Basics of Life Insurance

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Life insurance policies are the simplest means to be covered against loss of income in case of the policyholder’s demise. We all know the importance of life insurance, but at the same time we have some unanswered questions associated with insurance. To help you understand the basics of life insurance in a better manner and unveil the answers to those questions, here are the 5 W’s of life insurance: 

Why do you need Life Insurance?

If you have family members who are dependent on you, then you need to buy a life insurance plan. Life insurance ensures that the financial needs of your family are met in your absence. Having a life insurance policy gives you a comfort of knowing that your love ones would have a secure future even when you are no longer there to support them. It is very important to get yourself insured if you have taken a loan or mortgaged your assets, so as to save your family from the burden of repaying it. Along with giving you a feeling of security, your insurance policy can be a source of future income for your family in the form of pension. Also, the money you get on maturity is non-taxable. 

Whom should you insure?

The first person to be insured should be the breadwinner of the family. However, if both you and your spouse are working, then you both can enter a joint-life policy. If you insure your child, a life insurance policy can also be used as a source of funds at the time of higher education,. The major advantage of such kind of a policy is that your child or spouse receives a guaranteed sum of money after a specified period.

What are the types of Life Insurance?

While there are many kinds of life insurance plans, the two major types are term insurance and whole life policy.

  1. Term Insurance plans are the most basic life insurance plans. They simply provide a life cover and no profit component is involved. Term plans are available at a very affordable cost as premiums are comparatively low. You can also refer to to know about the best term plans of the year 2017.
  2. A Whole Life Insurance Policy covers you for as long as you live. It offers dual benefit of life coverage and bonus. You stop paying the premiums after 10-15 years but the life cover goes on. However, the premiums in this kind of       insurance plans are high as they are paid only for a limited duration. 

When should you get Life Insurance?

It is never too early to buy life insurance. In fact, it is advisable to insure yourself as soon as you have people dependent on you. Starting at an early age keeps the premiums of your policy very low. Anybody who is married and has kids should certainly buy a life insurance plan. However, even if you are planning to get married, it is wise to invest your funds in a suitable life insurance plan; the policy would come cheaper to you than it would cost after marriage. For instance, a 25-year old non-smoker needs to pay an annual premium of Rs. 5,577 to get a sum assured of Rs. 1 crore, while the same policy would imply a premium of Rs. 7989 if the same person buys insurance at an age of 35 years.
Remember, it’s never too late to buy life insurance policy either. You can insure yourself at an age as late as 40 years.  All you need to keep in mind is that you choose insurance products that provide benefits besides taking care of you during retirement.

Where can you get a Life Insurance Policy?

It is both cheap and easy to buy an insurance policy online. We at assist you compare, choose, and buy the best suitable insurance plan for you. At you can find the best price for life insurance, by checking your application against multiple insurance providers.