Shriram Travel Insurance

Shriram Travel Insurance is the travel segment of Shriram General Insurance Company Limited that covers the insured against unforeseen adversities faced during an overseas trip. It provides coverage to individuals as well as families undertaking single or multiple trips in a year.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

  • Accidental & sickness expenses
  • Baggage Delay / Loss
  • Trip Delay / Cancellation
  • Passport Loss
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Missed flights
Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Why Buy Shriram Travel Insurance?

    Travelling around the world may seem exciting and fun. It definitely stays so if everything goes as per plan. But if an unforeseen obstruction brings the trip to a halt, it can spoil the entire vigour of the trip. Besides, a few unfortunate incidents can be so expensive that they might raise the trip budget exponentially. In order to stay unperturbed by any mid-journey crisis, every traveller should buy the best travel insurance policy for his/her overseas trip.

    Shriram Travel Insurance offers the insured travellers a wide range of coverage that can help them to deal with the financial implications of any unfortunate events faced during the trip. Moreover, it also allows travellers to customize their coverage as per their travel destination by choosing a policy including/excluding the countries of the USA and Canada.

    Features of Shriram Travel Insurance

    Following are some of the key features of Shriram Travel Insurance plans:

    • Coverage for Individuals & Families- It provides coverage to individuals as well as families travelling abroad for vacation or business purposes.
    • Worldwide Coverage- It offers coverage to the insured travellers no matter the country they are travelling to, except for travel within India.
    • Flight-related Emergencies- Shriram Travel Insurance plans cover the insured against flight-related adversities, including baggage insurance, flight hijack, missed connection, etc.
    • Travel-related Adversities -The policy provides coverage for trip-related emergencies, such as trip delay, trip curtailment, trip cancellation & interruption, etc. 
    • Coverage for Sea Travel -Shriram Travel Insurance plans not only cover the insured traveller for air travel but also sea or cruise travel taken to go abroad.
    • Cashless Hospitalization- It comes with cashless hospitalization services that can be availed by getting admitted at a network hospital of the insurer.
    • Quick Settlement of Claims- Shriram General Insurance Company ensures the quick settlement of travel insurance claimse. within 7 days.

    Things to Know About Shriram Travel Insurance



    Trips Covered


    Number of Countries Covered


    Sum Insured

    Up to 200,000 USD

    COVID-19 Cover


    Cashless Treatment


    In-house Claim Settlement

    Not Available

    Claim Assistance

    7 days a week

    Travel Insurance Plans Offered by Shriram Travel Insurance

    Shriram General Insurance Company offers three types of travel insurance plans in India. Take a look at them in the table below:

    Plan Types

    Sum Insured

    Eligibility Criteria

    Key Features

    Shri Travel

    50,000 USD

    90 days to 65 years

    l Personal accident

    l Medical expenses cover

    l Missed connection

    Shri Travel Plus

    100,000 USD

    90 days to 65 years

    l Trip cancellation & interruption

    l Medical expenses cover

    l Loss of passport

    Shri Travel Elite

    200,000 USD

    90 days to 65 years

    l Medical expenses cover

    l Trip delay

    l Financial emergency assistance

    Check out the various Shriram Travel Insurance plans in detail below:

    1. Shri Travel

    The Shri Travel plan is the basic travel policy offered by Shriram Travel Insurance. It covers the insured against a variety of adversities, including dental treatment, personal liability, loss of passport, medical expenses, missed connecting flight, total loss of checked-in baggage, personal accident, flight hijack, delay of checked-in baggage, etc.

    The policy can be divided as per the travel destination i.e. including the USA & Canada and excluding the USA & Canada.

    2. Shri Travel Plus

    Shri Travel Plus is the second type of plan offered by Shriram Travel Insurance. It provides coverage for the insured traveller against medical expenses, travel delay, loss of passport, repatriation of remains, trip curtailment, dental treatment, personal liability, flight hijack, bail bond, total loss of checked-in baggage, etc.

    This plan can also be differentiated into the coverage including the USA & Canada and excluding the USA & Canada.

    3. Shri Travel Elite

    Shri Travel Elite is the most comprehensive travel plan offered by Shriram Travel Insurance. It safeguards the insured traveller with the help of covers, including loss of passport, medical expenses cover, trip cancellation & interruption, financial emergency assistance, delay of checked-in baggage, hijack distress allowance, golfers hole in one, personal accident, travel delay, bail bond insurance, etc.

    Just like Shri Travel and Shri Travel Plus plans, the Shri Travel Elite plan also comes with coverage including the USA & Canada and excluding the USA & Canada.

    Inclusions under Shriram Travel Insurance Plans

    Travellers insured by Shriram Travel Insurance can get covered against the following risks during their trip:

    1. Medical Expenses Cover -  

    Any medical emergencies arising out of an illness or an accidental injury leading to the insured getting hospitalized during the trip will be covered under this medical travel insurance policy.

    2. Personal Accident - 

    In case the insured traveller meets with an accident during the trip that leads to hospitalization, the insurer will cover the cost of the The insurer will also compensate for any disability or death of the insured due to the accident.

    3. Daily Hospital Allowance - 

    Shriram Travel Insurance will offer a daily allowance to the insured traveller for up to 5 days if he/sheis admitted to a hospital for more than two consecutive days. The allowance can be used to meet day-to-day expenses incurred during hospitalization.

    3. Dental Treatment - 

    It covers any expenses incurred on the dental treatment of the insured to provide relief from acute painwhile travelling.

    4. Repatriation of Mortal Remains - 

    If an unfortunate incident leads to the demise of the traveller, then the insurer will repatriate his/hermortal remains back to India and bear the transportation cost.

    5. Delay in Check-in Baggage Arrival - 

    In case there is a delay of more than 12 hours in the delivery of check-in baggage by the scheduled airline, then the insurer will reimburse any expenses incurred on the purchase of essential items, such as clothes, medicines, toiletries, etc

    6. Total Loss of Check-in Baggage - 

    If the check-in baggage of the insured has been misplaced by the airline with which he/she was travelling, then the insurance company will pay compensation for the losses incurred.

    7. Loss of Passport - 

    In case the insured traveller loses his/her passport during the international trip, then this travel insurance policy will cover the cost of obtaining a duplicate or new passport.

    8. Personal Liability - 

    Shriram Travel Insurance will cover any personal legal liabilities of the insured traveller that may have arisen due to causing a bodily injury or property damage to a third-party person during the trip.

    9. Hijack Distress Allowance - 

    The insurer provides a hijack distress allowance to the insured traveller in case the flight with which he/sheis travelling gets hijacked and the journey gets disrupted for more than 24 hours.

    10. Trip Cancellation & Interruption - 

    In case the insured traveller’s journey gets interrupted or cancelled due to any unforeseen incident, such as a terrorist attack or sudden illness of a family member, then Shriram Travel Insurance will indemnify any losses incurred.

    11. Financial Emergency Assistance - 

    This policy provides emergency financial assistance to the insured traveller in case he/sheloses all the money due to incidents like robbery, theft, mugging or dacoity.

    12. Missed Connection - 

    Shriram Travel Insurance will reimburse thelosses incurred by the insured traveller for missing his/her connecting flight due to the cancellation or delay in the arrival of an inward flight.

    13. Travel Delay - 

    It reimburses any losses incurredby the insured traveller in case there has been a delay of more than 12 hours in the commencement of the trip due to unforeseen incidents, such as natural calamities, etc.

    14. Trip Curtailment - 

    In case an emergency or incident forces the insured traveller to cut short the trip and get back to India, then Shriram Travel Insurance will reimburse any additional expenses or losses incurred.

    15. Bail Bond Insurance - 

    The insurer will reimburse the amount paid as bail bond by the insured traveller if he/she gets arrested by the local authorities during the

    16. Golfers Hole-in-One - 

    Shriram Travel Insurance will reimburse any expenses incurred by the insured traveller on the celebration of Golfer’s Hole-in-One.

    Exclusions under Shriram Travel Insurance Plans

    The following incidents and situations are not covered under Shriram Travel Insurance policies:

    • Pre-Existing Medical Treatment: It does not cover the expenses incurred on the treatment of any pre-existing illness.
    • Criminal Intent: The insurer will not cover any expenses incurred due to a breach of law done with criminal intent.
    • Use of Intoxicants: Any claims arising out of the use or abuse of intoxicants, such as alcohol and drugs, will not be covered by Shriram Travel Insurance policies.
    • Self-inflicted Injuries: No claims related to any self-inflicted injuries of the insured, such as suicide or an attempt to suicide, will not be covered.
    • Pregnancy & Related Procedures: The insurer does not cover any medical expenses incurred on pregnancy, childbirth or related procedures, such as miscarriage, abortion, etc., under this policy.
    • HIV/ AIDSIt does not cover the treatment cost for HIV/ AIDS.
    • Defying Doctor’s Advice -The insurer will reject all claims if the insured is found travelling against the advice of the doctor.

    The complete list of exclusions can be found by referring to the policy wordings.

    Shriram Travel Insurance Claim Process

    Buying a travel insurance policy is extremely important. But being aware of the claim procedure for a travel insurance policy is equally essential. Shriram Travel insurance accepts two types of claims – Cashless claims and Reimbursement claims.

    Cashless Claims:

    Cashless claim facility ensures that the medical expenses are paid by the insurer directly. It is available at all the network hospitals of Shriram General Insurance Company. Follow the steps for raising cashless claims under a Shriram Travel Insurance policy:

    • Get hospitalized at a network hospital of the insurer
    • Inform the hospital staff about the Shriram Travel Insurance policy
    • Fill upthe pre-authorization letter and the hospital will send it to the insurer
    • The insurer will cross-check your claim with your policy coverage
    • After verification, the insurance provider will send an approval
    • Get treated at the hospital and get discharged
    • Shriram Travel insurance will pay for the treatment directly to the network hospital

    Reimbursement Claims:

    Claims related to travel and non-medical risks, such as delay of check-in baggage, loss of passport, trip delay, etc., can be registered as a reimbursement claim. Even when the insured receives treatment at a non-network hospital, a reimbursement claim can be raised. Follow the steps given below to file a reimbursement claim with Shriram Travel Insurance:

    • Inform the insurance provider about the claim or loss within the first 24 hours
    • Fill up the travel insurance claim form
    • Submit all the documents required along with the claim form
    • The claim will be reviewed against the policy coverage
    • On claim approval, Shriram Travel Insurance will pay the claim amount

    Documents Required for Claiming Shriram Travel Insurance

    • Travel insurance claim form
    • Medical papers along with pathology and X-ray reports as applicable
    • Statement of the attending doctor
    • Doctor’s prescription along with the suggested line of treatment
    • Police report/ Police FIR report (in case of an accident or loss)
    • Bills and cash memos of the expenses incurred
    • Disability Certificate from reputed doctor or healthcare provider (in case of permanent disability)
    • Sick Leave Certificate from the employer (in case of temporary total disability claims)
    • Death Certificate and post mortem report (in case of the death of insured traveller)
    • Original Property Irregularity Report (PIR) mentioning the names of the items lost (in case of baggage loss)
    • Baggage damage report by the airlines confirming the baggage loss
    • Copies of the boarding pass, baggage tags and the airline ticket
    • Photocopy of passport showing the entry & exit from India
    • Photocopy of the trip itinerary
    • Photocopy of trip cancellation statement by the airline/ hotel mentioning non-refundable expenses
    • USPGA Club Certificate (in case of golfer’s hole-in-one)

    How to Enrol in Shriram Travel Insurance Plans?

    A prospective traveller can apply for a Shriram travel insurance plan online and offline. Check out the steps to buy Shriram Travel Insurance below:

    Online Process:

    Shriram Travel Insurance can be bought online at the website of Policybazaar Insurance Broker Private Limited. People can also visit the insurer’s website to buy the policy. To apply for Shriram travel insurance online, follow the steps given below:

    • Visit the official website of Policybazaar Insurance Broker Private Limited
    • Go to the icon of ‘Travel Insurance’
    • Enter the basic travel details, such as destination country, dates of travel, etc.
    • Provide personal details of the traveller, such as email id, age, etc.
    • Choose the Shriram Travel Insurance to buy
    • Pay the premium amount for the chosen plan online at the payment gateway via net banking, debit or credit card
    • The policy will be issued within a few minutes.
    • Download thepolicy document

    Before buying the policy, make sure to compare travel insurance policies online to find the best policy for the trip.

    • Offline Process:

    Shriram Travel Insurance can be bought offline in the following ways:

    • Call on the toll-free number of Policybazaar Insurance Broker Private Limited on 1800-708-8787 and ask to buy the policy
    • Contact an insurance agent and buy the policy through the agent
    • Go to the nearest branch of the insurer and buy the policy by filling the proposal form and paying the premium

    In case of any queries, write to insurance experts at by sending an email to

    Shriram Travel Insurance - FAQs

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