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Which Travel Insurance is the Best for a Schengen Visa?

Europe is a dream destination for many; its gorgeous landscapes, architectural marvels, historical attractions and distinct culture appeal to many travellers. Europe’s Schengen region is a major tourism hub and invites people from all around the world. When planning a trip to Schengen countries, a valid Schengen visa is mandatory. To get this visa, you will need to buy the best Schengen travel insurance first!

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Plans for an individual of 30 years age travelling to USA for 15 days

Schengen Zone & Entry Essentials for Indians

The continent of Europe comprises 44 counties. Out of these, 26 countries have come together to form an area with mutual borders known as the Schengen area. Citizens of the Schengen countries can enter each other’s borders without the need for a passport or a visa.

Schengen Zone

In fact, citizens of a few other countries can also travel to the Schengen area without any visa. However, Indian citizens need a valid Schengen visa to travel to one or more Schengen countries but do not need to obtain individual visas for each country.

Let us take an example to understand better. Suppose you want to visit France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Germany from India. All of these countries are a part of the Schengen area. As a result, you need to obtain a Schengen visa to travel to all of these countries instead of applying for separate visas for each of them.

However, obtaining a Schengen visa is not as easy as it sounds. Other than vast paperwork, letter of invite, proof of sufficient funds etc., there is a lot to be done. You cannot obtain a Schengen visa unless you have a travel insurance policy to cover your trip to the Schengen states.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance for a Schengen Visa?

Travel medical insurance is mandatory to get a Schengen visa from India. Anyone who wishes to travel to the Schengen states on a Schengen visa needs to buy a travel insurance policy before applying for the visa. If you apply for a Schengen visa without a travel insurance policy covering your trip, your visa application could be rejected.

Not only is this mandatory but perfectly reasonable; Schengen countries are expensive, especially when it comes to healthcare services. Getting ill or meeting with an accident during your trip to the Schengen area can result in major expenses if you need to get hospitalised. As a result, your trip budget can get severely affected and you may incur major financial losses in the absence of a travel insurance policy. Such a situation can be prevented if your trip is covered under the best Schengen travel insurance policy.

Since you will be travelling outside India, you can buy international travel insurance online for your trip to the Schengen states. Overseas travel insurance policy covers a traveller against any unforeseen medical or trip-related risks encountered while abroad. Whether you are travelling to the Schengen States for a vacation, business trip or due to a flight layover, you must buy the best travel insurance for your trip. However, the question remains- which travel insurance is the best for travelling on a Schengen visa?

Best Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa

Schengen travel insurance offers minimum insurance coverage of 30,000 EUR, which is around Rs 26.8 lakh. In India, several travel insurance companies offer a variety of travel plans to people travelling to Schengen countries on a Schengen visa. However, the best travel insurance plan for people travelling to the Schengen area is Schengen travel insurance.

It provides financial coverage against any adversities faced across all the member Schengen states. It also offers a cashless hospitalisation facility in case you need to get admitted to a hospital during your trip. Take a look at some of the best travel insurance for Schengen visa* available on Policybazaar:

Schengen Travel Insurance Plan Key Features
Care Health Explore- Excluding US & Canada Medical Expenses up to USD 100,000
Personal Accident up to USD 15,000
Medical Evacuation
Care Health Explore Gold - Excluding US & Canada Baggage Loss covers up to USD 750
Trip Cancellation cover up to USD 1,000
Upgradation to Business Class up to USD 1,000
Care Health Explore Platinum - Excluding US & Canada Baggage Loss covers up to USD 1,000
Automatic Trip Extension for up to 7 days
Loss of International Driving License coverage up to USD 100
Reliance Travel Care Individual Baggage Loss of up to USD 1,000
Trip Cancellation up to USD 600
Personal Liability up to USD 100,000
Tata AIG Travel Guard Silver Plus Accident & Sickness Medical Expenses up to USD 100,000
Hijacking Coverage up to USD 500
Bajaj Allianz Travel Ace Silver Baggage Loss of up to USD 500
Medical expenses up to USD 100,000
Automatic Trip Extension up to USD 750
Niva Bupa (formerly known as Max Bupa) Travel Assure Pro Baggage Loss of up to USD 1,000
Trip Cancellation cover up to USD 1,000
Loss of Passport cover up to USD 300
Niva Bupa (formerly known as Max Bupa) Travel Assure Peak Personal Accident cover up to USD 15,000
Financial Emergency Assistance coverage up to USD 500
Life-threatening Condition due to PED coverage for up to USD 2,500
DIGIT General Insurance Smart Option Personal Accident up to USD 15,000
Repatriation of Mortal Remains up to USD 100,000
Outpatient Expenses for Injuries up to USD 10,000
DIGIT General Insurance Carefree Option Baggage Loss cover up to USD 750
Trip cancellation cover up to USD 1,000
Dental Treatment cover up to USD 400
DIGIT General Insurance Option - Global Cover with PED Return of minor child coverage up to USD 1,000
Common Carrier Delay up to INR 1,000
Pre-existing Illness coverage up to USD 10,000
Cholamandalam Overseas Travel Protection - Silver Baggage Loss cover up to USD 250
Hijacking Coverage up to USD 100/day for maximum of 7 days
Delay in Checked-in Baggage up to USD 100
Cholamandalam Overseas Travel Protection - Gold Baggage Loss cover up to USD 500
Trip Cancellation cover up to USD 500
Personal Liability cover up to USD 100,000
New India Assurance Overseas Travel Ease Medical Expenses coverage up to USD 100,000
Baggage Loss coverage up to USD 600
Personal Liability coverage up to USD 50,000
Oriental Business and Holiday - Gold Plan A Trip Cancellation cover up to USD 500
Trip Delay cover up to USD 200
Trip Curtailment cover up to USD 500
Oriental Business and Holiday - Gold Plan B Baggage loss cover up to USD 1,000
Personal Accident cover up to USD 30,000
Personal Liability cover up to USD 200,000
Loss of international driving licence up to USD 250
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*Plans mentioned in the table for a 30-year-old adult travelling to two Schengen countries for 25 days. For different ages, coverage or travel duration, please feel free to compare plans after resetting filters.

