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Travel insurance USA is a customized insurance policy designed for people travelling to the United States of America. It safeguards a traveller from any unfavourable circumstances or events during his trip to the United States that may cause him major financial losses.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

  • Accidental & sickness expenses
  • Baggage Delay / Loss
  • Trip Delay / Cancellation
  • Passport Loss
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Missed flights
Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Plans for an individual of 30 years age travelling to USA for 15 days

    A travel insurance USA plan has been tailor-made as per the requirements of the people travelling to the United States for the purpose of tourism, business, meeting friends & families or studying.

    Travel insurance for USA from India covers any situations that the insured traveller is likely to face during his trip to the United States of America. For example, healthcare is extremely expensive in the USA and thus, this travel insurance will provide coverage for emergency medical treatment and personal accident.

    Only people who are travelling to the United States of America can purchase this travel insurance for USA from India. In fact, all foreigners travelling to America are advised to buy this travel insurance along with their US visa without fail in order to steer clear of any unfortunate incident that disrupts their travel plans.

    Key Features of Travel Insurance USA

    Travel insurance is designed to protect the insured traveller from any mishaps during his USA that may cause him financial losses and force him to cut short his trip. A wide range of travel insurance for USA from India is available in the market. Let’s look at some of the key features of travel insurance USA plans below:

    • Cashless Hospitalization Facility – All travel medical insurance USA policies offer cashless hospitalization facility. The insured travellers are not required to pay at the hospital at the time of discharge if they take treatment at one of the network hospitals of their insurance company. Instead, the insurer directly settles the bill with the hospital.
    • No Pre-Policy Health Check-up – Most insurance companies offer travel insurance US without asking the traveller to go through a pre-policy medical check-up. This feature may be available to people for up to a specific age limit as per the terms of the insurance company.
    • Baggage Insurance – All travel insurance policies provide baggage insurance that covers the cost of any damages or losses incurred on the accompanied luggage of the insured traveller. It also covers delay in baggage delivery by the airline with whom he travelled to the United States
    • Zero Deductible – A few insurance companies offer the best travel insurance plans for USA with zero deductible features. This means that the insured traveller would not have to pay any share of the claim amount at the time of claim settlement.
    • Policy Extension – Many travel insurance US plans come with the option of policy extension. While few companies offer automatic policy extension for up to seven days, other companies allow the insured traveller to extend or renew his travel insurance policy for up to 365 days in total.

    Types of Travel Insurance USA

    On the basis of the trip frequency of the person travelling to the United States, a travel insurance USA policy can be broadly divided into two types:

    • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance – A multi-trip travel insurance USA plan is meant for travellers who fly to the United States of America multiple times in a year. This policy is suitable for frequent flyers such as travel bloggers, business travellers as well as people whose family stay in the USA.
    • Single Trip Travel Insurance – A single trip travel insurance plan is designed for travellers who are travelling to the United States of America for a single trip. This type of policy is suitable for individuals who are visiting the United States to meet friends & families, spend their vacations or study in an educational institution.

    Benefits of Buying Travel Insurance USA Plan

    The United States of America is one of the most visited countries in the world. The country offers a variety of scenic landscapes and tourist attractions ranging from the sprawling Grand Canyon and the majestic Niagara Falls to the spectacular Statue of Liberty. Moreover, the country is home to some of the best universities in the world, including the Ivy League Colleges. But even the most gorgeous places on earth are not accident-proof and can face an emergency any time. Therefore, it is important for all foreigners to possess a valid travel insurance USA plan and stay medically & financially protected.

