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Which is the right Insurance plan for you?

Are you the earning member of your family? Is your salary enough to feed your family members today and tomorrow? Are you stuck in a whirlpool of questions regarding your family’s future? What when you get retired? What if some mishappening occurs in the course of time? Are you prepared for  such eventualities? Keep all such worries aside as ‘Insurance’ is the straightforward answer to all such questions.

In a layman’s language, insurance is fundamentally a financial cover provided by the insurer to the insured in case of any unfortunate event . Insurance is a must for all. It acts like a walk stick for one’s family after his demise. Also, provides a valuable financial support during predicament. It acts not just as an armor against the situations of dilemma, but even as a kind of investment leading to a fruitful future. From child plans to mediclaim; from term plan to ULIPs, everything comes under the I word- Insurance. The amount of premium paid by the insured is based on the cover amount he has opted in the policy. The more extensive the coverage, the higher the premium. On top of that, the insured can even choose additional riders and benefits to add value to the plan.

Honestly, there is no definite thumb rule for choosing the right insurance plan as every policy and insurance type differs from other. It entirely depends on your specific need. Hence, you need to perform proper analysis through financial planning before choosing a plan. A right insurance plan involves an appropriate calculation of your salary, your future goals and your risk appetite.

Avoid getting swayed by agents or neighbors; instead visit an online insurance comparison portal and get a crystal clear view of what you are planning to buy. Go through the clauses mentioned in the policy in reference to your requirements. Wrong selection can make you fall in a liability pit, so take your time before investing.  After assessing everything, you can work on the online insurance calculator to know the premium, coverage amount, details of riders etc. Remember to choose a cover amount with suitable premium rate in accordance to your salary. Never ever buy an insurance plan just because your known ones did. It is not obligatory that the insurance plan purchased by your near and dear ones will work well for you too.

When talking about term insurance, cross check the death and maturity benefits. Term plans is of three types, basic term plans, return of premium plans and single premium plans. When purchasing health insurance policy, one needs to understand the terminology along with the additional benefits available with policy. Well, getting motor insurance is a hassle free process where you just need to know the premium and discounts available.

Selecting the best insurance policy just require you to make correct decisions on the correct time. Therefore, right insurance plan for you is the one which perfectly cater to your needs in accordance to your income, financial goals, lifestyle and affordability. So, think smart and act smarter by opting for the policy which you require in the life’s long run.