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Aditya Birla Travel Insurance

As life is full of uncertainties and during an international trip if an emergency strikes; only an overseas travel insurance policy can protect you. For both domestic and international travel, you would need to safeguard yourself by getting insured. Your insurer would reimburse you in cases of trip delays or disruption, flight cancellation or delays, repatriation expenses, legal liabilities, and medical emergencies abroad.

This would also cover any loss of checked-in luggage, loss of passport etc. All these things can ruin any well-planned travel. So, to avoid such extreme situations, it’s advisable that you buy travel insurance online with ease and convenience. Whether you are going for a personal trip or for work requirement, you deserve to stay safe and protected whilst you travel overseas.

Why Aditya Birla Travel Insurance?

For your next overseas trip, you can easily buy Aditya Birla travel insurance policy to secure your trip in case of an emergency situation. The insurer will protect you against any unanticipated circumstances that may ruin your trips, such as trip delays, flight delay/cancellation, trip cancellation, loss of baggage, and medical emergencies.

You can try Aditya Birla travel insurance plan if you a looking for a hassle-free reimbursement of your travel insurance claims.

Aditya Birla Travel Insurance Inclusions

There are multiple benefits to buying travel insurance from Aditya Birla General Insurance. However, here is what in store for you if you buy this policy:

  • You will get coverage for medical emergencies requiring hospitalization for a specific time period
  • You can file a claim for accidental death and permanent disabilities resulting due to an emergency situation on the trip
  • If your passport is lost you will get assistance from the insurer
  • If there is any loss or damage that is caused to the checked in baggage then compensation will be provided for the same
  • Trip delay and cancellation are covered
  • Hijacking related damages are also covered
  • Medical emergency assistance is offered
  • Automatic-extension of the cover
  • Repatriation expenses are also recompensed

Please check the policy wording before making the purchase.  There are limitations attached to all the coverages. And to avoid any ambiguity while filing the claim, it is important for you to know the scope of coverage that is offered in the travel insurance policy.

Aditya Birla Travel Insurance Exclusions

Things are not rosy always. There is always some exclusion under every insurance policy. So, here is a list of circumstances under which your Aditya Birla Travel Insurance claim will be denied:

  • Self-inflicted injuries and suicidal attempts are not covered under any circumstances
  • Any emergency resulting due to a planned action or information that you knew before the trip (like weather conditions, riots etc.)
  • Medical emergency due to any pre-existing disease will not be covered
  • Anyone found to be traveling against the doctor’s advice
  • Participation in any sports or adventurous sports
  • AIDS, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections
  • Any emergency situation resulting after consuming alcohol, drugs and other intoxicants or hallucinogens
  • Any act of war, strike, riots, and terrorism are not covered
  • Participation in an actual or attempted felony or civil commotion is also not covered
  • While you are serving for military or army
  • Treatment of mental and nervous problems

How to Compare and Buy Travel Insurance?

The coverage provided in a travel insurance policy will vary from one insurance provider to another. It is suggested that you carefully read the policy documents, check the inclusions, deductibles, and exclusions under a particular overseas travel insurance Plan.

  • To buy a travel insurance policy, you need to provide information related to your trip, your personal details and other credentials in the insurance application. Primary, the information that you need to furnish includes your date of birth, full name, and your email address, date of travel, your passport number, mobile number, and ticket details.
  • You would also need to mention the name of the beneficiary or a point of contact in case of an emergency situation like accidental death and dismemberment during the trip
  • However, you can follow the simple steps to buy your travel insurance policy from Aditya Birla-
  • Simply visit their official website, go to their homepage and select the travel insurance option
  • You can call them on their toll-free (within India) i.e. 1-800-270-7000 to buy a policy.
  • You can also e-mail them by entering your name, email id, subject, and message. Also, enter the code and submit.
  • Someone from their travel insurance team will contact you and help you buy a policy that matched your trip requirements.
  • You can also visit the branch office. With the help of the ‘Locator option,’ you can find the nearest branch office. All you need to do is provide the city and state details. And enter the Locate us button.

Aditya Birla Travel Insurance FAQs

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