Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Annual Multi-Trip Insurance

If you love to travel or your work requires frequent travelling, an Annual Multi-Trip cover could save you both time and money. Buying annual multi-trip insurance is certainly a better choice, than buying a single travel insurance policy every time you travel abroad. This kind of a policy can cover you for all your trips (up to a maximum of 30 days) in a year with the same comprehensive level of cover.

Annual multi-trip travel insurance gives you the ability of travel with peace of mind, knowing that you have your policy to take care of any kind of eventuality while you travel each time.

Annual Multi Trip Insurance BenefitsAdvantages of annual multi-trip insurance

Here is a list of advantages of annual multi-trip insurance:

  • Provides cover for any or all of your trips throughout the year. You can opt for last minute trips without hesitation when you know you are covered against all uncertainties.
  • Provides you an automatic cancellation cover for all the trips in a particular year. This means that if you happen to cancel your trip due to any reason, you can claim the cost of missed flights and hotels from the insurer.
  • It saves you the extra cost and hassle of buying travel insurance each time you happen to travel.
  • It covers your overseas medical emergency expenses and reimburses for lost or damaged baggage.
  • Offers easy renewability, financial support and clearance of documents.
  • It may also provide you a cover for some adventure sports like diving or skiing.

Know More About Benefits of Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

annual multi trip insurance coverage

Covers under annual multi-trip insurance

The level of cover you receive varies from plan to plan and insurer to insure. However, on a general basis the policies include medical cover, loss of baggage cover and cancellation cover. There are a few more covers in the form of comprehensive plans such as, cover for valuables, holiday money, personal accident / liability cover, legal expenses cover and scheduled airline failure insurance.

Medical cover

It covers the medical expenses incurred by you or your family members in case of any emergency due to any sudden illness, death or injury while travelling abroad. Expenses made for emergency evacuation to India in case of a medical issue are also covered by the insurer.

Expenses incurred for transporting the mortal remains of the insured back to his home or burial expenses abroad in case of an untimely death; anesthetic dental surgery due to injury; injury due to accident; and compensation for permanent disablement or death while travelling as a passenger in the common carrier are all covered under this insurance.

Personal liability

Personal liability cover provides coverage against liability towards any loss caused to a third party. This cover is especially beneficial for people travelling with kids.

Cancellation covers

This cover is to save you from flight expenses and hotel bookings in case your trip gets cancelled. However, the cover amount should be so decided that it easily covers all your expenses, including the cost of prepaid excursions.

Baggage and personal possessions cover

This covers the cost of lost or damaged baggage in transit. However while deciding the amount of this cover you should also consider the cost of your valuables inside the baggage, such as your camera or laptop and factor this into the cover level you decide upon.

Annual trip insurnace coverage

Cover for lost passport

This covers for the cost incurred for obtaining a new or a duplicate passport in case the insured loses his passport.

For an additional premium, you can adjust your policy by choosing cover options for:

  • You can look for Sports cover for adventurous and risky activities like skiing, skydiving, paragliding, ski run walking, and snowboarding. This also includes extra cover against injury and damaged or stolen equipment used for participating in the activity.
  • You can also opt for Excess waiver cover so that you do not have to pay any part of any claims that you make. In case of an injury happening as a result of voluntary manual work, the excess waiver option will not be applicable.
  • Opting for the 60 day cover benefit is the most advantageous option as it offers you an extended period of cover. Under this you can be covered for you trips up to 60 days or more (depending on the insurer).

Annual Multi Trip Exclusions Points

Exclusions in annual multi-trip Insurance

Along with knowing the coverage options under an annual multi-trip insurance plan, it is very important to know and understand the exclusions as well. Here are a few quick points to help you understand what is not covered under your policy:

  • Under this insurance you are not covered for any Pre-existing medical condition, unless it is a very serious or life threatening disease
  • Any expense arising out of the following situations will not be covered
    • Suicide or attempt to suicide
    • Venereal diseases
    • Self-inflicted injuries or illnesses
    • Stress, depression, or anxiety
    • Any mental ailment
    • HIV AIDS
    • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Any eventualities if you are against the advice of your doctor
  • Any expenses will not be covered if you are travelling to get yourself treated abroad
  • No coverage will be provided if you are suffering from a terminal disease
  • Any expenses incurred due to theft or loss of passport due to carelessness or negligence or if the loss or theft is not reported to the local police.
  • Coverage will not be provided for the circumstances arising out of war or nuclear threat in the country where you’re travelling
  • Any expenses related to any kind of emergency, after you’ve returned to India, will not be covered under this insurance

Days of travel

Annual multi-trip travel insurance is designed for the people who travel thrice or more in a year. Commonly the cover period is limited to 31 days of consecutive travel per trip. However, a few insurers offer extended periods of travel up to 60 days or more, but that might be applicable to some extra costs.

Annual Multi Trip Insurance Tips

Some Important Tips

Here are some important tips to use before you take out a policy or apply for a claim:

  • Always disclose your pre-existing medical conditions (if any) while you buy the policy, and also any new medical complications that you face during your policy term
  • To get the full benefits out of the cancellations cover, get your policy in advance, and check if there are any exclusions or an excess on the policy
  • Before you make a claim, make sure you have reported the lost or stolen item to the police within 24 hours of the loss or theft
  • Do consider a backpackers policy, if you are planning to travel for a long duration of time or visiting a number of countries

Which types of medical urgencies are covered as per this plan?


Under a travel insurance plan, most of the insurance providers provide coverage for in-patient as well as out-patient medical services. If the insured can’t be prorogued until he/she returns to India, any medical treatment recommended by the doctor on duty like X-ray, blood test, and various diagnostic tests are covered under this plan. Also, coverage is provided for transportation and ambulance charges.

Is there any healthcare exclusion as per the plan?


The exclusions are as per this plan are mentioned below.

  1. Any pre-existing illnesses.
  2. The medical treatment that isn’t that important and can be delayed until the time the insured returns back to India. This decision would be made by the doctor along with the insurance provider.
  3. Cancer treatment expenses, unless there is an emergency and the treatment is necessary so that the life of policyholder can be saved or his/her pain can be relieved.
  4. Expenses related to pregnancy or delivery.
  5. Expenses related to plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery.
  6. Expenses incurring due to recuperation at a spa or resort.

Can I register a claim when I return to India?


Yes, you can register a claim after coming back to India. You need to file it within 30 days after you return or after ending your trip.

How can I find the best multi-trip travel insurance plan?


It is very easy, simple and hassle-free. You can log on to a website such Policy Bazaar, compare various insurance plans and get the best multi-trip travel insurance plans online.

Is it possible to apply for a travel insurance policy online? If yes, then what’s the process?


Yes, it is very simple and convenient to apply for travel insurance plans online. All you need is to provide your trip details, the list of the countries you’d be visiting, and your contact information like your name according to your passport, your date of birth, your email address, your mobile number and your passport number.

What are the claims limit that I can file when I travel?


The claim limits vary insurance provider per insurance provider. No two insurance companies have the same limits. To know the exact amount that can be reimbursed, you can check out the guidelines mentioned in your policy document.

In case I extend my vacation, is it possible to extend my travel insurance plan?


Yes, you get an extension on your travel insurance plan in case your trip is being extended. However, you will have to submit a duly filled “Extension Form” before few days of ending your particular trip so that your insurer can extend your plan for that specified period.


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