    To get a better understanding, here are some of the top benefits that come along with the best travel insurance for USA from India:

    • Protects from Costly Medical Services in the USA - The United States of America is infamous for the sky-rocketing cost of healthcare services. Taking emergency medical treatment in the USA can majorly affect the finances of the traveller and affect his trip budget. However, people with travel insurance USA plan can avail medical facility without worrying about bill payment as it is covered in the policy.
    • Cashless Hospitalization Facility – People with international travel health insurance are eligible for cashless hospitalization facility. This means that the insurance company will settle the medical bills of the insured directly with the hospital if he receives medical treatment at one of its listed network hospitals.
    • 24x7 Emergency Assistance – A travel insurance policy for USA from India offers round the clock assistance services. Whether the insured faces an emergency during the day or in the middle of the night, he can contact the assistance service provider of his insurance provider for help.
    • Travel Without Any Worries – People who possess a valid travel insurance USA plan can enjoy their trip to the United States without any worries since they are appropriately prepared for any mishap. This ensures peace of mind during the trip and allows them to travel stress-free during the trip.

    Coverage of Travel Insurance for USA from India

    A travel insurance USA plan covers an insured traveller from a range of unpredictable events or situations that may disrupt his trip and result in monetary losses. Take a look at the list of coverage offered by travel insurance for USA from India:

    • Personal Accident – In case the insured gets injured in an accident in the United States, the cost of his medical treatment at a local hospital will be covered under the travel insurance policy
    • Emergency Medical Expenses – Any expenses incurred on the treatment of the insured for any sudden illness or injury in the US will be covered under the travel insurance USA plan
    • Medical Evacuation – In case the insured traveller faces an emergency during his USA trip and needs to be medically evacuated to a nearby hospital, then his insurer will arrange it as well as cover the expenses incurred on availing emergency road or air ambulance services
    • Repatriation of Remains – If an accidental injury or illness in the US results in the sudden death of the insured, the insurance company will organise a funeral for him and repatriate his mortal remains back to his home country
    • Accidental Death – In case an accident of the insured during his USA trip results in his death, then his family will receive a lump sum amount as compensation from his insurance provider
    • Accidental Disability – An insured traveller will receive compensation if he gets injured in an accident that took place during his US trip and caused him permanent disability
    • Hospital Daily Cash Allowance – A travel insurance USA plan provides a lump sum amount to the insured to cover day-to-day expenses in case he gets admitted to a local hospital for the treatment of an injury or illness
    • Emergency Dental Treatment – Any expenses incurred on dental treatment taken by the insured during his trip to the United States for acute pain relief will be covered by his insurer
    • Personal Liability – A travel insurance USA plan will cover any legal liability of the insured due to causing damages or injuries to third-party property or person during his US trip
    • Total Loss of Check-in Baggage – In case the check-in baggage of the insured is lost or misplaced by the airline with which he travelled to the USA, he will be eligible to receive a compensation from his insurance company
    • Loss of Passport – If the passport of the insured traveller gets lost during his US trip, then his insurer will cover the actual cost of obtaining a duplicate or new passport
    • Delay of Check-in Baggage – In case the arrival of check-in baggage of the insured is delayed by the airline with which he travelled to the United States, then his insurance company will reimburse the expenses incurred on buying important utilities such as medicines, clothes, toiletries, etc.
    • Flight Delay – Under a travel insurance USA plan, the insurance company will be liable to reimburse any losses incurred by the insured in case his scheduled flight is delayed for more than a certain number of hours
    • Missed Connection Flight – In case a delay in the arrival of an inbound flight at a transit airport leads to the insured missing his connecting flight, then his insurance provider will cover all the consequential expenses and losses incurred by him
    • Trip Delay – If the insured delays his trip to the US due to some unavoidable circumstances, then his insurer will cover all the losses that he will incur
    • Trip Cancellation – In case the insured traveller’s US trip gets cancelled due to an emergency situation, then his insurance provider will cover the losses incurred on the booking of flights, hotel accommodation, etc.
    • Bounced Hotel Booking – Under a travel insurance USA plan, the insurance provider will cover the actual expenses incurred by the insured in making another hotel booking for his stay in the US if the original booking gets bounced
    • Hijack Distress Allowance – If the flight in which the insured is travelling to the United States of America gets hijacked, he will get a distress allowance from his insurer as compensation
    • Loss of Baggage & Personal Documents – Any expenses or losses incurred by the insured due to the loss of his baggage and personal documents in the US will be covered under this policy
    • Emergency Cash Assistance – The insurance company will provide emergency cash to the insured in case he loses all his money due to an incident of theft, mugging, robbery, etc. during his US trip
    • Emergency Trip Extension – In case the scheduled airline of the insured asks him to extend his return journey from America due to an emergency, then the insurance company will extend his travel insurance USA plan until he returns back to his home country
    • Hotel Accommodation – If the insured extends his US trip to ensure recovery from an accidental injury or illness, then his insurer will cover the cost of hotel booking for additional stay
    • Compassionate Visit – The insurance company will pay the transportation cost for one family member of the insured in case he is admitted to a US hospital for a long period of time
    • Trip Abandonment – Any expenses or losses incurred by the insured for returning back from his US trip earlier than scheduled will be covered under the travel insurance USA plan
    • Bail Bond – The insurance company will arrange for the bail bond money in case the insured traveller gets arrested by the local US authorities

