TATA AIG Travel Insurance

TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited offers a wide range of General Insurance Products, including travel insurance. The Company works as a venture  between TATA, a trusted name in India, and the  (AIG) American International Group , market leader in insurance and financial services.

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Best Travel Insurance policies designed for all your needs.

Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

  • Accidental & sickness expenses
  • Baggage Delay / Loss
  • Trip Delay / Cancellation
  • Passport Loss
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Missed flights
Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Why TATA AIG Travel Insurance Plan?

    Holidays, vacations, business trips are parts and parcels of anybody’s life. Due to so much unpredictability, there has been a stark increase in the number of people opting for insurance policies while traveling, be it domestically or internationally. TATA AIG General Insurance Company offers a number of such travel insurance plans, giving you exactly what you need depending on your travel purpose and requirements.  These are extremely useful and made to cater to the requirements of the customers with attractive features and benefits.

    Features and Benefits of TATA AIG Travel Insurance Plans

    Having a comprehensive travel insurance offers you complete protection throughout your trip. It even offers reimbursement or compensation in case of an emergency keeping you well-sheltered thanks to their  versatile travel insurance plans.

    TATA AIG Travel Insurance provides domestic travel insurance plans as well as international travel insurance plans which covers Personal Accidents, Medical Expenses, Trip Delay Loss of Passport, Trip Cancellation, Baggage Loss and other related risks while travelling abroad.  Check out the distinctive features and benefits of this policy as given below:

    • Worldwide protection 24x7 and 365 days
    • Travel Guard Assist offers emergency assistance, medical evacuation and repatriation across the world
    • 15 days free look period (though applicable for only new business under annual multi trip)
    • The sum insured can be increased at the time of renewal. But the same will be at the discretion of the company as per their underwriting rules and regulations (For annual multi trip renewals only)
    • 30 days grace period will be allowed (For annual multi trip renewals only)
    • Coverage of Accident and Sickness Medical expenses under the Travel Guard Plan
    • Coverage for medical expenses incurred due to the treatment of COVID-19
    • Compensation for trip cancellation if interruption due to COVID-19. Applicable only in case if the insured falls sick in India before commencing their international trip

    Things to Know About TATA AIG Travel Insurance





    In-house Claim Assistance

    Available 24x7

    Number of Countries Covered


    Medical Tests

     Not required, can get a policy immediately

    Trips Covered

    Domestic and International

    Travel Insurance Plans offered by TATA AIG Travel Insurance

    These are the different travel insurance plans that are offered by TATA AIG General Insurance Company, these vary considerably from each other and are made for different purposes to cater to your varying insurance needs:

    • TATA AIG International Travel Insurance Policy
    • TATA AIG Domestic Travel Guard Policy
    • TATA AIG Student Guard Overseas Health Insurance Policy
    • TATA AIG Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Policy

    To get a better idea, check out the table given below to know more about the different types of TATA AIG travel insurance plans:

    Plan Types


    Eligibility Criteria


    Key Features

    TATA AIG International Travel Insurance Policy

    Single Trip:

    Silver Plus



    Senior Plan

    Annual Multi Trip: Gold

    Single Trip: 6 months to 70 years
    Multi Trip: 19 years to 70 years

    Accidental death and dismemberment

    Baggage delay benefit

    Loss of passport benefit

    Fraudulent charges

    Trip Cancellation

    TATA AIG Domestic Travel Guard Policy

    No variants offered, Add-on covers available

    6 months - up to 70 years

    Assistance Services

    Loss of Ticket (Air/Rail)

    Family Transportation

    Accommodation charges because of trip delay

    TATA AIG Student Guard Overseas Health Insurance Policy

    Plan A
    Plan B
    Ultimate Plus

    16- up to 35 years and should be studying abroad

    Personal Accident Sponsor Protection two-way Compassionate Visit
    Study Interruption

    TATA AIG Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Policy

    Senior Plan (Single Trip)

    71 years and above

    Cover for Pre-existing Diseases

    Baggage Loss or Delay

    Automatic Extensions

    Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate, or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

