Reasons Why Every Working Woman Needs a Life Insurance Policy

The era when men used to be the sole earning member of a family has long gone. As the times have progressed, women have slowly emerged to the forefront of their household, not only as its managers, but also its breadwinners. In many households, both the husband and the wife are earning members. In other households, women sometimes earn more than their partners.

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In a lot of cases, they are the sole earning member of their family and run their household completely on their own merit.

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

Further in this article, we have elaborately discussed everything you need to know about COVID_19 and life insurance.

However, women tend to not take their finances as seriously and they skip out on having life insurance policies in their own names. Men are usually the first ones to get a life insurance in their own name, whereas women lag behind, unsure and under-confident about the value a life insurance policy will have for them. This article will illustrate the six reasons why best life insurance plan is integral for a working woman:

Monetary security

In case you are the sole breadwinner of your family, you need to ensure that your family has a fall-back option in the unlikely event of your untimely death. If you do not provide them with sufficient security, your untimely demise will affect them adversely, both emotionally and financially. Even if both you and your partner are working, it is still advisable to have a life insurance policy for yourself to provide the family with a safety cushion, in case of your demise.

Adding to your savings

Unlike our grandmothers, women no longer save their money in glass jars or make the mistake of putting their saved money into chit funds. A working woman has many options to invest her money and one such outlet could be an insurance product that is linked to the market. This will not only provide better returns but also have the added safety of a life insurance plan.

A Cushion in case of a Fatal Illness

A proper life insurance policy that also accounts for medical expenses in the event of an expensive critical illness will reduce the financial pressure on the family by a considerable amount. In case you are diagnosed with some illness that has severe repercussions, you will at least be sure that a lump sum amount will be paid to you. In the unlikely event that may result in your death, you will rest assured that your family will be taken care of by this plan.

Streamlining Costs

According to various studies, women have a much higher life expectancy than men. So, when it comes to giving life insurance policies, women tend to get better rates as compared to men. Thus, for women, it is a preferable option that comes with a lot of security and financial gain, especially in the long run.

Retirement Savings

Often, relying on your partner’s insurance policy may not ensure enough financial security for the both of you when you hit your retirement age. You might find yourself spending more than you have, or have some unforeseen expenditures that take a bite out of your funds. In case of such a scenario, a good life insurance policy provides you with an organized plan to control your finances.

Security for your children

The primary concern that most mothers have is regarding their children’s financial security. You will always want to ensure that your children do not lack the funds to take care of themselves and their education. You want them to have a good education and a good life even if you are no longer there to physically guide them. A proper life insurance policy will ensure your children’s safety and well-being even when you are long gone.

The types of life insurance policies that you might consider include:

A term life insurance plan

This kind of plan will ensure that the ones dependent on you will be financially secure, even after your death. The premium rates for women are substantially lower in such plans and you should buy this policy at a young age.

Endowment life insurance plan

This kind of plan is highly profitable, if your long-term goal is to save. It helps you plan your financial future effectively. You are encouraged to save money for big events such as your children’s college education or their wedding.

A plan for illness

Medical complications may occur at any stage in your life. Life Insurance plans covering fatal illnesses will ensure that you have enough money to access good treatment and that your family is not crippled by expenditures on an expensive hospital and medical care.

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

Keep the following things in mind when going for the policy,

  • Start young. The younger your age is when you begin a policy, the higher the amount you will eventually receive at its maturity.

  • Choose the appropriate policy keeping in mind the requirements of your family. If you have a history of breast cancer in your family, chances are, it could be hereditary. So, make sure you go for an illness plan that will cover the medical costs if you are also afflicted by the disease.

  • In case you want to ensure that your children have the best education that money can buy, go for a plan that will allow you to access your money at the required period so you children do not suffer.

  • Keep in mind your salary and choose a premium that you can pay every month. You still need to manage your daily expenses. It is alright to compromise a little for the future, but not so much that it is detrimental to your standard of living in the current times.

  • Always compare and contrast various policies that are on offer. It’s a lot like buying a new pair of shoes. Do not buy the first policy that you find. Compare different policies before you choose the right fit. Check the interest rates and the lump sum amount and all the fine print in the form before you sign up for one because it is a lifelong commitment.

Hopefully this article has convinced you of the importance of a life insurance policy not only for yourself but also your family. If you do not have one, begin you research now and get one for yourself. It is a choice you will not regret making. It secures your future as well as the future of the ones you love. However, be extremely careful about your decision and consult those who already have a plan to help you make your choice. Good Luck!

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