Religare Student Explore Plan

Every student wishes to study at the best college. While some dream to get admission to a top-rated college in India, others strive to make it to an international university of their choice. The lucky ones do manage to secure an admission in their preferred college, be it within India or abroad. If you too have received an admission offer from an international university and are gearing up to move abroad to complete your studies, we are rooting for you. But before you begin your journey, it is important to get yourself a student travel insurance policy. Why, you ask? Well! A student travel insurance policy is a helping hand that will protect you from any eventualities while studying abroad.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Religare Travel Insurance is one of the leading insurers in India that offers insurance policies to different kinds of travellers, including students. The Student Explore plan by Religare is a tailor-made policy for people who are travelling abroad to study in an international school/ college. This plan provides comprehensive coverage to the insured student against any medical, non-medical and travel-related risks that he may face abroad. The Religare Student Explore plan is available in four variants i.e. Explore Start, Explore Plus, Explore Super and Explore Ultra.

    Some of the basic coverage provided by the Religare Student Explore plan includes medical expenses, loss of passport, personal liability, compassionate visit, trip delay, medical evacuation, loss & delay of check-in baggage and personal accident. Sponsor protection, study interruption, loss of international passport, bail bond, university insolvency and loss of laptop or tablet are some of the student-specific covers offered under this policy by Religare.

    Features of Religare Student Explore Plan

    Religare Student Explore plan offers best-in-class coverage to the students insured under this plan. To find out what makes this policy different from others, take a look at some of the most lucrative features offered to students under this travel insurance policy:

    Tailor-made Coverage for Students

    This travel insurance policy by Religare offers a wide variety of covers that have been specially designed for the students staying abroad. Some of these custom-made coverage under Student Explore plan includes study interruption, compassionate visit, sponsor protection, bail bond, university insolvency cover, loss of international driving license and loss of tablet or laptop.

    Pre-Existing Illness Cover

    The Student Explore policy for Religare covers pre-existing diseases unlike most student travel insurance plans in India. Any expenses incurred on the treatment of an existing illness in a life-threatening situation will be covered by this policy.

    Destination-specific Plans

    This policy by Religare offers two types of travel insurance plans as per the travel destination of the student. While one plan offers Worldwide coverage, the other plan offers Worldwide coverage excluding the countries of the USA and Canada.

    Multiple Policy Tenure Options

    The Religare Student Explore plan comes with eight variants of the policy tenure. You can purchase this policy for a maximum term of one month to a maximum of 2 years. Apart from these, this student travel insurance policy is also available for a policy tenure of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 15 months and 18 months.

    No Pre-Policy Health Check-Up

    No matter what your age is, this student travel insurance by Religare does not require any applicant to get a health check-up done before purchasing it.

    Extended Coverage in India

    This policy by Religare also provides coverage to the insured student back in India. If you face an emergency while visiting your family back in India, you will be protected under this policy. Moreover, if your policy expires in the middle of your hospitalization abroad, your policy will be automatically extended and you will be able to continue with your treatment back in India.

    Why Choose Religare Student Explore Plan?

    Religare is the one-stop destination for buying an integrated domestic and overseas travel insurance policy for all kinds of travellers, including students. Take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider buying the Religare Student Explore plan:  

    • Unlike most policies, this student travel insurance policy by Religare covers the insured student against the expenses incurred on the treatment of any pre-existing ailments under a life-threatening situation.
    • This Student Explore policy by Religare provides a bunch of new covers including loss of international driving license, loss of laptop or tablet and university insolvency cover that has been designed especially for students.
    • Under this policy by Religare, the applicants have the flexibility to choose amongst eight options of the policy tenure. You can choose the policy term as per your choice which can be for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months for a  short-term course and 1 year, 15 months, 18 months and 2 years for a long-term course.
    • The Religare Student Explore plan does require any applicant to appear for a health check-up before buying a travel insurance policy.