    International Travel Insurance Policy  by TATA AIG Travel Insurance 

    TATA AIG International Travel Insurance is basically international travel insurance that protects you from any unforeseen circumstances happening during overseas travel. Under this plan, you will simply have to contact the insurer and they will take care of everything in case of any untoward incident. International Travel Insurance Plans offer a lot of options to choose from:

    • Silver
    • Silver Plus
    • Gold
    • Platinum
    • Annual Multi-Trip Gold
    • Annual Multi-Trip Platinum

    These are available for individuals as young as 0.6 years up to 70 years. Following are the benefits offered by this plan:

    • Medical Expense Reimbursement: Policyholders can claim a reimbursement up to 50,000 to 2,500,000 USD while traveling abroad, depending on the type of plan they have opted for.
    • Sickness Dental Relief: In case of any complications or issues related to dental health, policyholders can claim a reimbursement up to 300-1,000 USD as per their plan.
    • Baggage Delay Reimbursement: In case your baggage is delayed due to some reason, you will be compensated for the inconvenience up to 50-500 USD as per your policy terms.
    • Loss of Passport: In cases where you misplace or lose your passport in a foreign country, you can get assistance and reimbursement up to 250 USD.
    • Reimbursements for Flight Delay: Depending on the policy opted for, you can claim compensation for the additional costs incurred due to delays in your flight. This benefit may not be offered in the Silver option and the TATA AIG International Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan.
    • Emergency Cash Advance: In events leading to loss of wallet or luggage that may leave you without any money, you can easily avail benefits of this feature and get some cash to sustain your stay abroad.

    TATA AIG Student Guard Overseas Travel Health Insurance Plan

    TATA AIG Student Guard Plan is exclusively made for students who go abroad for higher studies. Individuals aged between 16 years and 35 years who are enrolling and attending a full-time registered educational institution of higher learning outside the Republic Of India. This policy can be renewed till the insured attains a completed age of 35 years post which the plan will not be renewed. 5 Plan options are available under this plan which Accident & Sickness Medical Expenses Reimbursement up to 50,000 USD, 100,000 USD, 250,000 USD, 500,000 USD, and 500,000 USD respectively:

    • Plan A
    • Plan B
    • Ultimate
    • Ultimate Plus
    • Supreme

    The policy offers coverage for claims arising due to Personal Accident, Sponsor Protection, Compassionate Visit (2-way) from family, Study Interruption, and Accident & Sickness reimbursement. There are certain Special Extensions to the Student Travel Guard Plans which are:

    • Coverage for Pre-existing Diseases
    • Childcare
    • Maternity Benefits
    • Treatment for Mental and Nervous Disorders which includes alcohol consumption and addiction to drugs
    • Cancer Screening and Mammography examinations
    • Physiotherapy

    TATA AIG Domestic Travel Guard Insurance Plan

    Domestic Travel Guard Policy is designed only to cover the risks of traveling within India either by road, air, or rail. These are highly recommended as they provide financial protection for many common emergencies including trip cancellations, delays, accidents, or other mishaps. Read on to find the benefits of the TATA AIG Domestic Travel Insurance Guard Plan:

    • Medical Reimbursement: In case of any medical emergency, claim reimbursement of your medical expenses incurred from treatment of injuries up to Rs 20,000 caused due to an accident.
    • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit: In case of an accident resulting in death, you can claim a reimbursement of Rs 50,000 through a common carrier.
    • Missed Departure either Air/ Rail: In case of an emergency or condition resulting in you missing departure for your trip, you can claim up to Rs 10,000 if you’ve opted for this benefit as an add-on.
    • Loss of tickets: In case of any situation that may cause you to misplace or lose your travel tickets, this add-on benefit lets you reimburse up to Rs 20,000.
    • Emergency Medical Evacuation: If an emergency requires you to be evacuated, then the policy will cover the expenses for your transportation and medical treatment. This includes all the medical services and supplies incurred with your emergency evacuation, up to a cost of 10,000 Rs.

