Universal Sompo Travel Insurance

Universal Sompo Travel Insurance offers comprehensive insurance coverage against unforeseen adversities faced by individuals, families, corporates or students during a trip. It ensures that Universal Sompo General Insurance Company Limited provides financial support to the traveller to cover the losses resulting from such adversities.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

  • Accidental & sickness expenses
  • Baggage Delay / Loss
  • Trip Delay / Cancellation
  • Passport Loss
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Missed flights
Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Why Buy Universal Sompo Travel Insurance?

    A person usually travels to take a break from the daily monotonous lifestyle, meet friends/family or address a pressing business need. Nowadays, people travel for the sheer joy of exploring different parts of the world. No matter the reason, observing the much-anticipated trip getting hampered due to some unforeseen circumstances would be disheartening. It can not only ruin the travel itinerary completely but can also lead to a considerable loss of finances that an average man cannot afford on his/her budget planning.

    Therefore, insuring the trip through travel insurance is the best decision a traveller can take to financially protect his/her trip. To do so, considering Universal Sompo Travel Insurance is definitely a great idea.

    Features of Universal Sompo Travel Insurance

    Here are the key features of Universal Sompo Travel Insurance plans:

    1. Coverage for All Travellers- It offers travel insurance plans to all kinds of travellers, be it individuals, families, students or corporates travelling for conducting business.
    2. Worldwide Coverage- Universal Sompo Travel Insurance plans provide coverage within India and across all continents.
    3. Annual Plans for Frequent Flyers- It comes with customized travel insurance plans for frequent flyers that are valid for a year and can be renewed.
    4. Medical Emergencies- It covers the expenses arising out of medical emergencies, such as healthcare treatment, dental treatment, hospital daily allowance, etc.
    5. Travel Emergencies- It provides coverage for travel-related emergencies, such as baggage loss, trip cancellation, check-in baggage delay, missed connection flight, etc.
    6. Cashless Treatment- It comes with a cashless treatment facility, which can be availed by getting admitted at a network hospital of the Universal Sompo General Insurance Company.
    7. Automatic Policy Extension- It offers an automatic policy extension of up to 7 days in case the insured’s trip is extended due to adversities, such as flight delay, the occurrence of a natural calamity, etc.
    8. Claim Settlement- It provides round the clock claim assistance services and 90% of the claims are settled by the insurer.

    Things to Know About Universal Sompo Travel Insurance



    Trips Covered


    Sum Insured

    Up to 500,000 USD

    COVID-19 Cover


    Cashless Treatment


    In-house Claim Settlement

    Not Available

    Claim Assistance

    24x7 Assistance


    Best Customer Service Provider of the Year 2016 award by Annual India Insurance Summit & Awards

    Travel Insurance Plans Offered by Universal Sompo Travel Insurance

    Universal Sompo Travel Insurance Company offers a variety of travel insurance plans to individuals, their families, business travellers and students. Let us take a look at the different travel insurance plans offered by Universal Sompo Travel Insurance in the following table:

    Plan Types

    Sum Insured

    Eligibility Criteria

    Key Features

    Universal Sompo Travel Worldwide

    50,000 USD

    200,000 USD

    500,000 USD

    1 day to 70 years

    l Loss of passport

    l Medical expenses

    l Personal accident

    Universal Sompo Travel Asia

    20,000 USD

    25,000 USD

    1 day to 70 years

    l Personal liability

    l Medical expenses

    l Hijack distress allowance

    Universal Sompo Student Travel

    50,000 USD

    100,000 USD

    200,000 USD

    16 to 35 years

    l Study interruption

    l Medical expenses

    l Compassionate visit

    Universal Sompo Annual Multi-Trip

    200,000 USD

    500,000 USD

    18 years to 70 years

    l Medical expenses

    l Personal liability

    l Trip cancellation

    Universal Sompo Domestic Travel Insurance Policy

    Rs 25,000

    06 months onwards


    l Medical expenses

    l Check-in baggage delay

    l Trip delay

    Take a look at the various Universal Sompo Travel Insurance plans in detail:

    Universal Sompo Travel Worldwide

    The Universal Sompo Travel Worldwide plan financially protects the insured traveller against various unpredictable risks, such as illnesses, theft, etc. when travelling worldwide. It provides covers, such as baggage loss or delay, medical expenses, financial emergency assistance, trip delay, loss of passport, missed connection and burglary home contents amongst others. This plan comes with a validity of up to 180 days.

    The Universal Sompo Travel Worldwide plan has three policy variants:

    • Platinum
    • Gold
    • Silver

    Moreover, these plan variants can be further divided as per destination i.e. including America and excluding America.

