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How to Select Best Life Insurance Quotes

21st century is truly called an Era of Science & Technology. One can access the whole world by staying in a room. Want to know about Universe? Just change the channel of Television. Want to communicate with someone at South Pole, you being at North Pole? Login to Facebook/Skype/Twitter/Whatsapp or just dial a set of numeric numbers in your phone. Similarly, if you want to buy a Life Insurance policy, Go online, compare Life Insurance quotes, buy, save and you are protected. Simple!

There are 24 Life Insurance companies available in the market those provide various different Life Insurance policies as per the needs of people. Cheap plans are not as tempting as they might seem to be. Your plan should be able to cover you and/or your family in worst scenarios. For choosing the best Life Insurance Policy, you must know to select the best Life Insurance Quote as it gives you the estimate of premiums that you have to pay for your insurance policy. You can source these life insurance quotes through an insurance intermediary or online.

While comparing quotes, you must wonder that the prices of same policy can be so different between Insurance companies. This is because every company evaluates risk in its own way. Evaluating risk means evaluating you. 

You should know what type of Life Insurance you are looking for according to your goals and requirements. Following text might help you in making an informed decision

  • Term Insurance: It covers you for a limited period of time. This means you will be covered till the policy is not expired. For example, you can have a term plan of 10 or 20 years. This insurance can also be used as a risk management & finance planning tool. For example, on taking a housing loan for a long tenure, simultaneously, a term plan can be taken of corresponding value.
  • Guaranteed Insurance: In this insurance, a guaranteed income of a pre-defined percentage of Sum Insured is provided to the policyholder. These plans give life insurance along with the maturity benefits & regular guaranteed payouts. It is a traditional plan in which you need not to worry about the fluctuations of market.
  • Investment Plans: If you are planning to beat inflation and building a large corpus for child's education or retirement then you can opt for Investment Plans.
  • Tax Savings Plan: If your main concern is to save tax then the premiums in Life Insurance are deductible from taxable income up to Rs 1 lakh under section 80 C. Death benefits and maturity benefits are also tax exempt under section 10 (10D).
  • Child Plans: If you are planning to build a corpus for the future needs of your child like education or marriage then choosing a child plan is a fruitful option. A child plan is like a double edged sword which along with financially securing your child's future also finances the turning points of his life like higher education and marriage.
  • Retirement Plans: If you are planning to save and build a corpus for your retirement then these plans can help out. There are two types of retirement plans- Deferred Annuity in which pension begins after the policy term is over and Immediate Annuity in which pension begins immediately on depositing a lump sum amount.
  • Do not just go for low premiums. Grab the complete knowledge about the plan. Know about its coverage, features and exclusions.
  • Choose enough term coverage by matching it to your needs as life insurance is not a place to skimp with generally low rates.
  • Buy a life insurance policy when you are healthy. Do not hide anything to get a lower rate. The insurer will investigate before paying you.

An accurate quote is based on personal factors. The healthier you are the lower will be the cost of your insurance policy. If you want to compare the best Life Insurance Quotes right now, just go to www.policybazaar.com, compare and save.

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