L & T general insurance company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Larsen and Toubro which is a well-known and reputed company of India. L & T general insurance company focusses on every customer segment as it provides complete range of general insurance products and specialized services for various customer segments across individuals, small and medium enterprises, corporates with business lines that include property and casualty, automobile etc.

L & T Health Insurance Plans:

Below are the health insurance plans provided by L &T:

  • My: health medisure Prime insurance- This plan provided by the company covers critical illnesses and provide protection against diseases like cancer, heart attack, kidney failure, bypass surgeries, and more diseases termed as critical illnesses. It provides double sum assured in event of insured requiring medical treatment for these critical illnesses. This policy provides free medical health check-up for the insured. The policy provides maternity benefits as well and covers new born baby for period of 90 days from date of birth. It provides organ donor’s expenses and provides day care expenses as well.
  • My: health medisure Classic insurance- This plan provided by the company gives you a plan that can be customized up to some extent. This policy can be taken individually as well as a single policy for the whole family. You can decide on the frequency of the premium to be paid. One can select a period up to two years for the renewal and premium frequency. The policy provide maternity benefits and new born baby is covered for a fixed number of days from the date of birth. It provides expenses for medical treatment at home. Pre and post hospitalization expenses are covered under the policy.
  • My: jeevika cash @ hospital micro insurance- This policy has been designed to reduce financial burden at the time of hospitalization as it provides certain amount of cash for the complete period of hospitalization depending on the opted plan.
  • My: jeevika medisure micro insurance-This plan is meant for lesser privileged people and offers health insurance at very affordable rates. It provides hospitalization cover including room rent, pre and post hospitalization expenses, day care treatment, pre-existing diseases.

L & T health insurance claim can be made online by filling up a form. L & T health insurance premium can be compared online with L & T health insurance quotes in order to understand the policy. Further, one can compare L & T health insurance policy with the health insurance plans provided by other general insurance providers in order to select the best health policy.