    Additional Coverage of Travel Insurance for USA from India:

    • Home Insurance – In case the insured’s house at his home country catches fire or gets burgled during his trip to America, then his insurer will cover the losses incurred
    • Adventure Sports – A travel insurance USA plan will cover any losses or expenses incurred by the insured traveller due to his participation in adventure sports activities during his US trip. It is also offered as an add-on cover by a few insurance companies in India
    • Value-Added Services – Under this cover, dependent members of the insured’s family can avail value-added services from his insurance provider for the duration of his US trip. It includes services such as automotive assistance services, lifestyle services and medical concierge services.

    Exclusions of Travel Insurance for USA from India:

    Not all risks that a traveller may face in the United States of America are covered under a travel insurance USA plan. Here is a list of exclusions of a travel insurance policy for the USA:

    • Pre-Existing Diseases – Any expenses incurred on the treatment of a pre-existing medical condition or illness of the insured during his US trip will not be covered
    • Act of Terrorism – If the insured traveller suffers an injury or loss due to a terrorist strike during his US trip, then it will not be covered by his insurance company
    • Self-Inflicted Injuries – Any injury or expense incurred by the insured on the treatment of any self-inflicted injuries will be excluded under a travel insurance USA plan
    • Breach of Law – If the insured suffers a loss or injury due to violating a US law, then his insurance company will deny any claims arising out of it
    • Consumption of Intoxicating Substance – In case the insured traveller incurs any expenses or losses due to consumption of intoxicants such as drugs or alcohol, then it will not be covered by his insurance provider
    • Cosmetic and Obesity Treatment – No expenses arising out of a cosmetic or obesity treatment will be covered under a travel insurance USA plan
    • Adventure Sports Activities – Most travel insurers do not cover any expenses or losses incurred by the insured traveller due to participating in any adventure sports activities

    How to Buy Travel Insurance USA Online?

    People who want to buy the best travel insurance from India to USA online can do so by visiting the official website of the insurance company. He can also buy a travel insurance USA plan online from an insurance aggregator like that allows him to compare different travel insurance plans before finding the most suitable one for his trip. After the plan has been selected, the traveller will have to fill up a proposal form and pay the visa fees online to obtain the travel insurance USA. 

    Best Travel Insurance for USA from India by Top Insurance Companies

    Most insurance companies in India offer the best travel insurance for USA from India. Following is the list of the best insurance companies in India that offer travel insurance USA plans:

    • Aditya Birla Travel Insurance
    • Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance
    • Bharti AXA Travel Insurance
    • Cholamandalam Travel Insurance
    • Digit Travel Insurance
    • Future Generali Travel Insurance
    • HDFC ERGO General Travel Insurance
    • HDFC ERGO Health Travel Insurance
    • IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance
    • National Insurance Travel Insurance
    • New India Assurance Travel Insurance
    • Oriental Travel Insurance
    • Reliance Travel Insurance
    • Religare Travel Insurance
    • Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance
    • SBI Travel Insurance
    • Shriram Travel Insurance
    • Star Travel Insurance
    • Tata AIG Travel Insurance
    • United India Travel Insurance
    • Universal Sompo Travel Insurance

    Disclaimer : *Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

    Fast Facts

    Official Name

    United States of America

    Number of states



    Washington, D.C.

