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Top 10 Travel Insurance Companies in India

Do you have travel plans?


Of course, you would want a tension-free vacation. Isn’t it?

Nobody would want their vacation to get hampered, because it’s the time to cherish the moments and stay carefree.

God forbid if you come across any unanticipated circumstances during your trip?

In such cases, you can rely on travel insurance plans.

People, who travel too often either on domestic or international trips, would be well aware of the fact that travel insurance plans serve as the saviour in case of many unanticipated circumstances which can come along the way. It can be anything, including loss of passport, baggage misplacement, delay in the trip, or even flight cancellation. Such incidences can ruin any well-organized trip as well. That is why; the best travel insurance policy is considered your best friend, which covers you from emergency situations in both domestic and international grounds.

How to Pick the Best Travel Insurance Company?

Based on your requirements, you can finalize the most suitable travel insurance plan for you

  • Compare Travel Insurance Online - Buying a travel insurance plan is an easy and affordable process. It is highly recommended that you search online, check and compare various travel insurance plan which is available. You can compare the benefits and cover to buy a travel insurance plan as per your needs. You can also compare the quotes easily and decide accordingly.
  • Medical Cover - Getting your medical expenses covered on domestic and international trips is of the utmost importance! In Asian countries, medical expenses would be less, but in European and American countries the cost is quite high. These expenses can make a hole in anybody’s pocket. Therefore, you need to take a plan which meets your requirements based on the country; you are planning to go to!
  • Analyze Different Features - More or less, all the travel insurance companies offer similar features in their travel insurance plans. Make sure, your policy gives you cover from passport loss, baggage loss and cancellation of flights. There are some policies which give you cover from terrorist activities or even hijacks. Before you zero down on your plan, make sure to compare different features from various policies.
  • Financial Capacity - Whichever insurance company you choose to go with, make sure that the company is renowned and has the capacity to pay off or reimburse your bills.
  • Rejection of Claim - The claim rejection ratio varies from insurer to insurer; therefore it’s advisable to go for the travel insurance company with a lower claim rejection ratio.

There Are Different Types of Travel Insurance Cover Based On Each of Your Travel Requirements:

Travel insurance covers are of different types based on your travel requirement. They are:

  • Domestic Travel Insurance - Domestic Travel Insurance in India is not given as much importance, as compared to international plans, but safeguarding yourself from risks that arise from domestic travel is a good idea. Especially, if you wish to secure yourself from personal as well as medical liabilities, during the travel time!
  • International Travel Insurance - Besides other coverages, it gives you a comprehensive cover from the risk of a hijack, deportation, and also from medical and personal emergencies during your travel.
  • Corporate Travel Insurance - There are corporate rules that have their employees insured for both domestic and international trips. This is to secure them from any travel related risks or uncertainties in future.
  • Student Travel Insurance - This is for students who take admissions into renowned colleges and universities overseas for higher studies. If there is a loss of passport, any medical emergency, disruptions in their studies or any other mishap, then this policy will keep them covered and insured.
  • Medical Travel Insurance - This is a short-term travel insurance plan. It, specifically, covers the health and medical expenses in case of a medical emergency and/or evacuation etc., when an individual travels overseas. The insurance provider will determine the exact inclusions and exclusions depending on the travel insurance plan you purchase.
  • Family Travel Insurance - This insurance policy is best suitable for family international trips. Get your whole family insured from personal and travel related risks which may arise. Stay safe and at peace during your trip with this one.
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance - Everyone deserves to have a pleasant trip without any disruptions and senior citizens are no exception. This plan is for the elderly within the age group of 61-70 years. As compared to normal plans, it also covers expenses for a dental cure and a provision of cashless hospitalization during that period.
  • Individual/Group Travel Insurance - There are plans which provide cover to an individual from travel-related emergencies and also a group of people travelling together. Group insurance saves a lot of money on premium though.
  • Single/Multi Trip Insurance - Single trip insurance is basically for people taking only one trip, and they want to safeguard themselves from any unforeseen circumstances during that single trip. Whereas, multi-trip is for frequent travellers to save them from personal and medical emergencies during the travel.

Top 10 travel insurance companies in India:

Once you are aware of the above-mentioned facts, now it’s time for you to buy a policy from the below-mentioned top 10 travel insurance companies in India:

Religare Travel Insurance:

  • Religare travel insurance offers outpatient and inpatient treatment, while you’re abroad.
  • This insurance policy covers expenses incurred while in case of contingency evacuation and transportation of the insured to a medical facility within the network of the company.
  • The policy also covers the pre-existing ailments, in case it is any life-threatening medical condition, which requires immediate attention.
  • Expenses incurred from the arrangement of transportation of the immediate member of the family for a concerned visit to the current location of the policyholder are also covered.
  • The policy provides daily allowance throughout the stay of the insured at the hospital; so as to pay for several expenses including meals, transportation, communication, etc.
  • Expenses incurred during getting a fresh or duplicate passport/replacement of a lost passport are also covered under this policy.
  • Personal accident cover
  • Expenses incurred from the delay in the journey due to certain reasons are also covered. It also covers all the expenses incurred from interruption or cancellation of a trip.
  • Round the clock support and assistance
  • It also offers coverage for all the expenses incurred due to loss of baggage, which was on-board.
  • It also covers the insured for medical procedures in the home country.

