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*Price shown is for a 30 day trip to Thailand with 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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Cholamandalam Travel Insurance

Cholamandalam Travel Insurance provides financial coverage against unforeseen adversities that are likely to spoil even a well-planned trip. It is designed to cover the travel needs of different kinds of travellers while travelling by the Chola MS General Insurance Company Limited.

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Top Travel Insurance Plans

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  • Students
Plans for an individual of 30 years age travelling to USA for 15 days

Why Buy Cholamandalam Travel Insurance?

Nowadays, almost every person spends a considerable amount on travelling. The reason could be different, such as personal leisure or professional requirement or education, but the fact remains that we all travel often. 

This exposes us to a higher probability of experiencing any misfortune while travelling. In such a scenario, not only does the joy of travelling diminishes but being alone in an unknown place can be a daunting feeling. To deal with such situations, Travel Insurance Plans are designed to safeguard a traveller from suffering any losses in case unforeseen events lead to spoiling of the trip.

Cholamandalam travel insurance plans are highly customized protection plans that provide coverage for health expenses as well as trip-related expenses, such as trip delays, trip interruptions, trip cancellations, etc. It also covers flight-related expenses, such as check-in baggage loss, flight hijack, etc.

Features of Cholamandalam Travel Insurance

The Cholamandalam Travel Insurance plans come with the following key features:

  • Worldwide Coverage - It covers an insured traveller across the globe no matter whichcountry he/she is travelling to.
  • Round the Clock Claim Assistance - It comes with a24x7 dedicated help desk for international travel claims and emergency assistance.
  • Cashless Hospitalization Facility- It comes with a vast network of hospitals that offer cashless hospitalization facility to the insured traveller.
  • Coverage for Travellersof All Ages - It offers travel insurance plans for travellers of all ages, be it individuals, students, families, corporates or senior citizens.
  • Emergency Medical Coverage- It offers coverage for emergency medical expenses incurred due to an illness or accident.
  • Coverage for Travel-Related Adversities - It provides coverage for a variety of travel-related adversities, including loss of passport, trip cancellation, missed connection flight, trip delay, etc.
  • Door-to-Door Coverage- It covers the insured traveller against any adversities as soon as he/she steps out of their home to leave for the airport and ends when they reach back home from the airport.
  • Policy Tenure - It comes with travel insurance plans for a single trip as well as multiple trips with annual renewal. The traveller can opt for a policy tenure as per the duration of the trip.

Things to Know About Cholamandalam Travel Insurance

Categories Specifications
Trips Covered International/Domestic
Sum Insured Up to 500,000 USD
COVID-19 Cover Available
Cashless Treatment Available
In-house Claim Settlement Not Available
Claim Assistance 24 Hours

Travel Insurance Plans Offered by Cholamandalam Travel Insurance

Take a look at the various types of plans offered for Cholamandalam Travel Insurance in detail below:

  • 1. Chola Overseas Travel Protection Plan

    The Chola Overseas Travel Protection policy covers different kinds of travellers against any emergencies faced during their trip. It provides coverage for single trips as well as annual multi-trips but can be purchased by individuals only. The plan is available for a minimum trip duration of 30 days to a maximum of 180 days.

    The Chola Overseas Travel Protection policy comes with four different plan options:

    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Senior Citizen Plan
    • Annual Multi-Trip Plan

    Chola Overseas Travel Protection plans provide coverage for unexpected medical expenditure,  dental treatment, permanent loss of check-in luggage, delay in check-in luggage, loss of passport, personal accident, legal liability, financial emergency assistance, etc.

    The coverage benefits, however, are subject to the plan opted by the customer/traveller as per the table given below:

    Covers Silver Gold Annual Multi Trip Senior Citizen* Deductibles
    Medical Treatment $50,000
    $50,000 $100
    Repatriation of Remains
    (within the overall medical  limit)
    $7500 $7500 $7500 $7500 Nil
    Dental Treatment $250 $250 $250 $250 $50
    Checked Baggage Loss $250 $1000
    for Med
    SI 100k)
    for Med
    SI 100k)
    $250 Nil
    Checked Baggage Delay $100 $100 $100 $100 12 hours
    Passport Loss $150 $250 $250 $150 $30
    Personal Liability $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 Nil Nil
    Personal Accident - Overseas $10,000 $25,000
    for Med
    SI 100k)
    for Med
    SI 100k)
    Nil Nil
    Personal Accident -Domestic INR
    Nil INR
    Hijack Relief Benefit
    ($100/day: max 7 days)
    $700 $700 $700 $700 12 hours
    Financial Emergency Nil $250 $250 Nil Nil
    Trip Cancellation Nil $500 $500 Nil $50
    Trip Curtailment Nil $500 $500 Nil $50
    Trip Delay
    ($10 per 12 hours max $150)
    Nil $150 $150 Nil 12 hours
    International Driving License Loss Nil $100 $100 Nil $25
    Home Burglary
    (Contents First Loss Basis)
    Nil INR
    Nil Nil INR 2500
  • 2. Chola Student Travel Protection Plan

    The Chola Student Travel Protection policy is an all-inclusive plan specially designed for those who are going abroad for studies. It does not require any pre-policy medical check-up and offers coverage for up to 1 year. The plan is available in three types:

    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Platinum

    The Chola Student Travel Protection plan provides a student travelling abroad with coverage, including bail bond, study interruption, sponsor protection, medical cover, passport loss, personal accident, personal liability, etc. 