    Largest City

    New York City

    Largest  University

    University of Central Florida

    Official Language



    US Dollars

    Time Zone


    Largest Hospital

    New York Presbyterian Hospital 

    Most Visited City

    New York City 

    Entry Essentials

    The USA is a strict disciplinarian when it comes to entry essentials and stipulates intricate entry requirements for visa and passport. Those planning to travel from India to the USA must get well acquainted with the different aspects of visa and passport policies beforehand to ensure hassle-free trip to the USA.

    • Passport Information - Travellers to the USA must ensure that they have a valid passport with at least 2 blank pages for the stamping. Also, it is important to ensure that the passport for valid for a period for 6 months beyond the intended stay in the USA.
    • Visa Information - Those planning to travel from India to the USA need to obtain a valid visa beforehand. Travellers need to apply for different type of visa depending upon their purpose of travel to the USA. Here are the 2 most sought-after and most important visa types for the USA:
      • Business Visa (B1) - The B1 Visa is offered to those travelling for business meetings, conferences, attending of scientific, professional or educational conventions, etc. This visa is generally offered for a short period of time.
      • Tourist Visa (B2) - B2 Visa is offered to those travelling to the USA for tourism, visiting friends or relatives, medical treatments, etc. This visa is generally offered for a time period ranging between 1 year and 10 years. However, the maximum period of stay during one trip is limited to 6 months and multiple entries to the country are allowed.  

    Here’s a list of other different types of Visas that travellers can apply for when travelling to the USA depending upon their purpose of travel:

    Purpose of Travel to the USA

    Types of Visa Required

    Foreign government officials and diplomats


    Military personnel stationed in the U.S.


    Athletes competing for prize money, business visitors,  domestic employees


    Patients, Tourists,


    Transit in the USA


    Cabin Crew on US bound aircraft


    Highly specialised professionals with specific industry knowledge


    Temporary workers for non-agricultural professions


    Information media representatives and journalists


    Exchange visitors


    Vocational students


    Entertainers, artists and athletes


    Visa Procedure - In order to apply for visa, it makes sense to get acquainted with the different types of visas available for travelling to the USA. After selecting the suitable Visa type, you must complete the Non-immigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form.

    Once you’re done filling the DS-160 form, pay the visa fee. After paying the visa fee, keep your receipt number and proceed to book your visa appointment. Create a profile for booking Visa appointment, login and schedule an appointment with Visa Application Centre and US Embassy or Consulate. Do well to carry the required documents and your proof of identity when going for your visa appointment.

    Here is a list of locations of the US Embassy and Consulates in India:



    Phone Number


    US Embassy, New Delhi

    Shantipath, Chanakyapuri New Delhi - 110021


    support- india[@]ustraveldocs[.]com

    US Consulate General, Kolkata

    5/1, Ho Chi Minh Sarani Kolkata - 700071


    support- india[@]ustraveldocs[.]com

    US Consulate General, Chennai

    No. 220, Anna Salai Chennai - 600006


    support- india[@]ustraveldocs[.]com

    US Consulate General, Mumbai

    C-49, G-Block, Bandra Kurla Complex Bandra East, Mumbai - 400051


    support- india[@]ustraveldocs[.]com

    US Consulate General, Hyderabad

    Paigah Palace 1-8-323 Chiran Fort Lane, Begumpet Secunderabad - 500003 Andhra Pradesh


