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National Car Insurance is the motor segment of National Insurance co. Ltd. that provides insurance solutions for private cars in India. It is a part of the National Insurance co. Ltd., which is the oldest general insurance company in India. The company has been serving car owners for years and is known for its claim settlement.

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Car insurance plans by National Motor Insurance protects car owners from legal liabilities as well as any own car damages. Moreover, it also provides them with personal accident cover to safeguard them from any injuries suffered while driving the car. However, only registered car owners will be issued car insurance policy by National vehicle insurance.

Features and Benefits of National Car Insurance

  • High Incurred Claim Ratio – National Motor Insurance enjoys one of the highest Incurred Claim Ratio (ICR) of 127.50% for the year 2018-19 amongst all car insurance providers in India.
  • Towing charges – National vehicle insurance covers towing charges as part of their package car policy. Any expenses incurred on towing the damaged car to the garage will be paid by the insurer.
  • Add-on covers – Several additional covers can be used to increase the coverage of your car policy by paying the extra premium amount. They include nil depreciation, NCB protect, invoice protect, etc.

Types of Plans Provided by National Motor Insurance

National Motor Insurance offers two types of private car insurance plans. They are:

  • Annual Liability Only Policy
  • Annual Package Policy

Annual Liability Only Policy

The annual liability only policy covers a private car against any legal liabilities arising out of third party claims. It provides coverage for the car owner’s liabilities arising due to causing bodily injuries or death of a third party person. It also covers liabilities of the car owner for causing property damage to a third party.

While liability coverage for causing property damage is limited to Rs. 7.5 lakh, there is no set coverage limit for liabilities arising out of third party person’s death or bodily injuries. The policy is available for one year.

Possessing a third party liability cover is mandatory in India for all cars plying on public roads under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

Annual Package Policy

The annual package policy provides comprehensive protection to a private car by covering third party liabilities as well as any loss or damages sustained by the insured car. It covers own damage of the car and its accessories arising due to collisions, disasters, theft, manmade unrest or fire. It also covers any accidental injuries caused to the owner-driver of the car.

Besides, this policy covers expenses incurred while towing the car from the accident location to the garage.

Generally, National car insurance offers annual car insurance policies that need to be renewed every year. However, cars purchased after 1st September 2018 can get a liability only or package policy from National vehicle insurance for a policy tenure of three years. But before you purchase the best car insurance for new cars or renew existing policies, compare them with plans from different insurers online at an insurance broker website.

Car Insurance Fines

Inclusions of National Car Insurance Policy

Private car policy by National Motor Insurance provides coverage for the following contingencies:

  • Own Damage Cover – It provides coverage to the insured car against any loss or damages caused due to the fire, natural disasters, burglary, accidents, manmade calamities, lightning, malicious acts, self-ignition and while in transit. Natural disasters, such as earthquake, flood, landslide, cyclone, storm, hailstorm, etc are covered. Manmade calamities include riots, terrorist acts, strikes, etc.
  • Third Party Legal Liabilities – Any legal liabilities of the policyholder arising out of causing property damage and bodily injuries to a third party person by the insured car will be covered. It also provides coverage in case the insured causes death of a third party person.
  • Towing Charges – In case of an accident, any charges incurred by the policyholder for towing the damaged car from the accident spot to the garage will be covered.

Add-on Covers of National Car Insurance

National car insurance also offers several add-on covers that can be used to enhance the coverage of your car insurance policy. However, these covers need to be purchased by paying a higher premium amount. Following is the list of add-on covers offered by car insurance by National Motor Insurance:

  • Nil Depreciation
  • Invoice Protect
  • NCB Protect
  • Invoice Protect
  • Nil Depreciation Plus

Exclusions of National Car Insurance

The following situations or emergencies are not covered under private car policy by National Motor Insurance:

  • Wear and Tear – It does not cover any loss or damages resulting out of normal wear and tear of the car.
  • Invalid Driving Licence – In case you suffer a loss due to driving the car with an invalid or expired driving license, then National car insurance will not come to your rescue and pay for the losses incurred.
  • Mechanical & Electrical Breakdowns – Any loss or damages incurred due to mechanical and electrical breakdown of the car will not be covered.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol – Going by the Indian laws, driving under the influence of alcohol is not allowed. Hence, any loss or damages caused to the car or injuries suffered by the owner-driver will be excluded if he is found driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • Consequential Loss – National vehicle insurance does not cover any loss or damages caused to the car as an indirect consequence of a covered contingency. For example, any damages caused to the car tyres while being towed from the accident spot to the garage will be not covered.
  • War or Allied Perils – In case a war or warlike situation results in causing major loss or damages to the insured car then, unfortunately, the insurer will not be able to compensate for it.
  • Commercial Use – If the insured car is being used for non-personal or commercial use and ends up suffering a loss or damage, then the insurance company will not pay for it.
  • Contractual Liabilities – National car insurance will not pay for any liabilities arising out of any contractual work involving the insured car.

How to Renew National Car Insurance?

