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Important Tips for Long Haul Flights

When you decide to go somewhere whether it is an hour away or 20 hours away, you plan things accordingly. In the same way, when you decide on taking a long flight to another continent which would last from 12 to 19 hours can be tough. For such long flights, you need to plan things very carefully so that your happy journey does not turn into a bad journey like having travel insurance, carrying any novel or kindle, reusable water bottle. These little things can save you from boring, tiring long flights. So, here are some tips for long flights that might make your trip easier than usual.

Book Ticket Early

The first and foremost thing that comes to mind when planning to go on a long journey by air is the seat location. Since there are three options available that are window seats, middle and the aisle. So, if you require extra legroom so that you can stretch your body while sitting at your seat and feel more comfortable then it would be smart to book your flight ticket at least one to two months prior journey. That’s how you will be able to choose the seat according to your need.

Take A Break or A Halt

Let us suppose that you are a resident of Mumbai and you book a flight Mumbai to LA. Now there are two options, either you book a flight that goes take a break in Qatar. Since it takes 6 hours from Mumbai to Qatar and another 16 hours from Qatar to LA which can get hectic as well or you can book a flight that takes a halt for a few hours at London and takes around 10 hours to reach from Mumbai and then another 11 hours from London to LA.

So here it is somewhat clear that if you hate long flights then you would not take a 16 hour of continuous journey. Then it would be a wiser decision that you choose the Mumbai to London To LA flight.

Travel Comfortably

It is quite okay to sit uncomfortably during a short flight. We Indians are famous for adjusting to things. But it is not possible to board a flight that is going to be 10-19 hours long without any gear that can make your journey much more comfortable. So when you have a long flight, it is advised that you take your sleeping mask, travel pillows, blankets etc that make you feel comfortable.

For Entertainment

Well, whether it is a short flight or a long journey, we humans want entertainment that can pass our time in the boring journey. Since we are talking about long haul flights, international flights have a variety of in-flight entertainment options. They have movies, music videos, documentaries etc. that you can access.

But it is not possible to keep your headphones on and keep staring at the screen. You can always carry novels, depending on your choice of genre you can either carry a novel or you like reading then there is a chance that you might be having a kindle that does not weigh much and easy to carry. Reading will not give you a headache and it will kill time very smoothly.

Requirement of International Travel Insurance

Last but not the least, this is the most important thing that you need to have international travel insurance. If not then you can purchase travel insurance online as well as offline. As we live in the digital era, it is advised to purchase the insurance policy online because it is much more beneficial than purchasing the policy offline.

An international travel insurance policy can be very beneficial for you because it provides cover for things like baggage loss, hospital expenses in case you fall sick during the journey, lost your passport and many more. Since there are much more chances of mishap in a long flight so the experts advise the travellers to have a travel insurance policy. It is very easy to purchase online. All you need to do is go on to the preferred website where you will get options to choose from. Then you can learn about the policy like its inclusion, exclusions and other benefits. You can even get a quotation for travel insurance online by filling in some details and calculate the premium rate. If you are a frequent traveler then it is a must-have policy.


When you plan on going to another country by air above mentioned things can make your journey happy and smooth. It depends on how you plan your journey because a well-planned journey can become a memorable one and be there in your mind forever or it can turn into a disaster also. The choice is yours and remembers to purchase travel insurance online because you never know what might happen the very next moment and at that point of a mishap this insurance policy can save you.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.