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Best Reliance Health Insurance Plans

Investing in a health insurance plan may not be the best New Year resolution, but giving importance to your well-being and planning for the future is necessary. The cost of medical care is rising rapidly and it could be beneficial to buy a health insurance policy for yourself or your entire family.

Reliance General Insurance, one of the leading  Health insurance Company in India, offers comprehensive and customized health insurance plans to suit every customer’s needs. The company focuses on providing affordable and accessible plans which are lifelong renewable and covers you for entire lifetime. Reliance Health Insurance Plans offer coverage for a maximum of four family members with up to two adults and two children.

Also, all the plans have a pre and post hospitalization cover and cost of health check-ups is reimbursed after four claim-free years. Also, all the health insurance plans provide cashless facility at 4000+ network hospitals. The company caters to all individuals including corporates beside small and medium enterprises.

Reliance General Insurance Offers Four Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans:

1. Reliance HealthGain

This Reliance health insurance plan is an all-encompassing plan with special benefits for women and girls. The HealthGain plan comes with two options, that is, plan A and plan B. Most of the features in plan A and plan B are same, however, plan B offers enhanced coverage in terms of sum assured, sub-limits and add-on covers. The entry age for the HealthGain plan is 5 years to 65 years (with no age limit under plan A). The policy period is for one year and its renewability is lifetime. Also, medical screening is required for persons aged 46 years for plan A and 18 years for plan B.The sum assured for this plan is Rs 3 lakh, Rs 6 lakh and Rs 9 lakh (in plan A), and Rs 12 lakh, Rs 15 lakh and Rs 18 lakh (in plan B). Also, there is an increase of almost 33.33% for every claim-free year and 33.33% decrease for every claim year.

The HealthGain plan also offers the co-payment option wherein co-payment is 20% per claim, which is subjected to minimum entry age of 61 years. This Reliance health insurance plan has coverage benefits such as inpatient hospitalization, day care treatment, pre/post hospitalization, donor hospitalization, ambulance charges and health-checks reimbursements. There is also an add-on cover for accidental death valued at Rs 1 lakh.

2.  Reliance Healthwise

This Reliance health insurance plan is aimed at couples and has three sub-plans, that is, standard, silver and gold. The Healthwise plan is one of the best-selling plans of the company and provide maximum coverage to policyholder. The entry age for this plan is from 18 up to 65 years (Standard), 60 years (Silver) and 55 years (Gold). The renewability period for this policy is up to 75 years and medical screening is required for persons aged 45 years and above. The sum assured is Rs 2 lakh per couple and there are add-on covers such as daily cash allowance, nursing charges, ambulance charges, recovery benefits and expenses for the person who is accompanying the patient during hospitalization.

3. Reliance Critical Illness

This Reliannce health insurance plan is basically a top-up option on any of the above two plans for enhanced benefits and wider coverage. It covers treatment/procedures for 10 critical illnesses. The entry age for this plan is 20 years to 50 years and the policy period ranges from one year to three years. The renewability is up to 55 years and the sum assured under this plan is Rs 5 lakh, Rs 7 lakh, Rs 10 lakh or lumpsum payout.

4. Reliance Personal Accident

This health insurance plan is also a top-up option that helps protect against any financial losses due to death or disability resulting from accidents. The entry age to enrol in this plan is 5 years to 70 years and sum assured is only for a single person. It offers packages for both individual and family and the sum assured is on percentage basis. This plan also offers many add-ons for maximum coverage.

Disclaimer: The ranking of the insurance companies in this content is not in any particular order. The list is not complied as per the IRDA ranking.