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Student Travel Insurance is a unique blend of international travel and health insurance. Designed for students studying abroad, it provides financial cover for any medical expenses, baggage-related risks, study disruption and other travel-related risks that students may face during their trip.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

  • Accidental & sickness expenses
  • Baggage Delay / Loss
  • Trip Delay / Cancellation
  • Passport Loss
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Missed flights
Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    What is Student Travel Insurance

    Student travel insurance is a cover for anyone going abroad for educational purposes. With sky-high rates and expensive medical care abroad, travel insurance for students studying abroad comes loaded with unique features to save you from any exorbitant expenses when you're alone in a foreign country. Most of these plans come with features like policy extension and auto-renewal facilities making it easier for the insured student.

    So, if you’re travelling abroad for higher education, you must cover yourself with the best student travel insurance plan to eliminate the odds of the financial risks arising out of any unpredictable and unfortunate instances.

    Facts about Student Travel Insurance

    Categories Specifications
    Eligibility Indians between 16-35 years who are pursuing higher education abroad
    Duration Can range between 1-3 years
    Benefits Offered Medical Expenses Cover
    Passport Loss
    Delay/Loss of Baggage
    Personal Liability
    Maternity and Childcare Benefit
    Loss of Laptop
    Sponsor Protection
    Study Interruption
    Common Exclusions Medical expenses due to pre-existing diseasesSelf-inflicted injuries, STDs, Mental/Nervous DisordersExperimental or alternative treatments
    Renewal Facility of automatic renewal available

    Why Do I Need Student Travel Insurance Policy?

    If you are studying out of India and living alone, there might be possibilities for things to go wrong and you would require support or a back-up to tackle the situation. For instance, an unfortunate event leading to emergency hospitalization can burn a hole in your pocket, as medical expenses are 3 to 4 times higher abroad. Students living outside India may also have visitors from their families during an emergency medical condition, which requires financial backup as well.

    Student Travel insurance covers all such eventualities and ensures that you don't have to bear the out-of-pocket expenses. Other than these, student travel insurance comes in handy in covering those non-medical expenses as well such as:

    • Unfortunate events like loss of checked-in baggage, etc.
    • Bail bonds and tuition fee
    • Delay in take-off or cancellation of flight
    • Loss of passport
    • Compassionate visit
    • Bail bond cover

    *For the complete list of inclusion, kindly refer to the policy wordings

    To those going abroad for studies, make sure to buy the best student travel insurance policy so that you can avoid any emergency leading to a financial catastrophe.

    Key Features of Student Travel Insurance Policy

    Overseas student travel insurance comes with certain features that differentiate it from other types of travel insurance. Take a look at some of the most common features of an international student travel insurance offered by insurance providers in India:

    • Worldwide Coverage: No matter which part of the world you plan to study in, you will be protected under international student travel insurance.
    • Travel Assistance: If something goes wrong while you're studying abroad, your insurer will assist you during various difficulties as per the scope of the policy.
    • Covers for Accidents and Illnesses: No person wants to be sick, let alone get sick far away from home. It's inconvenient, overwhelming and often expensive. This policy will protect you from exorbitant medical costs when you are staying abroad for studies. Be it an accident or an urgent medical evacuation, the student travel insurance plan will cover all the costs.
    • Refund on Policy Cancellation: In case the university/ college abroad does not accept the student travel insurance policy that you had purchased in India, then you can easily get it cancelled. All insurance companies come with a student travel insurance policy cancellation option.
    • Baggage Loss or Delay: In case of theft or loss of baggage, your overseas student travel insurance plan will help you with the costs of all necessary amenities.
    • Auto-Renewal: Most insurance companies come with an auto-renewal option that can be used to renew your student medical insurance policy for the next semester if your existing policy tenure expires at the end of your semester.
    • Compassionate Visits: If hospitalized for over seven days, your insurance plan will provide the cost of travel and stay of your immediate family member so that they can be with you
    • Easy Extensions: In case of delays due to late exams, you can easily extend your student health insurance plan to cover the entire duration of your stay abroad. Moreover, you can also use the auto-renewal feature to automatically renew.
    • Study Interruption Cover:  Perhaps the most important feature of student travel health insurance plans; if you are hospitalized for a consecutive month or more due to illness, injury, or medical repatriation, then you will get a reimbursement of the tuition fee that has been paid for that period. Also the same implies, if your sponsor or an immediate family member expires, leading to discontinuation of your studies.

