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National Car Insurance Policy Overview

National Car Insurance policy by National Insurance Company limited India is offering their services even before independence. It is the oldest general Insurance Company in India. It is one of the four subsidiaries’ of government owned General Insurance Corporation of India. It is the only public sector general insurance company based at Kolkata. It is the first company to introduced Product Customisation both for rural and Corporate. It was also India’s first insurance company to enter into strategic alliance with the leading Automobile manufactures of country M/s Maruti and M/s Hero Moto Corp a Two Wheeler foremost. National Insurance is awarded with A.M Best financial strength rating- B++ and issuer credit rating-bbb+.

Company is operating from more than 1000 of offices across the country. Car Insurance policy was introduced by National Insurance Company Ltd. Principle of car insurance is same as that of property insurance. The owner of the vehicles needs to be the registered owner of the vehicle whereby the owner stands to benefit by the safety of the vehicle or freedom from any liability and stands to lose by any damage, loss or formation of liability.

National Car Insurance at a Glance

National Car Insurance Coverage & Benefits
Third Party Coverage Up to 7,50,000
Personal Accident Personal accidental cover for a lump sum amount for paid driver/ co passenger.
Damage to Own Car It covers own damage expenses incurred due to accident by external means Explosion, fire, lightning and self Ignition.


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Advantages of Availing National Car Insurance Policy:

National Insurance Company will provide 100% protection to your Car. They provide wide range of features in their auto insurance policy. This policy covers the loss caused due to damage to your vehicles. Apart from providing all the regular basic features company also gives you the flexibility of applying online for the policy which in turns saves your precious time.

  • This Policy covers the  Vehicles used for social, domestic and for professional purpose of the insured person or used by employee of insured for such purpose excluding carriage of goods other than registered owner, use for hire and reward, pace making, racing, speed testing, reliability trail, or for any other purpose which is connected with motor trade
  • National Insurance Company will provide the cover against the loss due to any damage to your vehicle
  • Company also covers the loss due to damage to the accessories of vehicles
  • Policy also provides the third party liability coverage (property damage) up to 7 lakh 50 thousands
  • This policy also provides you the personal accident insurance
  • This policy has the proviso of providing No Claim bonus if there is no claim is issued in the policy period
  • If opting for higher voluntary excess, discount in the premium will be provided
  • If Anti-theft device is been installed in the vehicles provision of discount is there in the policy
  • Provision of discount for specially designed vehicle for blind, mentally challenged and handicapped person
  • You can purchase this car insurance policy online by doing the payment through your debit card or credit card or online banking
  • Also you can renew your policy online at your convenience

 Features and Benefits of National Car Insurance Policy

National Insurance company ltd provides you two type of coverage:

1) Liability Only Cover

2) Package Cover

Liability Only Cover: -

This segment covers any legal liability arises out of any accident involving your vehicle.

It does not cover any damage to your vehicle. Following risks are covered under the policy:

  • Injury or Death of Third party
  • It covers the loss due to property damage of the third party up to the limit of 7.5 lakh

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Package Cover: -

It covers all the liabilities as per Motor Vehicles Act, apart from that it also covers damage caused to your vehicle. Package cover or comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy is better as it provides complete cover i.e. it covers third party coverage as well as damage or loss to one’s own vehicle, self or co- passenger. 

Following Incidents are Covered Under the Package Cover National Motor Insurance Policy:

  • Third-party Cover - It covers the loss due to property damage of the third party up to the limit of 7.5 lakh.
  • Accidents by External Mean - It covers the damage caused to your vehicle by external mean such as Fire, Explosions, Lightning and self Ignition.
  • Accidents by Natural Mean - It covers the damage caused due to Flood, Earthquake, Storm, Rockslide, Land slide, Cyclone, Tempest, hailstorm, etc.
  • Accidents by Man Made Mean - It covers the loss due to Theft, Riot, Burglary, Strike, House breaking, malicious act, Terrorist activity, any damage happened in transit by road, rail, air, Inland waterway, lift or elevator.
  • Personal accident Insurance cover - As a part of Motor insurance on the whole, National Insurance Company provides Personal accidental cover in accordance with Motor Vehicle Act. As per this company provides cover in the event of accident while driving. It also provides cover to the co passenger equals to maximum permissible occupancy.

What is not Covered in National Car Insurance Policy?

