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The insurance sector in India has been growing at a rapid pace, with new insurers stepping into the sector with innovative products. One such insurer is Digit General Insurance Company, offering a number of lucrative policies. Digit’s International Travel Insurance is one such plan with a lot of benefits to ensure your journey is safe and carefree.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

  • Accidental & sickness expenses
  • Baggage Delay / Loss
  • Trip Delay / Cancellation
  • Passport Loss
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Missed flights
Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Now covers COVID-19

    Digit travel insurance provides comprehensive coverage throughout a wide range of 26 varying add-ons that will keep your travel duration and keeps you stress-free. Moreover, you can customize the plan as per your travel requirements.The Insurer also claims to have settled more than 87% of registered claims within 24 hours.

    Why Digit Travel Insurance?

    With travel comes a lot of adventure and unfortunately, some misadventures. Be it outside India or within the country, traveling in an alien place can bring its own set of experiences. With so many countries around the world mandating insurance for visiting purposes, there has been a surge in the number of people buying international travel insurance while planning their trips abroad.  With a travel insurance policy, you can be financially assured of those unexpected expenses arising out of various contingencies. This can be a medical emergency, trip cancellation, flight delay, or so on.

    Digit travel insurance offers comprehensive financial protection by covering the insured against travel-related risks. It has been rapidly growing in popularity as one of the highest-rated and preferred leading insurers in the travel segment by introducing coverage for adventure sports, up-front cash settlement, auto settlement of claims, zero deductibles, etc.

    Travel-related risks are undesirable and there aren’t many ways to mitigate damages other than keeping yourself prepared. With the much-anticipated excitement and thrill, traveling has its share of risks as well. Below is the brief rundown on the plan:

    Features of Digit Travel Insurance Plans

    The salient features of Digit travel insurance policy are:

    • Coverage for Pre-existing Diseases:You are covered for any type of pre-existing illness
    • Miss-Call Claiming Facility:The insurer offers a miss call facility, where you can register a claim even giving a miscall. The customer care executive will follow you with an instant call within 10 minutes.
    • Hassle-free and quick claims: Enjoy paperless claim settlement with the smartphone-enabled claims process
    • Zero Deductible:Nothing to be paid at the time of claim with zero deductible facility
    • Accessible Worldwide:216countries are covered globally with more than 10,000 network hospitals

    Things to Know About Digit Travel Insurance Plans



    Trips Covered

    Domestic and International

    Network Hospitals


    Number of Countries Covered

    216 countries + islands

    Pre-existing Illness


    Schengen Countries


    Paperless Claim Settlement


    Coverage for Adventure Activities

    Coverage for bungee jumping, skydiving or scuba diving


    Asia's General Insurance Company of the Year (2019 and 2020)

    Digit Travel Insurance Plans

    Digit’s ‘On-the-Move’ Policy lets you travel safely in and outside India. With maximum sum insured ranging between up to Rs. 20,00,000 for domestic travel insurance and up to USD 1,500,000 in case of international travel insurance plan, on the basis of what add-ons you purchase, there are two plan variants available:

    • Basic Option
    • Comfort Option

    Some of the highlights are given below:

    Covers Provided

    Basic Option

    Comfort Option

    Medical Cover for Emergency Accidental Treatment & Evacuation



    Daily Cash Allowance

    Not Provided


    Trip Cancellation

    Not Provided


    Loss of Passport



    Emergency Trip Extension

    Not Provided


    Disclaimer: *Policybazaar does not endorse, rate, or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

    Digit Travel Insurance Inclusions

    Here are some of the coverage benefits offered by Digit international travel insurance:

    • Flight Delay: Automatic reimbursement ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 for any flight delays of over 4 hours or more.
    • Trip Cancellation: If for any reason your trip is canceled then you will be reimbursed for your costs as per your policy schedule.
    • Automatic Extensions: In case of situations where you cannot go back to your country of residence before your cover expires, you can get it extended up to 5 days to 10 days without any additional premium.
    • Cashless Facility:In case of any medical emergency, you can avail of this facility at the pre-approved network provider or hospital as per your policy terms.
    • Missed Connection: You will be able to claim any extra expenses for your accommodation and travel costs if for some reason you miss a pre-booked onward connection. The amount is reimbursed only for reasonable expenses and is determined by the policy.
    • Emergency Medical Treatment and Evacuation: Assistance with any medical emergencies while traveling and evacuation to your home country if required.
    • Personal Accident: You can contact the insurer's 24X7 emergency helpline in case you get into an accident resulting in injuries and other bodily injuries.
    • Adventure Sports: Fond of thrill? This cover lets a person enjoy activities like paragliding, skiing, etc. so that you are covered in case of any disability or death.
    • Personal Liability & Bail Bond: You will get assistance in case you are in a condition that requires the policyholder to pay any applicable legal costs or expenses.
    • Emergency Trip Extension: Assistance in case any unforeseen circumstance delays your return to India.
    • Escort of Minor Child: In situations when a minor child below 18 years of age needs to be escorted back to India, the policy will cover and arrange for one of your immediate family members to escort the minor child.
    • Financial Emergency Cash:In cases of thefts, burglary, or loss of belongings you can claim a reimbursement in order to sustain your remaining journey until arrangements can be made.
    • Study Interruption:  This is for students who are pursuing their education abroad. In case of factors that interrupt their studies, they can get reimbursement for their non-refundable fees that have already been paid to their educational institute.

    Digit Travel Insurance Exclusions

    In some cases, the insurer will not provide any cover for your claims. A few of these general exclusions by Go Digit General Insurance Limited are mentioned below:

    • Accidents that involve nuclear waste, radioactivity, or any other toxic or explosive nuclear properties, are not covered.
    • Acts of war, invasion, civil war, insurrection, etc. are not covered.
    • Any claim as a result of the individual breaching a law(s) of the land will not be covered
    • Claims of your death resulting due to willful self-inflicted injury, illness, or suicide will not be entertained.
    • In case a trip is hindered by your tour operator or other service provider becoming insolvent.
    • If you fail to get the recommended medicines/inoculation as per the government advisory, any claim resulting in that particular tropical/contagious disease will not be covered.

    Please note that this list is not exhaustive and can differ from the additional covers of the Digit travel insurance plan that you buy.

    How to Enroll for Digit Travel Insurance

    Be it in person or digitally, travel insurance plan offered by Go Digit General Insurance Limited can be enrolled in the following ways:


    • You can download their app on Google Playstoreor Apple app store and proceed accordingly
    • Visit their official website, provide required information regarding your travel destination, plans, and other necessary information, and paying the premium online


    • Visit the nearest branch of Go Digit General Insurance Limited and fill their proposal form to purchase the desired policy
    • Call their toll-free number and request the details of whichever policy you're interested in
    • Apply through an insurance agent and fill up the proposal form for the policy you want to purchase

    Digit Travel Insurance Claim Procedure

    In order to make the claim process a hassle-free experience for the customers, the insurer has made it available online or just a phone call away. You just need to follow the below simple steps and stay claim-assured!

    • Register a claim by calling on the customer care of Digit travel insurance at 1800-258-5956.
    • No paperwork will be required. You can handle claim-related formalities even on your Smartphone.
    • Once the claim is registered, you’ll be provided with a self-inspection link and follow the instructions given
    • After verifying the supporting proofs, the insurer settles the claim accordingly.
    • If the settled claim amount doesn’t meet your expectations, you can contact the grievance redressal team and get assistance. The insurer assures us to resolve the issue within 24 hours.

    How to Compare and Buy Digit Travel Insurance Online?

    Buying travel insurance is not as simple as it appears. When it comes to buying travel insurance, you may find international travel insurance slightly more expensive than domestic one owing to the coverage offered. However, if you look for a comprehensive cover, opt for Digit travel insurance.

    Nevertheless, the cost of the policy is based on the type of plan you select, including the add-ons if any. For instance, the premium of your digit travel insurance will be more if you buy add-on covers. Make sure, you are well-covered for maximum untoward perils that may arise and can dampen your travel excitement.

    Moreover, online comparison helps you save a considerable amount by comparing the premiums offered. You can compare the plans at various online comparison platforms such as Policybazaar.com, which help you pick the right option.


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