Care Travel Insurance( Formerly Known as Religare Travel Insurance)

Taking into account the different travel needs of their customers, Care Travel Insurance (Formerly Religare Travel Insurance) has many affordable and comprehensive travel insurance plans to solve all your travel-related troubles. Whether planning to travel either due to a professional commitment or a family holiday, regardless of your planning any unforeseen events may ruin your travel plans.

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Explore the world without any worries

Best Travel Insurance policies designed for all your needs.

Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

  • Accidental & sickness expenses
  • Baggage Delay / Loss
  • Trip Delay / Cancellation
  • Passport Loss
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Missed flights
Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Why Buy Care Travel Insurance?

    Be it your flight getting deferred or an unexpected medical emergency, buying Care Travel Insurance ( formerly known as Religare Travel Insurance) policy will help you avoid uneasiness and cover all your travel-related perils.

    Complications do not come with prior notice, so it is imperative to secure yourself before you set foot in another country. Secure yourself and your loved ones with Care Travel Insurance ensuring a hassle-free journey and instant processing.

    Features of Care Travel Insurance (Formerly known as Religare Travel Insurance)

    Some of the key features of Care Travel Insurance are briefly discussed below:

    • Hospitalization Cover:All the travel insurance plans offered by Care Travel Insurance cover the hospitalization expenses.
    • Personal Accident Cover:Get assistance with a personal accident cover up to USD 15,000- 25,000 depending on the plan you opt for.
    • Business Class Upgradation:This plan offers an up-gradation to the business class under the travel policies provided.
    • Medical Benefits:Some of the benefits include the sum insured for emergency hospitalization expenses including IPD and OPD expenses, double sum insured for accidental hospitalization, and comprehensive travel insurance coverage for life-threatening pre-existing health conditions up to 10% of the sum insured
    • Flight-related Benefits:Assistance with different issues during your air travel, including loss of passport,  delay in checked-in baggage, permanent loss of baggage, missed connection, and more
    • Plans for everyone: Depending on your age, requirements, and purpose, choose from a wide variety of options with or without added coverages.
    • Available for both individuals and family: Get customized plans depending on whether you need to travel solo or along with your loved ones.
    • Add-ons: Not satisfied with the pre-included benefits? You can avail many specific benefits at affordable additional premiums.   

    Things to know about Care Travel Insurance



    Trips Covered


    Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio


    Sum Insured

    Up to 1,000,000 USD

    COVID-19 Cover


    Cashless Healthcare Providers


    Cashless Treatment


    In-house Claim Settlement


    Claim Assistance



    India's Most Preferred Travel Insurance by IMP Travel Brand Awards (2018)
    India's Best Travel Insurance Product by India Travel Awards (2018)

    Travel Insurance Plans offered by Travel Insurance

    Refer to the table given below for a quick glance at the various travel insurance plans offered by the Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company:

    Plan Types


    Sum Insured

    Eligibility Criteria

    Key Features

    Explore- International Travel Insurance from Care Health Insurance

    Plan 1 Explore Asia

    USD 10,000 to 100,000

    Minimum entry age: 1 day

    Minimum entry age of proposer: 18 years

    Maximum age: As specified in the plan

    Pre-existing Disease Cover
    2-way Compassionate Visit
    Return of minor child/

    Refund of Visa Fee

    Plan 2 Explore ANZ (Australia and New Zealand)

    USD 25,000 to 1000,000

    Plan 3 Explore Africa

    USD 25,000 to 1000,000

    Plan 4 Explore Europe

    Euro 30,000 to 100,000

    Plan 5 Explore Canada+

    USD 50,000 to 100,000

    Plan 6 Explore Silver

    USD 25,000 to 200,000

    Plan 7 Explore Gold

    USD 50,000 to 500,000

    Plan 8 Explore Platinum

    USD 50,000 to 1,000,000

    Student Explore- International Travel & Health Insurance for Students


    Up to 1,000,000 USD depending on the plan opted

    Minimum age: 12 years

    Maximum age: 40 years

    Optional covers as per university's requirements

    Up to 1 month to 3 years need-based coverage tenure

    Extended coverage at home country as well as the country of residence




    Care Travel Insurance has the following different types of travel insurance plans. They are:

    • Explore- International Travel Insurance from Care Health Insurance
    • Student Explore- International Travel & Health Insurance for Students

    Explore - International Travel Insurance from Care Health Insurance

    Explore International Travel Insurance from Care Health Insurance is an extensive insurance scheme with travel and medical inconvenience benefits. There are area-specific plans with great features at a low cost. This plan is available in 8 variants mostly based on the geographical location. Their Explore Europe variant is also approved by Schengen making it pretty hassle-free.

    Key benefits include cashless claim settlement, doubling of the sum insured in case of hospitalization, in-patient care, daily allowance, compassionate visit, and more. This comprehensive travel insurance takes care of all the worries of unforeseen troubles on your dream vacation.

    This plan also offers cover against trip delay or trip cancellation, daily allowance (in case of hospitalization), and medical evacuation. This plan is made for individuals as well as those traveling abroad with their families.

    Explore international travel insurance by Care Health Insurance offers the following plan variants to choose from:

    • Plan 1: Explore Asia
    • Plan 2: Explore ANZ (Australia and New Zealand)
    • Plan 3: Explore Africa
    • Plan 4: Explore Europe
    • Plan 5: Explore Canada +
    • Plan 6: Explore Silver
    • Plan 7: Explore Gold
    • Plan 8: Explore Platinum

    Student Explore - International Travel & Health Insurance for Students

    Designed for Indian students who are planning to study abroad, student explore- international travel and health insurance policies are available in 4 different variants for students between the age of 12 to 40 years. This student travel insurance plan is international insurance for students with a world of modern age services and benefits. There is also the benefit of extended coverage in your home country up to 5% of the sum insured of medical expenses.