    Universal Sompo Travel Asia

    The Universal Sompo Travel Asia plan covers the insured traveller unforeseen adversities faced while travelling within the Asian continent. It covers the insured against adversities, such as passport loss, personal liability, medical expenses, flight hijack, personal accident, dental expenses, baggage loss, etc. The policy comes with a maximum validity of 47 days.

    The Universal Sompo Travel Asia plan has two policy variants:

    • Gold
    • Platinum

    Universal Sompo Student Travel

    The Universal Sompo Student Travel plan is designed for people travelling outside India for the purpose of studying in a foreign university or school. It financially protects the insured student against various unforeseen risks with the help of study interruption cover, compassionate visit, accident to sponsor cover, medical expenses, personal liability, personal accident, passport loss, dental expenses cover, etc. The plan comes with a validity of 30 days to a maximum of 1 year. 

    The Universal Sompo Student Travel plan has three policy variants:

    • Primary
    • Buddy
    • Intellectual

    Just like the Universal Sompo Travel Worldwide plan, the Student Travel plan can also be further divided into coverage including America and coverage excluding America.

    Universal Sompo Annual Multi Trip

    The Universal Sompo Annual Multi Trip plan is a customized policy for people who need to travel abroad frequently, such as businessmen. It provides coverage for trip delay, loss of passport, medical expenses, trip cancellation, hijack distress allowance, personal accident, financial emergency assistance, check-in baggage loss, etc. The plan comes with a validity of 30 days or 45 days.

    The Universal Sompo Annual Multi Trip plan has two variants:

    • Platinum
    • Gold

    Universal Sompo Domestic Travel Insurance Policy 

    The Universal Sompo Domestic Travel Insurance policy provides coverage to people travelling within India. It covers the insured traveller against adversities, including medical expenses, trip delay, personal liability, loss of check-in baggage, missed flight connection, legal expenses, home burglary insurance, etc.

    Inclusions under Universal Sompo Travel Insurance Plans

    A Universal Sompo Travel Insurance policy will provide coverage for the following:

    1. Medical Expenses- It covers the cost of availing emergency medical treatment taken by the insured traveller during the trip.
    2. Loss of Passport- It pays for the charges incurred on obtaining a duplicate or new passport in case the insured loses the original one.
    3. Total Loss of Checked Baggage- It pays for the losses incurred by the insured traveller in case his/her check-in baggage is lost by the scheduled airline.
    4. Delay of Checked Baggage- It covers the incidental expenses incurred by the insured in case the arrival of his/her check-in baggage is delayed by more than 12 hours by the scheduled airline.
    5. Personal Accident- It compensates the insured in case he/she meets with an accident during the trip that leads to disability or death.
    6. Hijack Distress Allowance- It provides a distress allowance to the insured in case his/her flight gets hijacked for more than 12 more hours.
    7. Financial Emergency Assistance- It provides financial assistance in the form of a lump sum amount to the insured in case he/she loses all the money due to fraud, theft, mugging, etc.
    8. Dental Treatment- It covers the medical expenses incurred on emergency dental treatment taken during the trip.
    9. Personal Liability- It pays compensation to a third party on behalf of the insured traveller in case he/she was responsible for causing property damages or injuries during an accident.
    10. Trip Delay- It covers the expenses/losses incurred by the insured due to postponing his/her trip due to an unavoidable situation.
    11. Trip Cancellation- It covers the financial losses incurred by the insured in case he/she ends up cancelling the trip due to an emergency.
    12. Missed Connection- It covers the expenses/losses incurred by the insured traveller in case he/she misses the connecting flight due to a delay in the arrival of the inward flight.
    13. Repatriation of Mortal Remains- It pays for the cost of transporting the bodily remains of the insured traveller in case he/she passes away during the trip.
    14. Compassionate Visit- It pays for the travelling expenses of an immediate family member of the insured traveller in case he/she is hospitalized for more than a certain number of days.

    Exclusions under Universal Sompo Travel Insurance Plans

    Certain situations and expenses are excluded from the scope of coverage of Universal Sompo Travel Insurance plans. They are as follows:

    • Routine physical or other examination
    • Suicide, attempted suicide or willfully self-inflicted injury or illness
    • Mental disorder, anxiety/stress/depression/nervousness
    • Venereal disease
    • Claims due to alcoholism, drunkenness or drug abuse
    • Loss/damages to the insured's passport if confiscated or detained by customs, police or other authorities
    • Loss not reported to the appropriate police authority within 24 hours of the discovery of the loss, and for which noofficial report has been obtained
    • Claims resulting from war or any act of war, invasion, civil war, riot, terrorism, chemical, radioactive or nuclear contamination
    • Losses due to any breach of law with criminal intent.

    How to Enroll in Universal Sompo Travel Insurance Plans?