    Please note that some benefits can only be availed if the policyholder has opted for those additional benefits. Here are some special add-on benefits to the TATA AIG Domestic Travel Guard Insurance Plan:

    • Lodging charges due to trip delay up to Rs 1500 per day
    • Family Transportation cost reimbursement up to Rs 10,000
    • Coverage of medical expenses in hospital  incurred due to accident
    • Reimbursement for reasonable additional expenses for the insured person. This replacement of staff add-on can be applied for business trips only
    • 15 days free look period (though applicable for only new business under annual multi-trip)
    • Enhancement of Sum Insured- The sum insured can be increased at the time of renewal. But this will be at the discretion of the company as per their underwriting rules and regulations (For renewals annual multi-trip only)

    TATA AIG Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan

    Age is just a number and everyone should get the benefits of a protective cover irrespective of their age. TATA AIG Senior Citizen Travel Guard protects all individuals who are over 71 years of age. These are especially different as they cover many age-related concerns that other plans don't. Their dedicated helpline is always available to make it easier for senior individuals to make their trips as comfortable and carefree as possible. Here are some benefits of the TATA AIG Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan:

    • Accidental & Sickness Medical Expense Reimbursement: While traveling abroad, in case of any medical emergency due to an accident or other health issues, you can claim up to USD 50,000 on your related medical supplies and diagnosis.
    • Sickness Dental Relief: In case of any dental issues while traveling abroad, you can get immediate financial assistance of up to USD 100.
    • Emergency Medical Evacuation: This service is included in the senior plan in case you are in any such medical situation which requires you to immediately be evacuated to India.
    • Personal Liability Benefit: In case of any situation resulting in third-party liabilities, senior plan policyholders can claim a reimbursement up to USD 1,00,000.

    Please note that claims with respect to flight delay and distress reimbursement due to hijacking are not included in the TATA AIG Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Guard.

    Inclusions under TATA AIG Travel Insurance Plans

    TATA AIG Travel Guard policy covers the following expenses incurred due to an emergency arising during the trip:

    • Medical Expense Cover: The policy covers and reimburses your expenses if you're diagnosed with COVID-19 and any other medical emergency during the trip. It includes in-patient hospitalization expenses, OPD expenses, cost of COVID-19 test prescribed by the doctor, and medical evacuation due to a sickness arising out of coronavirus.
    • Trip Cancellation Cover: In case you or anyone in your immediate family is diagnosed with COVID-19 before your international trip, you can claim reimbursement under the Trip Cancellation benefit.
    • Trip Curtailment due to COVID-19: If while traveling you or your immediate travel companions are diagnosed with COVID-19 resulting in a shorter trip, your interruption expenses will be reimbursed. This includes unused portions of travel and other travel expenses you faced because of the interruption.
    • Lockdown Extension Cover: In case of a lockdown your policy can be extended for a week if there's a lockdown imposed.
    • Baggage Cover: In case of any delay in receiving baggage or losing baggage, having this insurance plan will cover any additional cost of a necessary item that you may need before your bag is returned to you. In case of a baggage loss, you will be reimbursed for the items as per the policy terms
    • Passport Cover: Get the necessary reimbursement in case you lose your passport in a foreign country.
    • Personal Liability: In case of any mishaps or accidents where a third party is injured,  having travel insurance will help you cover any damages.
    • Delayed Flight Cover: Get reimbursed for the expenses caused by a flight delayed by over 12 years.
    • Medical Emergencies: Get financial support for any sudden regular or dental emergencies while traveling.
    • Medical Evacuation Cover: If a situation arises where you need to be returned to India for an emergency medical treatment, the insurance policy will cover it.
    • Study Interruption: Students on student travel insurance policy will be reimbursed their unused tuition fee in case they need to interrupt their education because of a sick family member.
    • Hijack Allowance: If by chance the flight you’re traveling in gets hijacked, this policy offers you a distress allowance compensating you for the inconvenience.
    • Home Burglary: Nobody should worry about what’s going back at home while they’re away on a vacation. In case there’s an attempted burglary or burglary leading to damages or loss of belongings, you’ll get compensated for these repair and replacements costs as long as your house wasn’t left vacant for more than 90 days.

