Here’re Your 8 Reasons to Buy Travel insurance

Wishing to leave behind the office stress, you’ve booked a vacation abroad. When the preparation part comes up, starting from destination to booking for the accommodation, everything is well checked. When the actual date arrives and everything goes well until your baggage goes missing. The worst part is all your documents are inside the bag.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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  • Baggage Delay / Loss
  • Trip Delay / Cancellation
  • Passport Loss
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Missed flights
Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    What next?

    This is no doubt a nightmare and certainly ruins all the excitement of your perfect vacation. That’s why you need travel insurance that ensures nothing spoils your anticipated and much-awaited vacation.

    The Urgency of Travel Insurance

    Embarking on overseas requires extensive preparation to ensure that the journey would be prolific and safe. Given that having travel insurance becomes an important part of your travel preparation. Even if you’re travelling within the country, consider domestic travel insurance plans.

    As per a recent survey conducted by ICICI Lombard, only 40% of travellers consider buying insurance cover, despite the fact that 90% of those who actually know the importance of travel insurance. The Executive Director of ICICI Lombard Sanjeev Mantri said that there are a host of insurance policies in India offering travel coverage for medical emergencies, loss of important documents, personal liability, loss of baggage, trip cancellation etc. to lessen the outcome of such an eventuality.

    However, we never force you to be convinced just like that, even; here we’re providing certain valid reasons of having travel insurance.

    Your Reasons for Having Travel Insurance

    Let’s consider the below reasons to purchase travel insurance before boarding the flight:

    Saviour in case of Unforeseen Event

    Despite how careful are you while planning your next trip, the probability of thing goes wrong is always there? This makes us susceptible when in a foreign land. A single hospitalisation abroad can burn a big hole in your pocket, thus making the entire vacation experience turn nightmare. This is where travel insurance comes into the picture. One of the most important offerings of travel insurance is cover for medical exigencies on a cashless basis.

    Being healthcare expenses abroad 3 to 5 times exorbitant than that is in India, a small issue can lead to a huge financial drain. It requires having comprehensive travel insurance with extensive medical coverage. There are policies which just not only cover minor out-patient expenses but also the life-threatening situations that can pose a full stop to all excitement. Adding to this, travel insurance policy online also offers services such as medical evacuation, air ambulance, repatriation of mortal remains etc. It is just a matter of choosing the right policy, that’s it!

    A Friend in Strange Land

     Travel insurance offers 24x7 helpline service where much-needed guidance and assistance is provided in case of an emergency. The best part is these services are available globally. No matter where are you availing support in case of a medical emergency or other non-medical crisis is just a matter of dialling a toll-free number.

    Moreover, internet booming day by day, availing online services has become easy. You can settle your claim in a foreign land by visiting the official website and registering the claim online. The customer care services also assure immediate assistance in case of medical evacuation or when it comes to taking admission to the nearby hospital or availing guidance on in case of a claim. It promises a hassle-free process by coordinating with the local medical service provider directly.

    Takes Care of Personal Liability

    There may be a situation when damage is caused to a third party- its property or bodily injury can lead to a huge financial liability on the insured. Travel Insurance providers also cover such type of situation when insured may find itself being trapped. Under the personal liability clause of travel insurance, the insurance company bears all legal expenses which were on the insured. 

    Travel-related Emergencies

    The non-medical expenses due to loss of passport, baggage, laptop, international DL, flight delay due to bad weather leading to unutilised accommodation etc. can be entirely on you if you don’t buy travel insurance. We’re not saying that these incidents ought to take place, but you can’t predict the fate. So, better to be prepared than being sorry. Travel insurance offers financial assistance by covering the insured for the expenses incurred during a shattering situation.

    Mandatory Requirement

    It is a mandatory requirement for the travellers to enter few countries. Especially, some of the Schengen countries require travel insurance to avail visa. Earlier even visa requirements get rejected due to non-possession of travel insurance. So, make sure with the country you’re travelling to whether it makes travel insurance as pre-requisite for the travellers or not.

    Fraudulent Charges

    Losing your debit or credit card and after a while getting a message of someone else is using it is scary. Losing a valuable like debit or credit card is daunting in a place you barely know. Fret not, with travel insurance this wouldn’t be a problem. The money will be refunded within a certain period. However, you’ll need to register a report against theft.

    Emergency Evacuation on Medical Ground

    If a severe medical condition requires you to be transported from the spot of the incident to the nearest hospital, or in case you need to be taken back to your homeland, the transport expenses will be covered by the insurance company. Even in case of a domestic trip, you can be transferred from one hospital to another for better treatment, while transportation expenses will be borne by the insurer. If the emergency occurs abroad, the airline expenses incurred in a medical evacuation will be covered by the travel insurance policy.

    Round-the-clock Assistance Worldwide

    This may sound frolicsome but nothing can be more anxious than being trapped in an unknown country. Here the 24x7 helpline offered by the insurance company comes in handy is providing the much-needed guidance in case of an emergency. It is recommended to carry the copy of the policy document while travelling so that you can make the most out of it if an eventuality strikes. You can dial their helpline number to assist you in getting around to the nearest hospital or helping in the immediate medical evacuation.

    Over to You!

    Amidst daily hustle and bustle of life, a sudden vacation sounds exciting. The excitement even doubles when it is an overseas trip. However, it requires proper planning as well, missing which can turn to be a harrowing experience.

    Apart from planning for the travel itinerary such as flight tickets, accommodation, list of places to be covered, necessary documents etc. insurance is essential to ensure a fun-filled vacation. It is often observed that Indian travellers don’t consider buying travel insurance plan while travelling especially to the countries where it is not mandatory. But calamities can strike anytime anywhere, leaving obstruct.  With travel insurance you can be well-assured for natural disasters, political violence, health emergencies while wandering, without which a financial emergency could throw a spanner in all your plans by affecting the travel budget. Hence, buy travel insurance before boarding on the wheels!

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