Tata AIG Travel Insurance:

  • You can choose from these four plans namely - Travel Guard, Student Guard, Asia Travel Guard Policy and Domestic Travel Guard Policy
  • Overseas cover from hospitalization expenses, misplacement of baggage or loss of passport, flight cancellation and so on
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Sponsor protection for students
  • Asia Travel Guard Policy: It provides 24-hour personal accident cover up to the amount of USD 15,000 as well as compensation for the expenses incurred while acquiring a duplicate or new passport.
  • Domestic Travel Guard Policy gives you cover from hotel expenses arising due to trip delays, missed flights etc.

Apollo Munich Travel Insurance Plan:

  • Feel safe and financially secured with Apollo Munich Travel Insurance plan, especially when you are travelling overseas
  • There is a separate plan for individuals, families, senior citizens and for multi-trips. Simply pick the one which works for you.
  • Personalized plans which are within your means
  • Get comprehensive cover from medical emergencies
  • The Automatic policy extension feature
  • There is no upper age limit for the insurer

Reliance Travel Insurance:

  • It is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company providing customized travel insurance plans to meet its customer’s needs
  • It is for travellers between the age of 6 months-80 years of age
  • You can pick from a number of travel insurance plans for overseas and domestic travel, Schengen travel, multi-trip or group plans as well
  • Easy customer support round the clock
  • Affordable plans

Bharti AXA Travel Insurance:

  • The age limit for travellers under this plan is 3 months to 60 years
  • It compensates you for any loss that may arise during the course of your complete trip
  • It secured you from uncertainties at a nominal cost
  • There are different plans to meet up your requirements, depends if you are travelling as an individual, with family or going for multiple trips, there is a unique plan for every situation
  • Assured cover from medical repatriation in case of death or extreme circumstances
  • Any loss of life or damage incurred from the personal accident is covered
  • Do not fret even if you happen to misplace your passport or any other important documents which were required for travel purposes
  • Loss of checked-in baggage is also covered

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Plan:

  • It secures you from any illness or accident, involving medical costs, outpatient, inpatient costs, treatment costs and medical screening costs in other countries
  • You can select from Individual and family travel insurance policy and student Suraksha policy.
  • Get comprehensive cover from risks while you are on a vacation or a business trip
  • Buying the policy online is an easy and quick process

Digit Travel Insurance:

  • Digit travel insurance comes with zero deductibles, which means while filing a claim, you don’t have to pay anything.
  • Digit Travel Insurance offers cover for adventure sports such as diving, bungee jumping, or scuba diving.
  • It has quick, easy and smart-phone enabled claim process, which means it doesn’t require any paperwork. You just need to upload your required documents while filing a claim.
  • It gives you a missed call facility. You just have to give a missed call on +91-124-6174721 and you’ll get a call back from the insurer in 10 minutes.
  • Approved by Schengen Authority, Digit Travel Insurance Policy covers the pre-existing ailments.

Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance:

  • Renowned for its ability and stability to meet claims
  • Accredited with iAAA rating from ICRA.
  • Security of baggage loss, flight delays, loss of passport
  • Covers personal and medical emergencies during the travel
  • Cashless hospitalization abroad
  • The Easy and seamless claim settlement process
  • In your absence, if there is any burglary attempt, it is also covered
  • You can pay through any payment method suitable

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance:

  • Royal Sundaram covers medical expenses including hospitalisation expenses, OPD, local emergency medical transportation, doctor’s fees, and medical services for any injury or ailment sustained while you’re abroad.
  • It offers sickness dental relief.
  • The policy comes with daily cash allowance in the event of hospitalisation for more than 2 days.
  • An Emergency cash advance is offered by the policy.
  • Automatic extension of the policy for up to seven days.
  • Loss of luggage is also covered under this policy.
  • Catastrophe evacuation and political risk are also covered under the travel secure policy.

SBI Travel Insurance:

  • Sum assured can be from USD 50,000- USD 5,00,000 in case of medical costs arising from repatriation and evacuation of the traveller.
  • Personal accident cover of up to USD 25,000
  • Reimbursement for home burglary, flight cancellation or delay, trip cancellation or delay, loss of checked baggage, hijack cover, medical and hospitalization expense cover of up to USD 2000.
  • Worldwide risk cover
  • 24*7 emergency support services
  • Hassle free cashless transactions


If we can decide on a brand and its products based on its style, reviews, after services and durability, then buying a travel insurance plan/or deciding which travel insurance company to choose, based on its market stability, policy features, inclusion and exclusions are not much different. The logic is the same; we need the best products or services, which meet our needs and requirements in the best possible way.

You can’t only consider the sum assured or the premium which will go out of your pockets, but also, risks and uncertainties are given a cover under the chosen travel insurance plan. If you look into the above-mentioned points, you would be able to decide which travel insurance plan or company seems to fit with your travel needs. It is advisable to compare travel insurance plans online from different sites, and based on your research and considerations, you can make the final decision.