    Some of its best features include sponsor protection, travel inconvenience benefits, study interruption cover, treatment for mental and nervous disorders, loss of laptop/tablet, bail bond, loss of international driving license, medical evacuation, emergency cash advance, permanent partial disablement, mammographic examination and cancer screening, treatment for drug dependency and alcoholism and more.

    There are also many optional add-ons available with benefits like cover for self-inflicted injury, adventure sports injury, Complete pre-existing disease cover in the life-threatening medical condition, newborn and maternity cover, and other additional services.

    Student explore international travel & health insurance for students has the following variants with varying sum insured and benefits: 

    • Explore - Start
    • Explore - Plus
    • Explore - Super
    • Explore - Ultra

    Inclusions under the Care Travel Insurance Plan

    Offered coverages may vary depending on the plan variant you buy. Care Travel Insurance (Formerly Religare Travel Insurance) offers the following coverages:

    • Trip interruption and Trip Cancellation: If you’re not able to take your flight or you cancel your planned trip due to some medical contingency, then the insurance provider covers you for the trip cancellation.
    • Loss of Passport: In case you lose your passport during your trip abroad, then all the necessary expenses would be covered by the insurance provider to obtain your duplicate passport.
    • Medical Expenses Incurred:If you’re on a trip and face any medical emergency, Care Travel Insurance will cover you for emergency medical treatment and related expenses incurred with that emergency.
    • COVID-19 Cover: Since the pandemic has posed such serious concerns, you can travel carefree thanks to this feature that will cover your coronavirus-related treatment, if you happen to get affected.
    • Adventure Sports Cover:Available as an add-on with some plans at some extra premium to help you enjoy your sports while vacationing abroad.
    • Automatic Trip Extension:In case of emergencies or other unavoidable situations, your travel insurance plan will cover these unexpected additional costs as well as extend the period of your insurance till the time your trip has been extended.
    • Repatriation of the Remains:Care travel insurance plans offer coverage for the expenses incurred to take the mortals or human remains of the policyholder back to their home country.
    • Personal Liability Cover: If you’re liable for any damage or bodily injury to anyone because of an accident or cause damage to anyone’s property, Care Travel Insurance( Formerly Known as Religare Travel Insurance) policies take care of the expenses incurred.
    • Pre-existing Disease Cover:In case you have a pre-existing condition that is also life-threatening, Care Travel Insurance also offers coverage for that.
    • Up-gradation to Business Class:In case you require an upgrade to business class for a comfortable journey, the policy will provide you the specified coverage to do so.

    Exclusions under the Care Travel Insurance Plan

    It's always advised to carefully read about what’s not provided by your insurer. The following are not included in the coverages offered by Care Travel Insurance Policy:

    • Any claim to the hazardous activities.
    • Nuclear and war perils or its consequences thereof.
    • Losses caused due to drug or alcohol abuse or use or misuse.
    • Attempted suicide, suicide, or any intentional self-injury.
    • Contamination or ionizing radiation due to nuclear war.
    • AIDS/HIV and other transmitted diseases
    • The policyholder being involved in the Breach of Law

    How to Enroll in Care Travel Insurance Plans

    You can buy your desired plan by Care Travel Insurance both online or in-person through an agent or yourself.

    Buying Care Travel Insurance Policy Offline

    With its branches spread across the country, you can visit the nearest branch of Care Health Insurance Limited to get a full account of your recommended travel insurance plans.

    You can also call the company on their toll-free number and ask for details regarding the policy you wish to buy.

    Buying Care Travel Insurance Policy Online

    You can also buy Care Travel Insurance online in the comfort of your home by following these steps:

    • Visit the official website of Care Travel Insurance Company
    • Fill up the proposal form provided there
    • Enter the required details (Travel details, the total number of travelers, etc)
    • Select the plan you like and pay the premium amount through the provided options

    Care Travel Insurance - FAQs

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    Care Travel Insurance( Formerly Known as Religare Travel Insurance) Reviews & Ratings

    4.9 / 5 (Based on 5 Reviews)
    (Showing Newest 5 reviews)
    Panipat, September 14, 2021
    Easy reimbursement
    I had taken care international travel insurance from Policybazaar. I was going abroad for my business purpose and my flight got cancelled. I asked my insurance provider for reimbursement and I got reimbursement very quickly. Good service provided by the team.
    Morbi, September 13, 2021
    Well trained staff
    I have taken care family travel insurance from Policybazaar. every member of the team is well trained and they does not take long to respond. I always get quick updates from Policybazaar. i am satisfied and happy with my travel plan.
    Muzaffarnagar, September 09, 2021
    Easy to compare
    I have compared many travel plans on the website of Policybazaar out of which i have taken care travel insurance. it has hospitalization covers, personal accident cover, and coverage for any travel related risk. Online comparison is super easy.
    Adilabad, August 27, 2020
    Very important
    It is very important to get a travel insurance before going for a trip. I did and it made me feel secure
    Agalpur, April 09, 2020
    Nice plan
    Religare is giving great cover in it’s international travel insurance plans. On top of it, the premiums are quite low and this makes it the best plan.