Reliance Corona Kavach Policy

Reliance Corona Kavach Policy provides insurance coverage for Coronavirus treatment & stress-free claims settlement, especially tailor-made for individuals' needs. The policyholder can get adequate coverage from this Reliance health insurance policy, thus it has become a very popular policy for retail customers where one can invest and protect his/her family against hospitalization expenses incurred due to the COVID-19 virus.

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Reliance Corona Kavach Policy

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    Reliance Health Corona Kavach Insurance

    Sum insured Rs 50,000-5 lakh
    Waiting Period 15 days
    Policy Tenure 3½ months​, 6½ months, 9½ month​s​ 
    Hospital Cash Cover Up to 15 days

    Coverage Offered

    Under Reliance Health Corona Kavach Insurance, an individual can opt for the Individual or Family Floater option with sum insured options ranging from Rs 50, 000 up to Rs 5 lakh.

    Reliance Health Corona Kavach Insurance coverage is as follows:

    In-patient treatment- The hospitalization expenses incurred by the Covid-19 Positive insured person would include the following:

    • All room rent, boarding, nursing expenses as confirmed by the health center or hospital (Insured should be hospitalized for a minimum period)
    • Expenses incurred on gloves, mask and PPE kits
    • All expenses incurred on Doctor, Consultant, Anesthetist, Surgeon or other Specialist
    • Expenses incurred on medicines, drugs, anesthesia, blood, oxygen, ventilators, operation theatre charges, or surgical appliances,
    • Intensive Care Unit or Intensive Cardiac Care Unit charges
    • Road ambulance charges, with a maximum limit of Rs. 2000 per hospitalization

    Pre-hospitalization Coverage-Diagnostics costs incurred due to Covid-19 up to 15 days before hospitalization are covered.

    Post-hospitalization Cover-Diagnostics costs incurred due to Covid-19 up to 30 days after release from the hospital or end of home care treatment are covered.

    Ayush Treatment- Under the Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy classification of medication, expenses incurred for Covid treatment are covered up to the sum insured.

    Inclusions of the Plan

    Other than the basic coverage, the inclusive benefits under the Reliance Health Corona Kavach Insurance Policy are mentioned below:

    Home Care Treatment Expenses: Diagnostics costs incurred due to Covid-19 up to 14 days are covered under the Home Care benefit. The detailed expenses are mentioned below:

    • Expenses incurred on Covid-19 tests, taken either at the clinics or at home
    • Expenses incurred on prescribed medicines and drugs
    • Consultation fees of the doctor, nurses or medical staffs
    • Expenses incurred on Nebulizer, Oximeter and Oxygen cylinder

    Exclusions of the Plan

    The expenses for the following ailments and conditions would be excluded from the coverage under the Reliance Health Corona Kavach Insurance Policy:

    • Treatment taken for a pre-existing illness
    • If insured had traveled to any of the travel forbidden countries
    • Any expenses related to supervision care either at home or in a nursing facility for insured's personal care
    • Treatment taken at any unapproved Covid-19 testing center
    • Diagnosis or treatment underwent outside the geographical boundaries of India
    • Treatment taken at a Day Care center or OPD
    • Any Covid-19 claim before the commencement of this policy
    • Any expenses related to dietary supplements or substances that have been purchased without a prescription,
    • Any expenses related to any unverified treatment

    Features & Benefits of the Reliance Health Corona Kavach Policy

    The policy comes with the following features and benefits:

    • All-inclusive health coverage for Covid-19 from Rs 50,000 up to Rs 5,00,000
    • In-patient hospitalization for the healing of Covid-19 virus
    • Pre and post-hospitalization cover for a defined period
    • Daily cash pay-out for all days of hospitalization up to 15 days
    • Treatment was taken under Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy system for Covid-19 diagnosis without any sub-limits

    Eligibility Criteria

    To be eligible for availing this policy, one has to fulfill the below criteria:

    Type Individual or Family Floater
    Minimum Entry Age

    1 year for a child

    18 years for an adult

    Maximum Entry Age

    25 years for a child

    65 years for an adult

    Number of people covered

    On Individual basis – Sum Insured would apply to each individual family member

    On Floater basis – Sum Insured would apply to the entire family

    Residential Status All Residents of India

    Cancellation Terms of the Policy

    The insurer may cancel the Reliance Health Corona Kavach Insurance Policy at any time if it can establish any occurrence of fraud, misrepresentation or withholding of essential facts by the policyholder or life insured. In this case, Reliance General Insurance Company shall give 7 days' notice in writing this scenario and forfeit the refund of all premiums.


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