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United India Travel Insurance

United India Travel Insurance is one of the widely purchased travel insurance policies in India. It is owned by the United India Insurance Company Limited which is a leading insurance service provider in the Indian insurance market. In its 83 years of experience, the company has provided insurance policies to over 1.74 crore policyholders, reaching people both in urban and rural areas. It protects the insured traveler against a bunch of unforeseen losses or expenses including medical treatment expenses, delay or loss of check-in baggage, loss of passport, trip delay, hijack cover, personal accident, personal liability, missed connection, and many more.

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Top Travel Insurance Plans

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Plans for an individual of 30 years age travelling to USA for 15 days

Why United India Travel Insurance?

Visiting different places may be joyful and blissful for travel enthusiasts and might come with an opportunity to make profits for business travelers. But unpredictable incidents like a missed connecting flight or a medical emergency can not only cause major financial losses but can also shake your travel plans to the core. You can avoid these situations by buying travel insurance policy that will keep you fully prepared against any adversity.

United India Insurance Company travel plans are available for international trips with a range of variants and benefits. Whether you are traveling alone, or with family, in a group or for business purposes; the company has a policy for all kinds of travelers. Moreover, the policy can also be customized based on geographic locations and needs.

Features of United India Travel Insurance

United India Insurance Company Ltd. is one travel insurance provider that provides extensive coverage and quick claim settlement procedure. Take a look at why you should consider buying the best travel insurance policy by the insurer:

  • Options in Sum Insured: Insurer can buy plans with SI ranging from up to USD 50,000 to USD 500,000
  • Online Discount:10% discount on purchasing the United India travel insurance policy online
  • Cashless Hospitalization: In case of emergency, a cashless facility is available at any of the insurance provider’s network hospital
  • Automatic Policy Extension: In case of a delay caused by factors beyond the insurer’s control, the travel insurance policy will be extended for up to 7 days
  • Plans for everyone: Single as well as multi-trip travel insurance policies available
  • Renewal Benefit: There are options to renew some United India travel insurance policies like in case of Corporate Frequent Traveler as well as those having Employment and  Studies travel plan

Things to know about United India Travel Insurance

Categories Specifications
Trips Covered International
Established 1938
Sum Insured Up to USD 500,000
COVID-19 Cover Available
Cashless Treatment Available
In-house Claim Settlement Available
Claim Assistance 24x7

Travel Insurance Plans offered by United India Insurance Company Ltd

These are comprehensive travel insurance plans by United India Insurance Company Ltd. that provide protection to the insured traveling outside India. They provide a blanket cover to the insured travelers protecting them against uncertainties including medical treatment expenses, personal liability, and flight-related issues amongst others.

Given below are the different travel plans offered by United India Insurance Company Ltd. depending on the geographic location and purpose of traveling abroad:

The overseas travel insurance plan has the following plan variants to best suit the needs of different travelers. These plans have been briefly discussed below:

  • Overseas Mediclaim Policy for Business and Holiday

    This plan provides extensive coverage to people traveling overseas for vacations or for business. It covers individuals as well as families going for a single international trip together. The plan covers the insured traveler against unforeseen risks like personal accident, medical expense, baggage loss, trip cancellation, passport loss, daily hospitalization allowance, etc. This United India travel insurance plan comes with an option to choose between the following variants:

    • Worldwide Excluding USA & Canada ( Including Sickness cover)
      • Plan A-1
      • Plan A-2
      • Plan A-3
    • Worldwide Including USA & Canada (Including Sickness cover)
      • Plan B-1
      • Plan B-2
      • Plan B-3
    • Worldwide Excluding USA & Canada (Excluding Sickness cover)
      • Plan LA-1
      • Plan LA-2
      • Plan LA-3
    • Worldwide Including USA & Canada (Excluding Sickness cover)
      • Plan LB-1
      • Plan LB-2
      • Plan LB-3

    These variants provide a sum insured amount ranging from USD 50,000 to USD 5,00,000 but can be restricted to USD 10,000 if applicants above 70 years do not provide pre-acceptance health check-up reports. Moreover, it also gives the insured traveler an option to opt-in or out of the sickness cover.

