Future Generali Future Travel Suraksha Plan

While traveling has its own pleasures, critical risks arise while on a local or international trip. Expenses for medical treatment, flight cancellations, emergency medical evacuation, or lost luggage are just a few of the common costs that could arise when you are on a trip abroad. With hospitalization and medical expenses in foreign currency three to four times higher than in India, it can disturb your budget drastically during an emergency. With the Future Generali Future Travel Suraksha plan, you will be covered for all medical eventualities and other travel-associated contingencies at a nominal premium rate.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

  • Accidental & sickness expenses
  • Baggage Delay / Loss
  • Trip Delay / Cancellation
  • Passport Loss
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Missed flights
Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Now covers COVID-19

    Why Future Generali Future Travel Suraksha Plan

    With over 16 lakh customers, this policy by Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited can be purchased from over 125 cities across India as well as online. Now tread the globe and make it a memorable trip without worrying about the expenses against unforeseen hassles.

    The insurer protects your trip abroad from contingencies related to medical emergencies, luggage delays and loss, personal liabilities, and a lot more depending on which plan variant you purchase.

    Features & Benefits of Future Generali Future Travel Suraksha Plan

    This plan offers a range of benefits that have been briefly mentioned below:

    • Instant Policy Issuance:Compare and buy the plan of your choice without any complicated procedures
    • Floater Benefits:This plan can be purchased by individuals for themselves as well as a floater plan covering your family and other dependents
    • Covers Everyone:From children aged 6 months to senior citizens up to 80, you can buy the best international travel plan as per your needs
    • Quick Claim Settlement:File a claim online and get cashless and hassle-free claims Settlement in network hospitals without delays
    • Worldwide Assistance: The insurance plan offers emergency assistance no matter where you are traveling to
    • Cashless Hospitalisation: With a network of more than 5100 hospitals,
    • Variety of Plans: Separate policies for worldwide travel and Asia travel

    Things to know about Future Generali Future Travel Suraksha Plan

    Category Specialization
    Coverage International Trips
    Eligibility 6 months to 80 years
    Benefits Medical ExpensesAccidental Death & Disability
    Baggage Loss
    Trip Curtailment
    Personal Liability
    Claim Settlement Cashless Available
    Sum Insured USD 50,000 and 100,000

    The plan covers contingencies related to medical care in case of accident and sickness, repatriation, dental relief, trip delay, and curtailment benefit, loss of passport, financial emergency visit, and more.

    These are the different plan variants offered by Future Generali future travel suraksha plan:

    • Travel Suraksha Standard
      • Excluding USA and Canada
      • Including USA and Canada
    • Travel Suraksha Platinum
      • Excluding USA and Canada
      • Including USA and Canada
    • Travel Suraksha Silver
    • Travel Suraksha Annual Multi-Trip Plans
    • Travel Suraksha Superior Care

    With sum insured ranging between USD 50,000 and 100,000, there are a number of variants and can be availed worldwide through their service provider.

    Inclusions Under the Future Generali Future Travel Suraksha Plan

    This Future Generali Future Travel Suraksha Plan offers the following coverage benefits:

    • Medical Expenses: In case of an accident or sickness which may result in medical expenses, the policy will take care of it
    • Baggage Delay and Baggage Loss:As per the maximum limit of the policy, the insurer will compensate the insured if their baggage is lost. In case of a total loss, they will also provide reimbursement for reasonable expenses
    • Passport Loss: The insurer will compensate for the reasonable expenses that you may incur in case of obtaining a duplicate passport while traveling abroad
    • Personal Accident: This overseas travel insurance policy provides coverage against unfortunate accidental death and total disablement while you're abroad

    Exclusions Under the Future Generali Future Travel Suraksha Plan

    Like most travel insurance plans for abroad, this Future Generali Future Travel Suraksha Plan will not entertain any claims in some situations:

    • Any illness or disease contracted due to intake of alcohol or other addictive substances will not be covered.
    • Treatments consisting of non-allopathic medicine are not covered under this policy.
    • Hospitalization due to war or an act of war or due to a nuclear, chemical or biological weapon and radiation of any kind.
    • Pre-existing diseases and outpatient treatments will not be covered under this policy.
    • Expenses arising from HIV and AIDS treatments.
    • Traveling against the advice of a medical practitioner.

    Future Generali Future Travel Suraksha Plan Eligibility Criteria

    Different plan variants have varying eligibility mostly in terms of age. For standard, gold, silver, and platinum plans, the person needs to be between the age group of 6 months and 70 years. For the superior plan, travelers must be above 71 years and up to 80 years. Some plans may require pre-policy medical checkups.

    Future Generali Future Travel Suraksha Plan Documents for Claim

    In case of claim procedure, the following documents may be required:

    • The original ticket/ boarding pass or a copy of the passport indicating the travel dates must be submitted with every claim, along with the completed claim form.
    • The original bills and vouchers must be submitted along with all claims.
    • Medical Practitioner’s Consultation notes,
    • Original admission/ discharge card,
    • Original Bills/ receipts with prescriptions and diagnostic/ investigative reports,
    • Copy of passport/ visa with entry and exit stamp
    • Copy of the ticket and boarding pass.

    For reimbursement of expenses of Your Loss of Checked-in Baggage:

    • Property Irregularity Report or other reports usually issued by the carriers in the event of loss of checked-in baggage.
    • A letter from the airline needs to be submitted stating the compensation received from them for the lost baggage.
    • Adequate proof of ownership of items contained within checked-in baggage valued in excess of the Indian Rupee equivalent of USD 100 for loss/ delay of checked-in baggage.

    For reimbursement of expenses of Your Loss of passport:

    • Police Report obtained within 24 hours of becoming aware of the theft.
    • Bills/ receipts of expenses incurred in obtaining a new/ fresh passport.


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