Star Health Super Surplus Insurance Policy

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The Insured sum is much larger as compared to normal policies so it helps to cover the most unfortunate events.


  • Minimum age – 5 months maximum – 65 years up to a maximum assured sum of 1000000 INR.
  • Above 65 years only renewals are allowed.

Policy Benefits:

  • Offers much larger benefits at a comparatively lesser cost and covers the entire family.
  • Hospitalisation expenses (minimum period 24 hours) are covered up to a max of 2% and subject to a limit of 4000 INR.
  • No ceiling on ICU, medicine or diagnostic tests, boarding and nursing expenses are covered, surgeons /consultants fees are covered.
  • Medical equipment and devices.
  • A deductible is applicable for each and every hospitalisation.

Premium Details:

Individual Basis:

Sum Insured

Compulsory deductible for every hospitalization









Policy premium (family floater)

Sum Insured

Compulsory deductible for every hospitalization









*The above rates may vary. Please check the policy wordings for more information.

Tax Benefit: Payment of premium by any mode other than cash is subject to rebate under section 80D.


  • Pre Existing diseases as mentioned.
  • Disease that creeps into the insured during the first 30 days of the policy period. Also expenses of defined and related diseases as mentioned would not be borne during the first two years of continuous operation of insurance.
  • Dental treatment or surgery (excluding accidental damages).
  • Injury due to nuclear weapons and war or breach of law on an intentional basis.
  • Expenses on Vitamins and tonics not part of the treatment schedule.
  • Hospital registration and admission charges, record and telephone charges.

Cancellation Policy:

Misrepresentation, fraud, moral hazard or non-cooperation on behalf of the insured might lead to cancellation of policy making way for appropriate refund.

Period on risk

Rate of Premium to be retained by the insurer

Up to 1 month

1/3rd of annual premium

Up to 3 month

1/2 of annual premium

Up to 6 month

3/4th of annual premium

Exceeding 6 months

Full annual premium


Free Look Period: A period of 15 days after date of receipt of policy to review terms and conditions during which insured can cancel it and would be entitled to get due refunds.


If the insured wishes to migrate to another Insurer towards renewal, he can draft an application at least 45 days before the date of renewal.

Renewal Policy:

  • Lifelong renewal is allowed 30 days from the date of expiry.
  •  Permitting an enhancement after renewal during this process.
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