It is important to renew your existing car insurance policy before it gets expired. In fact, renewing your National car insurance online is a quick and easy process. If you want to renew your national car insurance online, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the renewal section of the page
  • Enter the details of your existing national car insurance online, such as policy number, etc.
  • You may be required to enter your personal details like contact number
  • Add or remove any add-on cover from your policy if you want
  • The premium amount to be paid will be displayed
  • Pay the premium for National car insurance online through internet banking or debit/ credit cards
  • Your car insurance policy will be renewed

Car Insurance Renewal

National Car Insurance - FAQs

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4.4 / 5 (Based on 48 Reviews)
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Idar, March 30, 2021
Renewal is easy
It is easy to renew the car insurance plan of national car insurance from the policybazaar. I did it from the mobile application of policybazaar. I find it very easy and hassle free.
Laharpur, March 30, 2021
No claim bonus
Recently I availed for the no claim bonus certificate from the policybazaar as the plan was of national car insurance. The plan is helpful and effective in nature.
Fakirpur, September 23, 2020
Compare the plans
I have compared a lot many plans into the website of the national car insurance. It is an amazing website. Thanks to whole team National car insurance and whole team to understand my concern and giving assistance.
Vadali, September 23, 2020
Claim done easily
I have filed for my claim from the website of the national car insurance. It is easy to get the claim and it was settled in less than 4 days. Thanks a lot team.
G.mahisani, September 22, 2020
Get your car secured
I have secured my car and my life with the help of the national car insurance plans. One of the best and finest plan I received from the company. Thanks a lot team.
Campierganj, September 22, 2020
Online payment
Last year when I took the car insurance policy from the national car insurance I made the payment online. It was quick and transparent in nature. Thanks a ton team national car insurance.
Jabalpur, September 18, 2020
Much cost-efficient
The plans which are available on the website of the national car insurance is very much cost-efficient in nature. Really like the car insurance plans.
Farenda, September 18, 2020
Online discounts easy
I bought my car insurance plan from National car insurance and simultaneously I got a huge amount of discounts too. I found it very much impressive in nature. Thank team National car insurance.
J.n.prasad, September 16, 2020
Less premium high coverage
I have got the car insurance policy from the national car insurance. It has given me low premium rates with high amount of coverage. Thanks a lot team national car insurance.
Gadag, September 16, 2020
Get your coverage online
I have got the car insurance policy online without any problem and hassle. It was quick and easy and I am able to use both the application and the website very easily. Thank you National car insurance.
Vadali, September 15, 2020
Renew online
It is very easy to renew my car insurance policy online and I don’t have to get connected to the team of national car insurance. I can do my whole work via the website or the application. Thank you national car insurance team.
Habra, September 15, 2020
Get quickly
I got my car insurance policy quickly and swiftly. It was an immediate process to get the car insurance policy and the team is very much helpful in nature. Kudos to good spirit of whole team.
Babina, September 14, 2020
No claim bonus protection
I got the no claim bonus protection from the national car insurance last year. It was really good as my work was done on immediate basis. Thank you team.
Babhleshwar, September 14, 2020
Third party insurance
Recently I took the car insurance plan from the national car insurance and that was of national car insurance company. I took the third party insurance policy and it will helps me to get the coverage for the third party person. Thank you team Natonal car insurance.
Idar, September 11, 2020
I really trust this brand of national car insurance policy. As I am an old customer of the same and have been with them from last 3 years. Really appreciate their services . Thank you so much team National car insurance.
Yashwant Nagar, September 11, 2020
Burden down the liabilities
I believe in getting the car insurance policy because it helps in lowering down the legal and the financial liabilities. I have got the national car insurance policy car insurance plan. A best place. Thank you.
Padampur, September 10, 2020
Different plans
I have recently took the car insurance policy from the national car insurance policy. I got to know about the different plans and the policies at the one website. I choose the best one. Thank you national insurance policy.
Idar, September 10, 2020
Add on covers
I have recently took the car insurance policy from the national car insurance and along with that I have taken the add on covers. It has the coverage of zero depreciation and no claim bonus. Great team.
K.c. Pur, September 09, 2020
Save a lot
I have saved a lot more money when I purchased the car insurance policy from the national car insurance. It is a good place where you can save a lot more money. I am really thankful to team national insurance.
Jabalpur, September 09, 2020
Damage of the car
The damage of the car has been taken care by the national car insurance company. It has been a good plan for me and my car. I feel that national car insurance is one of the great companies.
Baarod, September 08, 2020
Better customer care team
The customer care team of the national car insurance is very good and helpful in nature. They really assisted me at certain odd times and when there was a policy issue. Thank you team.
Laitlyngkot, September 08, 2020
Very easy to buy
It is very easy to buy the car insurance policy online. I have recently took the car insurance from the national insurance company. I have easily bought the plan online. Thank to whole team of national insurance.
Hadol, September 07, 2020
Affordable premiums
I have recently got the car insurance plan and the premium rate of the policy is very good and easy to purchase. Thank you team for such good plans.
Sabang, September 07, 2020
Better interface
I have recently got the car insurance policy from the National car insurance company and its interface is much easy to use and convenient in nature. I really like the new car insurance plan of mine. Thank you so much team.
Iddappadi, September 01, 2020
Third party insurance
I have taken the third party insurance policy from the national car insurance company. It has been the third party insurance policy from them so that I can get the best services and also services to the third party insurance policy. Thank you team national car insurance company.