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      Future Generali Car Insurance

      A Future Generali car insurance policy aims at protecting a policyholder against damages sustained by the insured car due to incidents like accidents, theft, fire, natural calamities and more. The insurance company makes it easy for its policyholders to avail cashless repairs, financial support and a host of other beneficial services under their motor insurance policy.

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      About Future Generali India Insurance Company

      Future Generali India Insurance Co. Ltd. is a joint venture between Future Group and Generali Group. Generali Group is the biggest insurance provider across Italy and one of the most trusted insurance companies in entire Europe

      Future Generali India Insurance Company offers a plethora of insurance products to its customers across all major kinds of insurance that an individual may need, including car insurance. The vehicle insurance policies by the insurer also offer various add-ons to allow the customer to opt for extra coverage for his/her car.

      Key Features of Future Generali Car Insurance

      Features Coverage and Benefits
      Third-Party Coverage Yes
      Claim Settlement Ratio 96.3%
      Personal Accident Insurance Up to Rs.15 Lakh
      Network Garages 3,500+
      No Claim Bonus Yes
      No. of Zero Dep Claims Unlimited
      No. of Comprehensive Claims Unlimited

      Benefits of Future Generali Car Insurance

      Future Generali car insurance policies have various benefits that are discussed below:

      • Buyer can instantly buy motor insurance with the minimum amount of effort, time, and documentation.
      • The insurance provider also offers 24*7 claims assistance service to its policyholders.
      • The insurance company also offers Personal Accident Cover of Rs. 15 Lakh to its policyholders.
      • If the customer is a member of a recognised automobile association within the country, then he/she is eligible to receive discounts on their premium amount.
      • A discount is offered on car insurance premiums for installing anti-theft devices as well as for opting for voluntary deductibles.

      Types of Future Generali Car Insurance Policy

      Future Generali Motor Insurance offers three major types of motor insurance policy:

      1. Third-Party Liability Car Insurance

        A third party car insurance policy offers coverage to the policyholder against any third-party liability arising due to an accident involving the insured car. This policy covers third-party property damages, third-party injury or death. However, this policy does not include coverage against damages sustained by the insured car.

        The extent of liability for the death/injury of a third party is unlimited, and for third-party property damage, the liability is limited to up to Rs. 7.5 lakh.

      2. Standalone Own Damage Cover

        Under the own damage car insurance policy, the insurance company will compensate the policyholder against loss or damages to the insured car arising due to fire, theft, riot, earthquake, accident, etc.

        This policy by Future Generali car insurance can be purchased with a third-party liability policy to cover the insured car as well.

      3. Comprehensive Car Insurance

        Comprehensive or Private car package policy by Future Generali car insurance covers a policyholder against damages to the insured car due to unanticipated events like accidents, natural disasters, manmade calamities, theft, etc. This policy also provides coverage against third party liabilities arising due to the insured car.

        Moreover, a comprehensive car policy can be enhanced by purchasing add-on covers offered by the insurance company at an extra premium.

      Future Generali Car Insurance Premium Calculator

      Future Generali Car Insurance Premium Calculator enables you to calculate the premium for your car when you need to buy or renew your policy. This tool is quite helpful since once you calculate car insurance premium, you get an idea about how much you will need to spend on your motor insurance.

      Coverage Under Future Generali Car Insurance

      • Manmade Calamities: When there is loss or damage to the car due to malicious acts, riots, terrorist activity, strikes, etc.
      • In-transit Damages: Any damage while the car is in transit by road, elevator, inland waterway, rail, or air shall be covered
      • Third Party Liability: It gives legal protection against property damage, death and injury claims made by a third party.
      • Accidental Damage: Loss or damages incurred by accidents or collisions are also included.
      • Fire: Damages to the insured car due to fire, self-ignition or explosion are covered.
      • Natural Calamities: Any loss or damage to the car caused by natural calamities such as floods, hailstorms, rockslides or landslides, earthquakes, etc., is covered.
      • Theft: Future Generali car insurance provides coverage against damages sustained by the insured car due to theft, burglary or housebreaking.
      • Wear and Tear: The general ageing of the car resulting in wear and tear is not covered by the Future Generali car insurance policy
      • Outside Geographical Area: The Future Generali motor insurance policies are valid within India only and do not provide coverage for any loss or damages outside the country.
      • Invalid Driving Licence: The insurance company shall not be liable to accept claims for accidental damage caused by drivers driving without a valid licence.
      • Drunk Driving: If any accidental damages occur while the driver of the car is under the influence of intoxicants, the company shall not entertain any claims for the same.
      • Breakdown: Any expense arising out of a mechanical or electrical breakdown of the car will not be covered.
      • War: The insurance company will not cover damages arising out of civil war or nuclear perils.