    The Universal Sompo Travel Insurance plans can be applied through multiple channels online as well as offline. Take a look at the procedure to buy a Universal Sompo Travel Insurance policy:

    Online Process:

    A Universal Sompo Travel Insurance policy can be purchased online by visiting the website of Policybazaar Insurance Broker Private Limited. Customers can also buy it from the website of the insurance company. Follow the steps to buying the policy online below:

    • Visit the official website of com
    • Go to the icon of ‘Travel Insurance’
    • Enter the details of the trip, including trip destination, travel dates, etc.
    • Provide other requested details, such as the age of the travellers
    • Choose a Universal Sompo travel insurance plan from the list of plans
    • Pay the travel insurance policy premium online
    • A Universal Sompo Travel Insurance policy will be issued within two minutes.

    Make sure to compare different travel insurance plans at Policybazaar.com before buying a plan.

    Offline Process:

    A person can buy a Universal Sompo Travel Insurance policy offline using the following methods:

    • Individuals can simply call the helpline number of Policybazaar Insurance Broker Private Limited at 1800-708-8787 and express their desire to buy a travel insurance policy to the customer service representative
    • People can visit the Universal Sompo General Insurance Company’s nearest branch to buy the policy
    • In addition, they can also get in touch with an insurance agent to buy the plan.

    In case of any confusion, customers can write to Policybazaar Insurance Broker Private Limited at care@policybazaar.com

    Universal Sompo Travel Insurance- FAQs

    • Q1. How to pay a Universal Sompo Travel Insurance policy premium? What are the various modes of payment available?

      Ans: Universal Sompo General Insurance Company offers the following three ways to pay the premium:

      • Direct debit from your bank
      • Credit/ debit card payment
      • Cheque payment

      You need to sign a debit mandate for the direct debit option. With this option, you don’t have to stress about remembering the premium due date.

    • Q2. Is buying a travel insurance policy mandatory?

      Ans: No. It is not compulsory to buy a travel insurance policy to travel within India or abroad, except for a few countries. If you need to travel to Schengen countries or Dubai, you must buy a travel insurance policy before applying for the visa. You can visit Policybazaar.com and buy a Universal Sompo travel insurance policy online after carefully comparing various available plans.

    • Q3. What is the policy renewal process for Universal Sompo Travel Insurance?

      Ans: You can renew your Universal Sompo Travel Insurance policy by contacting the insurance company. You can either call on the toll-free number of the company to get your policy renewed or send an email. You can also renew your policy online by visiting the website from where you purchased the policy. Once the payment has been made, the insurance company will renew your travel insurance policy.

    • Q4. What is the process to file a Universal Sompo Travel Insurance claim?

      Ans: You must follow the following procedure to file a Universal Sompo Travel Insurance claim:

      • Inform the insurer about the claim by emailing or calling on the toll-free number
      • Submit the mandatory hospitalization bills &reports and other documents in addition to the claims application forms to the Claims department of the insurer
      • The department will verify your claim with your policy inclusions
      • The claim amount will be directly creditedinto your bank account.
    • Q5. What is the policy cancellation process for Universal Sompo Travel Insurance?

      Ans: To cancel your Universal Sompo Travel Insurance policy, you must get in touch with the insurer. You can either call on the toll-free number or email the insurer to request a cancellation. If you cancel your policy within the free look period of the first 15 days, your paid premium will be refunded to you post deduction of incurred charges on your medical examination and the stamp duty. If you cancel after the free look period,  a cancellation fee will apply.

    • Q6. Does Universal Sompo Travel Insurance cover pre-existing diseases?

      Ans: No. Universal Sompo Travel Insurance plans do not cover the insured traveller for pre-existing diseases treatment during the trip, except the domestic travel insurance policy.

    • Q7. Do I need to carry my Universal Sompo Travel Insurance policy while travelling?

      Ans: Yes. You must carry your Universal Sompo Travel Insurance policy with you during your trip.

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    Universal Sompo Travel Insurance Reviews & Ratings

    4.8 / 5 (Based on 3 Reviews)
    (Showing Newest 3 reviews)
    Amroha, September 13, 2021
    Affordable plan
    When I went to Policybazaar to buy travel insurance for myself, the executive showed me several plans as per my budget. i was surprised that they not only have one or two affordable plans but they have many so that customers can choose easily. i took universal sompo travel insurance from here.
    Gopalpur, September 09, 2021
    Affordable plan
    I have got cover for unforeseen events in my Universal Sompo Travel Insurance. It has a coverage against medical expenses which include cashless hospitalization, dental expenses etc. I got my plan at an affordable rate. I would like to recommend it to others.
    Darjeeling, May 17, 2016
    High Returns In Low Premium
    I purchase universal sompo travel insurance plan. The policy coverage is good and the premium is low. The luggage lost and dental emergency is inbuilt in the policy. Claims are good and procedure to sanctioning it is very easy because executives provide good and fast service. Good job.