Star Health Insurance Corona Kavach Policy

Star health Corona Kavach Policy is an indemnity health insurance policy that covers the cost of Covid-19 treatment and requires a one-time payment for the entire policy term. The product that has recently been launched as per the IRDAI guidelines. There is no fixed medicine to cure coronavirus and lakhs of people are unable to avail medical treatment without insurance. Therefore, IRDAI has launched the Corona Kavach insurance policy to cover those who are not covered under any kind of medical insurance. All the general and health insurers can launch this policy, and Star health and allied insurance is one of them.

Key Features and Benefits of Star Health Corona Kavach Policy

Star health insurance is offering Corona Kavach Policy with the standard benefits and features that the policy offers:

  • It can be purchased as both individual and family floater policy
  • The coverage options start from a minimum of Rs 50,000 and maximum Rs 5 Lakh
  • As per the IRDAI regulations, 5% discount on premium is provided to healthcare workers including doctors, nurses, etc.
  • Co-morbid health conditions are also included in Star Health Corona Kavach policy
  • Star health insurance provides direct in-house claim settlement with no involvement of a third-party administrator
  • Cashless facility is provided in network hospitals
  • Pre-acceptance medical screening is not required
  • The premium paid is eligible for tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act

Eligibility Criteria

The age criterion to buy Star Health Corona Kavach Policy is given below:

  • Adults: 18-65 years
  • Children: 1 day- 25 years
  • Policy Term – 3.5 months, 6.5 months, and 9.5 months

Inclusions of Star Health Corona Kavach Policy

Star Corona Kavach Policy is a coronavirus health insurance policy that includes the cost incurred on COVID-19 hospitalization treatment. The inclusions of this policy are given below:

COVID Hospitalization Cover

  • Pre-hospitalization expenses are paid for 15 days before the date of admission
  • Post Hospitalization expenses are paid for 30 days after hospital discharge
  • It includes boarding expenses, room rent charges, nursing expenses in a nursing home or hospital
  • Intensive Cardiac Care Unit and Intensive Care Unit expenses
  • Fees charged by an anesthetist, surgeon, doctor, consultants, specialist
  • Cost towards blood, anesthesia, oxygen, medicines, operation theatre charges, ventilator charges, surgical appliances, and drugs
  • Costs towards diagnostic imaging modalities, PPE Kits, masks, gloves, and other similar expenses in consumable items hospital
  • Road Ambulance charges up to a limit of Rs.2000 for each hospitalization

Coverage for Home Care Treatment Expenses

Upon being diagnosed as COVID-19 positive by a government-authorized Centre, if the treatment is suggested at home, it will be covered for a maximum of 14 per incident provided:

  • The doctor has advised the patient to undergo treatment at home
  • There is continuous monitoring of health status by a doctor for each day of home care treatment
  • Daily monitoring and maintenance of chart including records of treatment administered that is duly signed by the treating medical practitioner
  • The policy holder shall be allowed to avail the medical services as prescribed by the doctor
  • Under homecare expenses, both cashless & reimbursement facility shall be permissible
  • If the policyholder takes the treatment in a non-network-hospital he can file for its reimbursement by taking prior approval from the insurance company before availing such services

It shall cover:

  • Prescribed Medicines
  • Cost of diagnostic tests at a diagnostics Centre or home
  • Cost of oxygen, pulse oximeter, and Nebulizer
  • Doctor’s consultation charges
  • Nursing charges
  • Medical procedures limited to parenteral administration of medicines

AYUSH Treatment Expenses

The policy covers medical expenses incurred for inpatient COVID care treatment on positive diagnosis as per test results in a government authorized diagnostic centre. It also covers co-morbidity treatment along with the Coronavirus treatment up to the sum insured

Optional Cover under Corona Kavach Policy

Hospital Daily Cash Benefit: Star health insurance will pay an additional cash benefit of 0.5% of the coverage amount for each completed day of hospitalization subjected to a maximum of 15 days per policy term

Exclusions of Star Corona Kavach Policy

Star Health Corona Kavach Policy has certain limitations and they are listed below:

  • Renewals are not applicable under this policy
  • Migration and portability is also not permissible
  • There is no free-look period in this policy

Star Health Corona Kavach Policy Terms and Conditions

  • The Base Cover is on an indemnity basis and the optional cover is on benefit basis
  • Star Health Corona Kavach Policy has an initial waiting period of 15 days from the date of policy purchase
  • Hospitalization expenses for at least 24 consecutive hours are admissible

Star Health Corona Kavach Policy Premium

The policy premium is based on the age of the applicant, the policy term chosen, and the amount of sum insured that you opt for. Checkout the below table to have an idea about how much Star Health Corona Kavach Policy is going to cost.

Check-out the premium table for Base cover including tax:

Star Corona Kavach Policy Premium Table (including tax)
Policy Term 3.5 months 6.5 months 9.5 months
Sum Insured (Rs.) 0-45 years 46-65 years Above 65 years 0-45 years 46-65 years Above 65 years 0-45 years 46-65 years Above 65 years
50,000 413 496 644 496 595 773 558 669 870
1,00,000 620 743 966 743 892 1,160 836 1,004 1,305
1,50,000 805 966 1,256 966 1,160 1,508 1,087 1,305 1,696
2,00,000 966 1,160 1,508 1,160 1,392 1,809 1,305 1,566 2,035
2,50,000 1,111 1,334 1,734 1,334 1,600 2,081 1,500 1,800 2,341
3,00,000 1,245 1,494 1,942 1,494 1,792 2,330 1,680 2,016 2,621
3,50,000 1,369 1,643 2,136 1,643 1,972 2,563 1,848 2,218 2,884
4,00,000 1,479 1,775 2,307 1,775 2,129 2,768 1,996 2,396 3,114
4,50,000 1,582 1,899 2,468 1,899 2,278 2,962 2,136 2,563 3,332
5,00,000 1,661 1,994 2,592 1,994 2,392 3,110 2,243 2,691 3,499

(Source: Star Health and Allied Insurance)

Star Health Corona Kavach Policy FAQs

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 17 September 2020
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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