Canada Visa

The friendliest country in the world, Canada is an all-rounder in beauty, tourism, quality education and, of course, great work opportunities. If Canada is on your travel bucket list, you must apply for a Canadian visa from India.

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About Canada Visa

Canada is a highly sought-after tourist destination with snow-capped mountains, the rare aurora borealis, the midnight sun, and abundant wildlife. However, before coming here, most foreigners, including Indians, need a valid visa for Canada.

Canada Visa

A Canada visa is an official permit allowing foreign nationals to enter the Canadian border. Even if you need to transit through the international transit areas of Canadian airports or land borders, you must bear the Canada transit visa cost.

A Canada visa is issued by the Embassy and Consulates located in India. However, it has also approved VFS Global centres in India for processing applications for Canadian visas. Take a look at some of the key highlights of the Canada visa for Indians:

Categories Specification
Canada Visa Price* Starting CAD 100
Canada Travel Insurance Not Mandatory
Canada Visa Processing Time 3-4 weeks
Canada Visa on Arrival for Indians Not available

*Values will vary depending on the category of the visa applied

As per Canadian law, Indian students can get a Canada study visa faster if they apply via the Student Direct Stream (SDS). Along with necessary travel documents, every person travelling to Canada should buy travel insurance for Canada before leaving. It protects the insured traveller from any emergencies during their trip to Canada.

Canada Visa Types

Other than an excellent place for vacation, people can study in Canada or decide to pursue brilliant work opportunities in Canada. Based on visiting purposes, different types of Canada visas are offered to foreign nationals to transit, reside and travel through Canada. Travellers need to select a Canada visa based on the purpose of their travel. Take a look at different Canada visa types:

  • Visitor Visa or Temporary Resident Visa
    A Canada Visitor visa or a Temporary Resident visa allows a foreign national to travel and stay in Canada for a short time. This Canada visa type for Indians can be applied for vacations, business trips, or just to meet friends and families staying in Canada. It can be issued for a maximum period of 6 months. A Canada Tourist visa from India can be issued for single and multiple trips. It can also be used to pursue short courses if the course duration is under 6 months.
  • Study Permit/ Canada Student Visa
    A Study Permit is a document issued along with a Canada Visitor visa that allows a foreign national to study in an educational institution in Canada. Although Study Permit is not a visa type, several people consider it a Canada Student visa or Canada Study visa. Indian citizens who want to study in Canada can apply through Student Direct Stream (SDS) to obtain their Study permit within 20 days.
  • Work Permit/ Canada Work Visa
    Non-Canadian citizens can work in an organisation in Canada thanks to a valid Canadian work visa. It is not a visa and thus has to be applied along with your Canada Visitor visa if you want to work there.
    A Canada Work Permit is available in two types: Employer–specific and Open Work permits. If your Canada Work visa application gets approved, the Canadian Embassy or Consulate will send you a letter. This letter will authorise you to get a work visa on arrival in Canada. Moreover, a Canada Work visa can be issued within two weeks if your employer requires a Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA letter through the Global Talent Stream under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.
  • Canada Super Visa
    This is a special type of Canada visa that can be applied for by people visiting their children and grandchildren in Canada. It is an extension of the Canada Visitor visa and has been exclusively designed for parents and grandparents staying with their children or grandchildren for over six months.
    A Super Visa is a multi-trip visa issued for 5 years with a maximum duration of 10 years after extension. Moreover, it is mandatory for all applicants for a Super visa to have medical insurance with a minimum of CAD 100,000. This health insurance must be purchased from a Canadian insurance company.
  • Canada Transit Visa
    A Transit visa for Canada is for people transiting through international transit areas of Canadian airports within 48 hours. A transit visa is primarily valid for single or double entries in Canada. People who need more than 48 hours to transit from Canada should apply for a Canada Visitor Visa instead of a transit visa.

Student Direct Stream

There are plenty of reasons that make Canada perfect for higher studies. Among 14 other nationalities, Indians are given preference when applying for a Canada Study visa or Study Permit for Canada. Study visas for Canada can be fast-tracked and obtained within 20 days if Indian applicants apply through the Student Direct Stream (SDS). SDS is a visa process that allows Indians to receive a Canada Study visa or Study Permit much faster than the rest of the world.

However, getting a Canada Study visa faster through SDS is possible only if all the required documents and biometrics are submitted to the Canadian Embassy or Consulates at the earliest. Plus, it can only be applied by Indian students filing a Canada visa application outside Canada.

Permanent Resident in Canada

A Permanent Resident (PR) is a non-Canadian citizen who has been granted permanent resident status in Canada. A person with a PR status can live, study and work in any part of Canada. They will be protected like a Canadian citizen under Canada's laws & citizen rights and will be eligible for various social and medical benefits. Moreover, a person with a PR status in Canada can later apply for Canadian Citizenship.

PR status holders needs to spend a minimum of 730 days in Canada in the last five years to retain their status. People staying in Canada temporarily to study or work do not become permanent residents. People with refugee status can apply for PR status if the Immigration and Refugee Board approve their claim.