    When is Student Travel Insurance Required?

    In most countries, overseas students must possess a valid student travel insurance policy to study in their colleges or universities. Many countries like the Schengen countries do not allow students to obtain a valid visa until they have bought an international student travel insurance policy that meets all their guidelines.

    The student has the choice of either purchasing an international student insurance policy in India before travelling abroad or they can opt for the student medical insurance offered by their university abroad. It is recommended to purchase a domestic student travel health insurance plan as they’re available at a cheaper price.

    Student Travel Insurance with COVID-19 Cover

    With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, almost all insurance providers now offer coverage for COVID-19 hospitalization. As an insured, you will be eligible for medical expenses that you may incur if diagnosed with COVID-19 while studying abroad.

    You can also avail of compensation in case of trip cancellation under many travel insurance plans for students studying abroad if you or your immediate family member is diagnosed with COVID-19 before beginning your international trip. Most providers also reimburse the non-refundable amounts like hotel booking, ticket's cost etc. However, this may vary with the travel insurance provider and is applicable only if you purchased the student travel insurance plan before getting diagnosed by COVID-19.

    Many student travel health insurance plans offer an automatic extension if a lockdown has been imposed in the destination country and there are no other alternatives to travel.

    You can read more about COVID-19 coverage in student travel insurance by going through the policy wordings or comparing different student travel health insurance plans online at

    Advantages of International Student Travel Insurance

    Overseas travel insurance plans for students offer protection from any unpredictable adversities while you’re away from home. To help you understand the importance of overseas student travel insurance, take a look at the following reasons:

    • Stay Safe- Emergencies during your stay abroad can drain you emotionally as well as financially. But if you have a valid international student insurance policy, you will be covered from such unpredictable adversities that you may face.
    • High Medical Costs -Healthcare costs in developed countries like the USA and Europe are infamously expensive compared to India. With a comprehensive overseas student insurance policy, you can avail of medical treatment without thinking about the skyrocketing healthcare costs.
    • Protects Student’s Personal Savings -Overseas students without any international student insurance end up paying from their own savings during emergencies. However, if you do have a valid student insurance policy, you can save up your funds as the insurer will cover all the monetary expenses incurred during an emergency.
    • Hassle Free Claims: With most insurance companies having representatives abroad or a dedicated emergency helpline, you can easily contact your insurer in case of any doubts or necessary assistance.

    Why Student Travel Health Insurance?

    Most universities abroad offer medical insurance plans to overseas students who have secured an admission offer with them. Either such students must purchase health insurance from the university or buy an overseas student travel insurance plan in their home country.

    In case you are considering buying a student university medical plan, take a look at the coverage offered by most international universities:

    • Medical & Dental Coverage -The student travel insurance plan will cover any expenses incurred on prescription or medical treatment that you may undertake during your study abroad. It will also cover any expenses incurred on your vision or dental treatment.
    • Coverage While Travelling -A student university medical plan will continue to protect you from any unforeseen adversities even when you are travelling to some other place for vacations during the policy term.
    • Round the Clock Medical Assistance - The student travel insurance plan will offer you 24x7 medical assistance and care irrespective of which part of the world you are vacationing. You can reach out to a doctor round the clock using your mobile phone, webcam-enabled laptop, tablet, etc.
    • 24x7 Access to a Nurse - Most student university medical plans enable you to speak to a registered nurse round the clock for help. For example, the nurse can advise you for allergy relief or help you out with a fever.
    • Mobile App Benefits - A lot of medical plans offered by overseas universities come with a mobile app that will provide you with benefits for staying healthy.

    Tips to Save on Student Travel Insurance Premiums

    If you are looking forward to saving some money on your student travel insurance premium, here are a few things to remember when it comes to helping you lower down the premium for travel insurance plans for students studying abroad.