    Exclusions under the TATA AIG Travel Guard Travel Insurance Plans

    Tata AIG travel guard policy does not cover the following expenses:

    • If the insured is traveling against the advice of the physician
    • Pre-existing ailments and related complications
    • Traveling for medical treatment is not covered
    • Cost of COVID-19 test taken voluntarily or due to government mandate
    • Suicide or attempted suicide are not covered
    • Terrorism, war, Illegal acts, Dangerous sports, etc.

    How to file a claim for TATA AIG Travel Insurance Plans?

    You can follow these simple steps to file a claim for the TATA AIG Travel Insurance policy:

    • Intimate the company immediately after any such incident happening through the ways as mentioned above.
    • Submission of all the required documents along with the filled-up claim form.
    • Re-submit any further document if needed by the company/ or respond to any query raised by the company.
    • Payment made as per the instruction by the insured person

    How to Buy TATA AIG Travel Insurance Plans?

    There are many ways to purchase these plans. You can buy TATA AIG Travel Insurance Policies online from Policybazaar in a few simple steps.

    • Visit the official website of Policybazaar.com and go to the travel insurance page
    • Select the Travel Insurance plan you want to buy
    • Pay the premium online using digital payment methods
    • And your TATA AIG travel insurance policy will be issued and emailed to you

    Offline- Another way is to buy it offline directly from the Insurer’s office. You check the branch offices on their website and can visit the nearest branch office to buy your travel insurance policy.


    • Q1. What is the need for travel insurance?

      While on a  trip,  be it for a holiday or a business meeting, there may be some unexpected accidents that can ruin your perfect planning. For example,  baggage loss, passport loss, and medical emergencies. Having travel insurance helps you to enjoy a safe and secure environment while you are traveling. The policyholder is eligible to file the claim from anywhere in the world.

    • Q2. When can I file the claim for Tata AIG Travel Insurance Policy?

      You can file a claim as soon as the policy is active the coverage begins. Travel insurance is very simple and easy to buy and its quick claim procedure makes it one of the best and most convenient insurance in the market.

    • Q3. What happens if the time of the tour extends?

      In case the tour time is extended for some reason that is not under your control, you are eligible to get the coverage by your insurance company after submitting a fixed amount of additional premium. Make sure you contact your insurer and discuss all the details as soon as possible.

    • Q4. What is the claim procedure for TATA AIG travel insurance policy?

      In case you meet with an accident, all you need to file a claim for your policy is to inform your insurance company about the mishap and sit back. They will get back to you as soon as possible. Tata AIG  Travel General Insurance Company has a 24x7 customer support system that helps the customer to get the status of their claim. It also offers reimbursement options that allow you to reimburse the medical expenses even if the accident takes place abroad.

    • Q5. Is there a free Look-in period available in TATA AIG travel insurance plans?

      Ans: Tata AIG Travel Insurance provides a Look-in period allowing you to take the policy for a month. In case you are not satisfied with the product you can return it and get it refunded.

    • Q6. Can I cancel my TATA AIG travel insurance policy between the policy tenure?

      Yes, it is allowed to cancel the policy between the policy tenure. It will be canceled in the case only when the policyholder has not undertaken the journey. Proofs are also required at the time when applying for cancellation, for example, a passport is required if you’re canceling your International policy.

    • Q7. What documents are required at the time of filing the TATA AIG travel insurance claim?

      There are some common documents that are ]required for filing the claim.  These are:

      • Claim form
      • Bill, voucher, prescription, discharge summary with details like name, treatment done, and expenses incurred
      • The price and names of the medicines should be mentioned in the prescription
    • Q8. Why should you opt for Tata AIG Travel Insurance plans?

      There are multiple benefits of Tata AIG travel insurance plans. Some of the best benefits of Tata AIG travel insurance:

      • Reimbursement
      • Accidental death benefit
      • Covers the lodging charges due to trip delay
      • Loss of tickets
      • Loss of baggage
      • Loss of passport
      • Medical assistance in case of emergency
    • Q9. What are the modes of premium payment?