Each permanent resident is issued a Permanent Resident or PR card. The card can be used to show your residency status in Canada. It can be used in Canada through public transport, including aeroplanes, trains, buses, ships, etc. However, a person with a Canada PR status cannot vote or contest an election. Such people are also prohibited from taking jobs requiring a high-level security clearance.

Although PR status can be lost upon its expiry, its holder can voluntarily relinquish their permanent residency by following an official procedure.

Validity for Different Types of Canada Visa

Canada Visa Types Visa Validity
Temporary Resident Visa/ Visitor Visa 6 months
Transit Visa Up to 48 hours
Super Visa Up to 5 years
Study Permit Up to 5 years of visa validity
Work Permit Depends on the job and its duration

When to Apply for a Canada Visa?

People who wants a Canada visa should apply for it before their departure date from India. As there is no Canada visa on arrival for Indians, it can’t be obtained at the international airport in Canada where you arrive.

Similarly, an international travel insurance plan cannot be purchased after arriving in Canada and must be obtained before departure from India. However, due to the heavy number of applications from India, you must apply for a Canadian visa as soon as possible, especially if you’re travelling for short vacations or essential work.

How to Apply for a Canada Visa?

The procedure for applying for a Canada visa is straightforward. You can apply for a Canada visa online or offline. Follow the steps below to file a Canada visa application online:

  • Visit the official website of the Government of Canada
  • Go to ‘Immigration and Citizenship’
  • Select the visa category who want to apply between Visit, Work or Study
  • Select the type of visa you wish to apply for and click on ‘How to Apply’
  • Select if you are applying from outside Canada and if you are filing an online or offline visa application and click on apply
  • Create an account and fill up the Canada visa application form
  • Pay your visa fees
  • Schedule an appointment for the Visa Application Centre (VAC)
  • Arrange all the required document
  • Visit the VAC and give your biometrics
  • Attend the interview
  • Canada visa will be issued to the people who clear the interview

Documents Required to Apply for Canada Visa

Documents Required for Canada Visa

Every Canada visa application requires a few documents to be submitted. Take a look at the list of documents that you need to obtain a Canada visa:

  • Valid passport with at least two blank pages
  • Duly filled application form
  • Photocopy of round air ticket or travel itinerary
  • Two photographs with your name and date of birth written on the back
  • Proof of financial ability to afford the trip. This may include:
    • Photocopy of latest Income Tax Return
    • Letter from the employer mentioning your designation, salary and job description
    • Letter from the accountant stating your annual income (in case of self-employed Canada visa applicants)
    • Document proof of income from other sources, including pension statements, investments, etc.
  • Letter of invitation from your business partner residing in Canada (In case of a Business Visitor visa)
  • Report of medical examination from an approved medical service provider in New Delhi

Additional Documents for Canada Visa Application

Other than general identification documents and details, different Canada visa types for Indian nationals may require additional supporting documents. These have been briefly mentioned below:

  • Documents Required to Apply for Canada Study Permit Visa
    • Letter of acceptance from a post-secondary University/ School in Canada
    • Document proof of fees paid for the first year of study
    • Proof of the applicant's or his sponsor's financial ability to afford the trip. This may include:
      • Photocopy of latest Income Tax Returns
      • Letter by accountant mentioning your annual income (in case of self-employed sponsors)
      • Proof of income from other sources, including pension statements, investments, etc.
    • Guaranteed Investment Certificate or GIC of CAD 10,000 from a bank listed by the Canadian Deposit Insurance Company*
    • Certificat d’acceptation du Québec or CAQ from MIDI or Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (for people who want to study in Quebec)
    • English or French language test score
  • *GIC can be obtained from the listed banks on the official website of the Canadian Deposit Insurance Company. It includes ICICI Bank, SBI Canada Bank, HSBC Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, Bank of China, Bank of Montreal, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and RBC Royal Bank.
  • Documents Required to Apply for Canada Super Visa
    • Letter of Invitation from the child or grandchild with permanent residency in Canada. It should promise financial support for the applicant’s stay and mention the number of people staying
    • Proof of relationship between the applicant and their child/ grandchild residing in Canada through a birth certificate, baptismal certificate, etc.
    • Photocopy of Permanent Residency or Canadian Citizenship document of applicant’s child or grandchild
    • Document proof of the child or grandchild's Low Income Cut-Off (LICO). This may include:
      • Recent Notice of Assessment (NOA)
      • Recent T4 or T1
      • Employment insurance stubs or pay stubs
      • Letter of employment mentioning the salary and the date of joining the organisation
      • Bank statements
    • Document proof of valid health insurance or medical insurance from a Canadian insurer with a minimum cover of CAD 100,000
  • Canada Visa Application for Minor Child
    • Passport of the child
    • Photocopy of birth certificate
    • Letter of authorisation, preferably from both parents or legal guardians, mentioning their contact details along with the person's name, address and contact number who would look after the child in Canada. The letter should be in English or French language
    • It is advised to all applicants for Canada visas to confirm the list of supporting documents at the time of application.

