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United India Baggage Travel Policy


United India travel insurance baggage policy is specially designed for those people who travel to the abroad. People while traveling abroad face different risks. United India has introduced this baggage insurance policy for these people to overcome such risks.

United India travel insurance baggage policy gives a comprehensive coverage to fulfill all the customer needs. The scheme has been introduced for people with limited budgets. United India insurance is a leading general insurance company in public and private sector. United India insurance company has more than three decades of experience in the Non-life Insurance business.

United India Travel Insurance Policy Benefits and Key Features


  1. 1.        

Policy covers all the accompanied baggage during a journey like suitcases, trunks etc.; provided they are declared specifically before the commencement of the journey

  1. 2.        

It covers loss of baggage during international travels

  1. 3.        

It covers accompanied baggage during a specified journey includes air travels

  1. 4.        

It provides cover against loss (or) damage to the personal baggage due to fire and any terrorist activity or theft or any accident during the course of journey.

  1. 5.        

The policy will pay for the contents of the baggage damaged (or) for the lost due to any of the serious and immediate danger occurred

Baggage Policy Exclusions

  1. 1.        

It does not cover articles like cash securities jewelry precious stones furs watches

  1. 2.        

The policy will not cover any property conveyed or transported by a carrier under receipt


  1. 3.        

The policy does not cover depreciation, wear and tear consequential loss legal liability theft caused to the unsecured car

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 08 November 2019
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