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Travel Insurance with Medical Cover

Make a guess what's number one concern of travelers while traveling abroad. The obvious guesses are getting their belongings stolen or losing their visa, passport or credit cards. But what makes the travelers even more anxious than these two is the thought of falling sick while abroad. Yes, that's right.

No one wants to let illness put a dampener on their dream leisure or business trip. Have you ever asked yourself what would you do if you get struck with some serious health issue while abroad? Which doctor would you visit? At which hospital would you get a treatment course? The way to put a stop to these questions is to buy travel insurance with a medical cover, before leaving on an expedition.

Healthcare costs are skyrocketing throughout the globe. While abroad, even a minor illness/injury might prove to be quite a costly affair. Having an overseas medical cover saves you money and gives you peace of mind.

Chances are thin that you end up as the unlucky protagonists of the movie Hangover, getting pawed by Mike Tyson's tiger or getting your tooth broken, but if it's an adventure trip, you increase your chances of suffering an injury or an illness and might we tell you that injuries so incurred takes quite a long time to get recovered. Also, the probability of falling prey to illness is high because of the change in the environment, temperature and surroundings.

Apart from these reasons, one more thing that makes medical travel insurance an imperative buy is that some countries make it mandatory for the tourists to have it.

Why do I need it?

Not many of you know that your health insurance does not cover you abroad.

Check out your policy docket and call your insurer whether your health plan gives you a medical cover abroad. Even if your health insurance covers you overseas, you do not get reimbursed for the medical expenses you borne overseas, before you get back to your home land. But when you have a medical cover in your travel insurance, you can get medical help on a cashless basis at one of the network medical facilities abroad. All you need to do, is give a phone call to your travel insurer and get the best of medical services wherever you are.

What does it cover?

A medical cover in an overseas travel insurance provides for:

  • Medical expenses on illness/injury incurred while traveling abroad
  • Medical repatriation costs
  • In-patient/out-patient hospitalization expenses
  • Costs incurred on emergency treatment and surgery
  • Costs incurred on diagnostic tests relevant to a medical condition
  • Injury caused due to accident

What are the exclusions?

Generally, a medical travel insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. However, few online travel insurance plans gives coverage even for pre-existing conditions. Adventure activities such as rafting, rock climbing and so forth are not covered under a travel insurance. But most of the insurers provide a cover on such activities at an additional premium. Other common exclusions are suicide attempts, self-inflicted injuries, heart conditions, etcetetra.

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