Canada Visa Types and Fees

Every Canada visa application, online or offline, will be processed only after you pay the fees. Take a look at different Canada visa fee amount that needs to be paid:

Canada Visa Types Visa Fees (Canadian Dollar)
Temporary Resident Visa/ Visitor Visa 100
Transit Visa Nil
Super Visa 100
Study Permit (with or without SDS) 150
Work Permit 155

Along with the above-mentioned visa fees, a Canada visa applicant must also pay the biometric fee if they provide biometric details at the VAC. Each applicant must pay CAD 85 as the biometric fee for a Canada visa. If a family of two or more people are applying for the visa, a biometric fee of CAD 170 must be paid.

However, applicants for transit visas do not have to pay any biometric fees.

Travel Insurance for Canada

Canada is the go-to country for people who love exploring different places or want to experience nature at its best. It is also a favourite destination among Indians for conducting business or pursuing higher studies. However, it is a vast country with endless possibilities, good and bad. 

Chances of falling ill due to climate change or losing your passport can cost you dearly. Buying travel insurance for Canada is the only way to maintain yourself and your budget from such unforeseen incidents.

A travel insurance policy is a safety net that protects the insured traveller from any eventualities they may face during their trip to Canada. It covers any emergencies you may incur during your Canada trip, such as losing your bag or being robbed. International travel insurance for Canada provides coverage against medical expenses, loss of passport, trip cancellation & curtailment, personal liability, loss or delay of check-in baggage, personal accident, missed connecting flight, flight delay, medical evacuation, and a lot more depending on your plan.

A travel insurance policy can vary in features and coverage depending on the type of policy you choose. Students travelling to Canada can get a Student Travel Insurance, while families travelling together can buy family travel insurance. There are also customised senior citizen travel insurance plans for older adults.

Buying a travel insurance policy, except for a Super visa, is not mandatory to apply for a Canada visa. To apply for a Super Visa application, you need to get medical insurance or health insurance with a minimum cover of CAD 100,000 from a Canadian insurance provider. However, all Canada visa applicants should obtain a travel insurance policy before their trip.

How to Get Travel Insurance for a Canada Trip?

Buying a travel insurance policy is possible online and offline by visiting an insurance company's branch. Travellers who want to purchase travel insurance for their trip to Canada online can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to and search for travel insurance plans for Canada.
  • Compare the coverage and premium quotes for different travel insurance plans offered by various insurance companies
  • Select the plan you want to buy
  • Duly fill in the policy proposal form
  • Pay the premium amount online
  • Download your travel insurance policy

You can also visit the official website of the insurance company whose travel insurance plan you want to purchase.

Canada Visa Processing Time

The processing time varies for different types of Canada visa applications. Refer to the table given below to find out the visa processing time taken by different types of Canada visa applications:

Canada Visa Types Processing Time
Canada Visitor Visa 25 days
Super Visa 123 days
Study Permit 9 weeks
Work Permit 8 weeks

The Canada visa processing time mentioned in the table above does not include the time the Visa Application Centre (VAC) takes to send the application to the Embassy office. It also needs to include the time taken to give your biometric.

How to Check Canada Visa Status?

You can check the status of your Canada visa application online. Follow the steps given below to check the status:

  • Visit the official website of the Government of Canada
  • Go to ‘Immigration and Citizenship
  • Select ‘My Application’ and then ‘Check your application status’
  • Enter the type of application
  • Log in to your account to check your Canada visa application status

Canada Visa for Indians: FAQs

  • Q: Do I need a visa to go to Canada?

    Ans: Yes, Indian citizens require a visa before they visit Canada. You can choose a Canada visitor visa (TRV), Canada work visa, Canada Study visa, Super visa or Transit visa according to the purpose of your travel.
  • Q: Does Canada visa processing time include weekends?

    Ans: No. Processing time for a Canada visa excludes weekends and any holidays in between. However, suppose you have applied for a Canadian entry visa on emergency grounds (like the death of a family member). In that case, you can contact the embassy between 10 AM and 11 AM on Saturdays or as specified by the centre.
  • Q: Is travel insurance mandatory for a Canada visa?

    Ans: No, buying travel insurance for Canada is not compulsory. However, being an expensive country far from India, you will be safe from unimagined emergencies or financial crunch in case of trouble. You can find any trip insurance depending on the duration and purpose of your trip. If you are travelling to study in Canada, student travel insurance will work best for you.
  • Q: How do I get a 10-year Canadian visa?

    Ans: Multiple-entry visa for Canada or a 10-year Canada TRV requires the applicant to meet all the terms under IRPA (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act). Eligibility will depend on having sufficient funds, intent to leave Canada within visa validity, being a law-abiding citizen and being in good health. Make sure to review the complete requirements list available on the Canadian government's official website.
  • Q: How much bank balance is required for a Canada visa?

    Ans: If applying under Canadian Federal Skilled Worker or Federal Skilled Trade Classes, proof of sufficient funds is needed. Those with accompanying spouses/legal partners must have at least CAD 13,310. However, this amount will change as the number of family members increases.

STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY. For more details on risk factors, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.

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