      There are two different modes of premium payment offered by the TATA AIG Travel Insurance namely cash payment that you can pay at the branch and another best and time-saving mode is an online payment which can be paid by means of credit card, debit card, and Net Banking.

    • Q10. How to check the policy status for Tata AIG travel insurance?

      Ans: You can check the Tata AIG Travel Insurance Policy status very easily from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is register yourself on their website and log in with your username and password. This will give you all the information related to your travel insurance policy. You can also call the Toll-free number of TATA AIG Travel Insurance.  You can also check the status through Policybazaar instead at 1800-708-8787 and care@policybazaar.com.

    • Q11. What is the renewal procedure of Tata AIG travel insurance plans?

      The renewal can be done online. This is one of the easiest and time-saving procedures to renew the Tata AIG Travel Insurance policy. The online mode of renewal process allows you to calculate the exact amount of premium and also offers a variety of payment modes, for example, Net banking or Debit or Credit payment.

      Step1: Enter your Tata Travel Insurance Policy Number, Expiry Date, and Client ID into Renew Online portal
      Step2: Calculate the premium for your travel insurance
      Step3: Select the online payment option –Net Banking or Debit/Credit Card
      Step4: Save/print the premium deposit receipt
      Alternatively, you can pay via cash/cheque at any of the nearest branches.

    • Q12. What are the steps for Tata AIG Travel Insurance Claim Settlement?

      There are two ways for claim settlement: one is the traditional way in which the person has to visit the office with required documents to file the claim and another is through online medium. It allows you to save money and time both as it can be done from anywhere across the globe. You can register your claim online.

      The claims department will call you in 1 hour. Upon successful completion of formalities within 7 working days, the claim is settled.

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    TATA AIG Travel Insurance Reviews & Ratings

    4.8 / 5 (Based on 14 Reviews)
    (Showing Newest 10 reviews)
    Bardhaman, September 14, 2021
    High coverage
    I have purchased student travel insurance for my daughter from Policybazaar. I bought the plan online and got protection against unforeseen events. Cashless hospitalization, trip related adversities and many more features are covered unde the same. It has reduced my stress as I have got the best plan for my daughter.
    Shahjahanpur, September 14, 2021
    Good features
    In my international travel insurance, i have got worldwide protection. it covers medical expenses of accident and sickness. now i can enjoy my trip freely as i have bought Tata Aig travel insurance from policybazaar.
    Mathura, September 09, 2021
    Supportive team
    I had taken Tata AIG Student Travel Insurance for myself as I was going abroad to complete my further studies. I had an amazing experience with Policybazaar. The team helped me every step of the way and suggested me a very good plan.
    Agalpur, April 13, 2020
    Satisfied with the services
    I contacted the customer service team as I lost my bag. They were helpful and polite. I got my bag later and did not have to claim.
    Lakhanpur, April 09, 2020
    The Tata travel insurance has a very minimal premium and they do not compromise on the cover for low premiums.
    Ahmedpur, April 08, 2020
    Best policy
    Tata AIG seems to be giving the best travel insurance plans. They have the best cover and the cover is actually helpful.
    Nagpur, October 10, 2016
    Travel With Insurance Is Good
    On my last trip, I lost my belongings but thank good i have a tata aig travel insurance policy which helps me out to get back safely and reimbursed my loss. Service is very good which is given by the executives of the company.
    Coimbatore, October 04, 2016
    TATA Insurance Plan
    My last trip was exciting and full of fun because i have purchased the travel insurance policy from tata aig general insurance at very low price. The coverage is high of the plan, I have lost my luggage but the entire amount is reimbursed by the company. Each and every update can be seen on the website of the company.
    Khandakpar, September 02, 2016
    Tata Travel Plan
    Colleague of mine suggested travel insurance and it is a good idea for safe travelling so i buy one from tata aig general insurance company. Service is fabulous given by the staff members of the company with nice behaviour. It can be buy easily through internet.
    Agra, August 23, 2016
    Safe Travelling
    Recently come from a trip and got reimbursement for my whole lost items and belonging while travelling. Great services tata aig insurance company. Policy includes medical emergencies but it may not refund the cancellation amount of travelling tickets.