Following incidents are not-covered under the National Insurance Company's motor insurance policy:

  • Any Consequential loss is not covered under this policy.
  • Any loss due to wear and tear, electrical or mechanical breakdown, breakages or failure is not covered under the policy.
  • Any loss due to damage to tyres, unless the vehicle is dented at the same time when the legal responsibility of the insurer is limited to 50% of the cost of replacement.
  • Any loss occurred due to failure to parts of the car is not covered under the policy.
  • Any loss occurred to your vehicle, if you use your vehicle for hire and reward, pace making, racing, speed testing, reliability trail, or for any other purpose which is connected with motor trade in not covered under this policy.
  • If any loss occurred to your vehicle while driving the car under the influence of alcohol or any other drug, it is not covered.
  • If accident or loss occurred to your vehicle other than the geographical area which is mentioned in the policy then it is not covered.

Additional Coverage in National Car Insurance Policy

  • As a No Claim Bonus (NCB) owner of the vehicle will get discount on premium while renew the policy. This Rebate is mandatory given by insurer to the insured person. Currently minimum of 20 % and maximum up to 50% rebate of the renewal premium is provided by the company.
  • Third Party Liability up to the limit of 7.5 lakh is covered under the policy which covers the legal liability arises out of any property damage occurred or death of third party.
  • On using Anti theft devices approved by automobile research association of india (ARAI) you will be able to get lucrative discount of premium.
  • This policy also provides Personal Accident insurance and covers the loss arise out of damage during accident.

Rate of Depreciation in National Insurance

For plastic/glass /fiberglass parts of the vehicle


Percentage of Depreciation

Rubber,nylon,plastic parts


Tyres and tubes


Batteries and Air bags


Fibreglass Components


All Glass parts


For the wooden parts and Age of Vehicle

Vehicle Age

Percentage of Depreciation

Less Than 6 Months


More than 6 months but less than 1 year


More than 1 year but less than 2 years


More than 2 years but less than 3 years


More than 3 years but less than 4 years


More than 4 years but less than 5 years


More than 5 years but less than 10 years


More than 10 years


For Painting-
50 % rate of depreciation will be applicable to the material cost of total painting Charges. 25 % rate of depreciation will be applicable in case of consolidate bill.

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Applying for National Car Insurance Plans from National Insurance Company Limited

Either you can visit their nearest branch to apply for the loan or also your can call their toll free numbers and their executive will contact you back for further assistance and provide you the full information regarding the procedures to apply for the loan.

One can also go to the website of the company and can apply online for the car Insurance. Following details need to be given to apply for the plan:

You’re Details:

Select State -----Select District -------Select Pin code -------- Select Office

Vehicles Details:

Vehicle Registration state ----- Vehicle Type ---- Vehicle Class ---- Manufacturer ----- Variant ----- Body Type ----- Cubic Capacity ----- Registration Location

Claim Procedure:

You need to follow certain points to initiate the claim process by National Insurance Company ltd. whenever you met with an accident try to jot down the number of the vehicle involved in the accident if any. Also jot down the name, contact number/address of the witness of accident if any. Contact at the nearest branch o National Insurance company or inform at their call centre number- 08662 578586. Fill the details in the claim form provided by the branch. It is also available online. You can download it from website of the company. Submit the complete Claim form duly signed by you at the nearest regional office of the National Insurance Company Limited.

A surveyor from the company’s office will come to survey the damage caused to your vehicle. You need to submit all the required documents to the surveyor as and when asked by him. Afterwards the surveyor will verify the details of your Vehicle.

After verifying all the details and calculation of percentage of depreciation, the claim amount will be settled. In case of any difference in amount you need to pay the extra amount.

Documentation Required to Settle Claim in National Car Insurance Policy

Below mentioned documentation is required to settle the claim process. Documentation may vary from case to case basis.

For Accidental Claim:

  • Claim Form Duly Filled and Signed
  • Copy of the RC Book
  • Copy of the Driving licence
  • Copy of the first two pages of Policy
  • Copy of FIR (If any), depends upon case
  • Original estimate

For Theft Claim:

  • Claim Form Duly Filled and Signed
  • Copy of the RC Book
  • Copy of the Driving licence
  • Policy documents
  • Original FIR
  • Original estimate cost of replacement
  • CR Diary Number

For Third Party Claims:

  • Claim Form Duly Filled and Signed
  • Copy of the RC Book
  • Copy of the Driving licence
  • Policy documents
  • Original FIR
  • Full Details of Damage occurred to property

National Car Insurance Premium Calculator:

Premium Calculator is available at the website of the National Insurance Company Limited. You can calculate your premium after submitting few required information.