    Eligibility Criteria to Buy Religare Student Explore Plan

    All Indian citizens are eligible to apply for the Student Explore plan by Religare, irrespective of the country he will be pursuing his education in. However, this policy has an entry age eligibility criteria that you need to suffice in order to purchase it.

    As per the terms of the Student Explore plan, the minimum entry age for this policy by Religare is 12 years while the maximum entry age is 40 years. Moreover, students who are already insured under this overseas travel insurance policy cannot renew it if they are more than 40 years of age.

    Religare Student Explore Plan Coverage

    The Student Explore plan by Religare provides elaborate coverage to the insured students during their stay abroad. To take a good look at the inclusions of the Religare Student Explore plan, refer to the table given below:

    Medical expenses including in-patient care and OPD

    Pre-existing illness cover

    Extended medical treatment in the home country

    Repatriation of mortal remains back to the home country

    Medical evacuation to a hospital

    Dental treatment expenses

    Daily allowance for hospitalization

    Accidental death or permanent total disability

    Compassionate visit by a family member or vice versa

    Loss of check-in baggage by the airline staff

    Delay in check-in baggage arrival

    Loss of passport cover

    Coverage for loss of international driving license

    Personal liability cover

    Losses incurred due to interruption of study

    Protection against the death or permanent total disability of the sponsor

    Bail bond cover

    Coverage in  case of university insolvency

    Expenses incurred due to delay in starting the trip

    Loss of laptop or tablet cover

    Emergency cash advance

    Coverage at home country

    Treatment expenses for mental and nervous disorders

    Cost of treatment for dependency on alcohol and drugs

    Cancer screening charges and cost of the mammography examination

    Optional Covers:

    Coverage for treatment of the self-inflicted injury

    Adventure sports injury cover

    Cover for HIV, AIDS treatment

    Vision care cover on 50% co-payment

    Maternity and newborn baby cover

    Complete coverage for pre-existing diseases

    Religare Student Explore Plan Exclusions

    The Student Explore plan by Religare comes with a set of exclusions. Take a look at some of the various situations or risks that are not covered under the Religare Student Explore plan:

    Any claims resulting due to nuclear consequences or war

    Expenses relating to the use, abuse or misuse of alcohol or drugs

    Any injury or illness caused due to ionizing radiation or its contamination

    Treatment expenses incurred on self-inflicted injuries, including suicide and an attempt to suicide

    Any claims arising out of a hazardous activity

    Expenses incurred following any breach of law

    Cost of treatment for HIV and AIDS

    Religare Student Explore Plan FAQs

    Q1. What are the sum insured options available under the Student Explore policy by Religare?

    The Student Explore plan by Religare offers five options for sum insured amount i.e. USD 50,000, USD 1 lakh, USD 3 lakh, USD 5 lakh and USD 10 lakh.  

    Q2. How is the premium for Student Explore travel insurance policy by Religare is calculated?

    The premium for the Student Explore travel insurance policy by Religare is calculated on the basis of the following four factors:

    1. Age of the student
    2. Sum insured amount opted
    • The destination where the student will be studying
    1. Duration of the trip

    Q3. How can I buy Religare’s travel insurance for students?

    You can buy the Student Explore travel insurance plan by Religare online. Follow the steps given below and buy this student travel insurance online:

    • Visit the official website of Religare Health Insurance
    • Go to ‘Travel Insurance’ and click on ‘Student Explore’
    • Go to the box on the right-hand side of the page
    • Select if you travelling to the US/ Canada or not
    • Select the policy tenure and submit the details
    • Check the premium quote
    • Fill up the proposal form
    • Pay the premium amount
    • You will receive the policy document

    Q4. Can I avail cashless hospitalization facility under Religare’s student travel insurance policy?

    Yes. Religare has a large network of empanelled hospitals across the globe. You can avail cashless hospitalization facility under Student Explore plan only if you get admitted to one of these network hospitals to receive treatment.

    Q5. Can I also purchase this policy for my family members?

    No. The Student Explore Travel Insurance by Religare is a policy for individual students only. Therefore, you cannot buy it as a family travel insurance policy.

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