Dubai Visa

Dubai is the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), well-known for Burj Khalifa, pristine beaches, modern architecture, and expensive brand showrooms. It is amongst the world’s leading tourist destinations with the maximum amount of dollars spent per day. Over 1.2 million Indians visited Dubai in 2022 after obtaining a valid Dubai visa and insurance for their trip.

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* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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Plans include Covid-19 global coverage

Plans include Covid-19 global coverage

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Accidental & sickness expenses

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Covers Loss of check-in Baggage

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Get Trip Cancellation benefits

* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

About Dubai Visa

Issued by the UAE, a Dubai visa is an authorization that allows foreign nationals to enter the country for a limited period of time. Here’s a quick overview of key information about Dubai visa for Indians:

Categories Specification
Dubai Visa Price USD 10- USD 231*
Dubai Visa Stay Duration 48 hours - 60 days*
Dubai Visa Processing Time 3-4 working days
Dubai Visa on Arrival Valid for Indian nationals with USA green card or holding a UK/EU residence

*Values will vary depending on the category of the visa applied

UAE or Dubai visa grants permission to its holder to travel and stay temporarily in Dubai. Here are some key features:

  • Available for tourists, students, employees, transits and more
  • Option to select a single trip or multi-trip visa
  • Dubai visa for Indians can be applied by family or relatives living in UAE
  • Dubai visa on arrival for Indians is offered to those with a valid US Green Card or EU/UK residence permit (except Dubai work visa)

If booking flight tickets through Emirates Airline, travellers can apply for UAE/Dubai visa online and receive the visa online. Dubai visa for Indians is issued by the government of Dubai and can be applied for by UAE residents as well as organisations on behalf of a foreign national.

Obtaining a Dubai visa is compulsory for all Indian citizens who wish to travel to Dubai. The applicants for Dubai visas for Indians should also have a valid travel insurance policy for their trip for a smooth and stress-free time in Dubai.

Dubai Visa Types

Apply for Dubai Visa

For work reasons or leisure, travellers can visit Dubai under different visas. According to the purpose of travel, the Dubai visa is divided into different categories. Dubai visa on arrival for Indians is only offered to those holding a Green Card or UK/EU residency. Along with a UAE visa, a travel insurance for Dubai is advisable for a smooth and financially safe trip.

Let’s take a look at various types of UAE visas for visiting Dubai:

Types of Dubai Visas Visa Duration Visa Validity

(from the date of Issue)

Tourist Visa Short-term visa 30 days 60 days
Long-term visa 60 days
Visit Visa 30 days or 90 days 60 days
Transit Visa 48 hours to 96 hours 14 days
Service Visa 14 days 14 days
Study Visa Depends on the length of the course -
Work Visa Depends on the contract of employment -

Who Needs to Apply for Dubai Visa?

Getting a UAE visa is mandatory for travellers from most countries in the world, including India. All Indian nationals require a visa for Dubai before travelling. Dubai visa for Indians is usually pre-arranged, i.e., it should be obtained by Indian passport holders before beginning their journey to Dubai.

However, people with a valid US Green Card or US visa (except a work visa) can get a Dubai visa on arrival for Indians. People without a valid Dubai visa will not be allowed to enter this Emirate.

If you have a relative or family in Dubai, they can apply for Dubai visa online on your behalf too. If you’re planning to work here, then a Dubai work visa will be required. You can read more about sponsors and other Dubai visa requirements on UAE Embassy’s official website.

How to Apply for Dubai Visa?

The process to apply for a Dubai visa for Indians is very easy. You can choose to apply for a Dubai visa online or offline at your convenience. You may also apply for Dubai visa online and complete the whole procedure. You just have to follow the steps mentioned below after meeting all Dubai visa requirements:

  • Decide the type of Dubai visa you want to apply
  • Visit the official website of the Government of UAE or the UAE-based Tourist visa service provider. You can also apply for a Dubai visa online if you have booked your tickets via Emirates.
  • Fill up the visa application form
  • Upload all the supporting documents
  • Pay the visa price
  • Submit your visa application

Dubai visa for Indians will be granted to people with a successful application. It will help if you have a Dubai itinerary planned before the application process. In case of any delays or issues faced during Dubai visa process, you will have sufficient time.

Documents Required to Apply for Dubai Visa

Documents for Dubai Visa

Before proceeding with Dubai visa process, you need to prepare all the important documents. Listed below are the general requirements for a Dubai Visa application. However, depending on the type of visa, requirements will differ.

  • Duly filled visa application form
  • Copy of first and last page of the passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity
  • Recent colour photograph on a white background
  • Proof of Residency visa (if the applicant's country of permanent residency is different from their country of nationality)
  • Sponsorship from a Dubai-based tour agency or hotel or airline
  • Confirmed hotel or flight booking with the airline or hotel which would apply for Dubai visa on your behalf
  • Proof of investments or annual income of a minimum of USD 8,000. You can submit income tax documents as proof

If visiting on a Dubai tourist visa, you will need to provide return ticket details as well. Given below are documents required for different Dubai Visas for Indian visitors, along with Dubai visa price list:

Types of Dubai Visas Documents Required
Dubai Visit Visa
  • Sponsorship from a UAE-based resident, tour agency or hotel
  • Copy of UAE resident’s passport (who is sponsoring the trip)
  • Copy of employment contract or salary certificate if the sponsor works in a private firm or government agency respectively
  • Marriage certificate attested by UAE Embassy or Ministry of Foreign Affairs (if sponsoring wife or husband)
  • Birth Certificate attested by the UAE Embassy (if sponsoring own children)
  • Proof of the relationship between the applicant and the sponsor, attested by UAE Embassy (if relationship can be proved through family names in passports)
Dubai Transit Visa (48/96 hours)
  • Onward flight booking from Dubai to the destination
  • Confirmed booking at a Dubai hotel for the duration of the stay
Dubai Study Visa
  • Sponsorship from a UAE-based university or School
Dubai Medical Treatment Visa
  • Sponsorship from UAE-based hospital or medical service provider
Dubai Work Visa
  • Sponsorship from the UAE-based firm or employer
  • Copy of sponsor firm’s signature card
  • Copy of academic degree attested by a relevant authority
  • Copy of valid licence
  • Copy of expat’s driving licence (if travelling for the job of a driver)
  • Approval letter from Health Ministry as well as relevant academic qualifications (if the job is of a doctor)
  • Approval letter from the Education Ministry (if the job is of a teacher)

No matter how elaborate the Dubai visa process is, make sure to include Dubai travel insurance in it. It will be the ultimate safety net for your Dubai trip and protect you from financial emergencies.

Travel Insurance for Dubai

Dubai is a complete holiday destination with something to offer to all kinds of travellers. However, what if you forget your passport somewhere or fall ill in the UAE? Such incidents would not only mess up your travel plans but also your trip budget. To avoid such scenarios and stay appropriately prepared for any unforeseen emergencies, you must have travel insurance for Dubai.

Travel insurance is a safety device that will protect you from any eventualities that you may come across during your Dubai trip. It covers the insured traveller from any unpredictable incidents that may lead to financial losses. Emergency expenses like loss of passport, medical expenses, repatriation of mortal remains, delay or loss of check-in baggage, medical evacuation to a hospital, flight delay, personal liability, flight hijack, missed connection flight, trip cancellation & curtailment, personal accident, etc are covered by an international travel insurance plan.

A wide variety of travel insurance plans are offered by insurance companies in India. Right from family travel insurance to senior citizen travel insurance, there are different types of trip insurance plans designed to suit the needs different travellers. People travelling to Dubai for studying purposes can opt for student travel insurance policy that comes with sponsor protection cover, study interruption, compassionate visits, etc. You must select a suitable Dubai visa based on the purpose of your travel, age and trip frequency.


  • Q. How long does it take to get UAE visa?

    Ans: Most of the time UAE visas for Indians are processed within 3-4 days of submitting a visa application. If you apply for Dubai visa online then the whole process can be quickly done online. However, if you submit your visa application on a weekend or on public holidays, it can take more than more than a day to get your visa application processed.
  • Q. How much does a Dubai visa cost for Indians?

    Ans: The cost of Dubai visa for Indians will depend on the type of visa they have applied for. Following is the cost for prearranged visas for UAE:
    • 48-hour visa: USD 10
    • 96-hour visa: USD 30
    • Short-term tourist visa: USD 90-136
    • Long Term tourist visa: USD 177-231
  • Q. Do I need visa for Dubai from India?

    Ans: Yes. All Indian citizens require a visa in order to enter, stay or transit from the Emirate of Dubai.
  • Q. Do you need travel insurance for Dubai?

    Ans: While there is no mandatory travel insurance requirement, you should buy travel insurance for Dubai to have a safe trip. It will protect you from a lot of issues including flight delays, baggage loss, passport loss and a lot more.
  • Q. How can I buy travel insurance for Dubai?

    Ans: You can buy travel insurance online as well as offline. Follow the steps given below to purchase a travel insurance policy online:

    1. Compare the premium and coverage offered by different insurance companies

    2. Visit the official website of the insurance company

    3. Select the travel insurance plan

    4. Fill in the proposal form

    5. Pay the premium charges online

    6. Download your travel insurance policy document

    You can also compare and buy plans on if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to buy Dubai travel insurance.

  • Q. How long does a Dubai visa take?

    Ans: It takes about 1-3 working days for a Dubai visa to get processed. If there are public holidays in between, it may get delayed. Apply for Dubai visa well before time so that your plans are not affected by delay or rejection.
  • Q. Which travel insurance is best for Dubai from India?

    Ans: The best travel insurance Dubai plan varies from one individual to another. An Indian student who wants to study abroad will find student travel insurance as the best option. Similarly, a senior citizen who is travelling to Dubai to visit his son will find senior citizen travel insurance as the best. Therefore, it is important to carefully assess your trip requirements and compare different travel insurance Dubai plans to find the best insurance policy for you.
  • Q. How can I check my UAE visa application status?

    Ans: The following steps need to be followed to check the status of your UAE visa online:

    1. Visit the official website of Government of UAE

    2. Go to “Information and services’

    3. Select ‘Track visa application and validity’

    4. Select the correct category and enter your request number

    5. Check the status of your visa application

    Can I extend my Dubai visa?

    Yes. All types of Dubai visas can be extended for a period of 30 days on the payment of AED 570 per visa. Make sure to apply for the visa extension before the expiry of the current visa. Work permits can be extended for 10 days on payment of AED 500.

  • Q. Can I extend my Dubai visa?

    Ans: All types of Dubai visas can be extended for a period of 30 days on the payment of AED 570 per visa. Make sure to apply for the visa extension before the expiry of the current visa. Work permits can be extended for 10 days on payment of AED 500.
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