  • Employment & Studies Plan

    This United India travel insurance plan has been created to provide protection to the people traveling outside India for studying or for work. It creates a safety net around the people staying abroad for work or education purposes and keeps them safe from an unforeseen emergency. This plan covers the insured student or traveler from sudden medical expenses, personal accidents, dental treatment, and the cost of repatriation of mortal remains back to the home country. Under this plan, the insured traveler needs to first consult the school/ college campus or employer’s doctor for hospitalization or receiving medical treatment. It has the following variant:

    • Plan - C Employment and Study (Excluding USA & Canada)
  • Corporate Frequent Traveler Plan

    This plan by United India Insurance Company Ltd. has been customized for people traveling abroad frequently for business. It provides worldwide coverage to such corporate travelers against any unpredictable losses or expenses including medical cover, personal accident, loss of passport, personal liability, and delay or loss of check-in baggage. This overseas travel insurance plan also gives the insured corporate traveler an option to include or exclude the sickness cover.

    These are the variants available under the United India Insurance Company Ltd. Corporate Frequent Traveler Plan:

    • Worldwide Corporate Frequent Travellers (Including Sickness cover)
      • Plan E-1
      • Plan E-2
    • Worldwide Corporate Frequent Travellers (Excluding Sickness cover)
      • Plan LE-1
      • Plan LE-2

Inclusions under the United India Travel Insurance Plan

An insured traveler will be covered for the following benefits under their United India Travel Insurance policy:

  • Medical Expenses & Repatriation: The insurer will cover any expenses incurred due to a sudden illness or accidental injury of the insured during his international trip. It will comprise the cost of emergency ambulance services and dental treatment for acute pain relief. It also includes the cost of transporting the mortal remains of the insured back to the home country
  • Personal Accident: The insurer will pay compensation to the insured or his family if an accident of the insured results in his death or disability
  • Loss of Check-in Baggage: The insurer will pay for the losses incurred by the insured if the airline with which he was traveling loses his check-in baggage. However, it does not cover for any partial damage or loss of the baggage
  • Loss of Passport: In the event of loss of passport of the insured during his international travel, the insurer will pay the actual expenses incurred in arranging duplicate travel documents and getting a duplicate or new passport
  • Personal Liability: If the insured becomes legally liable to pay for the damages or bodily injuries caused to a third party person or property in the foreign country, the United India Travel Insurance plan will cover the amount on behalf of the insured traveler
  • Trip Delay: The insurer will reimburse for the losses incurred by the insured if his flight gets delayed for more than 6 hours from its scheduled time. It will also cover any additional expenses including accommodation costs unless the travel becomes possible for the insured
  • Trip Cancellation: In case the insured’s trip gets canceled, the insurer will reimburse the losses incurred towards unused accommodation and travel bookings
  • Hijack Cover (Common Carrier): In the event of a hijack of the common carrier in which the insured is traveling, your United India travel insurance policy will pay distress allowance to the insured traveler
  • Missed Connection: The insurer will reimburse the losses incurred in the event of a flight delay of more than 12 hours resulting in the insured missing his connecting flight
  • Hospital Daily Allowance: The insurer will give a daily allowance to cover day-to-day expenses incurred by the insured on being hospitalized due to an illness or an accident
  • Emergency Reunion Expenses: The insurer will pay for the flight ticket, travel, and accommodation for one immediate family member of the insured in case the insured needs to be medically evacuated. This coverage is offered under the Employment & Studies plan only
  • Contingency Insurance: You will receive compensation if the insured student cannot continue with his studies abroad due to an illness or injury resulting in his death, permanent total disability, or loss of sight

Exclusions under the United India Travel Insurance Plan

Before proceeding to buy a travel insurance plan, it is important to be aware of the things that the policy does not cover. The insurer does not cover any claims arising out of the following:

  • Insured’s treatment for a pre-existing disease
  • If the insured had directly participated in a civil commotion or riots
  • Any illness or injury caused to the insured traveler due to Suicide or attempt to suicide
  • Abuse, addiction or dependency of alcohol or drugs, mental disorders, stress, anxiety or depression (Not excluded in Employment and Studies plan)
  • Any injury, illness, or loss incurred due to the insured’s participation in Naval, Military, or Air Force operations
  • United India travel insurance plans do not cover any claim arising out of –
    • War, acts of an enemy country, invasion, hostilities
    • Civil war, revolution, rebellion, insurrection
    • Nationalization or confiscation of a property by the local authority or government causing damage or loss to the insured
    • Nuclear or ionizing radiation as well as toxic radioactive properties of an explosive nuclear component
  • Any loss resulting due to the illness, treatment, or death caused by HIV or AIDS or both
  • Any illness or injury caused to the insured due to performing manual work or having a hazardous occupation and engaging in an illegal or criminal activity
  • The insurer will not cover any expenses incurred on any treatment related to pregnancy
  • Any legal suit or action caused by one of the family member’s of the insured
  • Any loss or damage caused due to detention or confiscation by the customs officials and other authorities
  • The insurer will not cover any loss or damage caused if the insured had been under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and other hallucinogenic substances or intoxicants

How to Enroll in United India Travel Insurance Plans?

You can enroll in different overseas travel insurance plans through multiple channels online as well as offline. Take a look at the procedure to buy a United India travel insurance policy below:

Online Process:

The plans can be purchased online by visiting the website of Policybazaar Insurance Broker Private Limited. Customers can also buy it from the website of the insurance company. Follow the steps to buying the policy online below:

  • Visit the official website of
  • Go to the icon of ‘Travel Insurance’   
  • Enter the details of the trip, including trip destination, travel dates, etc.
  • Provide other requested details, such as the age of the travellers
  • Choose a United India travel insurance plan from the list of plans available
  • Pay the travel insurance policy premium online
  • A United India travel insurance policy will be issued within two minutes.

Make sure to compare different travel insurance plans at before buying a plan.

Offline Process:

You can also apply for a United India travel insurance policy offline by following these instructions:

  • Individuals can simply call the helpline number of Policybazaar Insurance Broker Private Limited at 1800-708-8787 and express their desire to buy a travel insurance policy to the customer service representative
  • People can visit the United India Insurance Company’s nearest branch to buy the policy
  • In addition, they can also get in touch with an insurance agent to buy the plan.

In case of any confusion, customers can write to Policybazaar Insurance Broker Private Limited at

How to file a Claim under United India Travel Insurance Plan?

The responsibility of an insured traveler doesn’t end with buying a travel insurance policy. You should also be aware of the claim procedure of your travel insurance provider in order to make a claim. Take a look at how you can file a travel insurance claim under United India travel insurance plans:

Cashless Claims Registration

Cashless claim facility can be availed at many network hospitals under United India Insurance Company Ltd.

  • Inform the insurer about your hospitalization and the hospital staff about your travel insurance policy
  • A pre-authorization letter should be sent to the service provider of the insurer
  • The provider will verify your policy coverage and send a pre-authorization letter to the hospital
  • Receive the treatment and get discharged
  • The Service Provider will make the payment of hospital bills directly to the hospital

United India Travel Insurance Plans FAQs 

  • Q1. How can I pay the premium for my United India travel insurance plan?

    You can pay the premium amount using a debit card/ credit card/ internet banking or UPI.

  • Q2. Is it mandatory to register for the Customer Portal? How can I register?

    Yes, if you want to buy any United India travel insurance policy online then you need to first register yourself before underwriting the proposal and making payment. These are the steps:

    Step 1: Visit the official website of United India Insurance Company Ltd. and click on the 'Login' menu

    Step 2: Click on the 'Customer' option after the dropdown appears for the registered customer portal login.

    Step 3: Once you open the Login page, select the 'Register' option as provided at the bottom of the page.

    Step 4: Enter all the relevant details and click on the 'Submit’ button.

