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Compare Best Term Insurance Plans for 2018

Term insurance plan is a pure protection plan covering risk of life for a very nominal cost. Term insurance plans are most suitable for an individual who want to take risk cover with low budgets. It is considered as most economical means of providing an adequate level of financial protection. Term insurance is regarded as the best form of life insurance as premiums are very low and covers are enormous. Under term life insurance plan, the life cover amount in form of sum assured is paid to the beneficiary in the event of unfortunate death of the life insured. Thus, term life insurance plan provides financial help to the family of the insured and secured their future.

Premiums remain stable and constant throughout whole tenure of the policy. But there are some features which you can take and add to term assurance by paying extra premium. You can take a critical illness cover, accidental cover plus pre-existing diseases can also be added by paying extra premium. Term life insurance plans can be bought online as well as via offline mediums. Online term life insurance is convenient as compared to offline as premiums charged by insurance companies are low due to the fact that no middlemen exist and no commissions required to be paid to them. Further, term insurance plans have a very short turnaround time when bought online.

Term insurance plans can be online via insurance aggregators and it can be bought visiting preferred provider respective website’s as well. But insurance aggregators provide you various calculators and other comparison tools on a single platform. You can make comparison of various policies offered by different insurance companies at one place. Every term insurance plan provides different features and distinct with each other putting you in a fuss with what to buy. With the help of comparison tools, you can decide the policy to be bought meeting your requirements. Before you finalize any term insurance for you and your family members, you should do your homework and must consider below things before you buy a term insurance plan:

  • Ascertaining the amount of cover: Before you decide the term plan, you must ascertain the amount of cover required by you. If you are the only bread winner of the family, then your cover must be high so that it provides adequate cover to the family members in case of any contingency. It must cover your liabilities and support education of your children.
  • Tenure of the coverage plan: The tenure of the plan is likewise important as the amount of cover. A typical insurance policy must cover a person till the age he intends to work. So you must decide a flexible cover and you should opt for a plan that can be customized and extended. Many online term insurance plans provide you this facility.
  • Factoring Inflation: The cover and tenure of the term insurance plan must be decided taking inflation into account. As inflation is rising, you must understand if your sum assured will meet future obligations in emergency situation. Therefore, it is advised to consider time value of money relation as a factor.