Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Policy

Bharti Axa Travel Insurance Plan provides extensive coverage that will take care of all your needs from lost baggage, medical emergencies, financial emergencies etc. With a plethora of offers and benefits to customize from, Bharti Axa Smart Traveller for Individual and Families lets you choose a plan that meets all your travelling contingencies. This policy covers individuals in the age group of 3 months to 85 years, depending on the product variant you opt for.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

  • Accidental & sickness expenses
  • Baggage Delay / Loss
  • Trip Delay / Cancellation
  • Passport Loss
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Missed flights
Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Now covers COVID-19

    Why buy Bharti AXA Travel Insurance

    Be it help with medical expenses or trip interruptions, Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Plans provide many pre-included coverage as well as customized add-ons.

    Depending on whether you’re taking a trip to Europe or Asia,  with or without family, your travel insurance plan will also change as per your budget and requirements.You can easily get quotes promptly and discounts on your desired travel insurance plan online from Bharti Axa or by visiting Policybazaar to find and comparing your best travel insurance plans.

    Features of Bharti AXA Travel Insurance

    Travelling overseas is fun and nothing should stop you from making the most of your trips, especially abroad Bharti Axa travel insurance ensures your safety throughout and provides the much-needed financial shield in case you face an eventuality while travelling. . Here’s why you should consider Bharti Axa travel insurance:

    • Cashless Payment: The insurer has its active presence in more than 130 countries globally, where you can avail cashless medical services.
    • Affordable Premiums: Find the plan under your budgetto financially secure your trip abroad. With Bharti Axa travel insurance, you can ensure a financially secured trip at an affordable rate of premium.
    • Customizable Product Variants: The policy can be availed as individual or floater sum insured basis.
    • Family Floater Coverage:Lucrative family-floater plans for individuals travelling with a spouse and 2 dependent children.
    • Available for a wide age range:individuals from between 3 months to 85 years, depending on the variant
    • No-hassle instant policy:No medical test is required up to the age of 70 years, provided there is no record of a pre-existing health condition.
    • Flight-related benefits: No need to worry about delays or cancellations, travel carefree with pre-included and additional covers.
    • 24X7 assistance:24x7 round the clock global assistance can be availed in case of an emergency

    Things to know about Bharti AXA Travel Insurance

    Categories Specifications
    Trips Covered International
    Number of Countries Covered 130
    Sum Insured Up to 5,00,000 USD
    COVID-19 Cover Available
    Cashless Treatment Available
    In-house Claim Settlement Available
    Claim Assistance 24x7
    Awards/Recognition Customer Service Excellence Award at ABP News BFSI Awards, 2019

    Bharti Axa Travel Insurance plans can be categorised into the following types:

    • Smart Traveller Insurance Policy (Student)
    • Smart Traveller Insurance Policy (Individuals and Families)

    Other than these, there are also various group plans specifically made for corporate groups travelling abroad. Bharti Axa Travel Insurance plans have a number of products and subvarients which have been briefly discussed below:

    Policy Name Product Variant Sum Insured Eligibility Criteria Key Features
    Bharti AXA Smart Traveller Insurance Policy (Individuals and Families) Schengen Products Minimum: 30,000 EurosMaximum: 1,00,000 Euros 3 months to 60 years Medical ExpensesCompassionate VisitPersonal AccidentTotal loss of checked baggage
    Non-Schengen Products Minimum: 50,000 USDMaximum: 5,00,000 USD 3 months to 85 years Dental Treatment ExpensesBail BondLegal ExpensesEmergency accommodation
    Annual Multi-trip Products Minimum: 1,00,000 USDMaximum: 5,00,000 USD 3 months to 70 years Daily Allowance in case of hospitalizationMissed ConnectionHome Fire Insurance (in INR)Trip Cancellation and Interruption
    Bharti AXA  Smart Traveller Insurance Policy (Student) Smart Traveller Student Standard Minimum: 1,00,000 USDMaximum: 5,00,000 USD Available for students in the age group of 16 to 40 yearsMaximum entry age restricted up to 40 years   Study InterruptionSponsor ProtectionMedical Expenses + CoveragesDaily Allowance in case of HospitalizationCompassionate Visit
    Smart Traveller Student Silver
    Smart Traveller Student Gold
    Smart Traveller Student Platinum

    Here are the different plans and their variants offered by Bharti AXA Travel Insurance:

    Smart Traveller Insurance Policy (Individuals and Families)

