Aditya Birla Network Hospitals List in Vadodara

There are 73 Aditya Birla network hospitals in Vadodara where cashless treatment is available for the customers of the insurance company. People in Vadodara can obtain cashless hospitalization facilities at these network hospitals if they have a Aditya Birla policy.

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      73 Aditya Birla Health Insurance Network Hospitals List in Vadodara

      Network Hospital City State Pin Code
      New Vision Laser Center Pvt. Ltd. (a Subsidiary Of New Delhi Centre For Sight Ltd Vadodara Gujarat 390007
      Navrang Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390018
      Spandan Multispeciality Hospital (a Unit Of Vraj Healthcare Private Limited) Vadodara Gujarat 390011
      Dhvani Ent Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390001
      Welcare Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390012
      Bankers Heart And Multi Speciality Hospital. Vadodara Gujarat 390022
      Bankers Heart Institute Vadodara Gujarat 390015
      Eye-q Super Speciality Eye Hospitals Vadodara Gujarat 390002
      Metro Hospital & Research Institute Vadodara Gujarat 390022
      Baroda Hospital ( A Group Of Baroda Medicare Pvt. Ltd.) Vadodara Gujarat 390011
      Sunshine Global Hospital (a Unit Of Baroda Medicare Pvt. Ltd.) Vadodara Gujarat 390011
      Bhailal Amin General Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390003
      Indrapuri Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390019
      Amrut Hospital ( A Unit Of Parikh Multy Speciality Hospital) Vadodara Gujarat 390020
      Nephroplus Dialysis Center Vadodara Gujarat 390001
      Hcg Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390012
      Swastik Hospital And Polyclinic Vadodara Gujarat 390019
      Sterling Cancer Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390002
      Synergy Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. Vadodara Gujarat 390007
      Netradeep Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390020
      Crossroads Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Vadodara Gujarat 391440
      Kalavati Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390006
      Medistar Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390010
      Sanjeev Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390002
      Bina Clinic Eye Care Centre Vadodara Gujarat 390007
      Anupama Eye Hospital Phaco Centre Vadodara Gujarat 390023
      Chiranjeev Childrens Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390019
      Jhanvi Nursing Home Vadodara Gujarat 390019
      Bharti Ent Care Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390002
      Abhishek Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390023
      Sneh Multispeciality Hospital And Icu Vadodara Gujarat 390012
      Baroda Ent & Skin Center Vadodara Gujarat 390002
      Chandan Hospital & Icu Vadodara Gujarat 390001
      Maa Children Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390007
      Shrinathji Hospital And Icu Vadodara Gujarat 390019
      Krishna Surgical Hospital & Trauma Care Center Vadodara Gujarat 391440
      Dhanvantri Ent Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390025
      Sankalp Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390001
      The Children's Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390009
      The Children's Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390020
      Paavan Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390023
      Baps Shastriji Maharaj Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390012
      Savita Superspecialty Hospital (a Unit Of Solace Healthcare) Vadodara Gujarat 390019
      Rutvij Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390015
      Dev Medical Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390007
      Vadodara Institute Of Neurological Sciences Vadodara Gujarat 390007
      Himalaya Cancer Hospital And Research Center Vadodara Gujarat 390007
      Pranayam Lung & Heart Institute Vadodara Gujarat 390022
      Anukruti Hospital & Icu Vadodara Gujarat 390009
      Rhythm Hospital Pvt. Ltd. (a Unit Of Synergy Lifecare Ltd.) Vadodara Gujarat 390022
      Raneshwar Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390015
      Shubh Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 391440
      Gujarat Kidney And Superspeciality Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390020
      Priyal Clinic Vadodara Gujarat 390019
      Aman Hospital Research Center Vadodara Gujarat 390021
      Siddhi Multispeciality Hospital And Icu Vadodara Gujarat 390001
      Gujarat Surgical Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390024
      Shree Hospital & Icu Vadodara Gujarat 390019
      Dadaji Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390001
      Shukan Multispeciality Hospital And Trauma Center Vadodara Gujarat 390018
      Vinayak Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390009
      Kashtabhajan Multispeciality Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390001
      Janvi Multispeciality Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390022
      Chiranjeevi Multispeciality Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 391243
      Ami Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390024
      Isha Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390007
      Ami Surgical & Medical Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390019
      Unity Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390021
      Unity Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390010
      The Cure Urology Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390008
      Aaditya Eye & Children Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390024
      Sanjivani Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390009
      Venus Superspeciality Hospital Vadodara Gujarat 390020

      Claim Process of Aditya Birla

      Aditya Birla policyholders in Vadodara can file both cashless and reimbursement claims. Here are the steps to be followed:

      Cashless Process

      Step 1: Find network hospital
      • Find a network hospital of Aditya Birla in Vadodara
      • Get admitted to the hospital
      Step 2: Inform Aditya Birla
      • Notify the insurance company about getting admitted to the network hospital in Gurgaon
      • In case of planned hospitalization, intimate the insurer before getting hospitalized
      Step 3: Get Pre-authorization
      • Fill the pre-authorization form and submit it to the network hospital
      • The hospital will send the pre-authorization form for approval to Aditya Birla.
      • Once approved, receive treatment at the network hospital in Vadodara.
      Step 4: Hospital Discharge
      • During discharge, sign all the documents and medical bills.
      • Pay for the items/services excluded under the Aditya Birla policy
      Step 5: Claim settlement
      • The network hospital in Vadodara will send the hospital bill to Aditya Birla.
      • After verification, the insurance company will pay the claim amount to the network hospital in Vadodara.

      Aditya Birla Reimbursement Claim Process in Vadodara:

      Step 1: Get Hospitalized
      Get admitted to a non-network hospital of Aditya Birla in Vadodara
      Step 2: Intimate the Insurance Company
      • Notify the insurance company about the hospitalization in Vadodara
      • In case of planned hospitalization, intimate Aditya Birla before hospital admission.
      • Receive the medical treatment
      Step 3: Hospital Discharge
      • At the time of discharge, pay the hospital bill in full.
      • Collect all the medical documents and bill payment receipts
      Step 4: Submit Documents
      Submit all the required documents to Aditya Birla
      Step 5: Settlement of Claim
      Aditya Birla will review the documents and pay the claim amount.

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