Star Red Carpet Senior Citizen Health Plan

Star Red Carpet senior citizen health plan is perfectly designed for elderly people above the age of 60 years. There is no need for any pre-medical screening before buying this health insurance policy, which proves to be a boon for senior citizens. Check out what this policy has to offer to people between the age group of 60 and 75 years.

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals between the age group of 60 and 75 years of are eligible to get coverage under Star Red Carpet senior citizen health plan.

Features of Star Red Carpet Senior Citizen Health Plan

  • Individual/Family Floater Cover- Available on both individual and as family floater basis.
  • Wide Range of Sum Insured Options- The sum insured options for individual cover are Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 25 Lakh. And those who are looking for family floater coverage can choose between Rs 10 Lakh and the Rs 25 Lakh. Three new additional sum insured options have also been introduced i.e. Rs.15 lakh, Rs.20 lakh and Rs.25 lakh
  • Cashless hospitalization- The policyholder can avail it in more than 9900 network hospitals.
  • Pre-Existing Diseases: Any pre-existing illness can be covered after a waiting period of 12 months
  • Pre- policy Medical Screening: It is not mandatory for senior citizens to undergo medical screening. However, if you showcase the medical records Blood urea & creatinine, BP Report, Sugar (blood & urine), and Stress Thallium Report then 10% of the premium can be waived. The tests that you
  • Co-payment- On opting for sum insured between Rs 1 Lakh and Rs 10 Lakh- 50% co-pay applies to pre-existing disease related claims. On opting for sum insured between Rs 15 Lakh and Rs 25 Lakh co-pay of 30% applied on all the admissible claims.

Inclusions of Star Red Carpet Senior Citizen Health Plan

One of the most popular plans, Star Red Carpet Senior Citizen Insurance offers the following coverage benefits to the insured:

  • In-patient hospitalization expenses ( min. 24 hrs.) are paid as incurred on hospital room rent expenses, doctor’s and specialist’s fees, oxygen, blood, medicines, etc.
  • For senior citizens a lot of time day-care procedures are required, the policy covers all the day-care treatments and surgeries that do not require 24 hours of hospitalization
  • 30 days of pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses are given in a lump sum
  • Claim for ambulance charges is also accepted
  • Sub-limits apply to certain specific illnesses. Check policy wordings for the same
  • Modern day treatments like Balloon sinusplasty, Vaporisation of the prostate, Uterine artery Embolization and HIFU, Oral Chemotherapy, Deep Brain Stimulation, Robotic surgeries, Intra Vitreal injections, Bronchial Thermoplasty, Stereotactic radio surgeries, IONM-(Intra Operative Neuro Monitoring), and Stem cell therapy are covered but with sub-limits

Exclusions of Star Red Carpet Senior Citizen Health Plan

  • Pre Existing diseases until completion of 1-year
  • Diseases diagnosed during the first 30 days of the policy period
  • Dental treatment or surgery (excluding accidental hospitalization)
  • Injuries related to nuclear weapons and war or breach of law
  • Expenses on Vitamins and tonics that are not a part of the treatment
  • Rehabilitation and respite care
  • Other exclusions as mentioned in the policy wording


By providing a 15 days’ notice to the insurer, Star health insurance policy can be cancelled.

Period on risk

Rate of Premium to be retained by the insurer for a Policy term of 1 Year

Up to 1 month

22.5% of annual premium

3 months to 6 months

37.5% of annual premium

6 months to 9 months

57.5%  of annual premium

Exceeding 9 months

Full annual premium

(It varies based on the policy term and premium payment frequency)

Automatic Termination:

  • Upon the death of the insured.
  • Upon exhaustion of coverage limit

Now you are aware of the policy coverage benefits and features of this senior citizen health insurance policy. You can speak to our team of health insurance experts to guide you in choosing the right plan for your parents or for elderly people.

Star Red Carpet Senior Citizen Health Plan FAQs

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 16 October 2020
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