    • Buy Student Travel Insurance Plan Online - Purchasing student travel insurance online is super easy and convenient as compared to offline modes. It helps you to save your money and fetch amazing discounts and offers after thorough comparison.
    • Analyze the Involved Risks - Be sure to assess the safety and health risks associated with the study destination you'll travel to. If it's less risky, then there is no need for you to buy a higher health cover.
    • Buy an Insurance Plan Soon After You Book Your Trip - The closer you are to the trip, the higher the insurance premium you'll be offered. Once your admission is confirmed, try purchasing your student travel insurance online as soon as possible. This way, you will get the lowest premiums and maximum insurance coverage.
    • Opt For The Right Deductible - The deductible is a pre-decided amount that you need to pay at the time of filing a claim before the remaining amount is covered by your insurer. Deductibles affect an insurance premium; ensure that you opt for the deductible basis on what fulfils your travel insurance expectations.

    Student Travel Insurance Policy Inclusions

    Most travel insurance policies for students offer wide coverage to neutralize various risks during the insured’s study abroad. However, the exact coverage benefits vary with the insurance provider. Here are the basic elements of insurance coverage offered:

    • Emergency Medical Charges: It offers reimbursement to the insured person for any medical charges incurred due to an unexpected illness or accident.
    • Dental Treatment Expenses: Some of the best student travel health insurance plans provide dental treatment expense reimbursement as per their policy terms.
    • Permanent Disability: In case the insured is permanently disabled due to an accident, it pays pre-decided compensation to the insured's family.
    • Accidental Death Benefit: In the event of accidental death, it pays pre-decided compensation to the insured's family.
    • Medical Evacuation: It pays for the actual expenses or the pre-decided amount insured, whichever is lesser when evacuating the insured back to India.
    • Body Repatriation: The policy pays for the actual expenses or the pre-decided amount insured, whichever is lesser in case of repatriating the mortal remains of the insured person back to their country.
    • Loss of Checked-in Luggage: In case the insured's luggage, personal documents are checked into a common carrier, reimbursement is provided to them for the replacement of any lost or damaged articles.
    • Missed Departure or Missed Connection: The insured is provided reimbursement for the incurred expenses because of missed departure, or missed connections by the airline under a student travel insurance plan.
    • Trip Delay: The insured is provided reimbursement for the incurred expenses due to a trip delay of over12 hours.
    • Loss of Passport: In case the insured's passport is lost, Student travel insurance policy will reimburse the actual incurred expenses for making arrangements for a fresh or duplicate passport.
    • Personal Liability: Student travel insurance pays for damage(s) that an insured is legally bound to pay because of a lawsuit for accidental bodily damage or property damage(s) caused by them to a third party.
    • Study Interruption: In case the insured person can’t continue their education abroad due to an emergency, the student travel insurance policy will compensate for the loss.
    • Sponsor Protection: In case of accidental death of the sponsor of an insured person, Student travel insurance pays for the insured's tuition fees.
    • Daily Cash Allowance Benefit: Daily cash allowance is provided in case an insured person is hospitalized for more than a specific number of days as mentioned in the policy document.
    • Bail Bond: While travelling, it covers the bail amount for an insured person in case of arrest/detention by local police for a bailable offence.
    • Compassionate Visit: In case there is a need for a compassionate visit by an immediate family member of the insured, Student travel insurance covers that compassionate visit.
    • Treatment for Expecting Mothers: After completion of the waiting period of 10 months, Student travel insurance covers pregnancy-related in-patient medical expenses. Again depending on the type of policy that covers the particular situation.
    • Emergency Accommodation Benefit: In case of a natural catastrophe, when an insured person is unable to stay at his/her original accommodation, compensation is provided for additional expenses of emergency accommodation under Student travel insurance.