National Insurance Car Insurance Renewal Procedure:

National Car Insurance Renewal process is simple and easy. By National Insurance Car Renewal process, you can easily renew your car insurance policy in just few clicks. So, national car insurance online renewal is mandatory before the policy expires. You can renew your national insurance car insurance policy online in India by following a few simple steps which are mentioned below:
  • Visit official website of National Insurance Company to renew your national insurance car insurance policy.
  • Click on 'Motor Insurance' tab and hit 'renew' button to being with the National Insurance Car Renewal.
  • Enter the necessary details including policy number, the name of the policyholder, etc.
  • Click the 'Renew Policy' tab for instant renewal of National Car Insurance online.
  • You will be redirected to the premium payment page. You can make the payment online via Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking and National Insurance Car renewal will be done successfully.
  • Once done with the payment, you will get a confirmation email on your registered email ID.
  • Save and print the copy of national insurance car renewal receipt for future use.

National Car Insurance - FAQs

1. How to pay a premium? What are the modes of payment available?

The National Insurance Company offers 2 modes of premium payment namely:

  • Cash payment at the branch
  • Online Payment

For the online payment mode, the policyholder can pay via;

  • Credit Card,
  • Debit Card
  • Net banking

2. How can I check policy status for National car insurance?

To check policy you can log into thee-Portal with your valid credentials.

3. What is the company’s process to settle claim for National car insurance?

You need to fill the claim form and attach it with relevant documents to the Policy issuing office either directly or by an authorised Agent. Upon satisfactory evaluation, the claim will be settled in full within a few days.

4. What is the policy cancellation process for National car insurance?

Walk into your nearest branch with your policy documents and a duly filled surrender form. Upon successful acceptance at the counter, your policy will be cancelled and refunds directly credited in your bank account.

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National Car Insurance Reviews

October 07, 2016

Important Policy, Can't Be Ignored

Car insurance policy is very much needed as any other insurance policy. I bought mine from national general insurance. Service is perfect which is given by the executives of the company. The online renewal facility is fantastic and easy to operate online portal.

October 04, 2016

National Car Insurance

Good to have car insurance in low price from national general insurance company ltd. The premium is less and returns are high. Coverage is maximum even the tow car service is free of cost at any area or location. Each and every part of the car is insured under the policy except the tires. Claims are easy to make because the service is fast given by the executives of the company.

August 30, 2016

"Dream Come True"

I have the best car insurance policy which i purchased from national general insurance. Policy gave me the best coverage and claims are high which can be sanctioned easily. Service is fabulous given by executives and staff members of the company.

August 17, 2016

Good Plan

I have car insurance policy which is very good and has low premiums. The policy coverage is high and it covers maximum parts except tires. Service is fantastic and tow facility is provided at any location for free of cost. Renewals is easy to make through online portal. Updates of the insurance policy is mailed regularly to me.

August 05, 2016

Quality Investment

The national general insurance is one of the best insurance company. I buy car insurance plan from them in less investment and the refunds and benefits are much more than that. The updates and renewals are easy to make through websites and online portals.

August 05, 2016


My car insurance plan is from national insurance company. The policy covers maximum expenditure and the claims are easy to sanctioned. Car tires are not included in the insurance policy but rather than this all other parts are secure.

August 03, 2016

Nice Policy

Car insurance policy of mine is fantastic and it provides the best benefits and customer services. Policy coverage is high ~90% and the claims are even better. Claiming become easy due to fast service given by the executives and staff members. Except tires my vehicle is insured. Fully Satisfied.

August 03, 2016

Car insurance

National general insurance company is very good one which facilitate the best services and the investments is also less. Policy cover maximum expenditures and the car is fully insured in the policy. Updates and renewals are done on website of the company which reduces paperwork and documentations.

May 13, 2016


I buy national car insurance for my new car. The policy is great and the policy premiums is very low. The policy coverage is high and the claims are even better. Good policy plan which facilitate tow car for free. The behaviour of the executives is very nice. I like the policy.