    This policy is made for those individuals planning to travel abroad either alone or with their families. Depending on the geographical location there are different eligibility criteria and coverages. These are available for a wide age group starting with 3 months old individuals up to 85 years of age. Benefits include medical expenses, repatriation, medical evacuation, dental care expenses, daily allowances, compassionate visits and more. These are offered in the following variants:

    • Schengen Products: Available for the age group between 3 months up to 60 years with SI ranging from 30,000 Euros up to 1,00,000 Euros. These are only available for travellers visiting any of the Schengen territories. Minimum days per trip should be at least 2 days and the maximum days can not exceed 356 days. These are available in the following plans:
      • SmartTraveller Schengen Silver
      • SmartTraveller Schengen Gold
      • SmartTraveller Schengen Platinum
    • Non-Schengen Products: These are available for individuals aged between 3 months and up to 85 years. There are three categories of premium under this policy depending on the country you’re travelling to. It is specifically made for worldwide travel including plans made for the USA and Canada, Worldwide excluding the USA and Canada but including Japan, and Asia excluding Japan. Sum insured ranges from 50,000 USD up to 500,000 USD. Benefits include medical expenses, dental treatment expenses, loss of passports/documents, flight-related issues, home fire and burglary insurance, overbooked flight, pet care and many more. These are available in the following plans:
      • SmartTraveller Gold
      • SmartTraveller Silver
      • SmartTraveller Essential
      • SmartTraveller Regular
      • SmartTraveller Basic
    • Annual Multi-trip Products: This is specially designed for frequent flyers who take multiple trips abroad in a year. The minimum duration of the trip should be 2 days while it should not exceed the stipulated time as per your plan chosen. This can be either 30 days, 45 days or 60 days. Benefits include reimbursements and assistance with various medical expenses, personal accidents, loss of passport or documents, trip-related issues, hijack distress allowance, bail bond, emergency accommodation and more. Sum insured ranges from 1,00,000 USD minimum and up to 5,00,000 USD maximum. These vary considerably depending on which of the following plans you opt for:
      • Smart Traveller Multi-trip Silver
      • Smart Traveller Multi-trip Gold
      • Smart Traveller Multi-trip Platinum

    Smart Traveller Insurance Policy (Student)

    This policy is specifically designed for Indian students who travel abroad for studies on a student/study visa. Expenses incurred due to emergency medical expenses like illness, injuries or death outside the Republic of India while being abroad are included. There are also other fight and travel-related contingencies covered.

    To be eligible, the students need to be at least 16 years of age and not exceeding 40 years. The policy can be extended not more than up to 4 years. The minimum sum insured offered is 100,000 USD while the maximum SI is 5,00,000 USD under the different variants of Bharti AXA Smart Traveller Insurance Policy for Students.

    As per the policyholder's requirements, there are various product variants of this plan along with 8 optional covers. Some of these include Treatment of Nervous/Mental Disorders, Medical expenses for intercollegiate sports injuries, Chiropractic Treatment, Outpatient Physiotherapy and more.

    Please note that these require an additional payment on the premium. Following are the variants under this plan:

    • Smart Traveller Student Standard
    • Smart Traveller Student Silver
    • Smart Traveller Student Gold
    • Smart Traveller Student Platinum

    Inclusions under the Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Plan

    The insured is covered for the following risks while travelling under Bharti Axa Travel Insurance Policy:

    • Medical Expenses: Travel insurance from Bharti AXA covers the insured for emergency medical expenses, including in-patient care, doctor’s fee, medicine cost, ICU cost, nursing cost, repatriation, and emergency medical evaluation.
    • COVID-19 Treatment: The insurer provides coverage for the treatment of COVID-19 in case the insured is diagnosed with the disease while travelling.
    • Dental Care Expenses: Medical expenses incurred due to the acute anaesthetic treatment of a natural tooth or teeth while travelling is covered.
    • Personal Accident: The insurance provider compensates the insured for bodily injury due to an accident leading to permanent or partial disability, injury or death.
    • Daily Allowance in Case of Hospitalization: Bharti AXA Travel Insurance pays a daily allowance for a specific number of days in case of hospitalization due to a medical emergency. The amount is based on the plan type chosen and the number of days the insured is hospitalized for.
    • Loss of Important Documents: This travel insurance policy compensates for the expenses of issuing a duplicate passport in case of loss/theft of the original passport.
    • Legal Expenses: Any legal liability arising out of accidental injury, damage or death to a third party will be covered by Bharti AXA Travel Insurance.
    • Trip Cancellation and/or Interruption: The insurer covers the non-refundable prepaid payments or any additional expenses incurred due to trip cancellation. Any medical issue of the insured leading to the cancellation of a planned trip is covered.
    • Home Fire Insurance (Contents): In case of any loss or damage of the things at home due to a fire incident will be covered, while the insured is away from the homeland.
    • Accidental Death & Permanent Total Disablement-Common Carrier: The policy compensates for the loss of life or permanent disability while travelling in a common carrier.
    • Compassionate Visit: Bharti AXA Travel Insurance compensates the expenses of the close family members visiting the insured while he/she has been hospitalized for more than 7 days continuously. The policy covers the return airfare of the immediate family member as well as stay expenses.
    • Missed Connection: In case the onward connecting flight of an insured is missed due to the late arrival or cancellation of the scheduled flight, the additional expenses incurred will be covered by Bharti AXA Travel Insurance.
    • Emergency Cash Allowance: In case of loss or theft, the insured is provided with emergency travel cash. It covers mugging, dacoity and/or robbery.
    • Loss of Deposit or Cancellation - Hotel and Airline: Under Bharti AXA Travel Insurance, the insured is compensated for the loss of charges paid in advance or unavoidable cancellation of airline booking or hotel booking.
    • Bail Bond: The policy also pays for the bail amount if the insured is arrested or detained. This benefit is offered for any bailable offence while on a trip.

    Exclusions under the Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Plan

    • Cosmetic Surgery: The policy does compensate for the expenses incurred in cosmetic surgery.
    • Participation in Warfare: Bharti Axa travel insurance doesn’t offer insurance coverage for those who are involved in any operation of the Army, Navy or Air Force.
    • Self-inflicted Injury: Suicide, attempt to suicide, alcoholism, depression, or any direct/indirect loss due to death, illness, etc. is not covered under Bharti Axa travel insurance.
    • Involvement in Risky Sports: Participating in adventurous sports such as mountaineering, scuba diving, paragliding, bungee jumping etc. are not covered unless specially mentioned in the policy documents.
    • Non-Allopathic Treatment: Expenses incurred towards availing treatment under Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, Sidha etc. are not covered.
    • Medical expenses due to unproven treatment: If the insured is travelling without the consent of a doctor or is availing of an unproven treatment.
    • Limitations in medical expenditure: In the case of pre-existing illness, no daily allowance will be provided.
    • If the Treatment Could be Delayed: If the physician decides that the treatment could have been hold-up until the insured returns to India, no coverage will be given.

    How to Enroll in Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Plans

    Bharti Axa Travel Insurance can be bought online or offline. You can also compare the best travel insurance plans online on Policybazaar before making your decision. In order to ensure the best travel insurance policy online, follow the below steps:

    Online Process

    • Visit the official website of the insurer
    • Browse the travel insurance plans available
    • Ask for an insurance quote, calculate the premium
    • Buy online if the suggested plan suits your requirement.
    • You can pay the premiums online through credit/debit card or net banking
    • Avail the policy document downloaded from the registered email id.

    Offline Process

    • If you want to buy this policy offline, you can either take help from an insurance broker or visit the nearest branch of Bharti AXA Life Insurance and fill up the proposal form.
    • Contact the toll-free number of the insurer and request details.

    Bharti AXA Travel Insurance- FAQs

    • Q1.  What are the ways to pay the premium for Bharti AXA Travel Insurance? What are the modes of payment available?

      Ans: Bharti AXA Travel Insurance premiums can be paid in three ways

      • Through online Payment
      • Auto debit with a mandate
      • Cash/Cheque payment at banks

      The insured can sign the mandate that the company provides at the time the policy is signed. You can also rule out that and pay the amount directly to the account either by cheque or cash or by online banking mode.

    • Q2. What is the procedure to check policy status for Bharti AXA travel insurance?

      Ans: The existing customer can directly go to the official website of Bharti Axa and provide the necessary details such as name, contact number, date of birth etc.

      • Open the pop-up window showing your name and policy details.
      • li Click on the Details tab.
      • Find the last premium payment date and the due date for the next premium along with the number of payments to be paid.
      • You can also register your contact number as well to avail yourself of the updates on mobile.

      By doing this, you can avail the details of the date and policy amount directly through SMS on your registered mobile number. So, whether it is a student travel insurance plan or family travel insurance, get to know the status of your policy online instantly.