    It also offers special medical extension coverage under the platinum plan that includes medical expenses for inter-college sports injuries, treatment of mental/ nervous disorders including alcoholism/drug dependency, in-patient medical expenses related to pregnancy, cancer screening & mammographic examinations and even childcare benefits for up to 7 days.

  • 3. Chola MS Corporate Travel Insurance

    The Chola MS Corporate Travel Insurance is an annual multi-trip travel insurance plan designed for corporates and frequent flyers travelling worldwide. I

    t offers complete equanimity to corporate customers as they do not need to enrol for multiple policies each time while travelling. The policy comes with a minimum validity of 250 days for business travellers and 365 days for a single trip.

    The Chola MS Corporate Travel Insurance plan provides coverage for the following:

    • Emergency medical expenses
    • Dental treatment
    • Total loss of checked-in baggage
    • Delay in checked-in baggage
    • Loss of passport
    • Loss ofinternational driving license
    • Personal accident
    • Personal liability
    • Financial emergency
    • Hijack relief
    • Trip cancellation& curtailment
    • Trip delay
  • 4. Chola Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy

    The Chola Comprehensive Travel Insurance policy provides complete coverage against medical-related or trip-related adversities faced during the trip. It offers coverage for single trips and an annual multi-trip for 180 days and 365 days respectively. 

    The Cholamandalam Comprehensive Travel Insurance policy comes in three plan variants:

    Travel Plus

    Travel Pleasure

    Travel Delight

    The policy covers the insured travellers against adversities, such as medical expenses, trip cancellation, loss of passport, personal accident, trip delay, loss of international driving license, home burglary, check-in baggage, etc.

  • 5. Chola Subh Yatra Insurance Policy

    The Chola Subh Yatra Insurance policy covers the insured against unforeseen events faced while travelling abroad that can lead to a financial loss. It is available for a trip duration of 30 days and 60 days. The policy provides coverage for medical expenses, personal accident, repatriation of mortal remains and loss of passport.

Exclusions under Cholamandalam Travel Insurance Plans

The Cholamandalam Travel Insurance plans do not cover the following:

  • Travelling to avail medical treatment
  • Any illness or accident resulting from war and warlike situations, riots, civil war, etc
  • Any loss or expenses arising from ionising radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear waste
  • Any claim arising out of participation in competitions of professional or semi-professional sportsmen or women
  • Cosmetic treatment
  • Pregnancy-related expenses
  • Congenital anomaly

The complete list of exclusions differs as per the plan type and can be checked by referring to the policy wordings.

How to Enrol in Cholamandalam Travel Insurance Plans?

There are multiple ways to enrol in a Cholamandalam Travel Insurance plan online as well as offline. Take a look at the process to buy travel insurance from Chola MS General Insurance Company below:

Online Process:

A Cholamandalam travel insurance policy can be purchased online on the website of Policybazaar Insurance Broker Private Limited. Prospective travellers can also visit the insurer’s website to buy it. Follow the steps given below to buy Cholamandalam travel insurance online:

  • Go to the website of Policybazaar Insurance Broker Private Limited
  • Select the option to buy travel insurance
  • Provide the details of the trip, including the destination country and travel dates
  • Enter the details of the travellers, such as their age, contact number, etc.
  • Choose a Cholamandalam travel insurance policy as per the purpose of the trip
  • Pay the premium for the policy online
  • The policy will be issued within a couple of minutes.

Remember to compare travel insurance plans on before going ahead with a plan.

Offline Process:

Take a look at the various methods to buy a Cholamandalam travel insurance policy offline:

  • Speak to the insurance experts at Policybazaar Insurance Broker Private Limited by calling their toll-free number on 1800-708-8787 and request to buy the policy
  • Contact an insurance agent to purchase the travel insurance policy
  • People can also visit the nearest branch of Chola MS General Insurance Company to fill the proposal form and buy the policy.

In case of any queries, feel free to write to Policybazaar Insurance Broker Private Limited at

Chola MS Travel Insurance - FAQs

  • Q1. How can I pay my Cholamandalam travel insurance premium? What are the various modes of payment available?

    Ans: You can pay your Cholamandalam travel insurance premium in the following ways:

    • Direct Bank Debit (Auto Debit): You can avail the auto-debit facilitywhere the premium amount will be directly transferred to the Chola MS General Insurance Company’s bank account.
    • Online Payment: You can pay your premium online by using your debit/credit card on the e-portal
    • Offline Card Payment: You can also pay the premium with the help of your debit or credit card offline.
  • Q2.Do I need to undergo a pre-policy check-up before buying a Cholamandalam travel insurance policy?