      Future Generali Car Insurance: Add-ons
      NCB Protect Cover

      An NCB Protect cover allows a policyholder to protect his/her No Claim Bonus even if a claim has been filed with the insurance company.

      Usually, the NCB gets nullified as soon as the policyholder raises a claim, but with this add-on, it will stay intact even if the claim has been made.

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      Consumables Cover

      The Consumables cover provides coverage against the repair or replacement of consumable parts.

      These parts include bolts, nuts, screws, oil, etc., of the insured car.

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      Engine Protect Cover

      Under an Engine Protect cover, the policyholder will be compensated against any damage

      sustained by the engine and gearbox of the insured car due to water ingression or leakage of oil.

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      Roadside Assistance Cover

      This add-on cover will provide basic roadside assistance service in case the insured car stops somewhere on the road.

      The insurer will provide compensation for towing, minor repairs, battery breakdowns, etc.

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      Loss of Personal Belongings

      Under the Loss of Personal Belongings add-on cover if personal belongings in the vehicle are lost.

      The compensation offered under this add-on will be up to Rs. 50,000.

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      Tyre Damage Cover

      Usually, any damage to the tyre of the insured vehicle is not covered under comprehensive coverage.

      Under tyre damage cover, the policyholder will be compensated for the repair or replacement of the tyres and tubes of the insured car.

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      Zero Depreciation Cover

      Any depreciation borne by the insured car is not covered under four-wheeler insurance.

      A zero depreciation cover protects the customer against the depreciating value of the car parts and ensures that he/ she gets the full claim amount.

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      Loss of Keys Cover

      Under the loss of keys cover, the owner is insured against the loss or theft of keys of the insured vehicle.

      The cost incurred by the policyholder towards replacing car keys, locks and locksmith charges is compensated by the insurer.

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      Personal Belongings Protect

      The insurance company will pay for the loss or damage of personal belongings of the policyholder, such as clothes, laptops, etc., during an unanticipated incident such as a road accident of the insured car.

      For each claim under the personal belongings add-on cover, the policyholder will have to pay an amount of Rs. 250.

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      Inconvenience Allowance

      The inconvenience allowance cover entitles the policyholder to a daily allowance of Rs. 3,000 for 15 days in case the car is getting repaired at a network garage.

      This add-on is not applicable for any total loss, constructive total loss or theft claims.

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      How to Renew a Future Generali Car Insurance Policy?

      Future Generali car insurance renewal online can be easily done from Policybazaar.com. Follow these steps to renew your Future Generali vehicle insurance online:

      1. From Policybazaar.com, select the ‘’Car Insurance’’ tab
      2. On the renewal form on the next page, mention your car number and view quotes.
      3. Fill in the required details, such as name, email, and mobile number
      4. Select the Future Generali vehicle insurance policy to be renewed from the mentioned plans
      5. Select the add-on covers and proceed with premium payment
      6. Select NCB on your existing car insurance policy
      7. Fill out the proposal form and verify the details.
      8. Proceed with Summary and Payment
      9. Make payment using your preferred online payment method
      10. After the payment, your Future Generali car insurance renewal documents will be mailed to you.

      How to File a Claim Under Future Generali Car Insurance?

      Filling a claim under Future Generali car insurance is simple and quick. Follow these steps to file a Future Generali motor insurance claim:


      Contact the Insurer

      Contact Future Generali India Insurance Company to intimate them about the accident.



      Once you have intimated the insurance company, they will send a surveyor to inspect the damages sustained by the vehicle.


      Documents Approval

      The surveyor will require some documents for registering a claim. Make sure to keep all the relevant documents with you.


      Claim Approved

      In case of a cashless claim, the insurance company will directly pay the approved claim amount to the network garage. For reimbursement claims, the compensation will be paid to you by the insurance company.

      Documents Required to Raise a Claim Under Future Generali Car Insurance

      The documents required to file a claim under Future Generali vehicle insurance are mentioned below:

      • A copy of the Registration Certificate
      • Claim form
      • A copy of the Driving License (DL)
      • Repair estimates
      • Photographs
      • Survey Report
      • Survey fee bills
      • Re-inspection Report or Supplementary Report
      • Invoice for repairs and cashless payment receipt

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      • Q1: How can I make payments for my Future Generali car insurance premium?

