabilities arising out of the death or bodily injuries of the third party. This policy excludes covering the insured car against any damage.

2. Annual Package Policy

The Annual Package policy by the National Insurance Company provides comprehensive protection to an insured car by covering third party liabilities as well as any loss or damages sustained by the insured car. It covers own damage of the car arising due to collisions, disasters, theft, manmade unrest or fire, etc. It also covers any accidental injuries or death of the owner-driver of the car.

Generally, National car insurance offers annual car insurance policies that need to be renewed every year. However, cars purchased after 1st September 2018 can get a liability only or package policy from National vehicle insurance for a policy tenure of three years.

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National Car Insurance Premium Calculator

Before purchasing a National motor insurance policy, you can also calculate its premium by using the National car insurance premium calculator. This will allow you to find out if the policy fits into your budget or not.

Coverage Under National Car Insurance

  • Fire and Explosion: Damages caused due to fire, shock, self-ignition, lighting and explosion are covered.
  • Theft: Any damage sustained by the insured car arising due to theft, housebreaking or burglary are included.
  • Natural Calamities: Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, cyclones, storms, hailstorms, etc. are covered.
  • Manmade Calamities: Manmade calamities, such as riots, strikes, etc., are included under the plan.
  • Terrorist Act: Any damage sustained by the insured car due to terrorist activity is included under a National car insurance plan.
  • Third-Party Legal Liabilities: Any legal liabilities of the policyholder arising out of causing property damage and bodily injuries to a third-party person by the insured car will be covered. It also provides coverage in case the insured car causes the death of a third-party person.
  • Accidental Damage: Damages arising due to an accident are covered.
  • TowingCharges: In case of an accident, any charges incurred by the policyholder for towing the damaged car from the accident spot to the garage will be covered.
  • In-transit Damages: Damages incurred by the insured car during transit by air, rail or waterways are covered.
  • Wear and Tear: A National car insurance policy does not cover any loss or damages resulting out of normal wear and tear of the car.
  • Invalid Driving License: Any loss to the insured car while driving with an invalid driving license is excluded.
  • Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown: Any loss or damages incurred due to mechanical and electrical breakdown of the car will not be covered.
  • Consequential Loss: National car insurance does not cover any loss or damages caused to the insured car as an indirect consequence of a covered contingency. For example, any damages caused to the car tyres while being towed from the accident spot to the garage will be not covered.
  • Drunk Driving: Damages sustained by the insured car while the driver was drunk or under the influence of drugs is excluded from the National insurance policy.
  • War or Allied Perils: In case a war or warlike situation results in causing major loss or damages to the insured car, then, unfortunately, the insurance company will not compensate for it.
  • Contractual Liabilities: National car insurance will not pay for any liabilities arising out of any contractual work involving the insured car.
  • Commercial Use: If the insured car is being used for non-personal or commercial use and ends up suffering a loss or damage, then the insurance company will not pay for it.

National Car Insurance: Add-ons

National car insurance also offers several add-on covers that can be used to enhance the coverage of your car insurance policy. However, these add-ons can only be purchased by paying a higher premium amount. Here is the list of add-on covers offered by National Car Insurance:

  • Nil Depreciation Cover

    The Nil Depreciation cover compensates a policyholder for the depreciation incurred by the insured car over time. This add-on cover provides 100% coverage for plastic and metal parts while 50% coverage for tubes, tyres and batteries of the insured vehicle.

  • Invoice Protect Cover

    Under Invoice Protect cover, the National car insurance will pay the policyholder with a sum equal to the difference between the IDV and current invoice price of the car if there is a total loss or total theft of the insured car.

  • NCB Protect Cover

    The NCB Protect cover allows you to protect your No Claim Bonus discount even if you have previously made a claim during your policy tenure. With this add-on cover, you do not lose your NCB even after making a claim.

  • Engine Protect Cover

    By purchasing an Engine Protect cover, you can cover any loss or damage sustained by your car’s engine or its parts due to water ingression, flood or inundation. In addition to this, the cost of consumables used during repairs will also be covered by National car insurance.

  • Nil Depreciation Plus Cover

    The Nil Depreciation Plus cover adds an extra benefit to the Nil Depreciation cover by paying the policyholder the amount of depreciation deducted on the value of parts replaced and material component of painting charges in case of a partial loss claim of the insured car.

