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  • Stop & understand the Product Read articles & watch videos on insurance & investments. You can even simplify all those insurance terms with the Jargon Dictionary. We also provide expert guidance for all financial queries
  • Compare between Various Plans With more than 30 insurers integrated, we provide an unbiased comparison between all the top insurers along with product reviews to help you decide.
  • Save your hard earned money Easy-to-use calculators help further your financial planning, & with such a range of plans & products, you can enjoy big savings on your insurance and investments.

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    Welcome to Policybazaar

    Policybazaar.com helps you compare Financial Products like Life Insurance, General Insurance, Loans and Credit Cards. To enable easy and sensible comparison, we have tied up with most of the Financial Institutions disbursing Loans and selling Insurance in India. Policybazaar helps you get free insurance quotes and you can compare plans based on multiple features; we help you select the most suitable plan for your needs. Policybazaar is your one stop platform for comparing Loans and Insurance in India.

    Insurance can be divided into two categories of Life and General Insurance. In Life Insurance you can compare Term Insurance, Pension Plans or Retirement Plans, Child Plans and Investment Plans; both Endowment and Unit Linked Plans. In General Insurance you can compare Health Insurance or Mediclaim Plans, Car Insurance, 2 Wheeler Insurance, Travel Insurance as well as Home Insurance.

    Compare Financial Services in India

    Along with Insurance Products, Policybazaar also lets you compare Personal Loans and Home Loans since we have tie-ups with most of the Financial Institution in India. We offer end-to-end services right from Free Loans & Insurance Quotes, to Application to Disbursal of Loans.

    We strongly suggest that you compare insurance plans and loan products on Policybazaar before choosing any particular plan. Every time you see our analysis and compare insurance plans on the basis of price, services, duration, etc you get a better understanding of what is being offered and which of the offers are most suitable for you.

    Policybazaar brings to its customers unbiased comparison of financial services from all major insurance companies and banks. Our focus on providing online systems and integrations help you directly link to insurance companies & banks; which in turn results in large amounts of saving while taking an insurance plan or applying for a loan. We are the one of the largest insurance and loans destination in the country and our proficiency in financial services helps our customers make balanced and beneficial financial decisions.

    Still in confusion; don't worry you can call and talk to our consultants on our Toll- Free number. They will help you select the product that best suits your needs.

    Move Ahead.... Your Financial Security is just a few clicks away!!

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By enabling online comparison and purchase of insurance policies, we have helped more than 9,21,186 customers buy insurance

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Integrations with 33 insurers gives you the most variety of plans available anywhere, all at one place for your ease

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is PolicyBazaar?


PolicyBazaar helps in making insurance purchase easy. With our tie-ups with insurance brokers. We help in comparing and purchasing various insurance products online by providing there prices, quality and key benefits side by side. All the prices shown by policybazaar are directly from the insurer. To know more about us, please visit policybazaar about us.

What do we do?


We understand your needs and get the best insurance products on to our site for you to review, choose and get covered. We make insurance companies compete for you and empower you to choose the product you are comfortable with.We are independent of any insurer and hence not biased towards any one. To know about our booking process.

How does it work?


We take a few basic details from you. These details are then processed by our state of the art technical system. Within few seconds all the relevant insurance policies from dozens of insurers are presented on a single page for you to review. We retrieve details from at least 20 insurers for each product.

How long does the process take?


It is hardly a matter of 5 minutes. You fill in your details and we provide you with a comparative list of products. You can pay over the internet using credit card, cheque or net banking.


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As an adult, what would you say are the major concerns that need protection in your life? i’d rate death, disability, critical illness, general health and well-being, old age and saving for children as the top points of anxiety for all. while we can’t prevent time and fate, what we can do is create a financial cushion to protect us and our loved ones. insurance does this and allows us to do this at a reasonable cost. let’s address each of the above concerns through insurance. while almost ...
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