    Support- india[@]ustraveldocs[.]com

    3. Travel Insurance - Though it is not mandatory to buy a travel insurance plan when travelling to the USA, it makes sense to buy one as it helps you take care of any unforeseen expenses and travel-related emergencies. Typically, medical costs in the USA are much higher as compared to India and may easily dent your finances substantially in case you run into any medical problems while travelling to the USA. Here are some of the many benefits of travel insurance plans for people travelling to the USA:



    Medical Coverage

    Medical Emergency Cover

     Emergency hospitalisation expenses, repatriation of mortal remains, emergency evacuation on medical grounds

    Personal Liability cover

    $ 1,00,000-2,00,000 (depending on plan type)

    Accidental death and disablement cover (24hrs.)

    $ 10,000-25,000 (depending on plan type)

    Accidental death and disablement cover (common carrier)

    $ 5000

    Sickness Dental cover

    $ 300-1000 (depending on plan type)



    Non-medical Coverage

    Loss of Baggage

    The compensation for loss of baggage is offered under the categories:

    • Total Loss
    • Partial Loss
    • Compensation for precious items

    $50-500 after 12hrs of delay (depending on plan type)

    Loss of Important Documents


    Flight delay/cancellation

    Due to the bad weather if the scheduled flight is delayed or cancelled, the loss is covered. 90% of insurance company offers outbound leg of the trip

    Baggage delay, after 12 hrs


    Missed Connection

    covers outbound, inbound and connecting flights

    Trip Curtailment

    In case of cut-short of the trip duration, the expenses of unused part of the trip is covered up to $500-1000, depending on the plan type

    Concierge Services

    Some policies offer services like pre-travel visa, vaccinations, medical support, coordination etc.

    Home Burglary


    Auto extension of policy up to 7 days


    Bounced hotel/flight bookings

    $500-1000 depending on the plan type



    *Data culled from TATA AIG Travel Guard policy brochure. The coverage may vary from insurer to insurer.

    • Coverage for trip delays, cancellations and interruptions
    • Coverage for immediate medical assistance and hospitalization
    • Coverage for medical evacuation
    • Coverage for loss of baggage and/or delayed baggage
    • Coverage for missed flights
    • Coverage for loss of passport and travel documents

    Best Time to Visit USA

    Typically, the USA witnesses a torrent of visitors throughout the year. However, Spring months between April and June make for the best time to visit the USA. Spring months of April to June make for a great time for outdoor sightseeing, partaking in exciting adventure sports, indulging in shopping spree or diving headfirst into the festival mania of the country. Summer months of June to August also make for a good time to visit the country. Winter months are usually not too conducive for outdoor sightseeing and can be avoided. No matter what season do you choose to travel to the country, don’t forget to buy one of the best USA travel insurance plans as sudden change of weather may prove cumbersome resulting in uncalled for medical expenses. 

    USA Transportation

    All major cities in the USA are well connected via rail, road and air transport medium. Typically, air travel is the most common mode of travelling within the country. Rental cars and transcontinental buses make for some other popular and economical modes of transportation within the country. Hitchhiking is not permitted in most parts of the USA.

    Here’s a list of 5 popular airports in the USA for those travelling from India:

    List of International Airports in USA for Direct Flights from India




    O'Hare International Airport

    New York City

    John F. Kennedy International Airport


    Newark Liberty International Airport

    San Francisco

    San Francisco International Airport

    Washington D.C.

    Washington Dulles International Airport

    Except for a few direct flights that travel to the aforementioned international airports in the USA, all other flights from India to the USA are connecting flights with short/long layovers. A survey by Capital One reveals that one out of every 7 travellers miss their connecting flights. Missing connecting flights, especially when travelling to the USA, may prove to be a daunting experience. This is where travel insurance for USA comes to your rescue. With missed connection coverage provided by USA travel insurance plans, you can easily take another connecting flight, without having to pay for the travel changes.