Also sometimes called Europe travel insurance, it stands valid across all 26 Schengen countries and covers unforeseen medical emergencies, including sickness, accidents and medical repatriation.

Moreover, anyone can easily buy the best travel insurance for Schengen visa online. It is advisable to compare different travel insurance plans to choose the best Schengen travel insurance for your trip. You can make these comparisons online on and buy them within minutes. What’s more, most people do not need to undergo a medical check-up before buying a Schengen travel insurance policy.

What is covered under a Schengen Travel Insurance Policy?

Schengen travel insurance comes with a variety of coverage to ease your trip to the Schengen countries. Take a look at the covers that every best travel insurance for Schengen visa offers:

  • Emergency Medical Expenses

    Anyone can get ill or injured while travelling abroad. Being hospitalised in a Schengen country can burn a hole in your pocket and upset your trip budget. This is where emergency medical expenses cover comes to the rescue. It covers the cost of any hospitalisation expenses incurred during your trip to Schengen countries. It covers your medical expenses incurred due to sickness as well as accidents.

  • Personal Accident Cover

    Sometimes, accidents can have drastic and life-long consequences. A major accident during your Schengen trip can lead to permanent total disability or death. Such situations will have a direct financial impact on your family. However, with personal accident cover, your travel insurer will provide compensation to you or your family in case an accident leads to permanent disability or accidental death.

  • Medical Repatriation

    Any medical illness or accident can lead to the death of an individual. In case any injury or illness during your Schengen trip leads to death, the medical repatriation cover will come into play. This cover will put the responsibility of transporting the mortal remains of the body to your family in India on your travel insurer. The expenses incurred in repatriating the body will also be borne by the travel insurer.

  • Loss of Passport

    During your stay in a Schengen country, there can be an instance where you may lose your passport. Losing your passport while in a foreign country can be a dangerous situation. However, if you have a loss of passport cover under your Schengen travel insurance policy, you don’t have to worry about anything. As soon as you realise that your passport is missing, contact your travel insurer as they will help you to obtain a duplicate copy of your passport or apply for a new passport. Your insurer will also cover the expenses incurred on obtaining the duplicate or new passport.

  • Delay of Check-in Baggage

    When you travel to a Schengen country through an airline, you need to check in your luggage with the airline staff before boarding the flight and collect it after arriving at your destination. Sometimes, your check-in baggage may not arrive at the conveyor belt at the destination airport and when contacted, your airline will tell you that it has been delayed. In such a situation, you may have to incur additional expenses on necessary items, such as medicines, clothes, toiletries, etc. until your baggage finally arrives. But if you have a delay in check-in baggage cover, your insurer will reimburse the expenses incurred on these crucial items if your check-in baggage is delayed for more than a specified number of hours.

  • Loss of Check-in Baggage

    Sometimes, there can be a situation where your check-in baggage may be misplaced by the airline with which you flew to the Schengen area. The airline staff will be unable to locate your check-in baggage at all. In this scenario, the loss of check-in baggage cover will be useful. It will enable your travel insurer to compensate for the monetary losses incurred due to the loss of your check-in baggage.

  • Compassionate Visit

    During your trip to the Schengen area, there is a possibility of you getting sick. You may have to get hospitalised and in some cases, the hospitalisation may be required for a long time. In case you are hospitalised in a Schengen country for a long period of time, one of your immediate family members can come to visit you with the help of a compassionate visit cover. This cover enables the family member of the traveller to visit him/ her in the Schengen country and the travel insurance company covers resultant expenses.

  • Emergency Financial Assistance

    While travelling in a Schengen country, you may come across a situation where you may have misplaced your wallet or may get robbed. You may be left with no money and no means of arranging cash. In this case, the emergency financial assistance cover will come to your rescue. With this cover, your insurer will arrange emergency cash for you and help you to arrange finances for the rest of your trip.

Summing It Up

The dream of visiting Europe will remain incomplete unless you visit the Schengen area. But to visit the Schengen area, you need to obtain a valid Schengen visa before commencing your trip. Do remember to buy the best Schengen travel insurance policy to financially secure your trip as well as to prevent your Schengen visa application from getting rejected. Also, make sure that your Schengen travel insurance policy fulfils the Schengen visa insurance requirements and provides all the necessary coverage.

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