    Ans: Prospective travellers aged above 60 years and 65 years must undertake a pre-policy check-up before buying an annual multi-trip or single trip policy respectively.

  • Q3. What is the Cholamandalam travel insurance policy renewal process?

    Ans: Online or mobile registered users can directly renew their Cholamandalam travel insurance policy on the go. However, others can also call on the toll-free number and request a policy renewal. In case you want to renew your travel insurance policy online, follow the procedure given below:

    Step 1: Visit the website of Policybazaar Insurance Broker Private Limited and sign in to your account

    Step 2: Select the policy to be renewed and review its details

    Step 3: Choose the online mode of payment to pay the premium amount

    Step 4: Your Cholamandalam travel insurance policy will be renewed.

  • Q4. In how much time will a Cholamandalam Travel Insurance claim get settled?

    Ans: Chola MS General Insurance Company ensures that all travel insurance claims are settled within a period of 30 days from the receipt of the claim form and other essential documents from the insured. In case of delay, the Company will pay an interest at 2% above the prevailing bank rate. 

  • Q5. What is the cancellation process for a Cholamandalam Travel Insurance policy?

    Ans: To cancel your Cholamandalam travel insurance policy, you need to call the customer helpline number or send an email to the insurance provider. You can also walk into any of the nearest branch offices of the insurer in your city with your policy documents and a duly filled surrender form. The premium refund will be made upon deducting the applicable charges. 

  • Q6. Are there any discounts available under the Cholamandalam travel insurance policy?

    Ans: Yes, there are multiple discounts that you can avail while buying a travel insurance policy. Take a look:

    • Family Discount - It offers 5% to 10% savings on premium if the insurer includes threeor more family members under the same policy.
    • Direct Discount - It offers 15% savings on premium if the policy is purchased online.
    • Exchange Rate Fluctuation Discount - It offers 5% to 25% savings on premium depending on the fluctuation in the exchange rate of US dollars in Indian rupees. 
  • Q7. Are pre-existing diseases covered under the Cholamandalan Travel Insurance policy?

    Ans: No. The Cholamandalam travel insurance policy does not cover pre-existing diseases unless under unforeseen life-threatening situations.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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Chola MS Travel Insurance Reviews & Ratings

4.1 / 5 (Based on 28 Reviews)
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Nizamabad, September 14, 2021
Best service
I have already taken many plans from the Policybazaar. My family was planning a vacation so i decided to take family travel insurance from Policybazaar as Policybazaar never disappoints its customers. They always give the best service to their customers.
Rampur, September 14, 2021
Add on cover
I took Cholamandalam family travel insurance from Policybazaar. Earlier I thought that the features provided under the policy would be sufficient but later I added some more features to it and now I really like my plan. I got extra features at a lower cost.
Avadi, September 09, 2021
Good customer service
I took Cholamandalam travel Insurance from Policybazaar. i faced some difficulty during the journey. I contacted the customer care of Policybazaar and they helped me in resolving my problem. i would like to recommend it to all the travelers.
Kapurthala, August 02, 2016
Travel Insurance
Cholamandalam travel insurance is very good policy, i said it because i took one for my last vacations. The coverage and facilities are very much high. Premium is very normal and claiming amount is high which can be sanctioned easily.
Mahipur, July 21, 2016
Insurance Policy
While travelling last month, i lost my luggage by mistake. The cholamandalam insurance company has very good service and response, they reimbursed the amount of my lost items and rest they found from where i visited. Thanks for the great service and for the help.
Panwari, July 05, 2016
Trustable Policy
My travel insurance plan is good policy which has low premiums and claims are high. Policy provide lot of benefits but the refund amount of the ticket is not possible. The lost luggage is reimbursed by the insurance company.
Ashok_nagar, June 24, 2016
Good Travel Plan
I purchase travel insurance plan in low premium. The service facilitate by the executives members of the company is quick and it make's easy to sanctioning the claims. The lost luggage is reimbursed by the insurance company but the refund amount of tickets is not possible. The web service is nice and easy to access.
Lucknow, June 02, 2016
Fine Insurance
Policy coverage is high and the premium is low. Claims are good and service is fast which is given by the staff members and whole team. My cholamandalam travel insurance plan is good. Luggage missing and medical issues are covered in the policy plan. The policy updates are mailed to me regularly.
Chandigarh, June 02, 2016
Fair Policy
My cholamandalam travel insurance plan has high policy coverage and the premium is low. The claims are high and the claiming is easy due to fast service facilitate by the executives and staff members. Updates regarding policy which i have is mailed and texted to me time to time. I like the plan.
Ooty, June 02, 2016
High Returns
Got cholamandalam travel insurance plan. The policy has many benefits like the premium is low and the payback amount is high. The policy coverage is high and claims are high too. Claiming procedure is nice without any paperwork. The executives and staff behave well. The updates are mailed to me regularly regarding insurance policy.

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*Price shown is for a 30 day trip to Thailand with 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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