    But that’s not all: according to a report, number one reason for lost luggage is missed connection. In fact, nearly half of the luggage that is lost is because it was unable to make a transfer between connecting flights. If your checked bag gets lost or misplaced between connecting flights to the USA, you will left in a lurch without your essential items. So it makes sense to buy international travel insurance for the USA beforehand to ensure adequate coverage for loss or delayed baggage.

    USA Weather

    The USA is comparatively larger country as compared to India. Owing to the diverse geographical setting of the country, the weather pattern and climate varies dramatically depending upon the location within the country. Typically, there are 4 major seasons in the USA:

    • Summer - June to August
    • Fall - September to November
    • Winter - December to February
    • Spring - March to May

    Top Tourist Spots in the USA

    The USA is exceedingly rich when it comes to tourist delights and sightseeing opportunities. It is perhaps one country that actually inspires tourists to wander around. You may choose to take a walk down the memory lanes at one of the many historic edifices. Discover picturesque neighbourhoods and explore serene corners that continue to tempt travellers from all over the world. Here’s a list of just some of the many top tourist spots in the USA.

    • Grand Canyon
    • Niagara Falls
    • Statue of Liberty
    • White House
    • Yellowstone National Park
    • Walt Disney World Resort
    • Times Square
    • Golden Gate Bridge
    • Waikiki
    • Las Vegas Strip
    • Boston Harbor Islands

    Shopping Attractions in the USA

    It surely won’t be an exaggeration to say that the USA is the hub for shopping. The country is a shopper’s paradise and attracts heaps of tourists from around the world who believe in retail therapy. Whether it is fashion, antiques, furniture, jewellery or accessories - the USA is guaranteed to provide each and every holiday maker a variety of options. Shopping here is quick and easy! Let’s check out some of the top shopping attractions in the USA: 

    • Fifth Avenue, Manhattan
    • Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas
    • North Michigan Avenue, Chicago
    • Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles
    • M Street NW, Washington, D.C.
    • Fillmore Street, San Francisco
    • Newbury Street, Boston
    • Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu
    • King Street, Charleston
    • Walnut Street, Philadelphia

    Eating out In the USA

    The USA is awash with superb and thrilling places to eat out, with a broad variety of every kind of food conceivable. Loads of modish locations and mammoth variety of admirable, mouth-watering menus provide nothing short of culinary nirvana. For those who like a touch a distinctiveness, there are numerous lunch or dinner cruises available. Here are just some of the many top dining attractions in the USA:

    • Daniel - New York City
    • Victoria & Albert’s - Orlando
    • Charleston Grill - Charleston
    • Alinea - Chicago
    • Chef and the Farmer - Kinston
    • Halls Chophouse - Charleston
    • Geronimo - Santa Fe
    • Mama’s Fish House - Paia
    • Restaurant Gary Danko - San Francisco
    • Merriman’s - Kapalua

    Top Hotels in The USA

    The USA is a popular tourist destination and this has ensured the presence of countless accommodation options across all categories. Hotels in the USA are relatively expensive, and most hotels in the USA do not provide refund upon cancellation, especially during the high travel season. Many travellers to the USA forgo travel insurance as they believe that it is a waste of money. On the contrary, travel insurance could be a lifesaver in the case of sudden trip cancellation to cover hotel costs. 

    Here is a list of some of the top hotels in the USA:

    • Ace Hotel, New Orleans
    • Amangiri, Utah
    • The Asbury, New Jersey
    • The Chequit, New York
    • Chicago Athletic Association, Chicago
    • Cliff House, Maine
    • Colony Hotel, Florida
    • The Gramercy Park Hotel, New York
    • Hotel Emma, Texas
    • Palace Hotel San Francisco

    Things to Do:

    The Unites States of America promises something to every traveller from India, be it a culture vulture, a food fanatic, a shopping enthusiast, or an adventure seeker. From the glittering skyscrapers of the New York city to the rustic enigma of the Grand Canyon, the USA packs in everything and much more to bewitch all and sundry. Here’s a list of just some of the many must-have experiences for those travelling to the USA: 

