Travel Insurance for the USA from India

For a trip to the States, there’s hardly anything more reliable than travel insurance for the USA. America is a popular choice among tourists despite its expensive living costs. This policy is customised to help people avoid any unwanted financial emergencies.

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* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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  • Medical expenses, Trip cancellation/delay, Loss of baggage & Passport etc.
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* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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Plans include Covid-19 global coverage

Plans include Covid-19 global coverage

Accidental & sickness expenses

Accidental & sickness expenses

Covers Loss of check-in Baggage

Covers Loss of check-in Baggage

Get Trip Cancellation benefits

Get Trip Cancellation benefits

* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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Plans for an individual of 30 years age travelling to USA for 15 days

USA Travel Insurance

Travel insurance for the USA has been tailor-made for the people travelling to the United States for varying purposes, be it tourism, business, meeting friends & families or studying.

Travel insurance for the USA from India covers many situations that the insured traveller is likely to face during their trip to the United States of America. For example, healthcare is extremely expensive in the USA and thus, this travel insurance will provide coverage for emergency medical treatment.

This can be pretty expensive for travellers, which is why all those visiting America are advised to buy this travel insurance to steer clear of any unfortunate incident that disrupts their travel plans.

Statue of Liberty

Fast Facts About the USA

Categories Specification
Capital Washington D.C.
International Airports Washington (Dulles) International Airport, O’Hare International Airport
Time Zone Washington, DC, USA (GMT-4)
Best Time to Visit April to July
Most Visited City New York

Key Features of Travel Insurance for USA

Travel insurance is designed to protect the insured traveller from any mishaps during their stay in the USA that may cause financial losses or worse. A wide range of travel insurance for the USA from India is available in the market. Let’s look at some of the key features of travel insurance USA plans below:

  • Cashless Hospitalisation Facility – The insured travellers are not required to pay at the hospital at the time of discharge if they take treatment at one of the network hospitals of their insurance company. Instead, the insurer directly settles the bill with the hospital.
  • No Pre-Policy Health Check-up – Most insurance companies offer travel insurance US without asking the traveller to go through a pre-policy medical check-up. This feature may be available to people for up to a specific age limit as per the terms of the insurance company.
  • Baggage Cover– The insurance plan will cover delay or loss of baggage
  • Zero Deductibles – A few insurance companies offer the best travel insurance plans for the USA with zero deductible features. This means that the insured traveller would not have to pay any share of the claim amount at the time of claim settlement.
  • Automatic Policy Extension – Many travel insurance US plans come with the option of policy extension. While few companies offer automatic policy extensions for up to seven days, other companies allow the insured traveller to extend or renew his travel insurance policy for up to 365 days in total.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance from India to the USA?

The United States of America is one of the most visited countries in the world. The country offers a variety of scenic landscapes and tourist attractions ranging from the sprawling Grand Canyon to the spectacular Statue of Liberty.

Moreover, the country is home to some of the best universities in the world, including the Ivy League Colleges. But even the most gorgeous places on earth are not accident-proof and can face an emergency at any time. By purchasing travel insurance from India to the USA, you can benefit in the following ways:

  • Protection from costly medical services in the USA
  • Cashless hospitalisation facility
  • 24x7 emergency assistance
  • Cover for personal accident and personal liability
  • Coverage for passport and baggage loss
  • Coverage for trip interruption, flight delays and flight cancellations

Therefore, it is important for all foreigners to possess a valid travel insurance USA plan and stay medically & financially protected.

The USA Tourist Places

The USA is exceedingly rich when it comes to tourist delights and sightseeing opportunities. Discover picturesque neighbourhoods and explore serene corners that continue to tempt travellers from all over the world. Here’s a list of just some of the many top tourist spots in the USA:

  • New York: Perhaps the most popular city in the world, New York is a familiar site for many who are familiar with movies and theatre. The city is any visitor's attraction thanks to several iconic buildings like the Empire State Building, the High Lane, 5th Avenue, Times Square and the stunning Statue of Liberty.
  • Grand Canyon: Generations of tourists flock to this place to gaze over the endless horizon and depth of this wonder. People usually take a day trip to this place, usually to spend some time at the south rim of the Canyon.
  • San Francisco: This West Coast city is famous for its beautiful views, charming streets and famous sites. Some of its most famous attractions include the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and the Fisherman's Wharf.
  • Washington D.C.: Home to America's national treasures, the US capitol is a must-visit especially if you're around the East Coast. If visiting during springtime, make sure to attend the Cherry Blossom Festival. Some of the best places to visit in the US are here, including the Capitol Building, the White House, and the Smithsonian museums.
  • Yellowstone National Park: Spread over 3,500 sq. miles, the Yellowstone National Park is located in Wyoming and parts of Idaho and Montana. The park is an important site full of lush forests, hot springs, dramatic canyons and geysers. It is also home to the Old Faithful Area, famous for having the largest concentration of active geysers in the world. Some of its must-visit attractions include the Lamar Valley, Yellowstone Lake, Canyon Village, Grand Prismatic Spring, Artist Point and more.
  • Walt Disney World Resort: Disney World has become a household name. Not just kids, adults and the elderly enjoy visiting this theme park which sees more than 17 million visitors annually. If travelling with family, don't forget to drop by to have a truly magical time!
  • Waikiki: One of the best beaches in America, Waikiki is a beautiful tropical beach near the Pacific Ocean. Located on a Hawaiian island, it's known for its remarkable golden sand and beautiful waters. Visitors can surf, swim or simply relax on the beach here.
  • Las Vegas: Who hasn't heard of Las Vegas? This glittering desert city has been a popular spot among party lovers and is famous for its star-studded entertainment options. The place is especially famous for gambling and other games. Nearby attractions include the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, and Death Valley National Park.