        Ans: There are three payment modes available to pay the premium of your Future Generali four-wheeler insurance policy.
        • Auto Debit: You can choose to get the premium payment debited automatically from your bank account.
        • Cheque Deposit: You may choose to deposit your Future Generali Car insurance premium payment through a cheque.
        • Direct Online Payment: You may even choose to make a direct online payment for your Future Generali Car insurance policy.
      • Q2: How do I check the status of my Future Generali car insurance policy?

        Ans: You may easily check your policy details online at Future Generali India Insurance Co. Ltd. official website. All you have to do is create a profile and log in to your account. You will have your car insurance policy details listed under your profile. You can also check the status of your car policy from Policybazaar.com if you have purchased a policy from us.
      • Q3: How long will it take to settle my Future Generali car insurance claim?

        Ans: The Future Generali Car insurance settles all car insurance claims directly upon submission of all required documents within 7 working days.
      • Q4: What is the process for cancellation of car insurance by Future Generali car insurance?

        Ans: To cancel your car insurance from Future Generali India Insurance Company, you can contact your customer care team physically or via phone/email. You can walk into one of the nearest branch offices along with your car insurance policy documents and a duly filled surrender form to get your policy cancelled. It typically takes 5 business days for the cancellation to be processed and a refund to be made. After the policy is cancelled, a letter intimating the cancellation of the policy is sent to you at your registered address.
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      Future Generali Car Insurance Reviews & Ratings

      4.5 / 5 (Based on 93 Reviews)
      (Showing Newest 10 reviews)
      Jaipur, March 01, 2024
      Good service
      The whole process took very less time to insure my Datsun car. I did not face any trouble while purchasing a future Generali own damage cover from Policybazaar. The team did a really good job and answered all my queries.
      Delhi, February 25, 2024
      Hassle free experience
      The team made everything easy for me. Mr. Satish executive gave me brief information about the Future Generali Standalone own damage car plan and whenever I had any doubts he cleared all my doubts by giving satisfactory answers. My experience with Policybazaar has been hassle-free and very good. I purchased the plan instantly for my Tata Tiago car.
      Noida, February 12, 2024
      Renewal is easy
      Whether it was the buying process or the renewing process, I found the process stress free. I have been using car insurance via policybazaar for two years and it is very easy to get the renewal done from home. I have recently renewed the future generali comprehensive policy for my Kia seltos which I took from policybazaar.
      Rewari, December 13, 2022
      Future Generali Car Insurance
      While coming home my Maruti Dzire met with an accident with an auto rickshaw. My Future Generali third party insurance policy helped in that situation. The third party got compensated for their loss and I did not need to bear any financial burden. Thanks to Policybazaar for giving me such a good plan.
      Surat, December 08, 2021
      Renewal is easy
      Policybazaar took no time to respond to my query. The renewal time of my future General Car policy was approaching and I was not aware of the renewal process so I contacted Policybazaar customer care and an executive briefed me about the whole process and I did the renewal on time.
      Hapur, November 10, 2021
      Good facilities
      My friend took Future Generali Car Insurance policy from Policybazaar and I really liked the facilities offered under his plan. So I decided to take the same plan for myself. I visited the Policybazaar and insured my car by taking the same plan that my friend had taken.
      Ranchi, August 26, 2021
      Easy renewal
      I took the Future Generali car insurance from Policy bazaar which i bought it offline. recently i renewed my plan as per the team instructions. i did not know about the online process. i contacted customer care and they guided me.
      Patna, August 25, 2021
      Supportive team
      Policy bazaar provides full support to their customers and always ready to help and guide their customers. A month back, I contacted Policybazaar to know about the renewal process, their team helped me and I did my Future Generali car renewal by myself.
      Chinchwad, August 25, 2021
      Easy to compare
      I got my Future Generali car insurance from the website of policy bazaar. At first i contacted Policy Bazaar and they told me that they have online process too so i bought my policy online from home itself. Everything has been very smooth.
      Vadodara, August 25, 2021
      Add on covers
      I have been using Future Generali car insurance for two years which I had taken from the market.I had no idea earlier that we can also customize the plan according to budget and needs. recently i added some extra features in my plan.

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      #Rs 2094/- per annum is the price for third-party motor insurance for private cars (non-commercial) of not more than 1000cc

      *Savings are based on the comparison between the highest and the lowest premium for own damage cover (excluding add-on covers) provided by different insurance companies for the same vehicle with the same IDV and same NCB. Actual time for transaction may vary subject to additional data requirements and operational processes.

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