Benefits of Buying a Travel Insurance Plan for Your Next Holiday

Most of us love to travel. Exploring new lands and new cultures is always exciting. However, it does not take much time for a straightforward mishap to turn your entire trip’s fun into a complete debacle. While you are gearing up for your international travel, one of the prerequisites that you need to match is having travel insurance. It takes only an avid traveller to sit and go through the entire process where s/he can compare travel insurance and then pick the most suitable insurance plan. However, in most cases, for the sake of convenience, we only pick out the most affordable one even without taking a peek at the features or the terms and conditions.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Due to the compulsion levied, we buy travel insurance for our international trips otherwise we would not be granted our visas. Even in such situations, we just opt for the bare minimum without even going through most of the features and select the cheapest plan available. However, when we are told to domestic travel insurance in India, we rub the whole idea off without even giving it a second thought. But, when you buy domestic travel insurance in India and when you compare travel insurance, you will find that there are so many advantages you are missing out on without having one. Following is a list of eight benefits that you can take advantage of when you buy travel insurance:  

    No Added Hassle in Case of an Unfortunate Eventuality

    Anything can get in the way of your travel plans. It might be an unforeseen accident or maybe a medical emergency that admits you in the hospital all of a sudden. It can be anything that you have not accounted for and perhaps, because of this, you will end up losing all of your money. But, if you pick out a good travel policy, then you would not need to lose all of your money. You will find that trip accident coverage is the most common feature in most policies when you compare travel insurance from various available options. After all, it is the fundamental principle of having travel insurance in the first place.

    Don’t Miss Out on the Trip Because of a Missed Connection

    Since India has very recently ventured into remote flight connections, a lot of times you do not get a direct flight to your destination. In such cases, if you end up missing even one of the connecting flights, your entire trip can go for a toss. When you buy travel insurance, you would need to ensure that it offers you an alternative just in case you encounter the situation above. Getting help is very difficult if you get stranded in an unknown land.

    Missing Baggage would not have to Result in an Unplanned Expenditure

    It is possible for your luggage to go on a different plane and for you to end up with missing baggage. Especially, when you have a connecting flight, it is possible for you to end up waiting at the conveyance belt and your luggage to be on a different flight. When you buy domestic travel insurance in India, you need to ensure that this is one feature that is there for sure. Most flights would reimburse you a certain amount of money while the airlines get in the process of finding your luggage. Various travel experts would advise you to carry all the necessary documentation as well as expensive gadgets and jewellery in cabin baggage so that you can take care of it and it is right in front of your eyes.

    Do Not Worry about Covering the Medical Costs in Case of an Emergency

    The last thing you need on a trip is to have a medical emergency. But, it is essential to have travel insurance for this one purpose as well. When you buy travel insurance, you need to think about the purpose for which you are undertaking the trip. For example, if you are going on a rafting adventure or fulfilling your love for mountaineering, then it is highly advised that you opt for insurance. The benefits that you can avail depending upon your health and age, but most importantly they depend upon the right choice to make after you thoroughly compare travel insurance. It is also essential to have this feature when you have senior citizens travelling with you or if you have your entire family with you. Unforeseen medical expenses can be hefty on your pocket as well as impossible to arrange in some cases, which is when having travel insurance with medical coverage is of maximum use.

    Have Someone to Help you out in a Distant Land at all Times

    In the current times, we have connectivity and network almost everywhere. When you face an emergency and a mishap during your trip, you feel completely lost and helpless. It becomes even more challenging to manage everything on your own if there is a medical emergency. However, with travel insurance, you can cover issues like repatriation of dead bodies, damage caused by an accident, baggage cancellation, or delay in getting your luggage, hijacks, travel delays, etc. with just a simple call to your policy issuer.

    Get a Cover for Your Travel Companions as Well (Subject to Selection of Policy)

    When you are taking a family trip, it can get expensive to get individual travel insurance plans. Also, as a wise traveller, you know that emergencies can hit anybody’s door. It would not come to you seeing your age or your economic condition. That’s why we highly suggest that you get a family travel insurance plan. At the least, you should consider a policy which covers your companions. When you compare travel insurance policies, you will come across plans for corporate trips as well. So, once you decide your purpose, you can start to analyze the different features that combined travel insurance offers to you. Most family policies cover features like personal liabilities, repatriation of the dead body, missing luggage, hijack allowances, etc.

    Keep your Frequent Flyer Points Intact (Subject to Selection of Policy)

    If you are an avid traveller, you would undoubtedly have opted for at least one of the loyalty programs. Almost all the airlines offer a rewards program and people who cover domestic distances every second day take full advantage of these programs. For instance, the most popular loyalty programs are of Jet and Air India when it comes to domestic airlines. A lot of times, people book tickets with miles or loyalty points. Even though the airlines do not ensure these tickets but, with the right travel insurance policy- you can make sure that your frequent flyer points also remain intact. Although, this is not a very common feature and you definitely should look for it if you have booked your tickets through the frequent flyer points.

    Final Words:

    There are plenty of ways to compare travel insurance plans. We would always advise you to buy travel insurance after analyzing various policies thoroughly and ensure that the selected one meets all of your requirements. With just a small premium amount, you can end up saving on all of the funds that you have spent on your trip and a little investment may go a long way for your convenience as well. So, with the world advancing towards everything smart- why not take smart travel a step ahead and get yourself insured for every trip?

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