Visa Information for the USA

Those planning to travel from India to the USA must get well acquainted with the different aspects of visa and passport policies beforehand to ensure hassle-free trips to the USA. Important travel documents required are given below:

  • A passport with at least 2 blank pages for the stamping, must be valid for 6 months beyond the intended stay in the USA.
  • Valid US Visa

The visitor must have the financial capacity to sustain their stay in the US for the entire duration and must have a return ticket or onward ticket from the US. Here’s a list of other different types of US visas that travellers can apply for depending upon their purpose of travel:

Purpose of Travel to the USA Types of Visa Required
Foreign government officials and diplomats A
Military personnel stationed in the U.S. A-2
Athletes competing for prize money, business visitors, domestic employees B-1
Patients, Tourists, B-2
Transit in the USA C
Cabin Crew on US-bound aircraft C-1/D
Highly specialised professionals with specific industry knowledge H1-B
Temporary workers for non-agricultural professions H2-B
Information media representatives and journalists I
Exchange visitors J
Vocational students M-1
Entertainers, artists and athletes P

Though it is not mandatory to buy a travel insurance plan when travelling to the USA, it makes sense to buy one as it helps you take care of any unforeseen expenses and travel-related emergencies.

Typically, medical costs in the USA are much higher as compared to India and may easily dent your finances substantially in case you run into any medical problems while travelling to the USA. If you’re going to study in the US, your university might need you to have mandatory student travel insurance before you can come here.

Entry Information for Indian Citizens Travelling to the USA

All Indian citizens travelling to the US need to have a pre-approved visa depending on the purpose of their visit. As of now, there’s no visa on arrival facility offered to Indian tourists.

International passengers including Indians can enter the US given that all the protocols are followed. Fully vaccinated individuals can board the flight for the US. However, a negative COVID-19 RT PCR test report is required.

The USA Travel: Tips & Precautionary Measures to Remember

The US is a pretty safe country for tourists. However, there are a few things that can make your experience better and safer:

  • Popular tourist areas are usually brightly lit and are patrolled by police, so it is very safe. However, venturing into areas that may not be as crowded can invite trouble.
  • Plugs used in the US are two-pronged with 110V AC, so keep adaptors handy.
  • The average buying/drinking age in the USA is 21. You may be required to furnish proper ID to buy or be served alcohol.
  • You may be required to furnish id proof to buy cigarettes. Remember, smoking is banned in all indoor public places throughout the country, including bars, clubs and restaurants.
  • Car crimes aren't very common in the US, however, if you're renting a car in major urban areas, don't stop at any unlit or deserted spot. In case of an accident, always call 911 for assistance.
  • The nationwide emergency number in the USA is 911.
  • Ensure that you don't overstay your visa's stipulated limit.

Finally, don’t forget to buy the best travel insurance plan for the US before you leave for your trip.

The Indian Embassy in the USA

In case of an emergency, Indian citizens in the USA can get in touch with Indian Embassy through the following means:

Emergency Contact
For emergency Visa services +1-202-258-8819
Emergency Assistance (24/7) (Non-Consular) 1+202-550-9931 (& WhatsApp)

Best Time to Visit the USA

Typically, the USA witnesses a torrent of visitors throughout the year. However, the Spring months between April and June make for the best time to visit the USA. Spring months make for a great time for outdoor sightseeing, partaking in exciting adventure sports, indulging in shopping sprees or diving headfirst into the festival mania of the country.

The summer months of June to August also make for a good time to visit America. Winter months are usually not too conducive for outdoor sightseeing and can be avoided.

In case you’re advised hospital stay, you will need to shell out $1,000-$5000 from your pocket. Add to this the cost of medicines, and you’ll realise that you may end up losing over $7,000 or more. That’s why you must do well to buy the best overseas travel insurance plan. Remember, USA travel insurance plans provide you coverage for medical expenses while on a trip to the country.

