Accidental & sickness medical expenses
Baggage Delay/ Loss
Trip Delay / Cancellation
Passport Loss
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Missed flights
Medical expenses
Passport Loss
Study interruption
Bail Bond , Personal Liability
Trip Delay / Cancellation
Compassionate visit
No medical tests
Instant policy

SBI Travel Insurance Policy

SBI Travel Insurance is one of the most affordable travel insurance policies available in India. The company is the travel insurance segment of SBI General Insurance Co Limited, which is an alliance between State Bank of India (SBI) and Australia-based Insurance Australia Group or IAG. It not only provides a blanket cover to Indians traveling abroad but also to foreign nationals working in India.

The SBI General Travel Insurance policy for Business and Holiday offers comprehensive coverage to you and your family while you are busy travelling around the globe. It covers you against any medical, non-medical and financial emergencies that you may face during your trip abroad. It allows you to take control of your situation and helps to restore your peace of mind.

Travel insurance policies by SBI General Insurance provides a wide variety of coverage including medical expenses cover, loss of passport, personal liability, hijack cover, loss of check-in baggage, bail bond and home burglary insurance. The policy can also be narrowed down to a specific geographic location that includes worldwide plan and the worldwide plan excluding USA & Canada.

Why Choose SBI General Travel Insurance?

An international trip is planned with great precision so that the journey is fun, convenient and memorable for the traveller. But even the smallest of unwarranted incidents like flight delays can hinder your travel plans and cause considerable losses. Only a travel insurance policy can keep you safe from such losses and SBI General Travel Insurance offers one of the best travel insurance policies available in the market. Take a look at why you should buy a travel insurance policy by the SBI General Insurance:

  • Medical cover up to $ 5,00,000
  • Coverage for hospitalization expenses incurred by COVID-19 positive travellers
  • SBI General Travel Insurance provides services across the globe
  • 24x7 emergency assistance available
  • Option to choose between the worldwide plan or worldwide excluding USA & Canada plan
  • Custom-made plan for frequent travellers
  • No medical examination for applicants of SBI General Travel Insurance
  • Automatic policy extension for up to 7 days
  • A 15-day free look period is given to the insured
  • Sum insured available in individual and family floater basis

Types of SBI General Travel Insurance

Single Trip Insurance

This SBI General Travel Insurance plan is a comprehensive insurance plan designed for people traveling abroad for a single trip. It is made for individuals and families who travel international occasionally, mostly for holidays and personal reasons. The plan provides a wide range of covers to insured and his family including medical treatment, hospitalization cash allowance, personal accident, loss of passport, personal liability, trip curtailment, home burglary insurance and many more.

Families traveling together can opt for sum insured on family floater basis as it allows each family member to avail the floater sum insured amount just like a family travel insurance plan. The travelers can further categorize this SBI General Travel Insurance plan amongst worldwide plan or worldwide excluding USA & Canada plan.

Multi Trip Insurance

This plan by SBI General Travel Insurance is tailor-made for people who frequently travel abroad, mostly on business purposes. It allows the insured traveler to undertake multiple international trips without buying a fresh travel insurance policy ahead of each trip. Not only does the plan turn out to be more cost-effective but also provides the insured with a trip duration of one year, unlike the single trip insurance plan. Some of the coverage provided under this international travel insurance plan are the medical cover, trip cancellation, trip delay, emergency cash advance, missed connections, delay/ loss of baggage and bail bond amongst others.

Moreover, this policy by SBI General Travel Insurance also allows the insured traveler to opt for the worldwide plan or worldwide excluding USA and Canada plan. The insured can also get this policy renewed towards the end of the policy period.

