HDFC Ergo Health Insurance policy provides their customers with comprehensive and flexible coverage during illness at affordable cost. HDFC Ergo health insurance plans also shield the policy holders in incidences of critical illness.

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Plans:

These health insurance policies are of 3 types.

  • HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha - This policy enables you to choose your policy term and provides you with coverage for treatment as well as pre and post- hospitalization expenses. You can avail cashless claims at the HDFC Ergo’s network of over 3500 hospitals spread across India. HDFC Ergo enables you to have an idea of your premium by using HDFC Ergo Health Insurance premium calculator online. You can purchase this policy for yourself as well as for your family. Moreover, you can also get a cumulative renewal bonus which would lead to nearly 5% increase in the sum insured for every claim per year. 
  • HDFC Ergo Critical Illness Policy - This plan considers the high amount associated with a sudden event of critical illness. HDFC Ergo provides the policy holders with a lump-sum claim amount after initial diagnosis of the illness. You should register your HDFC Ergo Health Insurance claim within seven days of getting discharged and consult the claims service personnel for the same.
  • Group Health Insurance - This plan offers the policy holders with various advantages over individual health insurance plans. Policy holders have the benefits of lower premium costs, incentives for group affiliation, and customized policy for all group members. The policy can be designed to suit the needs of different groups. Policy holders can have coverage of in hospitalization as well as pre and post hospitalization expenses.

The customers can compare HDFC Ergo Health insurance plans with the plans that are offered by other health insurance companies, and choose the best possible health plans to suit their individual needs.