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Religare Travel Insurance

Religare travel insurance has been intended to take into account the travel needs of the customers in all walks of life who are planning to travel either due to a professional commitment or a family holiday or for leisure purpose. Regardless of how prepared you might be, any unforeseen events, which lead to a fiscal cost, may ruin your travel plans.

Regardless of whether your flight is deferred or you face a medical emergency buying Religare travel insurance policy makes you avoid uneasiness and covers all travel-related perils. Do not travel to a destination with the baggage of worries rather return making happy memories. Complications do not come thumping or without prior notice, so it is imperative to secure yourself before you set foot another country. Secure yourself with Religare travel insurance.

Ensuring a hassle-free journey and instant processing let us have a quick rundown at the plan underneath:

Key Features of Religare Travel Insurance:

Religare Travel Insurance has the following key features:

Hospitalisation Cover:

All the travel insurance plans offered by Religare Travel Insurance cover the hospitalisation expenses.

Personal Accident Cover:

Some plans such as the Explore Canada Plan, the Explore Africa Plan, the Explore Asian Plan, and the Explore Gold Plan provide accidental death of USD 10, 000 and USD 15, 000 under the Explore Europe Plan.

Business Class Upgradation:

This plan offers an up-gradation to the business class under the travel policies provided by Religare Travel Insurance.

Accidental Death by a Common Carrier:

Some plans such as the Explore Platinum Travel Insurance Plan covers the death caused due to the accidental death to common carrier.

Benefits of Religare Travel Insurance:

Below are Religare Travel Insurance benefits:

  • Pre-existing conditions cover in the Life-threatening Medical Condition. This offers coverage up to 10 per cent of the Sum Assured.
  • Religare travel insurance offers comprehensive travel plans to suit your requirement.
  • Complete assistance in any kind of non-medical or medical contingency.

Coverages of Religare Travel Insurance:

Religare travel insurance offers the following coverage:

Trip interruption and Trip Cancellation:

If you’re not able to take your flight or you cancel your planned trip due to some medical contingency, then the insurance provider covers you for the trip cancellation.

Loss of Passport:

In case you lose your passport during your trip to abroad, then all the expenses would be covered by the insurance provider to obtain the duplicate passport.

Medical Expenses Incurred:

If you’re on a trip and face any medical emergency, Religare Travel Insurance will cover you for emergency medical treatment and surgical emergency.

Repatriation of the Remains:

Religare travel plans offer coverage for the expenses incurred to take the mortals or human remains of the policyholder back to his/her home country.


If you require any medical help or assistance during an act of terrorist activity, the travel insurance by Religare will get you covered for the same.

Personal Liability Cover:

If you’re liable for any damage or bodily injury to anyone because of an accident or cause damage to anyone’s property, Religare travel insurance policies take care of the expenses incurred.

Religare Travel Insurance Plans - Types:

Religare travel insurance has different types of travel insurance plans. They are:

Religare Explore Travel Insurance Plan:

Explore Travel Insurance Plan by Religare travel insurance is an extensive insurance scheme with travel and medical inconvenience benefits. The Religare General Insurance presents a comprehensive travel insurance, which takes care of all the worries of unforeseen troubles on your dream vacation. This plan offers cover against Trip Delay or Trip Cancellation, Daily Allowance (in case of hospitalisation), and Medical Evacuation.

Religare Explore Travel Insurance offers:

  • Explore - Africa Travel Insurance Plan
  • Explore - Asia Travel Insurance Plan
  • Explore - Europe Travel Insurance Plan
  • Explore - Worldwide Excluding Canada and USA Travel Insurance Plan
  • Explore - Worldwide Travel Insurance Plan

Salient Features of Religare Explore Travel Insurance Plan:

  • No upper age limit. No limit per disease
  • Area specific plans, therefore high features and low cost
  • Travel insurance approved by Schengen
  • Cashless claim settlement
  • The sum assured doubles automatically in case of the hospitalisation because of an accident without extra cost.
  • Up gradation of the business class

Key Benefits of Religare Explore Travel Insurance Plan:

  • Inpatient Care
  • Hospitalisation expenses
  • Additional SI for the Accidental Hospitalisation
  • Life-threatening Condition for the PED
  • Daily Allowance
  • Loss of Passport
  • Compassionate Visit
  • Outpatient Care
  • Return of the Minor Child
  • Delay of the checked-in luggage
  • Personal Liability
  • Common Carrier Accidental Demise
  • Trip Interruption and Trip Cancellation

Exclusions of Religare Travel Insurance Plan:

The following are not included in Religare Travel Insurance Plan:

  • Any claim to the hazardous activities.
  • Nuclear and war perils or its consequences thereof.
  • Losses caused due to drug or alcohol abuse or use or misuse.
  • Attempted suicide, suicide or any intentional self-injury.
  • Contamination or ionizing radiation due to nuclear war.
  • The policyholder being involved in the Breach of Law

Religare Student Explore Travel Insurance Plan:

Religare Student Explore Travel Insurance policies are designed for the students going for studies abroad. This plan is an International insurance for the students, from Religare Travel Insurance presents you a world of modern age services and benefits. Religare travel insurance for students covers sponsor protection, travel inconvenience benefits, and personal accident.

Religare Student Explore Travel Insurance Plan offers:

  • Explore - Plus
  • Explore - Start
  • Explore - Ultra
  • Explore - Super

Religare Student Travel Insurance Benefits:

  • Inpatient Care
  • Medical Expenses
  • Pre-existing Disease Cover in the Life-threatening Medical Condition
  • Outpatient Care
  • Extended Cover the Residence Country
  • Repatriation of the Mortal or human remains
  • Loss of the International Driving License
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Emergency Cash Advance
  • Permanent Partial Disablement, Accidental Death, Permanent Total Disablement
  • Treatment for Nervous and Mental Disorders
  • Mammographic Examination and Cancer Screening
  • Treatment for Drug Dependency and Alcoholism

Add-on Coverages:

  • AIDS/HIV Cover
  • Vision Care
  • Self-inflicted injury
  • Adventure Sports Injury
  • Complete pre-existing disease cover in the life-threatening medical condition
  • New Born and Maternity Cover

Religare Student Explore Travel Insurance Plan Exclusions:

  • Nuclear perils war or the consequences thereof.
  • Attempted suicide, suicide or any intentional self-injury
  • Contamination or ionising radiation caused due to same.
  • Expenses arising out of drug or alcohol abuse or misuse or use.
  • The policyholder being involved in the Breach of Law.
  • Any claims related to the hazardous activities.

Religare Travel Insurance Plans Deductibles:

Deductibles under the Religare Explore Travel Insurance Policies:



Personal Liability

EUR 75/ USD 100

Dental Expenses

EUR 75/ USD 100

Pre-existing diseases for the life-threatening condition

EUR 75/ USD 100

Add-on SI for the hospitalisation because of an accident

EUR 75/ USD 100

Out-patient care

EUR 75/ USD 100

In-patient care

EUR 75/ USD 100

Deductibles under the Religare Student Explore Travel Insurance Plan:



Loss of the international driving license

USD 50

Daily Allowance

3 Days

Repatriation of the mortal remains


Dental Expenses

USD 50

In-patient care


Out-patient Care

USD 100

Medical expenses

USD 100

Religare Travel Insurance Claim Process:

In case of registering a Claim, you must notify the insurance provider immediately on any of the touch-points mentioned below for a hassle-free process and speedy settlement.

  • Canada and USA: 18443013146/18443013135 (Toll free)
  • Falck Global Assistance - 24 hours assistance centre
  • Other Countries: +91-124-4498760 (this is call-back facility)
  • Email ID: travelassistance[@]religare[.]com
  • Fax: +91-124-4006674

In the event of reimbursement of the treatment expenses, you can reach the insurance provider:

Religare Health Insurance Company Ltd. GYS Global, Plot No. A5, A4, A3, Sector 125, Noida, Uttar Pradesh (UP) - 201301

India: Toll free number for India only - 1800 200 4488

Fax (RHICL): 1800 200 6677

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