    Student Travel Insurance Exclusions

    Even the best student travel insurance policies have certain situations that are out-of-the coverage list. You should go through them before finalizing your policy purchase:

    • Student Travel Insurance will not cover expenses incurred due to a pre-existing medical ailment unless the same condition is covered by the policy.
    • Expenses incurred due to any of the following situations:
      • Suicide; injuries or illnesses due to self-infliction
      • Any kind of mental disorder Depression, stress, or anxiety
      • Any Venereal disease
      • Alcohol or drug abuse
      • HIV/AIDS
    • Expenses incurred in a situation
      • If the insured is travelling without the consent of their physician
      • Travelling to avail a specified medical treatment
      • Suffering from a terminal disease
    • Theft, damage or loss of passport due to negligence, or failure to report it to the local police authorities on time etc. is not covered under student travel insurance plans.
    • Partial damage or loss of checked-in baggage (only complete loss or damage is covered). Moreover, precious items inside the bag are also not covered by Student Travel Insurance, unless it is mentioned in the list of inclusions.
    • Any situation arising due to war or nuclear threat in the country you are travelling to are not covered by student travel insurance

    Extension of Student Travel Insurance Policy

    There can be situations that may force you to extend your stay abroad. For example, if your exams get postponed and are rescheduled post the expiry of your student travel insurance policy, or if you get hospitalized for an illness or injury that extends your stay beyond your original schedule.

    In all of these situations, a need to extend your policy will arise. Luckily, all insurance providers allow you to extend student travel insurance online.

    If your overseas stay gets extended due to reasons beyond your control, then your travel insurer will extend your policy, provided you have paid the additional premium amount applicable.

    Several factors determine this additional amount of premium, namely the period of extension, your age, type of insurance plans, location of your university, etc.

    Besides, your student policy will be extended if you meet the following conditions:

    • The student travel insurance policy hasn’t expired already
    • Sum insured amount remains the same even after policy extension
    • No medical claims have been filed during the policy tenure
    • Insured must declare that they don’t have any pre-existing health conditions
    • The additional premium should be paid before the policy extension period comes into effect
    • The total policy period, including the original policy period and extended period, does not exceed two years

    Most insurance companies allow insured students to extend the policy only once. However, the exact number of times you can extend your travel insurance depends on the policies of your insurance company.

    You can extend your student travel insurance policy only if the ongoing claim is related to one of the following covers:

    • Loss of passport
    • Dental treatment
    • Emergency financial assistance
    • Loss/ delay of check-in baggage
    • Trip delay
    • Missed connection
    • Trip cancellation & interruption
    • Hijack distress allowance

    Make sure to inform your insurance company or the assistance provider as soon as possible so that the policy can be extended on time. Also, keep in mind that the extension of your travel insurance policy depends on the sole discretion of the insurance company.

    Claim Process of Student Travel Insurance

    During your stay in a foreign land, you never know when you need to file a claim. Here is the claim process for student travel insurance:

    • Immediately get in touch with your insurance provider or to inform them about the loss arising from a claim. You can do so by calling on their helpline number or over email.
    • In case of an abrupt mishap or sudden sickness where it's not possible to notify your insurer well in advance, get in touch with your insurance provider as soon as possible.
    • If required by your insurance provider, you need to undergo a medical examination. In most policies, this will be covered by your insurance provider.

    Nowadays, the claim process can be easily filed for most student travel insurance online or through special mobile applications.

    Student Travel Insurance Policy Cancellation Procedure

    You can cancel your policy anytime, but you have to provide a relevant reason. Here is the cancellation process for a student travel insurance plan:

    • Give written notice to your travel insurance provider 15 days in advance, mentioning your policy number, attaching the scanned copy of your passport and stating the reason for the cancellation.
    • You can also cancel the plan within 7 days after the date when you were supposed to travel or the expiry date of your plan in case you haven't undertaken that trip.
    • The insurance provider will verify the original passport to make sure that you didn't undertake that journey.
    • Wait for your insurance provider to approve your cancellation. There may be some deduction for the cancellation.

    Things to Keep In Mind before Buying Student Travel Insurance

    Negligence towards matters and facts related to insurance can lead you to an inadequate insurance plan. Listed below are a few facts that you should know:

    • Eligibility:You are eligible to enter a student travel insurance plan at the age determined by your policy.
    • Compulsory Clause:As having health insurance is a mandatory clause for students in many foreign countries, many universities offer health insurance. Some universities may also decline the admission application in case the student is not insured.
    • Cheaper Premiums:Premiums for these travel insurance plans are cheaper by nearly 1/3rd of the price of policies by foreign insurers.
    • Mandatory Risk Covers:Many universities have made it compulsory for students to have coverage against specific risks like drug dependency, mental and nervous disorders, alcoholism, and other expenses related to intercollegiate sports injuries, pregnancy, mammography, cancer screening, and childcare benefits.
    • Waiver of Premiums:If you, as a student, have availed of a health insurance plan from an insurer in India, then you can claim a refund from the foreign university as the premium is already included in the fees paid to the university.
    • Pregnancy Clause:Any expense related to pregnancy and childbirth is not covered. However, the expenses incurred due to any unforeseen emergency, save the insured person's/child's life in case of acute complications are covered.
    • Premium Refund upon Early Return: If you end your trip before the expiry of your insurance plan and you haven't filed any claims, you can get in touch with your insurance company to get a premium refund. In case you get a refund, it will come with a few deductions.

    What Does Policybazaar Do For You?

    Other than easy comparison, buying travel insurance for students studying abroad online from Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited has the following benefits:

    • Make an ideal choice by comparing various student travel insurance quotes
    • Choose the plan according to your specific requirements
    • Complete transparency of information
    • Compare and analyze the features and USPs of various plans simultaneously
    • Buy the most efficient product in the least amount of time
    • Quick and convenient insurance shopping
    • Safety, mental peace, guaranteed end-to-end assistance

    Focused on providing students with financial coverage against those travel-related eventualities, student travel insurance provides much-needed assistance in the hour of need.

    You can also opt for other benefits with your travel insurance policy to fortify the cover and make your policy a comprehensive one. These riders include provision for a bail bond, reimbursement of tuition fee under sponsor protection, compensation on loss of passport and a lot more. For more details, you can write to us at

    Student Travel Insurance - FAQs

    Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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    To take an ideal plan for myself, i went to Policybazaar. I am planning to go abroad for my studies so i wanted to take student travel insurance. I was pretty sure that I would get the best plan from Policybazaar as I have heard a lot about it. In my travel policy, I have got medical cover along with cover for travel related risks.
    Chennai, October 26, 2021
    Cashless treatment
    I got the claim settlement when I was admitted to the hospital due to a sudden medical emergency. Thankfully I had taken student health insurance from Policybazaar in which i got the facility of cashless hospitalization. because of my policy, I got cashless treatment when I fell ill while traveling.
    Bareilly, October 25, 2021
    Claim settlement
    I was planning to go abroad for which I took student travel insurance from Policybazaar but at the last minute, my flight got canceled due to thunderstorm. Because of my policy, I got compensation for expenses. the whole process was handled by the team.
    Mysore, October 25, 2021
    High coverage
    My student travel insurance has provided me financial cover for any medical expenses, baggage related risks and many other risks which I may face during the trip. I am going abroad to complete my graduation for which I have taken this policy from policybazaar.
    Nashik, October 22, 2021
    Cashless treatment
    I have had a great experience with Policybazaar. It has been two years since I have been using student travel insurance. I took this plan for myself from Policybazaar and recently I fell ill. My policy helped me in that situation and provided me cashless treatment.
    Varanasi, October 22, 2021
    Well trained staff
    I must say that Policybazaar has well trained staff and every member of the staff is brilliant in their work. The team addressed my issue regarding student travel insurance. they found the solution so quickly. They are great in terms of customer management.
    Nashik, October 20, 2021
    Wonderful experience
    I had taken student travel insurance from Policybazaar two years back as I was going abroad to complete my studies. Someone suggested me to make a travel plan so that it would help me in times of need. I have had a wonderful experience with Policybazaar.
    Patna, October 19, 2021
    High coverage
    Cashless hospitalization, round the clock medical assistance, travel related risks and many more features are covered in my domestic travel insurance which i bought from Policybazaar at a reasonable price. i would definitely recommend it to all the travellers.
    Ranchi, October 19, 2021
    Good experience
    My experience with Policybazaar has been great. Whenever I needed any kind of help, Policybazaar was there for me. I had taken student travel insurance from Policybazaar and Policybazaar provided me remarkable service. i really appreciate the efforts put in by the team to serve me the best.
    Gurugram, October 12, 2021
    Great benefits
    Earlier I was taking travel plan from somewhere else but someone told me that Policybazaar gives good plans at low rates. so i took student travel insurance from Policybazaar in which i got huge number of benefits. I would like to recommend it to those who are frequent travelers.