Oriental PBBY Policy

A comprehensive health insurance policy is always required to fulfill the medical requirements outside India. Oriental PBBY 2017, also known as the Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana is one such policy that covers hospitalization expenses arising from accidental deaths. The policy also compensates for disability, and maternity healthcare. The insurance plan aims to protect Indian emigration workers' interests, who require efficient financial coverage for their health care needs.

Eligibility Criteria

To avail this policy, one must consider the following eligibility conditions first:


Individual or Family Floater

Minimum Entry Age

18 years

Maximum Entry Age

Subject to emigration clearance

Number of people covered

Individual, spouse, and dependent children less than 21 years of age

Residential Status

Citizens of India migrating overseas (cleared emigration)

Coverage Offered

As a mandatory health insurance is required upon emigration clearance, ifone buy Oriental PBBY 2017, he/she can avail the policy as individual and family floater basis with sum insured options depending on the coverage, ranging from Rs 35,000 to Rs 10 lakh.

The basic coverage is as follows:

  • Accidental Death or Disability Cover-In the event of the insured's death or disability, a sum insured of Rs 10 lakh is offered irrespective of employer or location.
  • Family Floater Hospitalization Cover- The insured's family is entitled to hospitalization cover of Rs 50,000 per annum (maximum of Rs 1 lakh). This includes daycare treatment, room accommodation and ICU charges, expenses for the surgeon, medical practitioner and anesthetist, charges for blood transfusion, oxygen, X-ray, dialysis, chemotherapy, pacemaker, artificial limbs, etc.
  • Pre-hospitalization - Till 30 days prior to admission
  • Post-hospitalization – Till 60 days following discharge
  • Maternity Cover- This is offered to female migrants amounting to Rs 35,000 for a normal delivery (or legal abortion) and Rs 50,000 for Caesarean birth. It is valid for up to two children.
  • AYUSH Treatment Cover- Treatment taken under Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Unani and Siddha is covered, provided the medical institute is duly accredited and allows the insurance provider to access patient records.

Inclusions of this Plan

Besides the basic coverage, Oriental PBBY 2017 insurance policy includes the following:

  • Coverage for the Repatriation of the Remains-In the event of death or disability of the employer, the expenses for the transportation of the remains to the residence will be covered.
  • Legal Expenses- In case the insured wishes to take legal recourse against the employer, such expenses will be included up to Rs 45,000.

Exclusions of the Plan

The following are excluded from coverage under Oriental PBBY 2017:

  • Injuries due to self-harm or suicide
  • Aviation activity or adventure sports
  • HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted ailments
  • Damage due to war or violence in the emigrated country
  • Cosmetic surgery and vaccination
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Dental treatment
  • Genetic disorders and stem cell therapy
  • Obesity and weight management
  • De-addiction treatment
  • Deportation of emigrants
  • Congenital disorders

For a complete list of exclusions, please refer to the policy document.

Features & Benefits of the Oriental PBBY 2017 Insurance Policy

Some of the salient features of this policy are:

  • Hospitalization benefit for the family of insured
  • Maternity benefit for natural and Caesarean births
  • Specific sum insured with coverage for each health parameter
  • Repatriation and airfare expenses in the event of death, disability, or termination of employment in the first 12 months due to medical issues
  • One-way airfare coverage for return to India in the event of a change in employment terms or premature termination of services upon overseas travel
  • The validity of insurance during India visit during the policy period
  • Online Oriental PBBY 2017 renewal upon policy expiration
  • Certificate of disability or death provided by Indian High Commissions overseas acceptable as legal documents for claims
  • Upon extension of employee contract, policy renewal provided as required.

Cancellation Terms of the Policy

The cancellation of Oriental PBBY, 2017 health insurance occurs due to the following conditions -

  • The duration of the free look period is 15 days. Cancellation in this period is permitted if –
    • Returning the policy documents if terms not acceptable
    • Not making claims for a medical emergency
  • In the case of concealment or misreporting information by the insured that affects policy coverage and terms, the insurer may cancel the policy.
  • Policy termination upon expiry, or the end of employment contract resulting in a return to India

Policy cancellation in the free look period results in the refund of the premium payment.


Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 25 February 2021

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