International Airports in the USA

Except for a few direct flights that travel to the aforementioned international airports in the USA, all other flights from India to the USA are connecting flights with short/long layovers.

City Name of the Airport
Chicago O'Hare International Airport
New York City John F. Kennedy International Airport
Newark Newark Liberty International Airport
San Francisco San Francisco International Airport
Washington D.C. Washington Dulles International Airport

Missing connecting flights, especially when travelling to the USA, may prove to be a daunting experience.

This is where travel insurance for the USA comes to your rescue. With missed connection coverage provided by USA travel insurance plans, you can easily take another connecting flight, without having to pay for the travel changes. So it makes sense to buy international travel insurance for the USA beforehand to ensure adequate coverage for loss or delayed baggage.

Things to Do in the US

From the glittering skyscrapers of New York City to the rustic enigma of the Grand Canyon, the USA packs in everything and much more to bewitch all and sundry. Here’s a list of just some of the many must-have experiences for those travelling to the USA:

  • Spend a day at a theme park - Disneyland and Universal Studios are two of the most famous theme parks located in California and Orlando.
  • Try out some mouth-watering cuisines - From street food to Michelin-starred dining, the USA is home to some of the world’s best restaurants and eateries.
  • Get a first-hand Hollywood experience - Hollywood is one of the biggest attractions in the USA and a large number of tourists from across the globe throng Los Angeles to breathe the same air as their favourite Hollywood actors.
  • Go surfing - Lastly, it’s difficult not to talk about surfing in Hawaii when talking about the must-have experiences in the USA. It also offers parasailing, hiking, helicopter tours and much more. A lot of USA travel insurance plans cover adventure sports so that you’re safe during the fun!

Money-Saving Tips for USA Travellers

  • Live in Budget Hostels/Dorms - Since hotels in the US are too pricey it’s better to look for rooms in hostels or dorms.
  • Eating Out - Hotels in the US are pretty expensive. Tipping is expected here, so be prepared to spend a lot when dining out. You can consider cooking your meals if possible.
  • Transportation - In most American cities, Uber and Lyft are way cheaper than taxis and are the best way to get around. You may even hop aboard local buses, subways and trains to save money.
  • Staying fit in the USA- Medical expenses are too steep in the USA and that’s why it makes sense for students and budget travellers to take care of their health at all times. In addition, travellers must also ensure buying an international travel insurance plan to ensure adequate coverage for emergency medical expenses when travelling to the USA.

Currency and Foreign Exchange

The currency used in the USA is the US Dollar. Here is the latest exchange rate to get an estimate:

Currency Exchange Rate
INR (Indian Rupee) 77.64 INR = 1 USD

Due to its high value, it is suggested to carry sufficient cash before your trip. This will save you transaction or conversion charges abroad. While large cash amounts, traveller's checks or money orders aren’t a problem, any amount over USD 10,000 needs to be declared on Form 6059B and FinCEN 105.


  • Q1: Is it mandatory to have travel insurance for the USA?

    Ans: No. As per the visa guidelines of the US Immigrant Department, foreigners don't need to have travel insurance to take a trip to the United States of America. However, all foreign travellers are advised to buy a travel insurance USA plan to stay safe from any adversity that may lead to financial losses.
  • Q2: Is travel insurance mandatory in the USA for students?

    Ans: In most cases, the admitting university will require you to have appropriate travel health insurance as per their specification. This is because while living in the USA for 2 or more years one may see a few occasions where medical expenses may put a burden on the student.
  • Q3: How much does travel insurance to the USA cost?

    Ans: The cost of travel insurance for the USA from India depends on several factors such as the traveller’s age, trip duration, coverage, etc. However, most insurance companies offer USA travel insurance for varying premiums. You can use a travel insurance premium calculator to get a better idea about your trip insurance premium cost.
  • Q4: Can foreigners buy travel health insurance in the USA?

    Ans: Yes. Foreigners can buy travel health insurance in the USA. But the cost of buying it in the USA will be much more than what travel insurance for the USA from India. On top of that, your plan will also cover you for emergencies during your journey, such as trip delays, cancelled flights, baggage loss, etc.
  • Q5: How can I buy USA travel insurance USA Online?

    Ans: People who want to buy the best travel insurance from India to the USA online can do so by visiting the official website of the insurance company. They can also buy a travel insurance USA plan online from where they can compare different travel insurance plans before finding the most suitable one for the trip. After the plan has been selected, the traveller will have to fill up a proposal form and pay the visa fees online to obtain travel insurance USA.
  • Q6: Do tourists get free healthcare in USA?

    Ans: No, non-Canadian citizens do not get free healthcare facilities in USA. They can avail of healthcare services during their stay in USA but will have to pay for the treatment. However, they can access cashless facilities if they get admitted to a network hospital of the insurer from whom their travel insurance for USA was purchased.
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