    Step 5: You will receive an OTP number on the mobile number you registered with. This will complete your registration process

  • Q3. How can I buy a United India Travel Insurance plan if I'm not able to do it online?

    In such a case you can visit any of the insurer's branches nearby by using the branch locator option.

  • Q4. How can I get a reimbursement claim under United India travel insurance plans?

    You can claim reimbursement by following these steps:

    • Inform the service provider of the insurer about the loss or claim within 24 hours
    • Fill up the claim form provided
    • Submit the claim form along with other supporting documents to the service provider
    • The provider will review the documents along with the policy coverage
    • After approval, the claim amount will be paid directly to the insured traveler within 15 days. The claim amount will be paid in Indian rupees.
  • Q5. What are the documents required for the claim process?

    When filing a claim for reimbursement, the following documents should be kept prepared to reduce the chances of delay:

    • Duly filled claim form of your travel insurance application
    • Original insurance certificate
    • Original bills and payment receipts
    • Photocopies of the flight ticket (in case of Overseas Travel Insurance)
    • Hospital Admission & Discharge Certificate (in case of medical expenses)
    • Death Certificate (in case of death of the insured)
    • Certificate of Disability (in case of total permanent disability of the insured)
    • Photocopy of the police report, if any
    • Original medical certificate by the doctor

    Note: The insured traveler should confirm the list of supporting documents with the service provider of United India travel insurance plan as per the type of claim.

  • Q6. What are the different types of plans available for those traveling abroad?

    United India Insurance Company Limited offers three broad overseas travel insurance plans:

    • Overseas Mediclaim Policy for Business and Holiday
    • Overseas Mediclaim Policy for Corporate Frequent Traveller
    • Overseas Mediclaim Policy for Employment and Studies

    These are further divided by their geographical areas and have a different sum insured and amenities. For full details, you can refer to the policy wordings.

  • Q7. What are the eligibility criteria? Can I buy United India travel insurance plans for my family?

    The eligibility differs from the plan you have opted for. Usually, the eligibility is very simple and any citizen of India between the age of 6 months up to 80 years. However, some plans have a set age limit beyond which they cannot enroll. Yes, you can buy a plan that covers your family as well.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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Alwar, September 15, 2021
Cashless treatment
My hospitalization and medical expenses were all taken care of by the insurance company which I had taken from Policybazaar. I was going abroad to complete my further studies and i was admitted to the hospital due to some medical problem. i got the facility of cashless treatment with the help of my student travel insurance policy.
Chandrapur, September 14, 2021
Affordable plan
I have purchased United India Travel Insurance from Policybazaar. It will provide protection to the insured traveler against loss of baggage and passport, trip delay, personal accident etc. Thanks to PolicyBazaar for providing me great coverage at an affordable rate.
Junagadh, September 14, 2021
Cashless Treatment
I fell ill during my journey thankfully I had taken United India student travel insurance from Policybazaar. I got cashless treatment and did not have to pay any treatment charges.The insurance company took care of everything. highly recommended.
Nagercoil, September 13, 2021
Great service
There is no doubt that policybazaar always gives best service to its customers. i got great service here when i took United India travel insurance. team always gives genuine advice and is always ready to guide their customers. extremely satisfied with the services.
Bhiwani, September 13, 2021
Reasonable rate
Policybazaar offers great features in travel plan. I have got a lot of good features in my United India travel insurance at reasonable rate. Policybazaar has excellent customer service. They are always available to their customers so that customers can contact them anytime.
Bhagalpur, September 09, 2021
Easy to buy online
I have secured my travel with the help of United India travel insurance which I have purchased from Policybazaar. Buying a policy online is very convenient. I did not need to go anywhere to buy the plan. Customers can easily purchase from home.
Port_blair, May 17, 2016
I found the best travel insurance and i buy it. The united india general insurance provides me the best facilities. The premiums are low and the policy coverage is high. The claiming procedure is easy due to fast service of the executives and staff members. The luggage lost is covered in the policy. Good work, I like it.

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