    • Q3.  How to renew Bharti AXA travel insurance plan? Can I renew it online?

      Ans: Bharti Axa travel insurance can be renewed both online and offline. You will have to visit the official website and pay the premiums online to renew the policy. In order to pay it manually, visit the nearest branch, pay the premiums through cash or cheque and renew the policy.
      The insurer usually informs you when the renewal date is due. Just keep a track of this to avoid the last-minute rush. You can also renew your Bharti Axa travel insurance policy by approaching an agent. The agent will complete the formalities on your behalf by submitting the renewal application and premium.

    • Q4. What’s the procedure to settle Bharti AXA travel insurance claim?

      Ans: Usually, Bharti Axa settles the claim within 7 days from the date of the incident. If you have opted for cashless medical assistance, you will get a travel card with the list of expenses covered starting from the nursing expenses. In the other case, the claim investigation officer will inspect the claim, make a report and the basis on which the claim will be settled accordingly. In case of an overseas claim, the insured can avail claim assistance from an associate service provider abroad to ensure a fast claim.

    • Q5. What is the process of cancelling travel insurance with Bharti AXA?

      Ans: You can cancel Bharti Axa travel insurance within the free-look period of 15 days, from the date of policy initiation. A policy can be cancelled if the insured finds it inadequate. If you want to cancel it, inform the insurer and fill the policy cancellation form.

      You may submit some documents to initiate the process and wait for a month. The insurer will cancel the policy and the premium will be refunded as per the pro-rata base. However, the free-look period is not applicable in case of a renewed policy.

    • Q6. What is the eligibility criteria for buying Bharti Axa Travel Insurance?

      The eligibility to avail travel insurance from Bharti Axa is:

      Minimum Entry Age for Non-Schengen plan 3 months to 85 years 
      Minimum Entry Age for Schengen plan 3 months to 60 years
      Annual Multi-trip 3 months to 70 years
      Based on merit (for the annual multi-trip) Age group 60-85Age group 60-70
      Dependent children Up to the age 23 years, under floater sum insured
    • Q7. What is the maximum duration for which I can buy Bharti AXA Travel Insurance plan? Are children and senior citizens also included?

      The policy can be purchased for a maximum duration of 180 days and yes, there are floater options and special plans for children and senior citizens.

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    Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Reviews & Ratings

    4.1 / 5 (Based on 33 Reviews)
    (Showing Newest 25 reviews)
    Karnal, September 17, 2021
    High coverage
    I was planning the family trip and i decided to secured my trip by taking family travel insurance. i checked many plans on the website of Policybazaar and i got the bharti axa family travel insurance in which company is providing high coverage.
    Bilaspur, September 14, 2021
    Supportive team
    Thankfully i had taken bharti axa international travel insurance from policybazaar. When my flight got delayed everything was handled by the insurance company. i got very good service from policybazaar. i really appreciate their work. thank you policybazaar.
    Uluberia, September 13, 2021
    Affordable plan
    I have got coverage against medical emergency, loss of baggage and passport in Bharti AXA Family Travel Insurance. The company is providing me global assistance in this plan. I have secured my trip at an affordable cost. Thank you policybazaar for giving me full support.
    Rohtak, September 09, 2021
    Good plan
    Earlier i did not know about travel insurance but a friend of mine suggested me that i travel often so i should take the travel plan.I went to Policybazaar and bought Bharti AXA Travel Insurance. i preferred the offline process as I had zero knowledge about travel insurance earlier
    Aruppukkottai, April 14, 2020
    Best claim services
    I had to file a claim when my mother had injured herself on our trip. The claim assistance team was very quick and efficient. I am glad I had the insurance.
    Madhugiri, April 13, 2020
    Very quick
    I got my travel insurance from Policybazaar and I got the policy papers in less than 15 minutes. That was fast and amazing.
    Kalna Court, April 09, 2020
    Easy and convenient
    I got my travel insurance from Policybazaar and they’ve made it so easy to get the insurance. It hardy took me 10 minutes.
    Agartala, April 08, 2020
    Nice services
    They give 24 hours assistance and have presence in a lot of countries. Amazing services.
    Jabalpur, August 02, 2016
    Travel Insurance
    After a long while, i had great holiday with my family. The full journey is save and secure because i have taken the travel insurance from bharti axa general insurance. The coverage is high and service is full of surprises. Great travel insurance.
    Chitarpur, July 21, 2016
    The travel insurance is very much important for good and safe journey. Insurance provides reimbursement of the lost baggage and valuable items. The bharti axa insurance is facilitate mediclaims also. The only thing is that the refund of the ticket amount is not possible.
    Lamtaput, July 05, 2016
    Travel Safety
    Last month i went out of the station for the vacations and took travel insurance plan from you. The policy is fantastic and policy coverage is good with good payback returns. Claims are easy to sanction by few clicks on the website of yours.
    Akbarpur, June 24, 2016
    Fair Policy
    My trip is so amazing because I have travel insurance plan which is very reasonable and premium is very low. The belonging is insured by the insurance policy and if lost it will reimbursed by the company. The medical care is also inbuilt in the policy but the refunds of the ticket amount is not possible.
    Bangalore, May 30, 2016
    Quality Investment
    Great deal which I took last month, bharti axa travel insurance plan. The policy provide perfect things which I needed. Service is fast which facilitate by the executives with calm behaviour. The luggage loss is reimburse by policy plan.
    Sonipat, May 30, 2016
    Poor Policy
    I'm really disappointed with the policy I have taken i.e., bharti axa travel insurance. Service is slow and the ticket cancellation is not refundable. Please make policy better for good response.
    Lucknow, May 30, 2016
    Manageable Plan
    I buy bharti axa travel insurance plan which provide the best service which is on time and quick too. Premium is low and claims are high. The policy cover many things like baggage loss, medical conditions, etc. Good investment which make the trip so simple.
    Gwalior, May 30, 2016
    Policy coverage is good ~90% and the premium is low. The company also arranges for emergency cash in case the insured suffered from cash loss due to theft, mugging, robbery or dacoity. Service is really very good, There is no doubt about it. Luggage lost is reimburse by the company.
    Ghaziabad, May 30, 2016
    Damn Good
    The premium is low and the policy coverage is high with good payback returns. Service is fast and luggage loss is recoverable by the policy. Good behaviour of the executives and staff members is nice. Loss of passport , travelers cheques, travelling tickets and documents if this happened the company will reimburse the actual expenses that is incurred to obtain duplicate or fresh passport or reasonable cost of replacing, obtaining the documents which have been stolen as well as the tickets are lost.
    Lonavla, May 30, 2016
    Above Average
    My policy is bharti axa travel insurance plan which is very nice plan. The premium is low and coverage is high. Service facilitate by the executives and staff of the company is fast and on time with clam behaviour. Good plan which reimburse the amount of loss baggage. Medical problems are inbuilt in the policy.
    Pune, May 30, 2016
    Responsive Faculty
    The Plan I have is very unique plan which makes travelling much easier. Bharti axa travel insurance plan is the policy which facilitate fantastic service. The luggage loss and the medical issues are covered in the plan. The daily updates about policy is mailed to me regularly.
    Raipur, May 30, 2016
    Awesome Plan
    Last month I go for a holiday trip, Unfortunately my luggage is lost but thank god I have travel insurance plan from bharti axa general insurance. The amount is reimburse with in a week. Good service and great policy. I'm fully satisfied with the plan. Thanks
    Delhi, May 30, 2016
    Premium is low and returns is high. Good policy coverage ~89% and the claims are high. Service is quick and no paperwork for any matter. Travelling make easier than never before. Luggage missing is reimburse by the company. Medical emergency is also built in the plan.
    Rohtak, May 30, 2016
    Normal Policy
    The policy I took is bharti axa travel insurance plan. Plan is really very good with good number of benefits. Premium is low, Policy coverage is high. Service facilitate by executives and staff member of the company is fast and time with calm behaviour. Nice investment which recover many cases like baggage lost and medical conditions.
    Fatehpur, May 30, 2016
    Perfect Plan
    After a long time, Got bharti axa travel insurance plan. Now I can travel free, no tension. The policy provide many benefits, claims, facilities which make trip simpler. The premium of the plan is also low what else a customer need. Just the refunds of ticket cancellations is not possible.
    Ooty, May 30, 2016
    Great Deal
    The bharti axa travel insurance plan is nice one. Policy coverage is high and claims are good. The travelling get easy and no tension on the whole trip. The luggage loss and medical insurance is inbuilt in the policy. Service is great which provided by the executives and staff members. Good plan, I like the policy.
    Buxar, May 30, 2016
    Not Satisfactory
    The travel insurance plan I have is not what I expected. Poor policy plan which has low coverage and the investment is high. Even no the ticket cancellation charges is not possible. The service is slow and web service is also slow. Not satisfied.