    • Spend a day at a theme park - The United States of America is replete with theme parks that promise a day full of fun and frolics. Disneyland and Universal Studios are two of the most famous theme parks located in California and Orlando.
    • Try out some mouth-watering cuisines - From street food to Michelin-starred dining, the USA is home to some of the world’s best restaurants and eateries. Whatever your dining style, the USA will leave you spoilt for choices with its diverse flavours and tastes.
    • Get the first-hand Hollywood experience - Hollywood is one of the biggest attractions in the USA and a large number of tourists from across the globe throng Los Angeles to breathe the same air as their favourite Hollywood actors. It is a must-have experience for anyone travelling to the USA.
    • Gamble the day out - With some of the world’s best casinos, Las Vegas invites people from worldwide to spend a day or two betting tokens on BlackJack, roulettes, or the slot machines.
    • Go surfing - Lastly, it’s difficult not to talk to surfing in Hawaii when talking about the must-have experiences in the USA. And Hawaii doesn’t just offer great surfing; it also offers parasailing, hiking, helicopter tours and much more. A lot of USA travel insurance plans cover adventure sports.

    These are just some of the many must-have experiences for those travelling to the USA from India. Golden Gate Bridge, Times Square, and Grand Canyon are among some other exciting pursuits in the USA. 

    Top Hospitals in the USA

    The USA is home to some of the best hospitals and medical facilities in the world. Quite obviously, a large number of patients from India travel to the USA for medical treatment. And this figure has only been increasing over the years. Here’s a list of some of the top hospitals in the USA: 

    Typical Costs

    Hotel prices

    $100-$500 per night

    Budget hotel prices

    $70-150 per night

    Average Cost of Food


    Transportation costs

    $3 per trip (Bus Fare) 

    $30-$50 per trip (Taxi)

    $3-$5 per trip (Subway)

    • University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
    • Cleveland Clinic
    • Johns Hopkins Hospital
    • Mount Sinai Hospital
    • UCSF Medical Center
    • Hospital for Special Surgery
    • Mclean Hospital
    • Massachusetts General Hospital
    • New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell

    Typical Medical Costs in the USA

    Emergency Care

    Family Planning

    Ambulance Charges


    Pre-Natal Care


    Air-Ambulance Fees


    Labour & Delivery


    ER Visits


    Caesarean Section


    Urgent Care


    Postpartum Check-up


    Broken/Sprained Wrist

    $500+ Non-Surgical          $7000-$10000 Surgical

    Breast Cancer


    Hip Fracture


    Pancreatic Cancer


    Sprained/Broken Ankle

    $2500+ Non-Surgical          $17000-$35000 Surgical

    Brain Cancer


    Physical Therapy

    $50-$350 per session





    Bone Marrow Transplant


    Common Tests




    Diabetes Medication




    Cholesterol Medication


    Blood Test


    Allergy Shots


    Cholesterol Test






    Brain Surgery



    Coronary Artery Bypass









    Gall Bladder Removal



    Cataract Surgery



    Hernia Repair






    Average cost of medical treatment in the USA is costly. If you get unwell during your trip to the USA and need emergency care, you’ll need to spend a fortune. An ambulance to drop you to a hospital will cost around $400. If tests are required, you would need to spend an additional $100-$500. In case you’re advised hospital stay, you will need to shell out $1,000-$5000 from your pocket. Add to this this cost of medicines, and you’ll realize that you may end up losing over $7,000 or more. That’s why you must do well to buy the best overseas travel insurance plan. Remember, USA travel insurance plans provide you coverage for medical expenses while on trip to the country.

    Local law and Etiquette in the USA

    • Buying/Drinking Age - The average buying/drinking age in the USA is 21. You may be required to furnish proper ID in order to buy or be served alcohol.
    • Smoking Age - The legal smoking age in most states in the USA is 18 years. Be advised that you may be required to furnish id proof in order to buy cigarettes. Remember, smoking is banned in all indoor public places tnhroughout the country, including bars, clubs and restaurants.
    • Emergency Contact- The nationwide emergency number in the USA is 911.