SBI General Travel Insurance: Eligibility Criteria

The following are the eligibility criteria for different plans by SBI General Travel Insurance:

Travel Insurance Plans


Policy Duration

Single Trip Insurance

  • 6 months to 70 years
  • Indian residents traveling abroad
  • Foreigners working in India
  • Family floater plan includes self, spouse, two dependent children, parents and parents-in-law

1 day to a maximum of 180 days

Multi Trip Insurance

365 days or 1 year

SBI General Travel Insurance Coverage

An insured international traveller will be covered under for the following covers under the SBI General Travel Insurance policy:

  • Medical Expenses: The insurer will cover all expenses incurred by the insured on hospitalization and medical treatment due to an illness or following an accident. It also includes emergency evacuation to a hospital and repatriation of mortal remains back to the home country.
  • COVID-19 Treatment Expenses: In case the insured gets diagnosed as COVID-19 positive during his trip and gets hospitalized, this policy will cover the treatment expenses. The claims are admissible only if the insured is hospitalized for at least 24 hours at a hospital where treatment for COVID-19 is authorized.
  • Personal Accident: SBI General Insurance will pay compensation to the insured or his family if an accident abroad results in death or disability of the insured.
  • Loss of Passport: If the insured has lost his passport while on his international trip, the insurer will reimburse all the expenses incurred in getting a duplicate or new passport.
  • Loss of Check-in Baggage: In case the airline with which the insured was travelling loses his check-in baggage, the insurer will compensate for the losses incurred.
  • Trip Cancellation: The insurer will reimburse the losses incurred by the insured in case his trip gets cancelled.
  • Personal Liability: In case the insured is legally liable to pay for the losses, damages or injuries caused to a third party person or property abroad, SBI General Travel Insurance will pay the amount on his behalf.
  • Trip Curtailment: The insurer will indemnify the losses incurred by the insured if his trip gets curtailed.
  • Delay of Check-in Baggage: If the check-in baggage of the insured is delayed for more than 12 hours by the airline, the insurer will reimburse the expenses incurred on the purchase of essential items including clothes, medicines and toiletries.
  • Hospitalization Daily Allowance: In case the insured is hospitalized due to illness or accident, the SBI General Insurance will pay a daily hospitalization allowance to cover any day-to-day expense.
  • Hijack Cover: In case the flight in which the insured was travelling gets hijacked, SBI General Travel Insurance will provide a distress allowance to the insured.
  • Missed Connection: If a delay in the arrival of an inbound flight results in the insured missing his connecting flight, then the insurer will reimburse all the losses incurred on flight tickets, hotel accommodation, etc.
  • Trip Delay: The insurer will cover all expenses incurred by the insured if his flight gets delayed for more than 12 hours.
  • Bail Bond: SBI General Travel Insurance will arrange the bail amount for the insured in case he gets arrested or detained by the local police or authority.
  • Emergency Cash Advance: The insurer will arrange emergency cash for the insured if he gets mugged or robbed of his money during his international trip.
  • Home Burglary Insurance: SBI General Travel Insurance will compensate for the contents of the insured’s house in case his residence gets burgled when he was out on an international trip.


(In USD)

