Get <strong>₹5 Lac</strong> Health Insurance starts <strong>@ ₹315/<span>month*</span></strong>
Get ₹5 Lac Health Insurance starts @ ₹315/month*
Get ₹5 Lac Health Insurance starts @ ₹315/month*
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₹ 5 Lakh Coverage @ ₹ 10/day
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Health Insurance with Pregnancy Cover

Amid inflation, medical expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth have become quite exorbitant. Hospitalization expenses incurred during pregnancy and childbirth can make a hole in the pocket of a middle-income family. Certainly, pregnancy is one of the most delightful experiences, but the healthcare expenses that come along can be overwhelming.  

If you are planning to start your family or are already pregnant, then during this beautiful phase of your life, stress should be the last thing and any kind of financial stress is definitely not required. With health insurance, you can spend these 9 months in a carefree manner.


With an adequate medical insurance policy in place, all the expecting parents would able to celebrate these 9 months of pregnancy and embrace the beautiful change with medical security. During pregnancy, the mother’s primary focus should be the health and the health of the baby in your womb.

Do not sacrifice on the joy of becoming a mother or a parent, by taking the stress off the hospitalization expenses. Buy a good health insurance policy with maternity cover, which will help you make the most of this new phase of your life

What is the Cost of Normal Delivery?

In India, any good hospital would charge you between Rs. 60,000 and Rs. 2 lakhs for normal or cesarean delivery. The increasing cost of hospitalization makes it inevitable for couples to have maternity insurance cover in their medical insurance plan.

You take so many preventive measures for your pregnancy to be smooth and healthy, then why take so much financial burden when you can get compensation with a maternity insurance cover. 

When Should You Buy It?

There is so much planning involved in every new phase of our lives. And pregnancy is no exception and for this one in a lifetime experience, you would need to plan the medical expenses in advance. Apart from that, it would require emotional and physical preparation as well. To reiterate, peace of mind is important for this blissful journey, and you should not ruin it with financial stress. 

Taking into consideration the medical costs, maternity expenses are no less! The cost of delivery, pre, and post-natal expenses are quite exorbitant. The phase of pregnancy is no less than a blessing; rather than leaving things on the future, it is better that you plan for your child’s medical insurance also today. If you already have health insurance cover, when your child is born you can either carry on with your current health insurance policy if it offers newborn baby cover or you can switch to another policy that offers coverage to your child as well.

Remember that all the maternity insurance plans come with a mandatory waiting period between 2 to 4 years before you are eligible to file a medical claim. Moreover, if you are already pregnant then you cannot get health insurance coverage. Perhaps, you can buy it for your next pregnancy, when you are planning your second child.

The best time to buy a maternity insurance cover is before the conception. Taking into consideration all the scenarios, it is suggested that you get maternity cover at least 3 to 4 years before pregnancy.

Shedding some light on this aspect will let you enjoy your pregnancy and motherhood in a hassle-free manner.

What Does Maternity Insurance Cover?

Usually, maternity insurance plans offer the following benefits:

  • Health insurance policies that cover pregnancy or cover maternity expenses usually compensate for the medical expense incurred prior to 30 days of hospitalization, delivery, and childbirth. Also, medical expenses continuing to 60 days post childbirth are recompensed. Sounds good? Most of your health concerns would have been answered with it, well there is more:
  • It also covers hospital room charges, nursing fees, doctor’s fees, and other miscellaneous hospital charges such as surgeon fees, and some plans also provide ambulance cover.
  • Choose a plan that recompenses pre and post-natal expenses along with pregnancy and childbirth-related complications. It will ensure protection to both the mother and the child.
  • Most of the plans cover a newborn’s medical expenses as well, and the coverage starts from day 1 to 3 months after birth.

Here is a list of some plans that you can buy to enjoy maximum coverage:

You can consider buying HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Gold Plan and choose from sum insured options ranging from INR 3 lakhs to 10 lakhs. The plan covers newborn baby expenses incurred within 90 days of birth. For normal delivery, the compensation limit is INR 15,000 and for termination, the limit is INR 25,000 and Rs. 15,000.

Another plan that is recommended is the Religare Joy Health Insurance Plan as it is a workable option for people who are planning to get pregnant.  Maternity cover is provided after 9 months of the policy commencement on purchase of Joy Today Plan. And if you purchase Joy Tomorrow Plan, and you are yer to plan a baby then you can go for this one as there is a waiting period of 2 years.

Then there is Royal Sundaram Lifeline 'Elite' Health Insurance policy and it is considered as one the best health insurance plans covering pregnancy and childbirth. So, if both the parents are covered under the family floater health then maternity insurance will be automatically provided for a maximum of 2 deliveries during the policy period and your lifespan. Maternity coverage is limited to 25% of the total sum assured. ManipalCigna ProHealth Plus plans also cover maternity expenses over and above the sum insured. Newborn baby expenses are also covered under this plan.

Over To You

If you are planning to start your family or planning to get pregnant soon then you can take into consideration all the medical and financial needs and then buy a suitable maternity insurance plan. One wise decision today will enable you and your child to get the best medical treatment in India. Those who can afford it can still overlook maternity insurance but a health insurance plan is still inevitable. And if you belong to the middle-income group and are planning to start a family then this one is recommended for you.

Disclaimer : *Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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