    Money Saving Tips to USA Travellers

      • Live in Budget Hostels/Dorms - Hotels in the USA are too pricey and that is why it makes sense for budget travellers to look for rooms in one of the many budget hotels or dorms.
      • Eating out - Like hotels, most restaurants in the USA too are pricey. Therefore, students and budget travellers looking to save money must choose to eat at local eateries.
      • Transportation - In most American cities, Uber and Lyft are way cheaper than taxis and are the best way to get around. You may even hop aboard local buses if you aren’t looking to pay for hefty taxi fares.
      • Staying fit in the USA- Medical expenses are too steep in the USA and that’s why it makes sense for students and budget travellers to take care of their health at all times. In addition, travellers must also ensure buying an international travel insurance plan to ensure adequate coverage for emergency medical expenses when travelling to the USA.

    Embassy Information



    Phone Number


    Embassy of India, Washington DC

    2107 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20008

    (202) 939-7000


    Consulate General of India, New York

    3 East 64th Street(Between 5th and Madison Avenues)New York, NY 10065

    (212) 774-0600


    Consulate General of India, Atlanta

    5549 Glenridge Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30342

    (213) 213-5019


    Consulate General of India, Chicago

    455 North City Front Plaza Drive, NBC Tower Building, Suite No. 850, Chicago, IL 60611

    (202) 939-7000


    Consulate General of India, Houston

    4300 Scotland Street, Houston, TX 77007



    Consulate General of India, San Francisco

    540 Arguello Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94118

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    • Q:Is it mandatory to have travel insurance for the USA?

      Ans: No. As per the visa guidelines of the US Immigrant Department, it is not mandatory for foreigners to have travel insurance in order to take a trip to the United States of America. However, all foreign travellers are advised to buy a travel insurance USA plan to stay safe from any adversity that may lead to financial losses.
    • Q:How much does travel insurance to the USA cost?

      Ans: The cost of travel insurance for USA from India depends on several factors such as traveller’s age, trip duration, coverage, etc. However, most insurance companies offer travel insurance USA for a premium amount ranging from Rs 900 per day to Rs 1900 per day.
    • Q:Is there any free healthcare in the USA?

      Ans: No. Healthcare is not provided for free in the USA. All US citizens and foreign tourists are required to pay their medical bills to avail medical services in the country.
    • Q:Can foreigners buy health insurance in the USA?

      Ans: Yes. Foreigners can buy health insurance in the USA. But the cost of buying health insurance in the USA will be much more than the premium amount that you will pay for a travel insurance USA plan. On top of that, travel insurance will also cover you for non-medical emergencies such as personal liability, loss of passport, trip delay, bail bond, baggage loss, etc.


    • US Travel, Leisure Companies’ Report Due This Week to Give Insights on Consumer, Economy

      A report on the US travel and leisure industry is set to release this week, providing insights into the current state of the USA’s economy. It will include trends on consumer spending, analysis and consequences of the US-China trade tensions along with any adverse impact from the stronger US dollar.

      The report will be compiled on the basis of the data provided by several big hotels, online booking agencies, cruise lines as well as theme parks. Together they form the travel and tourism industry that contributes to nearly 3% of the total US economy

      At a time when the manufacturing and industrial sector of the country is performing poorly, consumer spending is the only constant. This makes it important to know how much is the consumer actually spending, says Walter Todd from Greenwood Capital in South Carolina.

      Although corporate earnings have been better than expected, there hasn’t been much profits. As per the IBES data from Refinitiy, the S&P 500 companies are expected to have declared a decline of 0.8% in third-quarter earnings.

      Some of the travel and leisure companies under S&P 500 which are slated to submit their reports this week includes the Marriott International Inc, Host Hotels & Resorts Inc, Expedia Group, TripAdvisor, Booking Holdings Inc, Walt Disney and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings.