Italy Visa

Italy is famous for its glorious landscapes, rich history and the best food in the world. Gastronomes love it for its rich cuisine, travellers love it for its rich history and diversity. It offers a stunning family vacation and a romantic destination to over 50 million tourists annually. A part of the Schengen region, visitors need a Schengen visa for Italy before coming here.

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* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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Plans include Covid-19 global coverage

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* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

About Italy Visa

The Schengen region consists of 26 Schengen states, including Italy. To visit Italy, non-EU citizens must apply for a relevant Italy visa according to the Schengen guidelines. Italy visa requirements include many important steps, which have been discussed below.

The Embassy of Italy grants a Schengen visa for Italy to all foreign visitors who wish to come here. With multiple Schengen visas available, visitors can apply for a suitable Italy visa online depending on their purpose of visit.

This Schengen visa is a comprehensive visa issued to non-European citizens to enter the Schengen area. Take a look at some important features of the Italy Visa for Indians:

Categories Specification
Italy Visa Price* Adults: EUR 80; Children (6-12 years): EUR 40
Italy Visa Stay Duration Up to 90 days for Short Term Visa
Italy Visa Processing Time At least 15 days
Italy Visa on Arrival for Indians Not Available

*Values will vary depending on the category of the visa applied

The Italian Embassy has appointed VFS Global Services as the official partner to provide Italy visa application services in India. It facilitates the Embassy/ Consulates in the collection of Italy visa application forms, visa fees and returning the passports to the applicants. Travellers can learn about Italy visa requirements here. It is also compulsory for all foreign nationals to buy Schengen travel insurance to apply for an Italian visa.

Types of Italy Visa

Different types of visas are issued to non-Schengen citizens who want to visit Italy. The Italian Embassy has divided Italy visas into various categories. Take a look at the different Italy visas below:

  • Type A: Airport Transit

    Required if travellers are passing through Italy. It is meant for people who have a stopover in Italy and need to board a connecting flight to reach their destination country.

  • Type C: Schengen Visa

    Short-term Uniform visa for Italy is issued by the Italian Embassy to people who want to travel to Italy for a short period, with a maximum period of 90 days.

    It is issued to people whose main purpose of travel is a vacation or to visit family and friends based in Italy. People can also apply for this visa to receive medical treatment, attend business meetings, cultural events, sports competitions, short-term study courses, etc., etc. Depending on the purpose of the visit, Indians can apply for any of these Italy visas.

  • Type D Schengen Visa: National Visa for Italy

    This Italy visa is granted to foreign nationals who want to stay in Italy for more than 90 daysThe National visa is available in three sub-categories:

    Study Visa

    Italy Study visa can be applied by people who want to study in Italy. The applicant must be enrolled in a full-time course in Italy to be eligible for this visa. People with this visa can also conduct research work in Italy.

    Work Visa

    Italy Work visa allows foreign nationals to work in Italy and includes both an employment visa and a self-employment visa. While an Italy employment visa is made for intra-company transfers, skilled professionals and salaried workers, a self-employment visa is meant for people who are business owners, startup owners, freelancers, sportspersons, etc.

    Family Reunion Visa

    Family Reunion visa is a type of Italy visa meant for people who are visiting Italy to reunite with their family members and stay with them for a long time.

    Foreigners can apply for Italy visa for a short stay or a Schengen visa even if they are visiting more than one Schengen state. However, your Schengen visa application will be accepted by the Italian Embassy only if Italy is the main destination of your trip. The main destination refers to the Schengen state where the traveller would be spending the longest duration of their trip or the main purpose of their trip will unfold.

Italy Visa Processing Time

Different types of Italy visas can take a varied amount of time to get processed. Take a look at the processing time of various types of Italy visas:

Types of Italy Visas Processing Time
Short-term Schengen Visa for Italy 15 working days
90 days for Italy Study Short Stay Visa
National Visa (Long-term Schengen visa for Italy) Italy Study Visa: 90 days
Italy Work Visa: 90-120 days
Italy Family Reunion Visa: 30 days

How to Apply for Italy Visa?

Apply for Italy Visa

Italy visa requirements are quite simple. All Italy visa application forms have to be submitted to VFS Global Services which collects them on behalf of the Italian Embassy/Consulate. Make sure to check the Consulate that has jurisdiction over your residence city at the time of applying for the Italy visa. The jurisdiction will cover the city you have been residing in for the last six months. Follow the steps given below to apply for Italy visa for Indians:

  • Visit the official website of VFS Global Italy
  • Select the type of visa you want to apply for as per your purpose of travel
  • Arrange all the required documents
  • Schedule an appointment at the Visa Application Centre
  • Submit the documents
  • Pay the visa fees

Documents Required to Apply for Italy Visa

Application for Italy visa for Indians requires a set of documents along with their visa application. Here is a list of documents required to apply for an Italy visa:

  • Duly filled-in Italy visa application forms
  • Booking confirmation of return flight tickets
  • Proof of accommodation in Italy
  • Two recent passport-size photographs
  • Passport with a minimum of 3 months more validity from the date of intended visa expiry. It should have at least two empty pages and should have been issued in the last 10 years
  • Documents supporting the applicant’s employment status
  • Evidence of sufficient financial ability
  • Travel health insurance or medical travel insurance valid throughout the Schengen area
  • Polio vaccination certificate mentioning the applicant was vaccinated 4 weeks to 12 months before travelling to Italy (People who have stayed in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Syria or Somalia for more than 4 weeks)

Refer to the table given below to find out about additional documents required depending on the purpose of visitItaly visa applications:

Purpose of Visit Documents Required
  • Licence/ certificate from relevant authority granting permission to operate business in India
  • Letter of invitation from an Italian company
  • Trip itinerary with business contacts and their details including addresses
  • Booking confirmation of return flight tickets
Medical Treatment
  • Letter from the doctor in India mentioning the illness
  • Letter from the healthcare provider in Italy mentioning the kind of treatment to be given; start, duration and estimated cost of treatment
  • Certificate from the healthcare provider in Italy confirming that 30% of the estimated treatment cost has been deposited by the patient
  • Authorization issued by the Health Ministry on humanitarian grounds, if any
  • Proof of accommodation for the person accompanying the patient
  • Booking confirmation of return flight tickets
  • Visa for the destination country, if required
  • Document suggesting the need to travel through the Schengen area
  • Letter from the Sports Ministry or the Sports Organization in India stating the purpose, duration and estimated cost of the trip
  • Letter of invitation from the Sports organisation in Italy
  • Proof of accommodation in Italy from the Italian organisation
  • Affidavit from both parents giving consent to travel abroad (in case of minor sportsperson)
Invitation Visa
  • Booking confirmation of return flight tickets
  • Travel itinerary including travel dates
  • Cover letter from the traveller mentioning the purpose, duration of the trip
  • Cover letter from the relevant organisation confirming the professional status of the traveller
  • Letter of invitation from the Italian organisation stating the details of the event and estimated cost of the trip
Study (Long stay and Short-stay)
  • Acceptance/ enrollment letter for the course in Italy
  • Proof of accommodation in Italy
  • Declaration of Value of applicant’s educational certificates by the Italian Embassy
  • Educational certificates of the applicant apostilled by the Ministry of External Affairs
  • Payment receipt of tuition fees
  • Proof of economic status
  • Letter of admission in original
Work For Employment visa:
  • Clearance certificate from Single Immigration Desk (SUI) allowing to work in Italy

For Self-Employment visa:

  • Certificate identifying the resources to operate the business, issued by the Chamber of Commerce of the Italian region where the business will operate
  • Proof of income that exempts the applicant from participation in health expenditure
  • Nulla Osta from the relevant Police HQ
Family Reunion
  • Clearance certificate from Single Immigration Desk (SUI)
  • Proof of relationship between the traveller and the family member with Italian citizenship
  • Consent letter to issue visa from the one parent (if minor travelling with the other parent)

Italy Visa Fee

All applicants of Italy visa will have to pay a visa fee at the time of submitting the visa applications. Refer to the table given below to find out the visa fee you need to pay with different types of Italy visas:

Types of Italy Visas Visa Fees (in Euro)
Schengen Visa Adults: 80
Children below 6 years: 40

National Visa

Study Visa 76
Work Visa/ Family Reunion Visa 116

Travel Insurance for Italy Visa

Italy is an extremely beautiful country with lots of historical marvels. There are a wide variety of adventure sports available for tourists and locals alike. But even at the safest and the most gorgeous places, you can find yourself in an emergency.

You can get injured while having some fun or forget your handbag that had your passport at a pizza place in Rome. Such situations can create a lot of panic and might disrupt your trip entirely. However, you can handle such situations wisely if you have insured your trip with a travel insurance policy.

Schengen travel insurance for Italy protects you from such issues. It not only provides adequate medical and financial assistance in the hour of need but also compensates for any losses that you may incur as a result of any eventuality.

Buying a Schengen travel insurance policy is mandatory for all applicants for an Italy visa irrespective of whether you want to apply for an Italy tourist visa or an Italy work visa. Your visa application will be denied if you don’t have travel insurance. Make sure that your international travel insurance policy has a minimum cover of EUR 30,000 as per the guidelines of the Embassy of Italy.

Typically, Schengen travel insurance covers medical expenses, loss of passport, personal accident cover, medical evacuation, personal liability, trip delay, missed connection flight, repatriation of mortal remains, etc.

Steps to Check the Status of Italy Visa

To check the status of your Italy visa, follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of VFS Global Italy
  • Select your Embassy/ Consulate
  • Go to ‘Track Your Application’
  • Enter your reference number and date of birth
  • Click on submit


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