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How to File a Claim Under National Car Insurance?

Follow the steps mentioned below to file a claim under a National motor insurance policy:

  • Report the Incident: Immediately intimate the National Insurance Company about the incident to register the claim.
  • Carry Relevant Documents: Fill out the National car insurance claim form and attach the required documents. Make sure to carry all the relevant documents with you while registering the claim.
  • Vehicle Inspection: An IRDAI licensed surveyor appointed by the company will inspect your car to estimate the loss and damage incurred by the vehicle.
  • Claim Settlement: If your car is repaired in an authorized network garage, then your insurer will pay for the cost incurred for repairs. In the case of non-network garages, you will first have to pay the bill garage bill and the insurer will reimburse the bill amount later.

Documents Required to Raise a Claim Under National Car Insurance

To raise a claim under National motor insurance, make sure to carry the documents mentioned below:

  • Copy of Registration Certificate
  • Copy of valid driving license
  • Estimate of repairs
  • Copy of permit
  • Copy of fitness certificate
  • Car insurance paper
  • Copy of Police FIR      
  • Duly filled claim form

How to Renew National Car Insurance?

National insurance renewal online is a quick and easy process. Follow the steps given below for National car insurance renewal online:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited

Step 2: Go to the Car Insurance page under the ‘Insurance Products’ dropdown menu and enter your car number in the form available

Step 3: Now fill in the required details and proceed forward

Step 4: Enter your policy expiry date and previous claim status

Step 5: From the mentioned plans, find the National Insurance car insurance plan to be renewed. You can also check policy details here.

Step 6: You can select your preferred add-ons and then select the plan.

Step 7: Select No Claim Bonus discount and proceed.

Step 8: Fill out the proposal form and proceed to payment.

Step 9: Now make the payment for the National Insurance car policy renewal online using your preferred payment method.

Step 10: Once the payment is complete, your motor insurance policy will be renewed. Your National Insurance car insurance renewal documents will be sent to your registered email address.

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Guna, December 08, 2021
Multiple payment methods
There are a lot of benefits and features given under my National Car Insurance policy which I have purchased from Policybazaar. There are several modes of payment in PolicyBazaar. When I came to make the payment, Policybazaar gave me various payment options.
Firozabad, November 26, 2021
High coverage
I am so relaxed that i have invested to the right place. i have taken national car insurance in which i have got coverage against unfortunate events. the team of Policybazaar is very dedicated towards their work.
Patiala, November 10, 2021
Easy to compare
I had to buy car insurance for my car. i searched a lot then finally i found national car insurance who were providing me best features within my budget and i bought it online through policy bazaar.
Jagadhri, November 02, 2021
High coverage
I have compared quotes of various insurers. I liked the features of National Car Insurance as it was affordable and had high coverage. I have taken it from Policybazaar and whenever I get confused about certain things, the team helps me.
Jalandhar, October 26, 2021
No claim bonus
I took the National car insurance after a lot of searching. I am satisfied that I bought it from the right place. I got a small discount on the premium rate in the form of no claim bonus. smooth and fast process provided by the Policybazaar.
Mirzapur, September 14, 2021
Superlative service
I have had an amazing experience with Policybazaar. i got discount on the premium rate. i have taken national car insurance. I have got superlative service here. i would love to recommend it to others. extremely satisfied.
Tumkur, September 13, 2021
Budget friendly plan
In my National car insurance policy, I have got road side assistance facility at anytime and at any location. In case of sudden emergency like damage or loss to the insured vehicle it will give me financial support.The premium rate of my plan came within my budget.
Bellary, September 08, 2021
Affordable plan
After went through many car plans on the website of Policybazaar i chose National car insurance. they are providing me very good coverage and features within my budget. extremely satisfied with my plan.
Jabalpur, August 30, 2021
Supportive staff
I have bought the car and for that I was searching for best car plan. i visited to policy Bazaar office and Staff showed so much support. they gave full attention to me when i was looking for plan. their team helped me to choose which plan would go within my budget. with their help, i chose national car insurance plan.
Nashik, August 27, 2021
Good features
I bought National car insurance from Policy bazaar and they are giving me many features under my plan like add on cover, towing charges, in short .In case of damage, they will provide me with towing facility. Towing expenses of the damaged car are covered under my plan.