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Visitor insurance from India is important to avoid any financial catastrophes while you are travelling to the USA. These can be due to the soaring medical costs in the US which may completely topple your budget while travelling. Know more about what this plan offers and what makes it so important.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    What is Visitor Insurance for the USA?

    Simply put, Visitor insurance for the USA is a type of travel medical insurance that protects non-American visitors in case of medical emergencies. These may be due to complications in health, accidents or other issues faced while visiting the US. 

    Travelling to the USA is an expensive affair, purchasing USA travel insurance for visitors is a smart move to avoid such high medical costs. Due to the exorbitant cost of living in the US, even a single appointment with a doctor may cost USD 500 to 1000. Without a financial backup, this expense can cause a significant dent in your pockets. 

    This is especially important for elderly parents visiting their children or relatives in the US as they are more likely to face health issues due to climate, temperature or food changes. Once you apply for the correct US visa don’t forget to buy trip insurance for the USA to have a safe and stress-free journey.

    Features of USA Travel Insurance from India

    Visitors insurance is a type of travel health insurance that can be purchased by foreigners visiting the United States for a short term. This USA travel insurance for visitors helps protect travellers from extremely high healthcare costs in the US in case they need medical assistance. The following are some features of buying travel insurance for USA visitors from India:

    • Cashless Hospitalisation: Most of the insurance companies from India offer cashless hospitalisation benefits where the hospitalisation costs are settled directly with the hospital. 
    • No Pre Health Check-up: Most of the insurance providers offer visitor insurance USA without asking the insured traveller to go through any pre-policy medical check-up. 
    • No Deductibles: Some insurance companies offer travel insurance for USA visitors without any deductible features. This implies that the policyholder will not have to pay any sort of claim amount during the time of settling the claim.
    • Extension of the Policy: Most of the insurance providers offer an automatic extension of the policy in case your scheduled departure is delayed due to a change in plans. The policyholder can often get their plans extended for a week or up to 365 days depending on who the insurer is.
    • Round-the-Clock Assistance: Buying a visitor insurance USA from India provides 24X7 support wherein in case of occurrence of any sort of emergency at any point of time

    Inclusions Under Visitor Insurance USA

    Any insurance should include adequate coverage.  If you get unexpectedly sick or injured while visiting the United States of America. Depending on your risks and needs, it is better to tailor your plan. Consider these benefits while selecting the best medical insurance for visitors to the USA from India :

    • Personal Accident: If the policyholder gets injured or meets with an accident during the US trip then any expenses incurred towards the medical treatment for the same will be covered.
    • Medical Expenses: Any fiscal cost incurred as a result of a sudden sickness/illness or bodily injury to the policyholder because of the treatment will be covered under the visitor insurance USA.
    • Dental Expenses: In case of acute pain relief due to any dental problems while on the US trip, the insured will get covered under this policy.
    • Daily Cash Allowance: If the insured gets hospitalised at any of the local dispensaries or the hospitals in the USA to avail of any medical treatment because of an incurred injury or sickness, a lump sum amount shall be provided to the insured to meet the daily expenses.
    • Compassionate Visit: If the insured is hospitalised in the USA for a longer period, one of the family members is permitted to travel to the USA. The cost incurred towards travelling and accommodation will be covered under the policy.
    • Medical Evacuation: On the off chance, if the insured encounters an emergency circumstance while on the US trip and requires to be evacuated based on medical grounds, the insurance company will arrange and cover the cost incurred towards emergency air or road services.
    • Repatriation of Mortal Remains: Unfortunately, if during an adverse situation the insured passes away while in the USA, the expenses incurred to send back the mortal remains to the home country will get covered.

    While these are general benefits offered by USA travel insurance for visitors, the exact coverage will vary from insurer to insurer. Some insurers also offer extensive benefits such as coverage for personal liability, passport loss, emergency trip extension and more. However, it is best to compare different plans online on before you buy one.

    Exclusions Under Visitor Insurance USA

    While visitors’ insurance from India to the USA covers plenty of medical emergencies, you should be aware of some scenarios when your claim won’t be covered under visitor insurance:

    • Pre-existing Ailment: If the insured gets hospitalised in the US for the treatment of any pre-existing disease or ailment, then no cover will be provided.
    • Cosmetic Treatment: Any cost incurred due to a cosmetic or obesity treatment by the insured in the US will not be covered under the policy.
    • Self-inflicted Injury: In the case of self-inflicted injury leading to monetary expense during the US trip is generally excluded under the insurance policy.
    • Illegal Driving: Any loss/damage incurred wherein it is found that the driver or the insured was under the influence of alcohol or had consumed drugs, which lead to this accident, no cover will be provided.
    • Act of War: In case the policyholder suffers a loss or damage under an act of terrorism, no cover shall be provided under such a contingency.
    • Breach of Law: Any claims arising due to incurred loss/damage by the policyholder, who violated the laws in the USA, are excluded under the travel insurance policy USA.

    Additional Covers Under Visitor Insurance USA

    Depending on the insurer, you can customise your visitor insurance for USA by buying optional covers at an additional premium. Some of these are:

    • Adventure Sports: There is a possibility that you might want to try any sports or adventure activity. Most of the insurance providers do not offer coverage for the same in general inclusions. However, you may benefit from the same by availing of an add-on to the cover and paying a little extra amount.
    • Personal Liability: Many travel medical insurance plans don’t offer benefits beyond medical expenses. In case, the insured causes any loss or damage to the third-party property or person during the US trip, this will get covered under this optional. Please note that this benefit may be offered under general coverage as well.
    • Value-Added Services: While the insured is enjoying the US trip, back at home the family might need some kind of financial assistance under situations such as to get an automotive repair or any medical concierge, and so on. This cover will take care of the needs of the family even when the policyholder is not around.
    • Home Insurance: While you are abroad, your home may be in danger due to fire or a robbery. This Home insurance or burglary optional will take care of your worries and protect you from any subsequent loss.

    How to Buy USA Visitor Insurance Online?

    Buying travel insurance for the USA is providing a layer of protection to your trip. Today, buying visitor insurance for the USA is no more a hassle.

    You can buy the best insurance plan online by visiting the website of the insurance company from which you intend to buy the policy. Moreover, you may also buy visitor insurance USA by browsing various travel health plans for the US on It will help you to compare various travel insurance plans and assist you to zero down the visitor insurance policy, which caters to your travel requirements. 

    Once you select a specific visitor plan, all you need to do is complete the proposal form and then make the payment of the travel insurance premium online. 


    • Q1. Can a US visitor get health insurance?

      Ans. Definitely. All visitors going to the United States can opt for this insurance so that they're protected from any medical emergencies that may disrupt your plans. The US is among the countries with the highest medical costs and may leave many visitors bankrupt if they fall sick or meet with a major accident there.

    • Q2. Do visitors to the US need health insurance?

      Ans. While it is not compulsory to have travel health insurance to enter the US, it is strongly advised to have one. Compared to India, medical expenses here are more than 5 to 10 times and may seriously cost you a lot if you end up needing medical assistance.

    • Q3. Can foreigners buy insurance in the USA?

      Ans. It is suggested that you buy visitor insurance for the US from India as there are plenty of insurance companies offering affordable plans. These can also be easily customised and are cheaper than the ones offered abroad.

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