Medical Expenses

50,000 to 5,00,000

Personal Accident

Up to 25,000

Loss of Passport

2,000 on floater basis

Loss of Check-in Baggage

Home Burglary Insurance

Golfer’s Hole-In-One

Trip Cancellation

Missed Connection

Trip Curtailment

Delay of Check-in Baggage

200 per 12 hours up to 2,000

Hijack Cover

200 per 24 hours up to 2000

Trip Delay

200 per 12 hours up to 2,000

Hospitalization Daily Allowance

50 per day up to 2000

Bail Bond

2,000 on floater basis

Emergency Cash Advance

Personal Liability

50% of sum insured or 2,00,000, whichever is lower

SBI General Travel Insurance: List of Exclusions

  • The insurer will not pay for the expenses incurred if the insured is travelling –
    • Against the doctor’s instructions
    • To continue receiving treatment or is on the waitlist for the treatment of a medical condition declared in the doctor’s certificate
    • To receive treatment for a specific illness or condition
    • Despite declared terminally ill by the doctor
  • Any injury or illness of the insured arising out of –
    • Self-inflicted injuries, including suicide or attempt to suicide
    • Venereal diseases
    • Anxiety, depression or stress
    • Mental disorder
    • HIV and AIDS
    • Addiction or dependency on alcohol or drugs
  • Any claim that has arisen at a time due to the insured taking part in an Air Force, Naval or Military operation
  • SBI General Travel Insurance will not pay for any expenses incurred by the insured towards the treatment of pre-existing diseases
  • Any hospitalization expenses incurred for the purpose of COVID-19 diagnosis or investigation will not be covered
  • The insurer will not pay for any claim towards the treatment of an injury or illness caused due to the insured being part of a manual or hazardous work or for being involved in a criminal activity
  • No claims will be entertained by SBI General Travel Insurance arising due to –
    • War, invasion, hostilities or acts of an enemy country
    • Civil war, revolution, insurrection, rebellion
    • Force used by the military or usurper
    • Nationalization or confiscation of property by the local or government authorities causing loss or damage to the insured
  • The insurer does not cover any loss or damages or expenses incurred due to an activity of nuclear radiation or toxic radioactive properties of any explosive nuclear assembly
  • Any claim arising due to the insured travelling by air through an aircraft not licensed to carry passengers
  • SBI General Travel Insurance does not cover any injury or illness arising due to participation in –
    • Winter sports, professional sports or any hazardous sports
    • Mountaineering involving ropes and guides
    • Motor races or rallies
    • Caving or potholing
    • Hunting or equestrian
    • Underwater activities including scuba diving
    • Activities like rafting or canoeing over white water rapids
    • Boating or yachting outside coastal waters
  • The insurer will not pay for the damages or injury caused in a two-wheeler accident if the insurer was not wearing a helmet or the driver is not qualified with a full international driving license

SBI General Travel Insurance Claim

Registering a claim is one of the most important aspects of buying a travel insurance policy. SBI General Travel Insurance has an extremely convenient procedure to file a travel insurance claim for both cashless and reimbursement claims. Take a look at how you can register a claim under the travel insurance policies by SBI General Insurance:

Cashless Claims Registration

  • Cashless claim can be availed only at one of the network hospitals of SBI General Insurance
  • Inform SBI General Travel Insurance about your claim immediately
  • The Claims Manager/ Executive of the insurer will confirm the cashless treatment to the hospital
  • Receive treatment for your illness/ accident and get discharged
  • The Claims Manager/ Executive of SBI General Travel Insurance will settle the claim directly with the network hospital

Reimbursement Claims

  • Immediately intimate SBI General Travel Insurance about your loss by calling on the toll-free number or sending an email
  • Duly fill up the claim form
  • Submit the claim form along with required documents to the Claims Manager/ Executive of the insurer
  • The Claims Manager/ Executive will verify your claim against your policy coverage
  • Upon approval, the claim amount will be paid to the insured

Do's to Ensure Smooth Claim Process with SBI General Travel Insurance

  • Provide adequate information to SBI General Insurance or its service provider while intimating the claim. This includes the name and contact number of the hospital, name of the treating doctor, SBI General Travel Insurance policy number and the policy issue date
  • To ensure smooth claim reimbursement, make sure to inform the insurer and submit the required documents within 31 days of the culmination of the trip

Documents Required for Claiming SBI General Travel Insurance

  • Duly filled and signed claim form of SBI General Travel Insurance
  • Photocopy of passport and visa along with entry & exit stamp
  • All original bills or invoice along with the payment receipts
  • Photocopy of FIR or police complaint, if any
  • Original medical statement, prescriptions, investigation request by treating doctor along with investigation reports, payment receipts and discharge card (in case of medical expenses)
  • Death certificate, death summary and post mortem report (in case of accidental death)
  • Photocopy of flight tickets, boarding pass and baggage tags along with Property Irregularity Report from the airline (in case of delay or loss of check-in baggage)

However, the insured traveler is advised to confirm the list of required documents with the SBI General insurance according to the type and nature of the claim

How to Apply for SBI General Travel Insurance?

The procedure to buy insurance policy by SBI General Travel Insurance is quite simple and convenient. Here’s how you can apply for the best travel insurance policy online:

  • Visit the official website of SBI General Travel Insurance
  • Go through the plan details
  • Obtain a quote by selecting the geographical zone, trip frequency and entering your travel dates and contact details
  • Fill up the proposal form available at the website
  • Review the details entered along with the premium amount
  • Pay the premium amount online
  • Download the SBI General Travel Insurance policy

SBI General Travel Insurance - FAQs

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