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Flight Insurance

Flight insurance or airline insurance is a type of travel insurance policy designed especially to protect air travellers from any unforeseen emergencies during their flight. It is a safety shield that safeguards the insured travellers in case they face any eventualities in relation to their flight. Airline insurance also protects the traveller from any adversities due to the carelessness or fault of the airline or its staff. It provides necessary assistance required at the hour of need and also covers any losses that you end up incurring due to the emergency. Right from trip cancellation and loss of baggage to flight hijack and accident, flight insurance protects the insured against all sorts of adversities you face during your travel.   

Features & Benefits of Flight Insurance / Airline Insurance

  • Tackles in-flight emergencies
  • Covers both pre & post-flight-related emergencies
  • Provides baggage insurance
  • Provides benefits of health insurance

Why Flight Insurance is Important?

Travelling by air is one of the most common modes of transport today. Whether you are travelling domestic or international, people prefer to take a flight as it the quickest way of reaching from one destination to another. Plus, the recent trend of reduction in airfare has made it economical as well as more convenient for people to opt for air travel. More and more people are travelling abroad for vacations and to pursue higher education. Moreover, air travel is hands down the most popular mode of commuting abroad.

The way you cannot predict life, predicting your flight journey is also not possible. Anything adverse related to your flight can happen before, during and right-after you travel on a flight which may cost you a lot of money. What will you do if you get hurt during in-flight turbulence or end up missing your connecting flight because your inward delay arrived later than scheduled? Or you need to postpone your journey due to an emergency or your check-in baggage is misplaced by the airline. In all of these circumstances, you will incur quite a loss and suffer a lot of inconveniences. By getting flight insurance, you keep yourself and your family safe and secured from any adverse situation.  

Inclusions in Flight Insurance

Flight insurance safeguards an insured traveller against a variety of risks. Take a look at some of the risks which are covered under an international travel insurance policy for flight journeys:

Trip Cancellation or Curtailment

There can be a situation arising before your impending flight journey that would make it difficult for you to continue with your trip. For instance, you or one of your family members get hospitalized days before your journey. Such situations will force you to either postpone or cancel your trip altogether. Doing so would mean the loss of money in terms of flight tickets. Flight insurance makes sure that you are compensated for your losses.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

In an unfortunate incident, the flight in which you are travelling might meet with an accident causing serious injuries to you. If the accidental injuries cause total permanent disability to you, your flight insurance provider will compensate you for your loss. Moreover, if the injuries lead to your untimely death, your family or the beneficiary will receive compensation from the insurer.

Baggage Insurance

A lot of times people find their check-in luggage being misplaced by the airline. The baggage either arrives late or is declared lost by the airline staff. In such a scenario, you will end up incurring unaccounted expenses on essentials such as clothes, toiletries and medicines. This will not only upset your trip budget but will also mess up your travel plans. But if you have airline insurance, these expenses will be indemnified by the insurance company.

Flight Delay

Flight delays are a normal affair. Sometimes it is caused to weather conditions and sometimes due to technical reasons. Flight delay for an extended period of time can result in a lot of inconveniences. You may miss an important meeting scheduled at your trip destination or your hotel booking for the day may get wasted. But you don’t have to worry about the losses if you have a flight insurance policy. Any losses incurred due to flight delay will be reimbursed by your insurance provider.

Missed Connection Flight

Travelling to far-off places, especially during international journeys is quite common. People usually take multiple flights with layovers to reduce cost and avoid long-haul flights. But sometimes there can be a delay in the arrival of an inward flight to the transit airport from which your connecting flight is scheduled. An elongated delay may result in you missing your connecting flight. Not only will it lead to the additional expense of purchasing another ticket but will also lead to suffering a loss at hotel reservation. Flight insurance will cover all these expenses and compensate you for any losses incurred.

Flight Hijack

Travelling by flights also put you under the risk of facing a hijack. In case of an unfortunate event of a hijack, you will be paid compensation for the distress and the trouble you had to go through if you have a flight insurance policy.

Medical Emergency

Anything can happen anytime and thus staying cautious is the smartest way of travelling. Buying international travel insurance is recommended for all travellers. However, people who do not have travel insurance can make do with airline insurance in case of an in-flight medical emergency. All the medical expenses incurred in the treatment of injuries caused to flight accident will be covered by your insurance provider.

How to Buy Airline Insurance?

Getting flight insurance for your journey by air is quite simple. You can buy flight insurance online at the comfort of your home. Follow the steps given below to buy an airline insurance policy:

  • Compare various airline insurance plans offered by different travel insurers online
  • Select the plan you want to buy
  • Visit the official website of the insurance company offering the selected plan
  • Select the airline insurance plan
  • Fill up the insurance proposal form
  • Pay the premium online
  • Submit the form
  • Download your flight insurance policy document

Claim Process for Flight Insurance

The claim procedure for flight insurance is similar to that of a travel insurance policy. You should know whether you need to inform your insurance provider or the assistance provider of the insurer about your emergency. The assistance providers are accessible from all over the globe and provide support at any time of the day.

Make sure to carry all important travel documents with you during your trip, including the flight insurance document. While photocopies are the easiest to carry, the travellers are also advised to carry a soft copy of the policy document in a pen drive or keep it on email.

Follow the steps given below to file a flight insurance claim:

  • Intimate the insurer or the assistance provider about the claim
  • Collect all the documents required to be submitted according to your claim
  • Send the supporting documents via email or by post
  • The claim amount will be paid to you after the insurer verifies your claim.


  • Q:Can you get insurance on flights?


    Yes. You can purchase a flight insurance policy that protects you against any adversities during your flight journey. It will also protect you against trip cancellations and loss of check-in baggage.

  • Q:Is it worth it to get flight insurance?


    Investing in-flight insurance before you head out for your air journey is one of the wisest decisions that you can make to secure your travel. The policy ensures that you are safe fro any unforeseen incidents that may result in inconvenience and monetary losses.

  • Q:How does flight insurance work?


    All flight insurance policies protect the insured traveller against any adversities that may arise before, after or during your air travel. In case of an emergency, the insured should reach out to the insurer or the assistance provider and intimate them. After all the supporting documents have been submitted to the insurer, the insurance company will reimburse all the expenses incurred.

  • Q:Can you buy insurance after booking a flight?


    Yes. You can purchase a flight insurance policy after booking a flight. However, make sure you buy comprehensive travel insurance or flight insurance before you commence your trip.

  • Q:What does insurance on an airline ticket cover?


    Any airline insurance that you have taken on your airline ticket covers you against any flight-related adversities that you may face before, during or right after the flight. Some of the most common airline  insurance covers are:

    1. Flight delay

    2. Trip cancellation & curtailment

    3. Missed connection flight

    4. Loss or delay of check-in baggage

    5.Medical emergency

    6. Hijack distress allowance, etc.

  • Q:How much does airline insurance cost?


    The cost of premium for airline insurance depends on the extent of coverage you opt for in your plan. It also varies from one insurance provider to another. Therefore, you should compare the premium quotes from different insurance companies online before purchasing a flight insurance policy.

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