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      ManipalCigna Health Insurance Portability

      ManipalCigna health insurance portability enables individuals holding policies from other insurance providers to smoothly port to a ManipalCigna health insurance policy. This choice empowers policyholders to unlock enhanced benefits while retaining the advantages they have built up in their current policy. Portability process can be started around 45 days before the renewal date of their existing policy, making it a seamless and timely transition for policyholders.

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      Benefits of Porting to a ManipalCigna Health Insurance Policy

      Porting to ManipalCigna offers many benefits for policyholders, making it an attractive option for those considering a switch:

      • Cumulative Bonus - The portability feature allows policyholders to seamlessly port to a ManipalCigna health policy without any loss of their accumulated NCB. This means that customers can transfer their NCB from their previous insurer to their new ManipalCigna health policy, ensuring they retain the benefits of their responsible and claim-free insurance history.
      • Carry Over Waiting Period Benefits - While porting to ManipalCigna health insurance policy, the waiting periods already served with the previous insurer are carried forward. This means that the policyholder won't have to re-serve waiting periods for specific coverages like pre-existing conditions.
      • Enhanced Coverage Benefits - Customers who already have health insurance from other companies can easily switch to ManipalCigna health insurance. This allows them to upgrade their coverage and enjoy better healthcare services. For instance, individuals have the option to port to a ManipalCigna health insurance plan, which offers benefits such as maternity cover, specific illness cover, unlimited restoration coverage, yearly health check-ups, and OPD benefits, among others.
      • Choose Lower Premium Plans - With insurance portability, individuals can switch to a ManipalCigna health insurance policy with lower premiums if their current coverage becomes costlier due to age factor or the insurer's underwriting. This offers better financial benefits while maintaining equivalent coverage, ensuring a seamless and advantageous transition to ManipalCigna Health Insurance.

      How to Port to a ManipalCigna Health Insurance Policy?

      Porting to a ManipalCigna Health Insurance Policy is a simple process. Here are the steps to do so:

      Step 1: Select a ManipalCigna health insurance plan you want to purchase.

      Step 2: Submit a portability request to Policybazaar for the ManipalCigna health policy you prefer, ensuring to do so approximately 45 days before your current policy's expiration date.

      Step 3: Thoroughly fill out the online proposal and portability forms, and then proceed to submit them to Policybazaar.

      Step 4: Proceed with the payment of the premium for your selected ManipalCigna health insurance policy.

      Step 5: Once you submit your portability request, Policybazaar will forward it to ManipalCigna Health Insurance for further processing.

      Step 6: ManipalCigna Health Insurance will contact your current insurer for essential details like claim history, medical records, and other relevant information. They may also obtain this data from the IRDAI website if necessary.

      Step 7: Within seven business days, your current insurance provider will provide the required information to ManipalCigna Health Insurance via IRDAI's data-sharing portal. Any delay in data sharing could impact the decision-making process for your portability request.

      Step 8: ManipalCigna Health Insurance will assess and respond to your portability request within 15 days. If they do not provide a decision within this period, your portability request will be automatically accepted.

      Documents Required for ManipalCigna Health Insurance Portability

      The documents required to port to a ManipalCigna Health plan are given below:

      • Previous Health Insurance Policy Documents
      • Valid age proof, address proof & identity proof
      • Most recent renewal notice explicitly stating the No Claims Bonus (NCB)
      • Porting Request Form
      • Claim history report of the previous policy
      • Medical records, such as hospital discharge certificates, pathology reports, etc., in case of claims

      How Does NCB Work Under ManipalCigna Health Insurance Portability?

      When porting an existing policy to ManipalCigna Health Insurance, the Cumulative bonus earned is added to the sum insured as per the policy chosen. Explained below with some scenarios:

      Scenario 1: If base sum insured of the old policy and the newly purchased ManipalCigna health is same, the waiting periods from the previous policy will be adequate.

      Example: Suppose Vipin has a health policy of Rs 8 lakh with an NCB of Rs 2 lakh. He intends to port to a ManipalCigna health insurance policy of Rs 8 lakh. In this scenario, the waiting periods from his previous policy will be carried forward to the new policy, enabling him to access coverage benefits without having to serve any additional waiting periods.

      Scenario 2: If the policyholder ports to a ManipalCigna health policy with a base sum insured equal to the previous policy's sum insured plus the NCB, the waiting periods of the previous policy will be enough.

      Example: Let's say Vipin has a Rs 8 lakh health policy with an NCB of Rs 2 lakh, and he wishes to port to a ManipalCigna health insurance policy of Rs 10 lakh. Here, the waiting periods from his previous policy will be carried forward, with no additional waiting periods required. This is because the base sum insured of the previous policy (Rs 8 lakh) and the NCB (Rs 2 lakh) equals the sum insured of the new ManipalCigna health insurance policy (Rs 10 lakh).

      Scenario 3: If the policyholder chooses a ManipalCigna health plan with a higher base policy amount than the previous policy's sum insured plus NCB, then waiting periods will apply for the additional coverage amount.

      Example: Let's consider Vipin has a health policy with coverage of Rs 8 lakh and a No Claim Bonus (NCB) of Rs 2 lakh. Now, he decides to switch to a ManipalCigna health insurance policy with coverage of Rs 15 lakh. In this situation, the waiting periods served under his previous policy will be enough for a coverage amount of Rs 10 lakh. However, to claim the additional Rs 5 lakh in coverage, he will need to serve the standard waiting periods as per the new policy.


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